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					Lease Addendum Property Address: ___________________________ Date: _________________

1. No water filled furniture 2. Proper window treatments must be used. (ie. Curtains, blinds, or shades) 3. No subletting is allowed without written approval from the Lessor. Permission will generally be given by the Lessor if the following conditions have been met: Lessee(s) is/are in good standing with the Lessor and has/have met all the rental obligations of the lease (i.e. timely payment of rent, proper maintenance of the property), and has/have followed all the terms of the lease. The new subletting tenant(s) are required to meet with the Lessor or their agent to submit applications. Upon acceptance the sublettor(s) are required to pay all necessary deposits, and sign leases as were required from the original Lessee(s), or other written arrangements to be determined by the Lessor. 4. Lessor and Lessee acknowledge that $_______ shall be used as the first month’s rent, $_______ shall be used as last month’s rent, and $_______ shall be used as a refundable security deposit. 5. Last month’s rent is due _______. Security deposit is due _______. 6. Tenant(s) and Landlord understand and agree that Credentials Realty is acting in the capacity of a dual agency where the broker serves both parties. 7. Tenant(s) agree that the Realtor Fee for introducing and locating the apartment is non-refundable and is due within 30 days of first deposit. Should tenant(s) withdraw from taking possession of the property named above, tenant(s) will be responsible for the Realtor Fee as well as any fees Credentials Realty may have collected from the Lessor. Monies on account may be applied to the Realtor Fee. 8. Tenant(s) agree to allow the Lessor or it’s designated representative entry into the apartment between 9AM and 9PM for any valid purpose with one hour telephone notice and/or without tenant(s) being present. 9. Rent is due on the first of every month. Lessee(s) agree to do their own bookkeeping and submit one check only. 10. Within the first fifteen days of the lease, the Lessee(s) and Lessor will visually inspect the unit and complete an Apartment Condition Statement. Upon vacancy the Lessor will inspect the unit. Lessee(s) will be responsible for any damages not caused by normal wear and tear. 11. Window shades/blinds and light bulb replacement are the responsibility of the Lessee(s). 12. Snow removal, where applicable, is the responsibility of the Lessee(s). This includes the driveway and/or front steps/stairs. 13. The Lessor’s property insurance does not cover the Lessee(s) personal contents. It is suggested that the Lessee(s) obtain a renters insurance policy to cover the personal belongings and valuables of the Lessee. 14. The Lessee agrees to keep the heat at a minimum of 55 degrees at all times. Any and all damages resulting from insufficient heat of pipes freezing (ie. During vacation


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times) due to temperature falling below 55 degrees is the responsibility of the Lessee(s). Termination of the lease: Lessee(s) must ensure that the unit is empty and cleaned by the termination of the lease. Upon inspection of the apartment, should the Lessor find it in unsatisfactory condition, a professional cleaning service may be hired and the Lessee(s) will be charged for this service. Cleanings includes: Kitchen: Removal of all food items from cabinets and refrigerator/freezer. Cleaning of the over, stove, countertops, cabinets, refrigerator, and floors. Bathroom: Cleaning the tub, shower, toilets, sink, and floors. Overall: Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping of all floors. Lessee(s) understand that the unit rented is an occupied unit and may not be vacant prior to move in. As a result, all necessary repairs/work will take place after move in. Tenants are responsible for all trash removal from the apartment weekly. No trash shall be left in the hallways or porches/decks. Trash and all recyclables must be placed and stored in the proper receptacles. Lessee(s) are responsible for the payment of all applicable utilities unless otherwise stated in the lease. This addendum is an integral and binding part of the lease.

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Description: This is a lease addendum to be added onto any standard residential property lease.