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					CMA RAVINDRA GOPINATH SANE                          ICWAI Grad No. 20511
                                        CAIIB Registration No. 400114890

Total Exp: 6 Years SAP Exp: 2 1/2 Years          Finance & Costing Exp: 4 Years

    Over all 4 years of experience in Finance, Banking and Costing.
    Worked in Vidya Sahakari Bank Ltd. in the loan section and handling of
     daily operations from August 2003 to September 2004.
         1. Savings and recurring section.
         2. Inward and Outward Clearing.
         3. Loan Section: FD Receipt Loan, Gold Loan, NSC Loan, Hypothecation
             Loan, Business Scrutiny, Equitable Mortgage loan.
         4. Cash Credit FDR
         5. Cash Credit
         6. Fixed Deposit Section
         7. Inward branch and outward branch clearing.
         8. Bill Discounting/Purchasing
         9. Cash Counter.
         10. Recovery of Loans
         11. Worked on various statements of RBI.

    Worked in Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. in Internal Audit
       Department from November 2004 to July 2006.
    Worked as a team leader and handling of audits for four companies.
    Audit includes production audit, stock audit, and system audit.
    Handling of system audit of ERP system called Beacon, and using IDEA audit
       Tool for auditing.
Job Profile:
            1. Reporting Audit observations to A. G. M. - Internal Audit
            2. Unit and Area wise Risk Analysis of the companies.
            3. Drafting Audit notes and Audit Reports and follow – up for
               implementation of Audit suggestions.
            4. Preparation of Internal Control Questionnaires (ICQ) and Standard
               Operating Procedures (SOP)
            5. Conducting Service Tax, VAT Audit, Production Audit, Manpower Audit,
               Energy Audit, Transportation Audit.
            6. Audit of Capitalization of Fixed Assets and codification.
            7. Audit of Depot, Sales and Debtors Scrutiny, Purchases and Creditors
               Scrutiny, advances, salary and wages, and Cash and Stock Verification.
            1. Promoted as a Team Leader within six months.
            2. Identified Double payment to the Transporter and suggested process
               change in bill passing. This would result in saving of 2 lacs p.a.
            3. Identified wrong application of Profession Tax in case of arrears of
               salary paid and resolved after discussions with EDP department.
            4. Identified higher percentage of transit loss of vials / ampoules
               amounting Rs. 20 lacs from Stores to Production Department and
               suggested to change the vendor.
            5. Identifying excess consumption of diesel due to imbalance in Capacity.

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     Worked in Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Costing Department for 4
     The major work involved the Product Costing of various products like Tablets,
      Capsules, Injections, and Ampoules.
     Discussing the various issues relating to Product Costing with the Head of
      Factory In charge and Sales Department.
     Preparation of the CAS-4 for Excise Purpose for different Products.
     Stock Valuation and Cash Verification Quarterly.
     Monitoring the Internal Orders for Research and developments for control
     Worked on SAP ERP system as an End-User and submitting the various
      reports to Management.


 Project 1

        Working in Wipro Technologies- Pune from March 2009 to till date.
        Working in Support of the Project and handling of CRs for Enhancement and
Description             Johnson Diversey Ltd
Role                    Associate Functional Consultant
                             Handling of various Tickets relating to sales order,
                              internal orders, COPA, terms of payment, Integration
                              aspects of SD-FI, Spain Tax Configuration and reports.
Contribution                 Discussion with the foreign Clients for the discussion on
                              various ticket related issues.
                             Working on Remedy Software for Administration of

 Project 2

        Worked as Associate Functional Consultant in Wipro InfoTech - Mumbai
         from November 2006 to February 2009.
        Handling the two projects-General Insurance Corporation Ltd and Securities
         Trading Corporation

Description             Securities Trading Corporation, Mumbai-Implementation
Role                    Associate Functional Consultant
                             Discussion with Core team members on AS IS Process.
Contribution                 Designing the TO BE Business Process from FI side.
                             Finalization of Business Blue prints and sign off.
Start Date              15.07.2007
End Date                15.09.2007
Period                  2 Months
Team Size               5

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 Project 3

Description    General Insurance Corporation Ltd, Mumbai-Support & Rollout
Role           Associate Functional Consultant
                   Worked on different scenarios of the Service Tax
                    development-Premium, Brokerage, etc
                   Using the LSMW for updating the Master Data of
                    customers, vendors, GL, Assets.
                   Prepared End User Manuals for following FICO Processes
                  General Ledger
                  Accounts Receivable
                  Accounts Payable
                  Fixed Assets
                  Internal Order
                  Prepared User manual for FS-CD Reports.
                   Giving training to the end users on TDS Cycle and E
                   Configuration for Delhi Business Place
                  -                  Withholding Tax
                  -                  Manual Bank reconciliation
                  -                  Cash Journal
                  -                  Defining Accounting Clerk
                   Prepared Financial Statement Version for General
                    Insurance Corporation.
                   Resolved issues relating to Internal Order.
                   Developed User based restriction on Internal Order for
                    the Expenses Booked through FB60 and F-43
                   Developed the Cash Book Report, Payment Instruction
Contribution        letters, FD Placement Report, Inter departmental
                    reconciliation for Central Treasury Cell Department.
                   Configuration of Cash Journal for the Finance
                    Department, London and Dubai Company Code.
                   Developed Report relating to Transfer of Balances
                    Quarterly to the Different Accounts.
                   Blocking of various GL Accounts not required by Client.
                   Maintained the Consistency for Validation on
                    Development, Quality and Production.
                   Maintained the Validation for the Business Place and
                    section code.
                   Configuration setting for Foreign Currency Valuation.
                   Preparing Functional Specification for developing various
                   Configuration of Special GL account for Down Payment.
                   Configuration & Roll out of Manual Bank Reconciliation
                    statement for new company codes. (London and Dubai)
                   Configuration & Roll out of Fixed Asset Management for
                    new company codes. (London and Dubai)
                   Looking into integration aspects of FICO and FSCD
                    module like VY6I and VY6H, Reconciliation Key Entry
                    Code from FS-RI Module,.
                   Identifying the problems of integration based on Main
                    Transaction, Sub transaction, Business Type, Treaty
                    Category, Insurance Type, GL Account.

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                     Posting of various messages to SAP for Product Error,
                      updating the Patch, and applying any note.
                     Maintaining every year the FICO Document number
                      ranges for different Company Code.
                     Maintaining the Extended WT Certificate number for
                     Involved in Period end activities such as asset accounting,
                      Carry forward balances for GL, Vendors and Customers,
                      Foreign Currency Valuation, Business Partner Currency
                     Maintaining the Conversion Ratios for various currencies.
                     Maintaining new currencies.
                     Visited the Raymond Industries Ltd and Future Group for
                      Requirement Analysis.
                     Taking interviews for recruitment.
                     Worked as Panelist for Walk In held in Mumbai.
                     Quoting the Prices for various developments and any
                      configuration which are out of scope of present contract
                      with the client.
                     Configuration and implementation of sort method and
                      adjustment accounts for regrouping receivable and
                     FI-HR Integration Assignment of GL Accounts to wage
                      type (symbolic account) for P&L and Balance sheet items.
                     Core User training for Manual Accrual Process.

Start Date     01.06.2007
End Date       15.02.2009
Period         16 Months
Team Size      19

 Project 4

Description    Sahayadri Industries Pvt. Ltd, Pune-Support
Role           Junior Consultant
                     Uploading the Opening Balances and Transaction Data in
                      the System through BDC.
                     Using the LSMW for updating the Master Data.
Contribution         Preparing various tax Code for TDS Purpose.
                     Giving training to the end users on TDS Cycle.
                     Solved various issues relating to Integration of MM and
Start Date     01.05.2007
End Date       30.05.2007
Period         1 Month
Team Size      5

 Project 5

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Client              Mahanagar Gas Ltd, Mumbai-Implementation
Role                Junior Consultant
                          Preparation of “As is Process” with the seniors.
                          Mapping the as is Process in the SAP.
                          Preparation of Training Manuals and Templates for the
Start Date          12.02.2007
End Date            09.04.2007
Period              3 Months
Team Size           20


 Cost and Management Accountant (ICWAI) Kolkata, passed in June – 2002
 Bachelor of Commerce, S. P. College, University of Pune, Passed in April –1998,
 HSC, Maharashtra Board, 72%, March 1995
 SSC, Maharashtra Board, 78%, March 1990
 German Certificate Course from Ranade Institute, University of Pune, 2002.
 SAP-FICO Training from Wipro InfoTech Ltd in 2006.


Date of Birth        30th January 1978
Passport details     G3344505
                     307, Sadashiv Peth, Near Navipeth Vitthal Mandir, Pune:
Permanent Address
Contact no           91 9423142171,91-20-24321102
E mail     
Language             English, Hindi, Marathi, German

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