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					Best VS Worst: Registry Cleaner Reviews

I’m sure you all have seen those commercials or internet ads f or these registry cleaners that
were designed to help improve your computers perf ormance while cleaning up all the unwanted
and unneeded junk.

Unf ortunately, not all of them live up to their hype some checking out some registry cleaner
reviews is very important bef ore you purchase one. I have been a f reelancer web designer f or
over f our years now and I am constantly approached with my computer slowing down every once
and a while. I started reading some registry cleaner reviews about 7 months ago to see which
one could really help me.

I specialized in designing websites, not web programming so I relied on these registry cleaner
reviews to really guide me to some of the best products and cleaners on the market. I started to
pick up a f ew dif f erent constantly said things in these registry cleaner reviews like f eatures,
boot time, scanning speed, price and the amount of errors repaired compared to how many
detected. Based on mine and hundreds of others registry cleaner reviews these are some of
the best registry cleaners out there today.

   1.   RegCure
   2.   Registry Mechanic
   3.   PC Health Advisor
   4.   FrontLine
   5.   RegGenie
   6.   Reg Defense
   6.   Reg Defense
   7.   RegTOOL
   8.   WindoFix
   9.   PC OnPoint
  10.   Registry Bot

T he registry cleaner reviews of all 10 of these registry cleaners have carried at least 3.5 stars
out of 5 online and I have personally used FrontLine and WindoFix successf ully in the past. Most
recently I was reading some of the more updated registry cleaner reviews online and was
turned onto RegCure, which is now what I currently use on a regular basis.

So what occurances would cause you to look into registry cleaner reviews? Well one of the
most common “symptoms” of needing a cleaning is the dreaded blue screen, constant screen
f reezing, and crashing. If you are experiencing any of these of a regular basis check into some
registry cleaner reviews and get on the f ast track to clearing up your system.

            Side by Side Comparison of T he Best Registry Cleaners


                              Reg Clean              Registry Easy             Registry Fix

  Rating                         9.8/10                  9.0/10                   8.5/10

  Link                         Visit Site              Visit Site               Visit Site



Ease of Use

Price                      $19.95                  $34.95                    $37

         Full Review - Most Recommended Registry Cleaner # 1

                              1. Reg Clean
                              Owning a computer is a great thing. It’s
                              something that you probably use on a
                              daily basis.

                              If you run Windows as your operating system then it’s
        Overall Rating:       important that you make sure your registry is kept in
                              optimal working condition.

                              T he registry is a part of your computer that is
                              absolutely critical to the Windows operating system. If
                              there are problems in the registry then your computer’s
                              perf ormance is going to suf f er.

                              Some symptoms of this include: Windows crashing,
                              applications not opening/opening slowly, games not
                              running/running slowly, sof tware not opening/opening
                              slowly, and having the program your running just
                              suddenly crashing and shutting down.

                              T here are many more. In f act, most computer problems
                              can be resolved by scanning and cleaning the registry.

                              One great product that really makes this very essential

task a breeze is Reg Clean. In f act, what’s nice about
Reg Clean is you don’t even have to buy the sof tware
to get a scan. You can download Reg Clean and run it.
When it does a scan it will show you all the registry
errors that your computer currently has.

If you want to f ix them, which you really should, you just
have to buy the sof tware. By doing this, you will be sure
there are actually errors in your registry and you won’t
f eel like you’re just throwing your money away.

It’s always nice to hear positive things f rom satisf ied
people who use the product. Reg Clean has quite a f ew
testimonials on their site. Here are just a f ew quotes
f rom completely satisf ied users:

"It was bad enough that I was having serious computer
problems. My system kept crashing and freezing and I
couldn't figure out why. Then I had to deal with this
arrogant jerk over at the "geek team" who would
magically "fix" the problems, but couldn't tell me what he
did or what had been wrong with my system. When I
started having troubles for the fourth time in a row, my
friend suggested I try RegCLEAN. I owe him BIG time. It
fixed my computer and now I don't have to deal with Mr.
"I know everything but tell you nothing" computer geek
over at the computer place."

- Peter Levinson - Green Bay, Wisconsin

 "I can't tell you how many times I blamed my
computer's performance on the things my teenage
daughter was downloading and the programs she was
using. Now I know it was the registry all along! Ever
since I installed RegCLEAN my computer has been
performing ten-times better and I don't even have to

fight with my daughter anymore about what she did or
what she downloaded. I guess I owe her an apology
(and she's got you to thank for that!)."

- Andrea Syberth - Lexington, Kentucky

T hese are just a f ew; you can read all the testimonials
at the Reg Clean site. When you order Reg Clean, this
is exactly what it will do f or you:

      Repairs and tuneups your PC
      Allows you to remove errors automatically or
      Offers comprehensive registry backup
      Provides scan progress indicators
      Implements a convenient automated
      Performs registry compression, defrag,
      management and cleanup
      Performs duplicate file deletion
      Provides program shortcuts
      Offers empty key deletion

How much do you think a hassle f ree way to keep your
computer running quickly, smoothly, and ef f iciently is
going to cost you?

Well, af ter you download the sof tware and run a scan
and see what type of registry errors you have, you click
on a button enter some basic inf ormation, and you will
be sent to the buy page. A single license f or one
computer is only $19.95.

T hey of f er 2 other up sells. You can buy active
protection f or $9.95. T hat will allow you to receive 24
hour updates, live support, and automatic scans. You
                      can also buy an anti-spyware program f or another
                      $9.95 as well.

                      When it comes to making sure your computer is running
                      as ef f iciently and trouble f ree as possible, Reg Clean is
                      a good choice. It of f ers a lot of great f eatures, and is
                      priced very reasonably. You need a good registry
                      cleaner anyway. Reg Clean is an ideal registry cleaner.

                      Click Here to Visit Of f icial Site Now!

 Full Review - Most Recommended Registry Cleaner # 2

                      2. Registry Easy

                      Is your computer causing you all kinds
                      of problems and you just can’t quite
                      understand what’s going on?

                      Are you getting more and more f rustrated because of
Overall Rating:       the way your computer is acting? For example, does
                      Windows constantly crash? Does it take f orever f or
                      your games, applications, sof tware, etc…to load, if
                      they load at all? Have you noticed that your computer,
                      in general, is running slow?

                      If you answered yes to any of the above questions,
                      then you should probably look into getting a registry
                      cleaner. A registry cleaner will help solve a lot of
                      common problems that many computer users f ace. You
                      don’t have to be f rustrated anymore. One product that
                      is worth checking out is called Registry Easy.
If you’re not sure that you actually need a registry
cleaner, then this product could be f or you. You can
download Registry Easy and it will run a f ree scan on
your computer. You’ll be able to see what kinds of
system problems you have with your registry. T he catch
is, you won’t be able to f ix the problems unless you
purchase a copy of Registry Easy. However, this is a
good way f or you to try it bef ore you buy it.

Even if your computer is relatively new, chances are,
you’ll still see registry errors. T hat’s because just by
using your computer normally you will accumulate a lot
of junk f iles in the registry and other registry problems
will happen. T he good thing about Registry Easy is that
not only will it solve your current registry problems; also
by scanning your computer and f ixing the errors in your
registry on a regular basis will keep your computer
running very ef f iciently and quickly.

You may be wondering exactly what types of errors or
problems Registry Easy will look f or. Here’s just a small
list f rom their site:

      Windows Installer Errors
      ActiveX Errors
      ActiveX Control problems
      Windows Startup Errors
      Windows Explorer Errors
      Windows Media player Errors
      l sass.exe , svchost.exe &other exe Errors
      Windows Operating System Problems
      Registry Errors
      DLL Errors
      Runtime Errors
      IExplore and System32 Errors

      System Crashes
      Slow PC Perf ormance
      Chkdsk Issues
      Computer Freezing
      Internet Explorer Errors
      Javascript Errors
      Dr Watson Errors
      Hardware Malf unction
      Blue Screen
      Vista, XP, 2000, 98 and ME Issues
      Scan Disk
      Driver Errors
      Corrupt Registry Files
      Task Manager related
      Computer & Application Shutdown
      RegistryEasy™ detects the most registry
      Cleans registry, f ixes errors, and optimizes your
      PC f or better perf ormance
      Prevent application crashes
      Load windows f aster
      Run applications smoothly
      Maintain your system like new
      Manage your Internet Explore more handle
      Regain disk space
      Protects your privacy

T hese are just a f ew; you can see the f ull list on the
Registry Easy site.

Bef ore you buy any type of product it’s always good if
you know that other people were satisf ied with the
product. Registry Easy has a ton of testimonials f rom
very happy customers. Here are just a f ew of them:

"Registry Easy™ program found over 1300 problems
with my computer and was able to fix them all. I'm now
able to use my system without being afraid that it's going
to crash in the middle of something."
- Mike Todd - San Francisco, US

"Nice little app. It found and was able to clean-up stuff
my other reg. cleaner couldn't. I had some stuff I've
been trying to get rid of for weeks and RegistryEasy
worked like a charm!!! Highly reccomend!!!"
- claudiapatx

"Fantastic programme!. After the first scan and the use
of the optimizing utility for startup programmes, the
speed of my computer increased by 20-30%. Had
decided to reinstall my operating system before using
Registry Easy, but now things are running smoothly.
- Mats Forsberg

T here are many more testimonials at the Registry Easy

So you may think that something that can do this much
good f or your computer, getting it to run at its optimal
and almost like it was brand new again, would cost a
f ortune. T hankf ully, f or us, the consumer, the registry
cleaner sof tware industry is very competitive. You can
get Registry Easy f or only $34.95. Included in this cost
are f ree updates f or 1 year. T his is a great price f or a
piece of sof tware that every computer owner who uses
Windows as an operating system should have.

Click Here to Visit Of f icial Site Now!

 Full Review - Most Recommended Registry Cleaner # 3

                      3. Registry Fix

                      Most problems with your Windows
                      operating system and your applications,
                      sof tware, and programs are the result of
                      registry problems.

Overall Rating:       If you’re having some computer problems and you just
                      don’t quite understand what is causing them, it could be
                      because your registry needs scanned, cleaned, and

                      T his product boasts an easy 1 click solution. You can
                      even download the product and run a scan f or f ree. Of
                      course, you won’t be able to f ix the problems until you
                      pay f or the product. However, if you’re not sure you
                      need a registry cleaner this is a good way to f ind out
                      bef ore you buy it.

                      However, it is advised that you have a registry cleaner
                      even if you don’t have any problems with your computer
                      now. Unless, you keep your registry cleaned and the
                      data inside of it properly organized, you eventually will
                      need one anyway. It’s very benef icial to run a registry
                      scan on a regular basis to keep your computer running
                      at its best.

                      What exactly does Registry Fix do?

                      When you download it, it will search your registry f or
                      certain kinds of f iles. It will look f or the f ollowing:

                            Missing f ile associations

      Missing start up programs
      Invalid device drivers
      Invalid application paths
      Missing DLL f iles
      Missing help f iles
      Missing system f onts
      Much more

You won’t be able to f ix the problems if you don’t buy
the sof tware. Once you pay f or the f ull version of the
sof tware, you will then be able to push a button and it
will correct any registry problems you have. Registry Fix
also includes some other f eatures.

When you buy Registry Fix you will also get the

      Browser Helper Object Manager. T his f eature
      allows you to manage all of your internet explorer
      objects to ensure only things are running that you
      want to!

      Startup Program Manager. Control all of your
      start up options f rom this easy to control utility

      Add/Remove Program Manager. Control all of
      your programs f rom this easy to control utility.

      Full Registry Backup Utility. Control all of your
      backups f rom this easy to control utility.

T hey also have some wonderf ul testimonials f rom
customers who already purchased Registry Fix. Here’s
just an example of one of them:

“I Just wanted to let ya'll know that your program is
GREAT. I have had my computer for less than 6 months

and there were 779 problems found. WOW!!!!! Great
going and keep it up.”

-- Matt Jorgunson

T here are a f ew more testimonials all f rom very
satisf ied customers you can see at the Registry Fix

You may wonder how much it’s going to cost f or a
hassle f ree way to scan and make your registry
problems disappear. T he sof tware is only $37 f or a
single computer license. T hey also have a f ew optional
items that you can add.

You can add an extended download service f or $9.95.
T his means that you’ll be able to download the
sof tware any time you want f or up to 3 years. Just in
case something should happen to the copy on your
hard drive. You can also purchase updates. You’ll get
updates f or lif e f or an additional $9.95.

T he cost of Registry Fix is minimal when you consider
that it can help your computer run blazingly f ast and will
prevent a lot of operating system errors and crashes.

Click Here to Visit Of f icial Site Now!

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