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									EAS Technologies Business Plan

  Web-Based Legal Forms Processing for
   Nationwide Criminal Record Relief
                           Table of Contents
Executive Summary                       2

Company Description                     4
     Background                         4
     Current Products                   5
     Customer Experience                5
     Current Pricing                    5

Market Analysis                         5
      Market Size                       5
      Target Market                     6
      Customer Motivation to Buy        7
      Current Process                   7
      Competition                       7

Marketing & Customer Acquisition        8
      SEM & SEO                         8
      Public Relations                  9
      Advertising                       9
      Pricing                           10
      Selling                           10

Technology                              10
      Software Development & Platform   10
      Design & Architecture             11
      Development Methodology           11
      Hosting Infrastructure            11

Intellectual Property                   11

Exit Strategy                           12

Management & Ownership                  14
executive summary


Deleo World Wide, LLC (“Deleo”) is a Lexington, Kentucky based holding company whose wholly owned
subsidiary, EAS Technologies, LLC (“EAS”) has created the only automated internet-based forms processing
system for nationwide criminal record relief.

Criminal record relief is the process by which those who qualify under appropriate local, state, or federal
laws may have their criminal records sealed, totally expunged (as if the crime were never committed), or
receive pardons or other relief.

EAS interacts with the buying public primarily via its website, ClearMYrecord offers
its customers a web-based, competitively priced do-it-yourself service that is analogous to Turbotax or

EAS has generated over $3 million dollars in revenue during its research and development stage since
2006 and is projecting revenues exceeding $88.54 million over the next 5 years (fiscal years 2009 through

The Company’s competitive advantages include its comprehensive process and forms database for the
over 3,100 jurisdictions across North America. The compilation of this database has required nearly
eight years and thousands of man-hours. Additionally, EAS has developed significant patent-pending
automation technology to reduce the variable costs associated with each customer to near zero, providing
a huge cost advantage over current and potential rivals.

EAS is the only national provider of automated criminal record-relief solutions in a highly fragmented
market. Criminal record relief is a growth industry with over 79 million eligible customers who have
criminal records.

As the Company moves to scale rapidly, it will be difficult for existing small, regionally focused competitors
to overtake, meaning that the most rational strategy of market entry for a material competitor would be
to buy the Company.

Criminal record relief will be a rapidly growing market because of the routine use of criminal background
checks for almost all pre-employment screening – a trend accelerated by the Homeland Security Act of
2002 whereby millions of government and private sector jobs require background screening. In fact, nearly
1.2 million workers require background checks and government issued IDs as part of the Transportation
Worker Identity Credential (TWIC) program (see the program’s official website at

A criminal record can result in an otherwise qualified candidate being excluded from consideration for
hiring. Other consequences of a criminal record include underemployment, loss of voting and firearms
rights, the inability to gain access to housing or home financing, exclusion from serving in the military,
and even being barred from participating in youth sports and church activities.

According to the most recent report issued by the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics
[], over 71 million American adults had a criminal record in 2003.
Estimates project the number of persons with criminal records to be approximately 87 million today,
which is nearly a third of all US adults. (See appendix for detail on calculation.)

The number of persons with criminal records continues to increase because:

       •Criminal records can and do include misdemeanors
       •A nearly 25 year long War on Drugs (In 2006, nearly 4 in 10 parolees had served a sentence for
       a drug offense – DOJ figures []
       •Increasing enforcement of DUI laws
       •A criminal record is typically created by the jurisdiction upon arrest of a person, the indictment
       of a person, or in some cases the simple swearing out of a complaint against a person
       •Once created, the criminal record remains regardless of the ultimate guilt or innocence of the
       party unless the party affirmatively seeks relief (i.e. expungement, pardon, etc)
       •The increasing computerization of state and local arrest and criminal records allows centralization
       of offender data

Once created, a criminal record is typically picked up immediately by one or more commercial database
reporting agencies. These firms then resell the data to smaller firms and so on. Ultimately, these agencies
will sell that criminal record data to employers and any other willing buyers.

It is entirely possible to be acquitted of a crime, or never even formally charged, but still have a criminal
record in the reporting system. Alternatively, after an ex-offender has paid his debt to society and would
otherwise be eligible to have his criminal record expunged or qualify for other record relief, unless he
takes the additional step of ensuring that all databases reflect his new status, his criminal record continues
to follow him.

EAS has created a web-based software tool that allows for mass customization of forms relating to criminal
records relief. The customer is guided through a set of questions that is jurisdiction and offense specific.
The answer to each question is logic-mapped to the next qualifying question. At the conclusion of the
automated process, ClearMYrecord provides the application documents completed with the information
that the customer has provided. The customer also receives step-by-step filing instructions. While the
relief analysis is individualized, the logic and programming engine behind it make ClearMYrecord widely

The customer is responsible for filing the petition or other relief application in accordance with the
instructions. Once filed, it is up to the judge or other decision maker to act on the application. EAS is not
a law firm and neither files the application on behalf of the customer nor does EAS provide legal advice
or guidance.

cOmPaNy DescriPtiON


In 1999, Brian Poe, founder of EAS and the then-CEO of Powerbuilt Construction Systems, Inc. was
approached by a summer intern who was preparing to take the Series 6 & 7 exams in preparation for a
career in the securities industry. The application included a question regarding whether the applicant had
a criminal record. For this young man, the answer was yes. During spring break of his sophomore year
he had gotten into trouble with local police while in Florida. The young man feared that his record was
going to keep him from his career of choice.

Poe helped the young man file a request to seal his record in the state of Florida and began researching
other types of relief in other states. He quickly came to realize that some type of relief was available in
all 50 states, but the information on how and where to apply for that relief was very difficult to access.
Over the next several years he researched and traveled the country investigating the legal processes,
which varied not only from state to state, but sometimes, even within a single county. Poe compiled data
from over 3100 jurisdictions and wrote the first ever e-book on expungements and pardons, A Guide to
Expungements and Pardons.

The book was made available online and sparked far more interest than Poe could have imagined. He
began providing free information to nonprofit organizations and legal aid offices across the country. By
mid-2006, the opportunity for a for-profit business was undeniable. EAS was born.

From the beginning, the EAS website, the company’s main customer acquisition tool, relied primarily
on Internet search engine visibility. However, EAS attempted a single market media test in Little Rock,
Arkansas in November of 2006. Utilizing an internally-produced, 30 second commercial on local cable,
EAS experienced a response so overwhelming that the basic voice over IP communication system used by
the Company could not handle the load and EAS lost internet and telephone communications for weeks.
Even though the commercial spot ran for less than two weeks in one city, the number of visitors to the
website drove organic search ratings sky high. The website became more visible to millions of internet
users due to Google’s spider crawl which occurred simultaneously with the media test.

The overall impact on revenues was dramatic. EAS ended 2006 with revenues in excess of $300,000.
Revenue rose to over $1,000,000 by the second quarter of 2007. From 2006 to third quarter 2008 EAS
operated in a fully “hands on”, manual process, resulting in tremendous client backlog, and which clearly
pointed out the need for total automation.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction and improve technology through the research and development
stage of full automation the Company ceased its customer acquisition efforts several times. Despite the
lack of a consistent market presence, EAS has generated over $3,000,000 in revenue and has helped
nearly 10,000 customers in the span of just a few years.

Fully implemented automation will enable EAS to process nearly unlimited numbers of customers
simultaneously without significant human intervention.

Current Products

ClearMYrecord currently provides criminal record relief application services for $99 for each state,
regardless of the number of charges. Criminal record relief is the process by which those who qualify
under appropriate state or federal laws may have their criminal records sealed, totally expunged (as if the
crime were never committed), or receive pardons or some other form of relief.

ClearMYrecord also offers a service called RSVP that is designed to address the challenge of updating
commercial databases that contain dated information about CMR customers and their new status once
record relief has been granted. For $29 the Company will contact, via automated systems, both the
government-run and the commercial criminal records databases to convey information about the court
order requiring the records be updated. As the courts typically do no more than to issue a court order,
oftentimes a database will continue to show outdated information indefinitely. RSVP bridges the gap to
ensure that a legally granted relief is provided across the reporting system.

Customer Experience

The customer experience at the ClearMYrecord website begins with a simple online questionnaire that
assists the customer in determining their own eligibility for relief, with no obligation to buy. Until this
point, there is no customer identifiable data and no payment obligation.

Once eligibility for relief is established, the customer pays, and then begins to complete a series of
questions that are dynamically selected based on the customer’s responses to previous questions within
the construct of the programming logic. To the extent that the customer lacks important data or the
customer simply needs to stop working on his application, the customer may exit the process at any
time and his work will be automatically saved on his personal, secure portal page at ClearMyrecord.
com. At the point when the customer has completely filled out all relevant information, he prints the
completed application for relief along with relevant instructions and then files them in accordance with
the instructions.

In the event a potential customer contacts ClearMYrecord via telephone for further discussion or
validation, the customer’s call is received at a contracted 24 x 7 bilingual (English and Spanish) call
center, staffed with trained sales agents knowledgeable in ClearMYrecord’s products and services. The
call center’s capabilities include automated reporting, call recording features, and real time dynamic
scripting systems. Technical support calls (once the prospect has been converted to a customer) are
handled directly by ClearMYrecord employees at our internal call center.

Current Pricing

ClearMYrecord charges $99 per state to customers seeking criminal record relief forms assistance.
Additional states cost $99 each.

RSVP Service is available for an annually renewing $29.

marKet aNaLysis

Market Size

During the last 25 years the United States has experienced an unprecedented increase in the prosecution
of criminal activity at all levels. The expansion of prosecutorial activity has led to a corresponding increase
in the use of criminal records as a basis for denying individuals a number of benefits and privileges.
Criminal history is frequently used as the legal justification for the denial of rights such as voting, firearm
possession, and military service as well as other cornerstone activities like access to employment and

Every state and the Federal government have provided paths by which deserving and qualified individuals
may apply for records rehabilitation. However, the processes 1) vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction;
2) are not typically well-known, even by those within the system; and 3) many ex-offenders have no idea
that relief is even possible. In providing the technology and services for use in records remediation,
ClearMYrecord provides customers with the opportunity to access employment, housing and other
foundational elements essential to successful re-entry into a productive, rewarding and crime-free life.

EAS realizes that there are certain offenses that are inappropriate for criminal records relief. Because of
this EAS has not and will not make its ClearMYrecord technology and services available in the remediation
of sex offenses and offenses involving the use or exploitation of children.

The United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, estimates that through 2003 (the
most recent year for which the report is available) there were in excess of 71 million criminal records
contained in state and Federal databases [http://www.]. Estimates project the
number of persons with criminal records to be approximately 87 million today, which is nearly a third of
all US adults. (See appendix for detail on calculation)

The widespread availability of criminal records stems from several sources:

   1. Many municipalities charge for access, creating an additional income stream for local
   2. Employers have been successfully sued for placing high risk felons in positions where other
      employees or customers could be hurt, driving many employers to seek protection from liability.
   3. Ongoing pressure from landlords, immigration services, agencies governing fire arms control, and
      many other public and private entities. For instance, the DOJ website reports that over 8 million
      background checks were done in relation to firearms purchases in 2007 [http://www.ojp.usdoj.
   4. Record reporting agencies, serving all of the above constituents have already recognized the
      enormous earnings potential and continue to press for increased access. Several records reporting
      companies even seem to position their services as an entertainment medium.

As the buying and selling of criminal records increase, so do the negative consequences of having a
criminal record. While a criminal record in itself does not necessarily mean a crime was committed or that
the person with a record was guilty of anything, those who use criminal records for screening purposes
often do not take the time to make such subtle distinctions. In any case, a criminal record is generally
created by the jurisdiction upon arrest of a person, the indictment of a person, or in some cases the

simple swearing out of a complaint against a person regardless of the ultimate guilt or innocence of the

Target Market

As stated above, there are approximately 87 million American adults with a criminal record. Of those, as
many as 79 million will ultimately be eligible for some form of record relief (after controlling for current
incarceration, parole, and other disqualifying factors-- see Appendix for calculation).
ClearMYRecord’s target customer is primarily male heads of household, ages 25 to 54 who are typically
underemployed, not unemployed, earning in the $18K to $75K range with a limited offender history.
This customer understands that his criminal record is an impediment to a better job or a goal that he wishes
to obtain (e.g., voting, housing, etc). This target customer is reflected by EAS experience. Males currently
compose about 70% of the existing customer base. EAS has chosen its target customer profile based on
its experience in the market and believes that of the total addressable population of approximately 79
million persons, approximately 22.6 million are likely to fit EAS’ immediate target profile (after controlling
for the age [25-54] and income [$18 - $75K per year]). EAS believes that the farther a person falls outside
of the $18K to $75K income distribution the less likely they are to become a customer. Either they have
insufficient income to pay for the service or they can afford to have their own attorney to do the work
for them.
Customer Motivation to Buy
Our customers buy because a criminal record is an impediment to getting a better job and higher
Most of EAS customers today are not unemployed; they are underemployed, operating at a level below
their potential. This state creates certain problems for the customer. For instance, their career choice
limitations to may lead to a wage level that is lower than their skills, training, or ambition may support.
As a result, their income is lower, adversely impacting the quality of food, clothing, and housing available
to them. Each of these puts pressure on the individual. ClearMYrecord has the ability to impact the
customer’s status here very directly.

Additionally, the criminal history will also impact the customer’s noneconomic life. Ex-offenders are
typically barred from participating as a youth sports coach, for instance. And clearly, our society has
made it clear that ex-offenders are unworthy of social stature and respect.

Current Methods of Filling Market Demand
Applicants may attempt the criminal record relief process themselves, but it can be daunting. While
criminal record relief law is typically codified at a state, federal, or municipal basis (depending on the
jurisdiction in which the offense was committed), the actual form of application, if any, is often left up to
the jurisdiction. In addition, filing instructions can differ even within jurisdictions—for example, between
districts in a circuit court.
Applicants may also utilize counsel for criminal record relief, but that process can be expensive, at least
$1,000 or more. Given that ex-offenders often are in the lower middle class economically, assistance of
counsel is not realistic for many persons.

Criminal records relief is a highly fragmented industry.
EAS’ principal competitors are small law firms whose practices include criminal law. Most law firms charge
$1,000 and up for criminal records relief.
There are several internet based companies that claim to offer criminal record relief, but unlike EAS, none
are automated, none offer services on a multistate, multijurisdictional basis.
A listing of internet-based businesses that claim to offer criminal record relief would include: www. ; ; and The internet-based
businesses typically offer their services from $199 and up, but are not automated, and do not provide
multistate coverage. Automation is a key issue with the internet based businesses because without
automation, it is impossible to profitably and quickly process a volume of applications for a fixed price.
This realization, based on actual experience, drove EAS to develop its automation platform.
marKetiNG & custOmer acQuisitiON
CLEARMYRECORD’s customer acquisition strategy is principally composed of:

   •	 search engine optimization and search engine marketing
   •	 public and media relations
   •	 broad spectrum advertising

These strategic elements provide EAS with the ability to acquire new prospective customers on an ongoing
basis and to firmly establish ClearMYrecord’s legitimacy in the minds of prospective customers.

Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”) and Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”)

Pay per click advertising, also known as Search Engine Marketing, involves paying web sites such as
Google or Yahoo for placing text-based advertisements within their search results, and in the case of
Google, within their extended, contextual content network. Currently, EAS manages over 1000 keywords
ranging from those specific to crimes and certain geographies to broad terms such as expungement
and misdemeanor. Organic keywords (those actually typed into search engines by users) are constantly
monitored to ensure blanket coverage of all traffic-producing terms.

By raising and lowering a daily SEM budget, EAS can manipulate the amount of overall traffic to its Web
sites. Over time, analytics reveal the relative success of certain keywords. Those that outperform others
are fed more of the budget. Another aspect of our pay per click strategy is to constantly survey the
competitive landscape for certain keywords and adjust bids accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization consists of tactical activities designed to improve the performance of the
company’s content relative to the natural and or organic search results for major search engines like
Google, Yahoo, and others. EAS actively manages the mix of keyword density, unique meta data and
well-formed html so that we maximize our potential to be indexed and displayed among the first results
provided to prospective customers.

Another factor in SEO is incoming links. EAS’ strategy in this instance involves seeking out a wide variety
of high quality potential linking sites, including directory listings, press releases and blog postings to
ensure that the company maximizes the SEO and traffic generating value of links.

EAS also maintains several other websites for the purpose of not only providing expungement education
in a non-sales context to prospective customers, but also to create linking opportunities that further
boost the company’s organic search results performance.

Public Relations

The overarching goal of positive PR is to create and increase EAS’s credibility in the marketplace. Increased
credibility and legitimacy will ease sales transactions and will help to minimize any customer issues with
negative court rulings.

To maximize results through press and media relations (“free media”), EAS will pursue a multipronged
approach. First, EAS will be very active with company news releases and will utilize a service like
PRNewswire to ensure the broadest distribution possible for low cost per release. Each month EAS
will issue press releases pertaining to technology, developments in our legislative campaign for national
criminal record reporting standards, personnel, and other topically relevant issues.

Second, EAS will cultivate relationships with editorial boards, reporters, and bloggers that have established
themselves as both interested and credible in the topic of record relief. Specific targets include Adam
Liptak of the NY Times (National Legal Reporter), Bob Sullivan of MSNBC (The Red Tape Chronicles), and
CW Nevius of the San Francisco Chronicle. Each has written directly about some aspect of record relief.
The goal is to increase the number of pieces written on the topic generally, to increase mentions of EAS
and Brian Poe specifically, and to have Brian become the nationally recognized authority on this topic.
More than any other thing, getting a mention in the NY Times will allow EAS to achieve this goal.

EAS will also utilize local media to drive positive mentions up. These positive mentions are reflected on
the local media websites, further helping to improve EAS organic search results.

Additionally, EAS will leverage the relationships it has with affiliates and non-profits for newsworthy
coverage. For example, as EAS establishes a stronger working relationship with the Innocence Project by
offering our services to their clients determined to be innocent, we will create a steady stream of positive
PR/releases in the hometowns of each exonerated person.

Outside of the pure news realm, EAS will periodically post videos to sites like YouTube. These postings
will include positive stories about successful clients, news on record relief legislation and process, along
with video designed to do nothing more than generate interest, so-called “viral videos”.


The 2009 media program will utilize national television as the primary medium with up to 20% of media

buys allocated to radio.

All options will be considered in order to secure the lowest national rates among media types that best
reach the ClearMYrecord target: Direct Response; Per-Inquiry; Bid. Inventory may cover the entire
national audience or partial audience subsets such as satellite households only.

Given the opportunities available in television and radio, we do not consider print to be among the most
efficient options at this time.


ClearMYrecord has experimented with several price points over time, from $99 to $399. Management
believes that the optimum pricing strategy is one in which a base level of service is provided at a price
point that will allow the greatest number of new customers to be added while not pricing so low as to
throw the quality or legitimacy of the product into question for those able to pay more. EAS can then add
additional premium features and price them on an a la carte basis.

ClearMyrecord’s base price is $99 per state. That price covers all offenses within a single state. In mid-
2009 EAS anticipates testing a price-per-charge model, with the first two charges within a state being
covered by the base price and all others requiring an additional payment.

Until the end of February 2009, EAS anticipates that it will continue to offer real-time, telephone-based
customer service service as part of the basic $99 package. Live customer service will provide important
feedback on how effectively the fully automated website is meeting the customer’s needs for information
and transactional clarity. This ongoing feedback will be critical in ensuring the rapid communication of
problems to facilitate rapid debugging of software. Intuit has used this model very effectively, using it
over time to maintain and increase the size of its lead in quality perception and performance versus
those of its competitors.

EAS anticipates that, in late 2009 live customer service will be offered as a premium option for an
additional $29 annual cost. Based on previous experience when EAS employees completed applications
individually, EAS anticipates an average of no more than 3 telephone contacts with each customer, and
none lasting several minutes.


EAS intends to focus its sales generating efforts into building direct sales opportunities with prospective
customers. This will achieve a number of goals consistent with overall company strategy - allow for
maximum automation and minimal management, avoid diluting the impact of revenue with distribution
compensation schemes, and maintain consistent quality in the customer experience from introduction
through to process completion.


Software Development and Platform

ClearMYrecord’s web-based service offers customers self-directed qualifying and eligibility functionality
along with a complete “Procure-To-Clear” process that can be managed entirely by the customer via a
secure client portal from our main web site.

Design and Architecture

The forms completion process for criminal record relief in ClearMYrecord provides both the external facing
as well as internal business workflow management systems. The internal workflow business management
application interfaces to EAS’ accounting system for financial management and administration. The
database backend houses all the client and workflow information and presents both an internal (Home
Portal) as well as an external (Customer Portal) interface to manage a customer’s case and the business

The application is developed as a framework such that each form of criminal record relief for each state
or other jurisdiction is implemented within the framework. As a part of this, the work flow process that
fits the relief process for that state and or jurisdiction is mapped and implemented.

Development Methodology & Technology

This software project has been developed with the collection of technologies collectively referred to as
LAMP - Linus, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The code has been written in PHP using the MVC (Model View
Controller) framework called CAKE ( Developing in CAKE allows us to develop new
functionality very rapidly, with minimal quantities of code. And the code that is developed adheres
strictly to a programming style guide (The PEAR style guide), which results in code that is very legible,
traceable, and efficient, both by execution measures and developer measures. It also means that new
developers entering the team can be brought up to speed very quickly and be productive in a shorter
time than would be required on completely home-grown code.

The separation between the data model and the controller logic further enhances our security posture
by greatly reducing the chance fo SQL injection or other common security exploits often associated with
PHP code.

Hosting Infrastructure

Zimcom provides hosting services for CLEARMYRECORD. Environments are maintained and controlled
using best practice systems management and change control procedures. EAS’ production infrastructure
provides banking-level security and authorization, end-to-end redundancy, proxy/web/database server
load balancing and real time multi-master database failover capability all on a near-real time scalable

Intellectual Property

EAS has filed a provisional patent application (S/N 61/204,588) that covers both the general process of
document automation as well as the specific application of document automation as it relates to criminal
records relief. A provisional patent application provides the applicant a 12 month period during which to
file the definitive patent application and the effective date of protection relates back to the filing of the
provisional application.

In addition to the protection afforded by the patentability of the EAS processes as it relates to
ClearMYrecord, even if such protection were not available, it would take a determined competitor a
significant amount of time and substantial investment to overcome.

An entity wishing to compete head to head in this space would have to:

   •	   Gather the requisite forms. Currently ClearMYrecord has over 3100 forms in its database
   •	   Stay abreast of all form changes
   •	   Create the logic database and overriding automation application
   •	   Most difficult of all, recreate the institutional knowledge that management has of obtaining
        relief in various jurisdictions.

As the Company successfully scales, it will be difficult for competitors to overtake, which means that the
most rational strategy of market entry for a material competitor would be to buy the Company.

exit strateGy

The Company anticipates that as it builds revenue and market share, it will be a highly desirable “bolt on”
acquisition target for companies in the following industries: credit reporting, identity theft monitoring,
placement, and online legal services providers. Companies involved in these spaces include Intuit,
Experian, Acxiom, Allied Barton, TransUnion, and LexisNexis.

The following chart indicates the type of industry participants that EAS believes would be interested in its
product when EAS reaches scale.

Exit Strategy - Potential Acquirers of EAS Technologies
 Industry            Rationale                                                                                Companies
 Credit Reporting    After considerable consolidation of the credit reporting industry, only three major      TransUnion
                     firms remain: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. The Fair Credit Reporting Act
                     already attempts to provide guidelines on personal information databases including
                     criminal record databases. It would be a natural add-on for these companies to add
                     this service to their current offerings.

 Criminal Record     An acquisition by a company in this space would be relatively straightforward            Choicepoint
 Reporting Cos       strategically in that they are already competing in an adjacent space. In large
                     measure they control the databases ClearMYrecord seeks to modify once relief
                     has been granted. They are contacted daily by people trying to clear their criminal      Acxiom
                     records information. Again a natural bolt on added service these entities could offer
                     to their customer base.

 Gov’t Program       The US government has budgeted nearly $400 million to reduce recidivism and              L o c k h e e d
 Contractors         facilitate ex-offender re-entry. Major contractors have already divvied up large parts   Martin
                     of that amount. Given that a job is the first and most important element in reducing
                     recidivism and that a criminal record is the key roadblock to obtaining one, CMR’s
                     service offering and expertise would be a natural service extension.                     Unisys

 Online      legal   Companies providing legal forms, processes and solutions online to the individuals       Legal Zoom
 services            who prefer not to use an attorney.

 DIY Software        This is the industry of providing on the shelf DIY solutions for the individual          Intuit (TurboTax)
 Social      Svc     Companies in this industry aggregate life services and offer them as packages to a       Ceridian
 Aggregators         variety of customers. Some of these may go directly to user customers others may
                     go to corporate entities or agencies for them to provide additional services to their
                     employees or community serviced.

 Recruiting /Job     The employment market has proven itself to be the most common compelling event           Monster
 Placement           behind the desire for an individual to clear their record.                               CareerBuilder

maNaGemeNt aND OWNersHiP

Brian C. Poe, Founder & CEO - 39

  Poe has become the nation’s leading expert in expungement and clemency processes nationwide.
  He has been featured in numerous pieces on record relief and is the author of the widely used
  reference guide, “A Guide to Expungements and Pardons”, now preparing for publication of its
  second edition. Poe has had significant success as an entrepreneur, building and guiding businesses
  as diverse as sports video production and commercial construction to high levels of ongoing success,
  eventually selling each.

Robert Simpson, President - 43

  Simpson most recently served over 8 years in an ownership capacity and as CTO for Lexington-based
  Systems Design Group Inc., a professional IT services and information security company, quadrupling
  revenues and named one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing privately-held businesses.

  Before that Mr. Simpson spent eleven plus years with DataBeam Inc., a leading communications
  software development firm, ultimately serving as Director of Operations overseeing customer
  service, consulting services, IT and facilities operations. Robert was also a member of the executive
  team that orchestrated the company’s sale to IBM/Lotus. The acquisition of DataBeam by IBM/
  Lotus led to the current ’IBM Lotus Sametime’ product line. Simpson is an engineering graduate
  from the University of Kentucky

Richard Bowen, Director of Development - 37

  Prior to joining EAS, Mr. Bowen led Asbury College’s effort to automate its mission-critical systems.
  Projects included building a Content Management System to manage the College’s website (http://, complete with access control, multi-level permissions management, full inline
  image editing interface, and management of news stories and their related RSS feeds.

  He has also assisted in developing the new Date/Time libraries included with the popular Perl
  programming language. Much of this work is now included in the default distribution of Perl. Other
  parts of this work are available on the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) online. (http://

  Mr. Bowen founded and assisted in the initial development of the Habari blogging software package.

  Mr. Bowen is also an international speaker on Apache-related topics, recently speaking at conferences
  in Amsterdam and Chicago. He is the author of 10 books, including Apache Cookbook, The Definitive
  Guide to Apache mod_rewrite, Apache Unleashed, and Apache Administrator’s Handbook. His
  books have been translated into many languages, including Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese,
  Korean, Polish, and German.


Kevin McMahon, Director of Sales & Marketing- 45

  Prior to joining EAS, McMahon provided marketing and business development leadership to dozens
  of regional technology start-ups as president of V~Squared High Velocity Marketing & Strategy.
  He also served as marketing vice president for ArchVision, an early stage technology company
  specializing in 3D animation technology development. While at ArchVision McMahon tripled the
  company’s revenue and doubled the firm’s domestic and international distribution.

  Mr. McMahon gained extensive distribution development, quality system, and lean process
  management expertise while managing marketing, business development, and product engineering
  activities for E.D. Bullard Company, an $85MM manufacturer of worker safety and health protection
  equipment. McMahon was pivotal in the development and launch of the company’s thermal
  imaging technology product line which ultimately resulted in revenue increases of 50% and an
  improvement in profits of 150%.


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