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									                         Winning Back an Ex Girlfriend
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The best way to win a girl back really depends on the type of person your ex is. For
instance, if she is a very patient and enduring type of girl, and she was the one who
wanted out of the relationship, then she should’ve reached her limit and really wanted the
relationship to end. This type of girl may be a lot harder to win back. On the other hand,
if your ex decides on the height of her emotions and then changes her mind when
everything has cooled down, then you have a good chance of getting back with her.

If your ex girlfriend is more of a hopeless romantic who believes in love and happily-
ever-after, it may be a lot easier to win her back. First, you have to show how sorry you
were for the failed relationship and how you have come into your senses and want to re-
establish it.

You have to tell her how you feel and what you think went wrong. If she seems to be on
the same side, then you can ask her for a second chance outright. However, if she doesn’t
seem to agree on everything you said, allow her to express her thoughts honestly. When
she talks about the mistakes you unintentionally committed, do not contradict her.
Instead, open your mind and heart to her. Be humble enough to admit what you did
wrong and apologize if you inadvertently hurt her.

More often, women just want to hear the word “sorry” and see that you are willing to
exert time and effort in making up for the things that went wrong. If they see that you are
sincere, you can surely have their trust back. Only, you’d better perform better the second
time around or else, you may not have another chance.

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