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									                                                             Rejected Projects
S.NO.   Name of the Institution                    Title of the Project                                  Name of P.I.             Status of the
        Karnataka Sharma Clinic, #482,             To evaluate the effect of Amrtadi Yoga on             Dr. Shivarama Gowda K.   Not recommended
   1    Abhiram Complex, Bhavani Nagar,            Hepatisis B-An observational study
        100ft.Ring Road, Bangalore-560070
        Sushruta Ayurveda. Med. College Hosp.      To evaluate the effect of Balakara Yoga in HIV        Dr.Mamata Bhagwat        Not recommended
        & Shama Clinic Bangalore                   patients-An observational study.
   2    #106, 1st Floor, 4th Main 2nd Cross,
        Kadirenahalli , New Colony
        NIHFW, Munirka, New Delhi-67               Evaluation of Contraceptive efficacy of Curcuma Dr.Beena Khillare              Not recommended
                                                   longa (rhizome), Ficus racemosa (fruit) and
                                                   Elettaria cardamomum (seed) extracts in female
                                                   albino rats.
        Academy of Ayurveda                        Preventive aspects - AYUSH practices                Dr.N.Syamala Rao           Not recommended
   4    14-07-13, N.Gopala Rao Street              (under IVth category of the announced Research
        Hanuman Pet, Vijaywada-520 003.            Scheme)
        Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd.                 Isolation and Characterisation of active principles Dr.Amit Agarwal            Not recommended
        No.5B, Veerasandra Indl. Area              from Anti-diabetic plant drugs using Bio-assay
        19th KM Stone, Hosur Road                  guided fractionations
        Bangalore-560 100
        The Vidya Jyothy Foundation                Resurgence of Immunity                                Yogi Adv.Easow Mathew    Not recommended
   6    Mannil house, Thevakal V.K.C.P.O.,
        Kochi 30
        Ay.Mahavidyalaya,                          To evaluate the efficacy, safety of 12 weeks          Vd. R.B. Kulkarni        Not recommended
   7    Nasik-420 003                              treatment of Jatamansi Ghana

        Indian Institute of Chemical Technology,   Identification and development of advanced            Dr. A.K. Tiwari          Not recommended
        Uppal Road, Tarnaka,                       glycation end products (AGEs) inhibitors from
        Hyderabad-500 007.                         Ayurvedic medicinal plants to tackle diabetic
        Shriram Institute for Indl. Res.           Studies on Medicinal Plants for Antidiabetic          Dr. H. S. Dwivedi,       Not recommended
   9    19, University Road, Delhi-7               Effect: Structure Elucidation, Efficacy, toxicology
                                                   and Preclinical
        Dept.Pharm.Sci & Drug Res., Punjab         Possible Role of Melilotus Officinalis and Piper      Dr. Ashok K. Tiwari      Not recommended
  10    University, Patiala                        Nigrum in Percutaneous Permeation
                                                   Enhancement of Repaglinide
     Gomantak Ayurved Mahavidhyalaya and A Clinical Study on Jalaukava charana (Leech         Dr.S.C.Dutta                  Not recommended
11   Res. Centre, Vaje, Shiroda, Goa-403103. application) on Pramehaja Vrana (Diabetic Ulcer)

     The Ayurveda Academy (R)                   A Comparative Clinical study on the efficacy of Dr.M.G.Ramu                 Not recommended
     #229/1, 4th Main, 2nd Cross,               Vayasthadi Ghrita and Tila taila with Sabida
     Chamarajpet, Bangalore-18                  Mastu/Takra as Anupana in Sayamasth-
                                                ambhashulama Vataja Hridroga (CAO)
     The Ayurveda Academy (R)                   A Study on role of Vatatapika Rasayana Prayoga Dr.Somayaji                  Not recommended
13   #229/1, 4th Main, 2nd Cross,               supported by Ritucharya in Enhancing the Non-
     Chamarajpet, Bangalore-18                  specific Immunity of the Population
     Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy            Evaluation of Herbal Extracts used in Ayurveda     Prof.D.Basava Raju       Not recommended
14   Vishnupur, Bhimavaram-534 202,             for Antistress and Antidiabetic activities
     W.G.Dist. A.P.
     Shriram Inst. for Indl.Research            Studies on Enhancement of Shelf life of Herbs      Dr.R.K.Khandal           Not recommended
15   19, University Road, Delhi-7.              (Medicinal Plants) by Radiation Technology
     National Institute of Health & F.W., New   Effect of ethereal extract of Kamala (kampillak)   Dr.T.G.Srivastav         Not recommended
     Mehrauli Road, Munirka, New Delhi-67.      seed on reproductive parameters in male rate..
                                                step towards the development of male herbal
     D/o Biology, Christ College, P.B.No.5,     Revival, translation and publication of            Dr.K.S.Rajput            Not recommended
17   Saurashtra University P.O.                 Aryabhishaka, A Classical book on Indian
     Rajkot-360 005 (Gujarat)                   Medicinal Plants.
     Dr.Rao's Herbal Pharma Pvt.Ltd.            Innovation and standardization of Aromatic         N.Bhavanarayana          Not recommended
18   Surampally, Nunna P.O.Vijayawada-521       Herbal Drugs/Formulations-The VIII category of
     212 (AP)                                   the area of research and development.
     Insti. of Scientific Research on Vedas,    Survey of Ayurvedic Manuscripts in Andhra          Dr.B.Rama Rao            Not recommended
19   11-13-279, Road No.8, Alakapuri,           Pradesh and Karnataka
     Hyderabad-500 035.
     P.G.Dept. of Sanskrit, utkal Univ.,        Identification & Database cataloging of Ayurvedic Dr.Raghunath Panda        Not recommended
     Vanivihar, BBSR                            manuscripts of India
     University Institute for Chemical          Studies on Ayurvedic Herbal Extracts (Water       Dr.K.S.Laddha             Not recommended
21   Technology, Univ. of Mumbai, Matunga       Hydro-alcoholic/Supercritical Carbon Dioxide/Oily
     (E), Mumbai-400 019.                       extracts)
     D/o Biotechnology, Univ. of Kerala         Detailed studies on characterization and          Dr.(Mrs.) V. Thankamani   Not recommended
22   Kariavattom                                evaluation of bioactivities of some ayurvedic
     Thiruvananthapuram-695 581                 formulations.
     Bombay College of Pharmacy                  Efficacy and Mechanism of action of Indian          Dr.(Mrs.) A.G. Jagtap   Not recommended
23   Kalina, Santacruz (East)                    Medicinal Plants for the treatment of Diabetes
     Maharashtra, Mumbai-400 098.                and Microvascular complications
     Atmiya Institute of Pharmacy                Development of root culture technique for few       Ms.Sejal Kansagra       Not recommended
24   Yogidham Campus, Kalawad Road,              important Medicinal Plants used in AYUSH
     Kausalya Devi Inst. of Alternative          Efficacy of Ashokadi Yoga in Rakta Pradara          Dr.B.Vijayalakshmi      Not recommended
     Medicine, Sagarlal Memorial Hosp. &         (Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding) with special
25   Matadin goel Research Centre,               reference to Ovulatory Bleeding confirmed by
     1-5-551, Musheerabad,                       Histopathology.
     Kausalya Devi Inst. of Alternative          Study of Dhatri Lauha in Eradication of H.Pylori    Dr.M.Srinivasulu        Not recommended
     Medicine, Sagarlal Memorial Hosp. &         infection with reference to Shula roga Chikitsa
26   Matadin goel Research Centre, 1-5-551,
     Musheerabad, Hyderabad-500 020.
     Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of            Pharmacognostical, Pharmacological                     Dr.V.Alagarsamy      Not recommended
     Pharmacy Anand Nagar, Krishnankoil-         Standardisation Toxicological studies and quality
27   626 190, Tamil Nadu                         control studies for formulation of antidiabetic, liver
                                                 correctives, anti-hypertensives and urolithics

     Kausalya Devi Inst. of Alternative          Study of Homocysteine, lowering effect of           Dr K N Agarwal          Not recommended
     Medicine, Sagarlal Memorial Hosp. &         Haritakyadi yoga with reference to Vataja
     Matadin goel Research Centre, 1-5-551,      Hridroga
     Musheerabad, Hyderabad-500020.(A.P.)
     D/o Biochemistry                         Real Time assay based monitoring of gene               Dr.Sarita Gupta         Not recommended
29   Faculty of Science, M.S. Univ. of Baroda,expression in diabetic animals and cell culture
     Vadodara, Gujarat.                       system treated with herbal drugs.
     D/o Veterinary Biochemistry, COVS,       Studies on Biochemical, histological and               Dr.Sandeep Gera         Not recommended
     Haryana                                  immunological changes in respiratory disease
                                              complex in poultry to assess efficacy of Kafa
                                              Dosa acting medicinal plants
     Ultra College of Pharmacy                Scientific validation of anti-diabetic siddha          Dr.C.Vijaya             Not recommended
31   4/235 College Road, Thasildar Nagar,     formulation Neerizhivu chooranam by clinical
     Madurai, Tamilnadu.                      trials.
     Periyar College of Pharmaceutical        Quality control, standardisation and toxicological     Dr. A.R. Mullaicharam   Not recommended
     Sciences for Girls Centenary educational studies on Antidiabetic Herbal formulations.
     Complex, Tiruchirapalli - 620021
     Guru Jambheshwar Univ., Hisar               Pharmacological Investigations to Explore the          Dr.Milind Parle               Not recommended
33   (Haryana)                                   Benefits of Ayurveda and Naturopathy in the
                                                 management of Mental Dysfunction
     Yerala Ay.Med.College & Hosp., Plot         To prove the efficacy of the Leech application         Dr.Sanjiv R.yadav             Not recommended
34   No.18, Sector 4, Khargpur,                  different Medico Surgical Disorders
     Navi Mumbai
     Periyar College of Pharmaceutical Sci. for Biological standardisation and Clinical validation Dr.A.Jaswanth                      Not recommended
     Girls                                      of medicinal Herbs with ethnic use in ulcer,
                                                Psoriasis, Urolithiasis, wound healing and anemia

     IIHM, Hyderabad                             Operations research survey of AYUSH                    Dr.Ala Narayana               Not recommended
36                                               treatments with respect to contemporary health
                                                 care requirements in Andhra Pradesh state
     Amrith Diabetic Footcare and Kidney         Gandhaka thaila and its efficacy in treating Non-      Dr.N.B.Venu Gopala Rao        Not recommended
37   Research Centre                             Healing Diabetic and Non-diabetic wounds
     D/o Pharmacology & Toxicology               Pharmacological evaluation of medicinal                Dr.N.B.Shridhar               Not recommended
     Veterinary College, Karnataka Vet,          properties of some weeds in veterinary practice
38   Animal and Fisheries Sci. Univ.,
     Bangalore-560 024
     OM Ay.Chikitsalaya and Panchakarma          Lifestyle Management Plan to prevent                   Dr.Swati Dhananjay Kulkarni   Not recommended
     Kendra, Namrata Commercial Centre,          cardiological diseases and hypertension
     Chakan Road, Talegaon Dabhade
     Sushruta Ay.Med.College Hosp. &             To evaluate the effect of Virechana and                Dr.Mamta Bhagwat              Not recommended
     Shama Clinic Bangalore                      dashamooladi yoga in Rheumatoid arthritis- an
40   #106, 1st Floor, 4th Main 2nd Cross,        observational study
     Kadirenahalli New Colony
     Seed Science and Technology Unit, D/o       Organic amendments for enhancing bio-mass          Dr.K.Ramamoorthy                  Not recommended
     Plant Breeding and Genetics, Agricultural   and active principles in selected medicinal plants
     College and Res.Inst., Tamil Nadu,
     Agri.Univ., Coimbatore-641003.
     RRI (Ay.), JLNAMPG&H, Kothrud, Pune-        Assessment of Efficacy of Pippali in Medoroga          Dr. Sadand V. Deshpande       Not recommended
42   411 038.                                    (Obesity) with special reference to its
                                                 Hypolipidaemic action
     H.S.K.College of Pharmacy                   Biological Standardisation and Pharmacological         Dr.H.R.Chime                  Not recommended
     B.V.V.Sangha Campus, Bijapur Road,          Evaluation of Anti arthritic Potential of Calotropis
     Bagalkot-587 101, Karnataka                 gigantea containing Ay., Homeopathic and
                                                 Solvent Extract containing preparation
     RRL (CSIR),                                Inventorisation, Documentation of                   Dr.N.K.Dhal                    Not recommended
     Bhubaneshwar-751 003.                      Phytotherapeutic claims and practices of some
44                                              indigenous tribal communities of Easternghats,
                                                Orissa, India and their clinical validation with
                                                special reference to rheumatoid arthritis.
     CARISM, Tirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur- Scientific validation of Safety and efficacy profile     Prof.D.G.Victor Rajamanickam   Not recommended
45   613 402. Phone No.: 09443165149       of Classical formulation (Sangu Parpam) in the
                                           management of Peptic ulcer.
     S.K.Kalra, President, Jatan, 1507, Urban Empowerment of farmers through the heritage of S.K.Kalra                             Not recommended
46   Estate II, Hisar-125 005.                medicinal plants
     H.S.K.College of Pharmacy                  Development of an Effective anti-diabetic           Dr.H.R.Chime                   Not recommended
47   B.V.V.Sangha Campus, Bijapur Road,         formulation containing Parijata Based on
     Bagalkot-587 101, Karnataka                Traditional knowledge and its validation
     Shama Clinic, #42, Abhiram Complex,        Management of Psoriasis by Psorionil yoga and       Dr. Shivarama Gowda K.         Not recommended
48   Bhavani Nagar, 100 ft.Ring Road,           suryapaki Kutajataila - An observational study.
     Bangalore-560 070
     Tilak Ay.Mahavidyalaya                     To screen Ayurvedic formulations as first aid       Dr.Vishnu P.Joglekar           Not recommended
49   53/2 Rasta Peth, Pune-411 011              measure in snake venom poisoning.
     Suheer Hosp. & Res.Inst. of Ay.             Study of Kadali kshara and Kadali unripe fruit Dr.V.Subhose                       Not recommended
     Post Mulkanoor                             powder (Vegetable variety) in the management of
50   Mandal, Bheemadevarapally,                 Amlapitta (Acid peptic disorders).
     Dist Karimnagar-500 471 (AP)
     Department of Kayachikitsa, IMS, BHU,      Interpretation of ancient knowledge related to      Dr.Parameswarappa S.Byadgi     Not recommended
51   Varanasi-221 005,U.P                       Nadi Pareeksha with latest development in
                                                modern computerized techniques
     University College of Pharmaceutical      Development and standardisation of herbal            Dr.G.Krishna Mohan             Not recommended
     sciences, Kakatiya Univ., Vihyaranyapuri, formulations for antidiabetic activity from Indian
52   Warnagal-506 009 (AP)                     medicinal plants

     Institute of applied dermatology           Khagendramani darpanam:English transl-              Dr.P.E.Mahadevan               Not recommended
53   No.6/1665, Nayaks road,                    ationwith technical commentary and publication
     Kasaragod-671 121-Kerala
     Yerala Ay.College and Hospital, Sector-4, Suprajanan-Ayurvedic garbha sanskar for              Dr.Seema Mehre                 Not recommended
54   Educational area, Khargher, Navi          maternal and foetal wellbeing
     Mumbai, Maharashtra
     Y.M.T.Ay.Med.College and Hosp.              Management of computer vision syndrome by         Dr.R.R.Padmawar                   Not recommended
55   Sector-4, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai,            triphala ghruta abhyantara and netra tarpana
     AIIMS, Ansari Nagar,                        Evaluation of anti-arthritic activity of plant lipids Dr.Surender Singh             Not recommended
56   New Delhi-29.                               containing omega-3 fatty acid in experimental
     Anuyash diabetic Research Center,           Clinical trials of AYURSULIN a noval polyherbal Dr.Aparna Nandedkar                 Not recommended
     Jalgaon, Maharashtra                        antidiabetic formulation
     Vasant Prabha Chambers                      Comparative study of fundamental principles of        Vd.Anilkumar Mangesh Vaidya   Not recommended
     Near Parik Pool Sykes extension,            Ayurveda and a view of Anatomy and Physiology
58   Kolhapur, State – Maharashtra,              in Modern Science
     Phone no. 0231-2523066 / 09423860055
     Anuyash diabetic Research Center,        Clinical Trials of the roots of capparis zeylanica to Mr.Ravindra Nandedkar            Not recommended
59   Jalgaon                                  study its antihypertensive and anti inflammatory
     The Ayurveda Academy (R)                 Survey, collection, transcription/translation,        Dr.Somayaji C.S                  Not recommended
60   229/1, 4th main, 2nd cross, Chamarajpet, editing and publication of classical ayurvedic
     Bangalore-18                             literature
     Vidya Patishthan's School of Biotech., Construction of cDNA libraries and EST                 Dr.(Mrs.) Sushama Chaphalkar      Not recommended
     Vidya Nagari, MIDC Resi.Zone, Bhigwan sequencing for molecular analysis of Jamun
61   Road, Baramati, Dist.Pune, MS (India)  (Syzydium cumini) and Bel (Aegle marmelos
                                            Correa) genomes
     D/o Plant breeding and Genetics             Collection, conservation and characterisation of Dr.R.Ushakumari                    Not recommended
     Agricultural College and Res.Inst., Tamil   some underutilised medicinal plants (Asparagus
62   nadu, Agri. Univ., Coimbatore-641 003.      racemosus, asparagus adscendens Tinospora
                                                 cordifolia, hemidesmus indicus and chlorophyllum

     Y.N.T.Ay.Med.Col., Sect.4, Inst.Area,        Evaluate the efficacy of Ay.drugs in Cancer      Vd.Kashinath Chavan               Not recommended
63   Kharghar, Navi Mumbai-410 210               (arbud) patients
     Y.N.T.Ay.Med.Col., Sect.4, Inst.Area,       Efficacy of Arjuna, Vacha & Kukkutandtwak    Dr.Dubewar Vikas M.                    Not recommended
64   Kharghar, Navi Mumbai-410 210               Bhasma in CAD & IHD (Atherosclerosis-Dhamani
     Y.N.T.Ay.Med.Col., Sect.4, Inst.Area,       Efficacy of Navarakizhi (Shastishali pindasweda) Vd.Manohar S.Gundeti               Not recommended
65   Kharghar, Navi Mumbai-410 210               in Peripheral Neuropathy
     Y.N.T.Ay.Med.Col., Sect.4, Inst.Area,      Comparative study of Brahmi & Mandukparni           Vd.Mohammed Khalil-ur-    Not recommended
66   Kharghar, Navi Mumbai-410 210              from different habitats of India based on           Rehman
                                                phytochemical and biological profiles
     Y.N.T.Ay.Med.Col., Sect.4, Inst.Area,      Clinical Evaluation of Uttarbasti (intra Urethral   Vd.Mangesh Patil          Not recommended
67   Kharghar, Navi Mumbai-410 210              medication) in Asthenospermia
     Manonmaniam Sudaranar Univ.                Evaluation of Toxicity by Heavy Metals, Pesticide Dr. A. G. Murugesan         Not recommended
68   Sri Palayamkottai Centre for Envn.Sci.     residues and Plant Toxins in selected Siddha
     Tirunelveli (Dist.), Tamil Nadu            preparations
     Manonmaniam Sudaranar Univ.                Conservation, Documentation and Retrieval of        Dr.N.Sukumaran            Not recommended
69   Sri Palayamkottai Centre for Envn.Sci.     Rare Palm leaf literature on Siddha Medicine
     Tirunelveli (Dist.), Tamil Nadu
     Pad Dr.D.Y.Patil Co. of Ay. &              Evaluation of effect of Guduchi, Guduchi sattva & Dr.Ajit Jagannath Kadam     Not recommended
     Res.Centre, Pimpri Pune-18                 Vidan on Hypercholestrolemia and Obesity
     M.R.Rajagopalan                            RCH including infertility & Contraceptives        M.R.Rajagopalan             Not recommended
71   Gandhigram Trust, Dindigul(Dist.)
     Tamalnadu, India
     The Ayurvedic Trust                        Processes Optimization and Re-validation of         Dr.P.Rammanohar           Not recommended
     AVT Complex, P.B.No.7102, Trichy           Kashayam (Decoction) and its Different Dosage
     Road, Rammanthapuram,                      Forms
     P.O.Coimbatore-641 045
     Medical Advisor Bipha Drug Laboratories,   Biochemical evaluation of an ayurvedic drug Anti- Dr. Rosily Paul             Not recommended
73   Kottayam,Kerala-686039                     diabetic Agent for Antidiabetic treatment in
                                                diabetes patient
     The Ayurvedic Trust                        Evaluation of efficacy of traditional Ayurvedic     Dr.P.Rammanohar           Not recommended
     AVT Complex, P.B.No.7102, Trichy           treatment in management of ophitoxemia
     Road, Rammanthapuram,
     P.O.Coimbatore-641 045
     Pad Dr.D.Y.Patil Co. of Ay. &              Research on concept of Vata                         Dr.Ajit Jagannath Kadam   Not recommended
75   Res.Centre, Pimpri Pune-18
     Dalmia Centre for Research &               Gokshuradi Guggulu in the treatment of Asmari       Dr.S.Lakshmisubramanian   Not recommended
     Development,                               (Kidney stone)
76   9/369, Siruvani Main Road,
     Kalampalayam, Coimbatore-641001,
     Manonmaniam Sudaranar Univ.               Scientific evaluation of safety and efficacy profile Dr.Sundaram Ravikumar     Not recommended
     Sri Palayamkottai Centre for Envn.Sci.    of Siddha medicines from the marine herbals for
77   Tirunelveli (Dist.), Tamil Nadu           drug development in the management of
                                               rheumatoid arthritis.
     AIIMS,                                    Evaluation or anti proliferative apoptotic-anti   Dr. Satya N.Das              Not recommended
78   Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029            cancer drugs
     NIPER, Phase X, Sect.67, SAS Nagar,       Differential Gene Expression and Toxicity         Dr.Kulbhushan Tikoo          Not recommended
79   (Mohali), Chandigarh-160 062.             Profiling of Herbs/Herbal based Drugs on
                                               Diabetic Rats
     Late Prin.B.V.Bhide Foundation            Naga Bhasma-Preparation by Traditional method Dr.S.S.Vaidya                    Not recommended
80   S.P.Col.Campus, Tilak Road,               and modern method: A comparative study with
     Pune-411 030                              toxicity studies and clinical trials
     D/o Ayurveda                              Evaluation of Conventionally propagated and       Dr.V.V.Doiphode              Not recommended
81   University of Pune, Ganeshkhind road,     micro propagated medicinal plants used in
     Pune-411007                               Ayurvedic system
     Healthy Services Society                  Sample survey of contemporary requirements of     Dr.P.Surender                Not recommended
82   406 & 501, Bhanjara Sadan, 14th Street,   AYUSH Systems of Medicines
     Himayathnagar, Hyderabad-500 029.
     Sh.Bapalal Vaidya Botanical Research      Inorganic Phytochemistry of Medicinal Plants       Dr.Minoo Parabia            Not recommended
     Centre, D/o Biosciences
     Veer Narmad South Gujarat University,
     Surat-395 007
     Centre for Marin Science and              Studies on the active principles and the molecular Prof. Dr. M. Peter Marian   Not recommended
     Technology, Manonmaniam Sundaranar        mechanism of action of the herbal drugs used by
84   University, Rajakkamangalam – 629 502,    the Ayurvedic practitioners to treat diabetic
     Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu          patients
     Centre for Advance Research in Indian     Effect of indigenous drugs in diabetic rats with   Dr. Lokesh Upadhyay         Not recommended
     System of Medicine (CARISM),              particular reference to their influence on β-cell
     SASTRA Deemed University,                 function and its regeneration
85   Thanajavur-613402
     Tel. No. 04362-264101 to
     Fax: 04362-264120/264
     The Registrar, Manonmaniam                Role of Indian system of medicine in reproductive Dr. B. Maria John                 Not recommended
     Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli – 627  and child health care: Evolution of Siddha and
     012                                       ayurvedic systems of medicine in Tamil nadu and
                                               the way forward.     10 copies
     Parassinikadavu Ayurveda Medical          Comparative study of Abhaguggulu and              Dr. Naveen. C.J.                  Not recommended
     College (A unit of Pappinissery Visha     Mathravasthi in the management of primary
87   Chikitsa Society) Parassinikadavu (P.O.), Osteoporosis10 copies
     Kannur, Kerala
     Parassinikadavu Ayurveda Medical            Evaluate the efficacy of Virechana in the         Dr. Christy J. Thundiparambil   Not recommended
     College (A unit of Pappinissery Visha       management of “Lootha Visha” a Comparative
     Chikitsa Society) Parassinikadavu (P.O.),   study 10 copies
     Kannur, Kerala
     Parassinikadavu Ayurveda Medical            A data based critical study on Dyslipidemia and   Dr. Satish Kumar Panda          Not recommended
     College (A unit of Pappinissery Visha       Anti-oxidants with its management by a
     Chikitsa Society) Parassinikadavu (P.O.),   standardized Ayurveda
     Kannur, Kerala
     West Bengal                 Dept. of Bio-   Toxico-pharmacological and Efficacy studies of    Dr. Srikanta pandit             Not recommended
     Medical Labboratory Science &               Swarna Makaradhwaja (Mercurial Preparation)
     Management Vidyasagar University,           10 copies
90   Midnapore-721102, (West Bengal)
     Tel.No. 03222-276554 Ext.-484
     College of Ayurveda, Bharati Vidyapeeth     Assessment of the efficacy of textual Ayurveda    Dr. Madhavi P. Mahajan          Not recommended
     Deemed University, Dhankawadi, Pune         treatment in Dhatukshayajanya Sandhigatavata
91   Satara road, Pune – 411 043,                of Knee Joint with special reference to
     Maharashtra                                 regeneration of Cartilage
     Asthagiri Herbal Research Foundation,       Development of herbal Product for Analgesic and Dr. G. Veluchamy                  Not recommended
     7/1, Thirumazhisai street, Sundaram         anti-inflammatory activity
     colony, East Tambaram,                      9 copies
     Chennai – 600 059
     Bharatiya Sanskritikosha Mandal,            “Brihannighantoo” Therapeutic and Materia         Mr. Ashok Mahadeo Joshi         Not recommended
93   410, Shaniwar Peth,                         Medica of Ayurveda – Mega Indiex of Ayurvedic
     Pune 411 030                                Remedies 5 copies
     Govt. College of Pharmacy, Karad,           Development and Standardization of herbal         Dr. S.B. Bhise                  Not recommended
     Vidyanagar,                                 formulations using Stevia rebaudiana as natural
94   Karad - 415124                              Sweetener and Nutraceutical
                                                 5 copies
      Shaptharishi Research & Medical             To study and evaluate the drug fraction 8 of        Dr. K. Jeyapal             Not recommended
      Foundation10, Veerachetty Street,           Shaptha-Biotic for documentation of the toxicity of
      Pulianthope,                                the drug, screening of the drug, clinical study on
      Chennai – 600 012                           the disease Hepatitis „B‟
      Tel.No. -044-
      Mob. -9884110982
      IICT, Uppal road, Tarnaka,                  Intestinal alpha-glucosidase inhibitory properties   Dr. J. Madhusudana Rao    Not recommended
      Hyderbad – 500 007                          and principles from antidiabetic Ayurvedic
96                                                medicinal plants and their activity based
      Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala             Management of diabetes Mellitus using an anti              Dr. Muhammed Ikbal N.K.   Not recommended
      Ollur – thaikkattussery               Diabetic Ayurvedic combination medicine
      Thrissur – 680 322, Kerala            “MEHANIL” for evaluating its metabolic and
                                            vascular effects in diabetic patients
      Government Akhandanand Ayurved        Evaluation of Tail Bindu Pariksha specially in             Vd. M.R. Patel            Not recommended
98    College, Bhadra, Ahmedabad – 380 001, diabetes mellitus
      1. CEERI, CSIR madras complex            Evaluation and methods development of Near           V. Venkataraman              Not recommended
      Taramani, Chennai – 600 113              Infrared spectroscopy for identification and quality
      2. Captain Srinivasa Murti Drug Research control of selected Indian herbal products
99    Institute for Ayurveda Arignar Anna
      government Hospital Campus,
                Chennai - 600 106
      Periyar centenary Education Complex,        Effective strategies to reduce the risk of heavy     Dr. AR. Mullaicharam      Not recommended
      Sathanoor Road, K.K.Nagar                   metal toxicity in herbal drugs.
      Trichy-620021, Tamilnadu
100   Tel. No. 0421-2459911
      Fax: 0431-2456677

      Parassinikadavu Ayurveda Medical            Prospective clinical study in the management of      Dr. Satheesh. R           Not recommended
      College (A unit of Pappinissery Visha       Cerebral palsy with Shiropichu,
101   Chikitsa Society) Parassinikadavu (P.O.),   Mamsapindasweda & Physiotherapy.          10
      Kannur, Kerala                              copies
      Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences      Development of Methods for Standardization and Dr. Ram Kishore Agrawal     Not recommended
      Dr. H.S. Gaur University                   Validation of Polyherbal Antioxidant formulations
      Sagar, (M.P.) – 470 003                    for Antiaging Effect.10 copies
102   Tel – 07582 – 233934
      Fax – 07582 – 264236
      E-mail –
      Shaptharishi Research & Medical            To study and evaluate the fundamental and basic Dr. S. Eswaran             Not recommended
      foundation                                 principles of ISM as described in Siddha
      10, Veerachetty Street, Pulianthope,       Literatures
103   Chennai – 600 012
      Tel – 2667 3805, Fax- 044 – 2667 1161      10 copies
      National Institute of Health and family    “Development of vaginal contraceptive using      Dr. Beena Khillare        Not recommended
      Welfare, Munirka, New Delhi – 110067       extract of Curcuma longa (rhizome), in female
      Tel – 26165959, Fax – 26101623             albino rats”
104   E-mail: ,        10 copies ,
      Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy,           Evaluation of Herbal extracts used in Ayurveda   Prof. D. Basava Raju      Not recommended
      Vishnupur, Bhimavaram – 534 202, W.G.      for Antistress and Antidiabetic activities
      Dist, A.P.                                 04 copies
      Tel – 08816 – 228463 Fax – 227769
      Centre for Advance Research on             Anti retroviral herbal therapy                   Dr. Pravas Ranjan Misra   Not recommended
      Alternative Medicine (CARAM)               10 copies
      84, In front of UP School, Bapuji Nagar,
106   Bhubaneshwar – 751009
      Tel & Fax – 2535535
      Podar Medical [Ayu.] College & Hospital, Clinical trial of herbal preparation [Immuno Herbal Dr. Abdul Waheed         Not recommended
107   Worli, Mumbai – 18                       Sanjevee] in HIV infected patient. 01 copy
      Division of Biochemistry,                   “Anti-inflammatory effect of lipoprotein and       Dr. N. Jayakumari             Not recommended
      Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for medical   medicinal herbs on activated marcrophages:
      Science and Technology,                     relevance to inflammatory diseases”
      Thiruvananthapuram – 695011, Kerala
      Tel – 0471 – 2443152                        5 copies
      Fax – 0471 – 2446433
      E-mail: ,
      Department of Chemistry,                    “Ayurveda and Diabetes: Development of Novel Dr. Geeta Watal                     Not recommended
      Medicinal Research Laboratory,              Ayurvedic Formulation from Swertia chirata,
109   University of Allahabad                     Murraya koenigii, Gymnema Sylvestris & Annona
      Allahabad - 211002                          squamosa for Diabetes Mellitus”

      Annamalai University ,Annamalai,            Development of database on traditional medicinal Dr. C.Tamilmani                 Not recommended
      Tamilnadu-608002.                           plants from ancient Tamil literature
                                                               05 Copies

      S.S.M.R.V.Degree College,                   Biochemical standardization and Neutraceutics         Smt. Sudha C. Padashetty   Not recommended
       17, 26th main cross 4th `T` block,         studies of Ayurvedic drug-Matsyakshi (species of
      Jayanagar, Banglore-560041,                 Alternanthera ) (This projects falls under overall
111 9449694966,                          first priority ,standardization , Malnutrition areas,
      E-mail:               appered in application form)
      Or                                                          01 Copy
      Department of Shalya Shalakya,              “Effect of Guduchyadi Rasanjana in the clinical Dr. Adikanda Biswal              Not recommended
112   Gopabandhu Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya,          management of Senile Immature cortical Cataract
      VIP Road, Puri – 752002                     (SICC)
      Pistiss Herbal Research Lab (Pvt.) Ltd.     Documentation and Validation of Indigenous of      Dr. Deepak Acharya            Not recommended
      3702 B & C, Behind New Nirma,GIDC,          Herbal Practices Performed by the Tribals of
      Phase 4,Vatwa Ahmedabad-382445              Patalkot and Dang pockets in Central and
113   Tel No. 079-25840615/25841549/              Western Central India.
      Fax: 079-25841867
      E-mail: info@pistissorganic .com
      Depart of Biochemistry,                  A study of an Ayurvedic formulation in treatment   Dr. (Mrs.) Akalpita   Not recommended
      Shivaji University,Kolhapur India-416004 of Diabetes mellitus                               U .Arvinderkar
114   Tel.No. 2690571 ext. 9153
      Fax: 0231-2692333,2691533
      Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of         Pharmacognostical identification and               Dr. V.Alagarsamy      Not recommended
      Pharmacy,Anand Nagar,                    pharmacological evaluation of promising and
      Krishnankoil –626190,Srivilliputar Tk,   widely accepted practices and skills of the
      Virudhunagar District,                   traditional healers in virudhnagar district of
115   Tamilnadu                                Tamilnadu
      Tel.No: 04563-289006
      Fax: 04563-289322
      Shyamlal Sarswati P.G.College,           Phytochemical and Pharmacological Study of         Dr. Ram Pal Singh     Not recommended
      Shikarpur, Bulandershashar               Medicinal Plant Safed musali (Chlorophytum
      (U.P.)                                   borivilianum) for Ayurvedic Drugs.
116   Tel.No. 05732-240003                      10 Copies
      Fax: 05732-230757

      Indraprastha Apollo Hospital,            Evidence based support on the efficacy of four    Dr. M.Krippendorf      Not recommended
      CCRAS Sarita Vihar,                      AYUSH therapies in the treatment of
117   New Delhi-110044                         Developmental Disabilities, Rheumatoid Arthritis-
      Tel. No. 26925858,Ext. 100               HIV Positive cases.Copies-05
      VED Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.            Chromatography of Ayurvedic drugs for              Mr. Sanket Soni,      Not recommended
      401- Padmavati complex,                  identification purpose.
      Shrenik Park Cross Road,                                  Copies-10
      Akota, Baroda-390020,
118   Gujarat.
      Tel.No. (0265) 6580994
      Sitaram Ayurvedic Pharmacy Ltd.           To study efficacy and toxicity through animal trials Dr. P.Ramachandran Nair         Not recommended
      III/475 A Gandhi Nagar Road,              followed by clinical trials of Hridrakhand, an
      Nedupuzha, P.O. Thrissur-680015           Ayurvedic medicine, to treat allergic disorders
119   Tel.No. (0487)-2448540/2448570            Copies-10
      Lilavati General Hospital and Ayurvedic Study of Hypolipidemic Polyherbal Formulation       Vd Anilkumar Mangesh Vaidya        Not recommended
      research center, masure, Tal. Malvan,   Copies-09
      dist. Sindhudurg, State – Maharashtra ,
120   India, Pin – 416608
      Tel – 02365 – 257213 / 257335 / 257177,
      09422276869 (M)
      J.B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical          Combined effect of Kshar Karma and Infra Red                                   Dr.   Not recommended
      College& Hospital                         Coagulation (IRC) in the Management of Piles.     Ram Bishnu Ghosh
      170-172, Raja Dinendra Street,                           Copies-04
      Tel.No. 033-2555418(O), 2576-2370®
      M.No. 0-9433178389
      Central Institute of Medicinal and        Isolation, spectroscopic identification of chemical Dr. Laxminarain Misra            Not recommended
      Aromatic Plants,                          markers and their chromatographic fingerprinting
      CIMAP,Faridinagar, Lucknow-226015         for standardization of some CNS stimulant
      Tel.No.-(0522)2717529 ext.:322/309        Ayurvedic and Siddha drug plants and
122   Mob:09450365618                           formulations, thereof.
      Fax: (0522)2342666                                       Copies-09
      Asstt. Professor of Neurology,            A comparative study of Ayurvedic treatment        Dr. Pramod Kumar Pal,              Not recommended
      National Institute of Mental Health and   versus balance exercises in the management of     Dr. D.Sudhakar
      Neuro sciences (NIMHANS),                 degenerative ataxia.
123   P.O. Box. No. 2900, Hosur Road,            Copies-03
      Department of Nephrology and all other     Experimental and clinical evaluation of          Professor Rana Gopal Singh    Not recommended
      collaborative Departments,                 renoprotective effect of herbal combinations
      Institute of Medical Sciences,             `Nephromed` and `RP-108` in patients of Early
      Banaras Hindu University, Varansasi-05,    Chronic Renal Failure (ECRF).
124   (Uttar Pradesh)                            11-copies
      Tel.No. -0542-2369196,230342

      Madhya pradesh                             Ayurvedic management of Occupational and         Dr. Raghuraj Singh Chauhan    Not recommended
      Government Ayurvedic (Auto) College,       Environmental,   Respiratory Disorders. 01-
      Rewa,                                      copy
125   New O.P.D.Building GMH Campus,
      Rewa, (Madhya pradesh)-486001
      Government Ayurveda College                A clinical study on the efficacy of Daru Haridra Dr. K. B. Sudhikumar          Not recommended
126   Tripunithura Kochi, (Kerala)-682301        Kashara Sutra in the Management of Arsas amd
      Tel.No.0484-2777374                        Sentinel Piles. 02- copy
      Dept. of Bio-Medical Labboratory Science   Remedial effect of a formulated herbal drug-                             Dr.   Not recommended
      & Management Vidyasagar University,        MTEC on glycemic index, lipid peroxidation and Debidas Ghosh
      Midnapore-721102, (West Bengal)            germ cell apoptosis in experimental diabetic male
127   Tel.No. 03222-276554 Ext.-484              rat and its clinical trial.

      Maharashtra                                Screening of some plants from Western Ghats of                                 Not recommended
      Kelkar Education Trust`s V.G Vaze          India for antiageing ability.           10-    Dr.Mrs. Manjushri A.Deodhar
128   college, Mithagar Road, Mulund (East),     copies
      Uttar Pradesh          Pharmacopoieal      Safety Aspects of Indian Medicinal Plants used in Dr.D.R.Lohar                 Not recommended
      Laboratory for Medicine,CGO Complex        Food Supplements formulations and their Safety
      Kamla Nehru Nagar,                         Dose Size.                10-copies
129   Ghazidabad-201002             (Uttar
      Tel.No. -(0120)-2787016,2786549
       Radiation and Cancer Biology                Investigation on traditional Indian herbal       Dr. P.K.Goyal                 Not recommended
      Laboratory, Deptt. of Zoology, University    medicines for prophylactic and therapeutic
      of Rajasthan, Jaipur-302004                  management of cancer.
130   Tel.No.-0141-2711158(O),                     2-hard copies
      Medical Research Laboratory                  Development of Novel Herbal Formulation from     Dr. Geeta Watal               Not recommended
131   University of Allahabad, ALLAHABAD           Murraya koenigii and Withania coagulans for
      –211 002                                     Diabetes mellitus.09-hard copies
      Sharmila Institute of Medicinal products     Scientific validation of Shar-diaby capsule in the Dr. C. Lakshmi Narasimhan   Not recommended
      Research Academy (SIMPRA)                    prevention and management of Diabetes mellitus
132   Sharmila Complex,
      #203, Medical College Road,
      Thanjavur-613 007.
      Siddhartha ayush Research Centre             Clinical trial of some Ayurvedic drugs for the   Dr. Shriprakash               Not recommended
      (SARC), Post Box No. 243 “O” Point           treatment of Hepatitis-B and vitiligo (Svitra)
133   Tinali, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh
       Pin – 791 111
      Department of Basic Sciences,                Selection and application of plant growth        Dr.(Mrs.) Mohinder Kaur       Not recommended
      Dr. Y.S. parmar University of Horticulture   promoting Pseudomonas species for
      and Forestry, Nauni, Solan (HP) – 173        conservation of three endangered medicinal
      230                                          plants viz. Swertia chirayita Aconitum
134   Tel.No. -01792-252282(O)                     heterophylum and Podophyllum hexandrum. 10-
      01792-229652®                                Hard copies
      Devi Samka Mata Mahila Bahuddeshiya          Study of Vasayoga & Ayurved Therapy in the       Dr. Pankaj Lalsingh Pawar     Not recommended
      Sanstha,          Samaka Sadan,              treatment of MDR TB (Multi Drugs Resistance
      Tilakwadi, Yavatmal -445001                  Tuberculosis)                10-Hard copies
135   Tel.No. 07232-239510, 244665,253597
      Fax:07232-242870                  E-
       L.M. College of Pharmacy           P.O.   Investigation on activity, mechnasim of action,                                Not recommended
      Box 4011, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad-         safety and efficacy of Helicteres isora           Dr. D.D.Santani
      380009               Tel.No.9179-          (Mrugashingi), an antidiabetic ayurvedic
136   26302746 Ext.-29            Fax:9179-      medicinal plant.                     10-Hard
      26304865                    E-mail:        copies                       No soft copy
      Govt. College of Pharmacy, Karad,          Design and Optimization of herbal formulations    Dr. S.B.Bhise                Not recommended
      Vidyanagar,                                using Stevia rebaudiana as natural Sweetener
      Karad - 415124                             and Nutraceutical
137   Phone:912164271196                         Hard Copies-10
      Navajyothi Sree Karunakara Guru            Collection, Identification and Ex-situ conservation                            Not recommended
      Research Centre for Ayurveda and           of rare and endangered medicinal herbs and          Dr.M.Anilkumar
      Siddha, Uzhavoor P.O., Kottayam-           Documentation of practices used by the
138   686634,Kerala                              traditional healers of Kerala.           Hard
      Tel.No.04822-240611,249200,249713          Copies-10
      Fax:04822-249713                 E-
       Uiversity of Allahabad, ALLAHABAD        Application of some naturally occuring anti-       Prof. (Mrs.) Krishna Misra   Not recommended
      –211 002                     Tel.No.91- oxidants as lead compounds for development of
139   532-2465462/2431684               Fax:91- prodrugs for redox regulatory activities.
      532-2461389                      E-       Hard Copies-07
       Faculty of Commerce,         Banras       Marketing of Ayurvedic Medical Plant Based         Dr. Vinay Kumar             Not recommended
      Hindu University (BHU),                    Products.                         Hard Copies-
140   Varanasi-221005                            10
      School of Pharmacy Technology and          Extensive Phytochemical and Pharmacological        Dr. R.S.Gaud                Not recommended
      Management, NMIMS University JVPD          Evaluation of Arujna Preparations Processed
      Scheme,           V.L. Mehta Road Vile     Using Traditional Ayurvedic Methods.
141   Parle (West),Mumbai-400056                 Hard Copies-10
      Tel.No. 022-26134577
      Fax: 022-26114512                    E-
       Department of Rog Vigyan State           Biochemical studies on hepatoprotective and        Dr. P.S. Srivastava,         Not recommended
      Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Tulsi Das   antioxidants property of Garlic in pulmonary
      Marg,         Lucknow - 226 004           tuberculosis patients on treatment under DOTS.
      Ph. 0522-2264030                          Hard Copies-10
142   0941569305, Dr. Urmila Singh-
      09452015901, Vinay K. Singh-
      The Maharaja Sayajirao University of     Polyherbal -Melatonin combination as a possible     Prof. A.V. Ramachandran      Not recommended
      Baroda,Lok Manya tilak road, Sayajigunj, therapy for Diabetes / Insulin resistance.
143   Vadodra-390002                           Hard Copies-10
      Tel.No. 0265-2780455
      Punjab,                                   Neurobiology of sleep deprivation - induced        Dr. Anil Kumar               Not recommended
      University Institute of Pharmaceutical    cognitive dysfunction and oxidative stress:
      Sciences, Sector-14, Punjab University,   Possible mechanisms and drug targets.
144   Chandigarh-1610014                        Hard Copies-10
      Fax No.-0172-2541142
      Bihar                                     The clinical trial of designed amritsava on protein Dr. Brajeshwar Mishra       Not recommended
      Panchkarma Chikitsalya,                   synthesis of HIV and Management of
      (Advance Scientific Study of Ayurveda),   opportunistic infection in AIDS.
      Chhatauni Colony Motihari, East           Hard Copies-10
145   Champaran - 845401
      West Bengal                               Isolation,characterization and identification of   Dr. Tapan Kumar Chatterjee   Not recommended
      Deptt. of Pharmaceutical Technology,      pharmacological active phytochemicals from
      Jadavpur University, Raja S.C.Mallick     indigenous medicinal plants for development of
      Road,           Kolkata-700032            drugs.                   Hard Copies-05
146   Tel.No. 2414-6309(D)                      Soft Copy-No
      Tel.No.2414-6676 (Ext.-455)
      Mob.No.09330843263                  E-
      Arthritis Research & Care foundation       To Determine Clinical Research Methods Best         Dr. Arvind Chopra          Not recommended
      –Centre for Rheumatic Diseases 11          Suited for Validating Ayurvedic Medicines: A        Dr. Sanjeev Sarmukaddam
      Hermes Elegance, 1988 Convent Street,      Study Based on an Analysis of Ayurvedic Drug
      Camp Pune 411001                           Trials (1996-2007) of Anti-Arthritic Drugs using
147   Tel. No. : 020-26348529, 26344099 /        Modern Medicine Tools
      09822039297                                10-copies
      Fax: 020-26334756

      Tamil Nadu                                 Bioassy-guided fractionation of antidiabetic        Dr.K.V.Pugalendi           Not recommended
      Deptt. of Biochemistry and                 principle(s) from Piper betle and its efficacy in
      Biotechnology,                Faculty of   streptozotocin- diabetic rats.
      Science,                                   Hard Copies-10                  Soft Copy-No
      Annamalai University, Annamalainagar-
      608002            Tel.No.04144-234
      West Bengal                                Therapeutic Relevance of quercetin induced          Dr. Arindam Bhattacharya   Not recommended
      University of Kalyani,                     breast cancer therapy.               Hard
      Kalyani, Nadia,                  West      Copies-10              Soft Copy-No
149   Bengal-741235
      Uttar Pradesh                              Development of synergistic combination for          Dr. Pushplata Chaturvedi   Not recommended
      Institute of Biotechnology and Allied      enhanced efficacy of known antifungal drugs
      Sciences, S 19/54, Varuna Bridge,          against systemic candidiasis.
150   Varanasi-221002                            Hard Copies-10                Soft Copy-No
      Fax: 0542-2502477                     E-
      Metabolic Disorders Research              Studies on Antitumor Substances from Medicinal Dr.P.A.Kurup                     Not recommended
      Centre,Managed by Society for research Plants                           10-Hard copies
      on Matabolic Disorders registered under
151   Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and
      Chartiable Society Registration Act 1955
      "Srihari" , T.C. 16/1043,
      Kamaraj College, (NAAC Accredited with    Ethonobotanical studies of wild plants used by     Dr. Arinathan. V.                 Not recommended
      B+), Thoothukudi-628003, Tel.No.0461-     the Palliyar tribe of Grizzled Giant Squirrel
      2375988,             Fax No.0461-         Wildlife Sanctuary, Western Ghats, srivilliputhar,
152   2376790                                   Tamil Nadu.                         03-Hard copies
      Mob.9442370992                      E-    No soft copy
      Bombay Veterinary College, Parel,         Validation of immunomodulatory effects of       Dr.(Mrs.) M.M.Gatne                  Not recommended
153   Mumbai (MS) India. Phone:                 indigenous plant extracts in chicken & their
                                                toxicity studies in Laboratory animals.
      Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir's              Cardiovascular effects of Umash banku (Niranjan Prof. V. M. Aurangabadkar            Not recommended
154   Pharmacy College, Panchavati, Nasik-      Phal),
      Deptt of Dravyaguna ,faculity of          Antibacterial potential of some medicinal herb          Dr. Anil Kumar singh         Not recommended
155   Ayurveda,Institue of medical sciences     species traditionally used in India
      BHU varanasi-221005
      Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,   Metabolic Engineering of Ginsenoside            Dr. C. Jayabaskaran                  Not recommended
      Karnataka-560012                          Biosynthetic Pathway for Enhanced production of
                                                oleanane-type ginsenoside (RO) in panax
                                                ginseng C.A. Meyer.
      Agharkar research institute               Evalution of Zinc bhasma in animal models of    Dr. K. M. Paknikar                   Not recommended
157   ,G.G.Agharkar road ,Pune-41004            Diabetes

      Appasaheb Birnale College of Pharmacy, Evaluation of some indigenous plants effective as Dr. D.D. Chougule                     Not recommended
158   South Shivaji Nagar, Sangli (Maharastra) anti-arthritic activity/anti-inflammatory activity

      Vittal Mallya Scientific Research         Chemical and Biological profiling of active             Dr. G. Chandrasekara Reddy   Not recommended
159   Foundation, P.B. No. 406, K.R. Road,      principles of Lotus and Moringa - A lead from
      Bangalore-560004                          concept to product
      Alagappa University,deptt of oceanology   Scientifiv evalution of safetyand efficacy profile of   Dr.Sundaram Ravikaram        Not recommended
      and costal area studies,thondi campus,    sidha medicines from marine herbals for drug
      thondi-623409,                            development in the management of rheumatoid
      Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir's               Characterziation of Markers & Biomarkers of            Prof. Veena S. Kasture       Not recommended
161   Pharmacy College, Panchavati, Mumbai      some Medicinal Plants wildly growing in
      Agra road Nasik-422003                    Trimbakeshwar Hills &
      Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir's              NeuroPharmacological evaluation of Mucuna               Dr. S.B. Kasture             Not recommended
162   Pharmacy College, Panchavati, Nasik-      pruriens seeds
      Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel University of      Development of herbal Product for the               Dr. Ramesh Singh Yadav   Not recommended
163   Agriculture & Technology, Meerut-250         management of fungi and insects of stored food
      110                                          commodities
      C.U. Shah College of Pharmcy &               "Pharmacognistical & Phytochemical evaluation Dr. Shaival K. Rao             Not recommended
      Research Opp. I.B.P. Petrol Pump,            of the leaves & fruits of Vatica Cineis and vateria
      Kotharia Road, Ahmedabad-                    indica both beloging to the family
      Surendranagar Highway Wadhwan City -         Dipterocarpaceal & evaluaton of its potential anti-
      363 030.                                     oxidant & anti-microbial activities in vitro

      State Ayurvedic College and Hospital         Clinical Evaluation of some Ayurvedic drugs in   Dr. K.K. Dwivedi            Not recommended
      Sampurnanand Sanskrit University,            geropsychiatric symptoms
165   Varanasi (U.P)-221002              Tel-
      0542-2200464                 Email-
      Holy Cross College (Autonomous),             Identification of active compounds as drugs from Dr. P. Daisy                Not recommended
      Teppakulam Post, Tiruchirappalli-620002      chosen medicinal plants for antidiabetic and
166   Tel-0431-270063 Fax-0431-2713312             antimicrobial effects.

      Reproductive and Cyto-Toxicology Lab,        Role of Curcumin longa & curcumin in modifying   Dr. Sunil Kumar             Not recommended
      National Institute of Occupational Health    the toxicity of lead & cadmium in Swiss Albino
      (ICMR), Meghaninagar, Ahmedabad-             mice.
167   380016, Gujrat
      Tel-079-22686351,52,53 Fax-079-
      22686110                  Email-
      Institute of Biomedical Sciences,            Identification of New chemical Entities as       Dr. Rambir Singh            Not recommended
      Bundelkhand University,Kanpur Road,          antitubercular agents from medicinal plants
168   Jhansi (UP), INDIA Tel-0510-2321180          mentioned in Charak Samhita
      Fax-0510-2321180                    Email-
      Arulmigy Palaniandavar Arts College for      The impact of the disease isoriasis & new herbal Dr. (Mrs.) N. Puvaneswari   Not recommended
      Women, Palani-624615, Dindigul dt,           drug development associated with Cliniccal trials
169   Tamil Nadu Tel- 04545-255711 Fax-
      04545-255611 Email-
      Jnana Prabodhini Samhodhan Sanstha,          Study of 'Karmuk Sanjna' of Sharrngadhara        Dr. Vaidya Ramesh Nanal     Not recommended
      510 Sadashiv Peth,        Pune-411030
      Tel- +91 20 24207000, 24207001
      Kasturba medical college-international   Evalution of antimicrobial and gastric antiulcer   Dr.Mamta Ballal           Not recommended
      center,manipal ,karnataka,India-         activity of the phytochemicalcomponents of the
      576104,tele:910820-2571201-22691         medicinal plant extraccs with emphasis on
                                               helicobacter pylori causing peptic ulcer
      Centre for Medicinal Plants Research     Identification and phytochemical evaluation of     Dr. Indira Balachandran   Not recommended
      (CMPR), Arya Vaidya Sala, Changuvetty, possible substitutes for rare and prohibitively
      Kottakkal Malappuram-676503, Kerala.     costly Ayurvedic raw drugs.
      Tel-0483-2743430 Fax-0483-2742572 &
      2742210          Email-
      J.S.S. College of Pharmacy, Sri          To develop suitable oral dosage form containing    Dr. P.K. Kulkarni         Not recommended
      Shivarathreeshwar Nagar,         Mysore- Grewia tenax (Forssk)
173   570 015, Karnataka Tel-0821-2497583
      Fax-0821-2495900 Email-
      Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd.                Unraveling the probable mechanism of anti-        Dr. Amit Agarwal          Not recommended
      No.5B, Veerasandra Indl. Area            diabetic action of Nishamalaki
      19th KM Stone, Hosur Road
174   Bangalore-560 100 Tel-080-4020 9999
      Fax-080-4020 9817 E-mail-

      Amity Institute of Pharmacy,          Bioactivity guided formulation of potent extracts Dr. Deepshika Pande Katare    Not recommended
      Amity University Uttar Pradesh,       of psoralea corylifolia exhibiting hepatoprotective
      NOIDA – 201303 Tel- 0120-4391235 Fax- activity
175   0120-4391377 E-mail- &

      Surendra Memorial foundation, (NGO),     Studies and Research on various fundamental        Dr. Bimal Roy             Not recommended
      Ayurveda Research & Development Wing     and applied aspectgs on Ayurvedic drug
      : Pharma Raw Laboratory, Vijayshree      development for rheumatoid arthritis and
      Complex, Trunk Road, Silchar- 788001     diabeties mellitus.
      District - Cachar, Assam tel- 03842-
      230152 (O)
      Amala Institute of Medical Sciences        Evaluation in human subjects for the influence of Dr. Jose Jacob                  Not recommended
      Deptt. of Biochemistry, Amala Institute of Ayurvedic formulations for Diabetes Mellitus that
      Medical Sciences, Amala Nagar, Thrissur- are reported in classic Ayurvedic literature and
      680555, Kerala, India Tel- 0487-2304116 currently in use
      (O) Ext. Biochemistry Deptt. Tel- 0487-
      230898 ® Fax- 0487-2307969 Email -

      SDM College of Ayurveda, Kuthpady,        Clinical assessment of Hridroga supported by          Prof. B.V. Prasanna          Not recommended
      Udyavara, 574118, karnataka Tel-          modern investigation procedures
178   08202520623 Fax- 0820-2533970 Email- /
      Govt. Ayurved College and Hospital, RR    To evaluate efficacy of Mahatriphaladi ghrita         Dr. H.N. Umale               Not recommended
      Nagar, Umrer Road, Nagpur-440024 Tel-     tarpan karma and systemic administration of
179   0712-2749198, 2746631 Fax-0712-           Mahatriphaladi ghrita with saptamruta lauha in
      2749198           treatment of Optic atrophy

      Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Pusad Washim       Cancer and HIV infection                              Dr. Vinod N. Ade             Not recommended
      road, Pusad Tal-Pusad, Dist-Yavatmal
180   (MS) - 445204 Tel-07233-247382 Fax-
      07233-246247 Email-
      Central Research Institute of Siddha,     An open trial on experimental and clinical           Dr. V.S. Natarajan & Dr. T.   Not recommended
      Arumbakkam, Chennai-106 Tel-044-          evaluation of siddha herbal drug for total geriatric Anandan
      26214925 Fax-044-26214809 Email-          health care
      Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir's              Neuro Pharmacological evaluation of Mucuna            Dr. Sanjay B. Kasture        Not recommended
182   Pharmacy College, Panchavati, Nasik-      pruriens seeds"
      Dr. Ramazini Research Institute of        Validation & documentation for the Ayurvedic        Dr. G..T.Panse                 Not recommended
      Occupational Health Services,             treatment of traditional medicine used for diabetic
      Vikas Nagar,Wanwadi,                      retinopathy.
      Srinivasa Multi speciality Hospital and   Study of pain reducing and Lithotryptic activity of   Dr.V.S.Patil                 Not recommended
      Institute of Advance Research in          Shobhanjana (Moringa olefera root bark and
184   Ayurveda (SMH-IARA) 5-120/2 Opp.          apamarga (Achyranthes aspera) Kshara in the
      Shah Theater, HMT Road, Chintal,          management of Urolithiasis.
      Hyderabad-500054, Andhra Pradesh
      Yerala Ay.Med.Coll. & Hospital, Plot      To prove the efficacy of integrated approach in Dr.Sanjeev R.Yadav         Not recommended
      No.18, Sect.4, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.     the management of complicated fistula in ano by
                                                Chhedan and Ksharsutra (Partial fistulectomy
                                                with Ksharsutra)
      Yerala Ay.Med.Coll. & Hospital, Plot      To prove the efficacy of Ksharasutra in other   Dr.Sanjeev R.Yadav         Not recommended
      No.18, Sect.4, Kharghar,                  surgical conditions
      Navi Mumbai.

      Sardar Patel University                   Pharmacological, Cellular, Molecular and Clinical Dr. Bhavna Kansara,      Not recommended
      D/o Biosciences, Vallabh Vidyanagar,      study of Bhasma: Effect of anti-neoplastic
187   Gujarat                                   compound -Raudra Rasa and Malladi Tablets to
                                                cure Head and Neck Cancers and Blood Cancers

      Academy of Ayurveda, 14-07-13, N.         To extract more dravya saara with ayurvedic       Dr. N. Hanumantha Rao    Not recommended
      Gopala Rao Street                         materials instead of using modern solvents like
188   Hanuman Pet,                              alcohol, ether etc., to produce more effective
      Vijaywada-520 003                         formulations.

      D/o Pharmaceutics, Inst. of Tech.         Ethnomedicinal plants as a source of new          Dr.Sushil Kumar Singh    Not recommended
189   BHU, Varanasi-221 005.,U.P.               therapeutic agents against psoriasis.

      NIPER, Phase X, Sect.67, SAS Nagar,       Synthesis and Evaluation of Artemisinin           Male                     Not recommended
      (Mohali), Chandigarh-160 062.             Derivatives as Potential Antimalarial Agents      Dr.K.P.R.Kartha
      Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust,            A community based randomized clinical trial       Dr. Abhay Pratap Singh   Not recommended
      Jankikund, Chitrakoot, Satna, Madhya      comparing the effectiveness of commerically
      Pradesh                                   available multi-nutrient supplement (Fesovit)
191                                             versus classical ayurvedic preparation
                                                "Drakshasava + Lohasova" in the managemento
                                                of anaemia among non pregnant women aged 16
                                                to 30 years.
      Amity Institute for Herbal Research and   In-vitro antimicrobial studies of Gymnema         Dr. R.C. Uniyal          Not recommended
      Studies (AIHRS), Amity University , D-    sylvestre & Catharanthus roseus on pathogens
192   Block, First Floor, Amity University      causing Peptic Ulcer & Diarrhoea
      Campus, Sector- 125, Noida- 201303
      Uttar Pradesh
      Deptt. of Biomedical laboratory Science & Therapeutic effect of a formulated polyherbal     Dr. Debidas Ghosh        Not recommended
      Management (U.G.C. Innovative Deptt.) drug-Diabet- X on streptozotocin- induced
      Vidyasagr University Midbapore-721102, disbetic male rat.
      West Bengal
      University of Kalyani,Kalyani, Nadia,       Mechanism of Terminalia bellerica extract          Dr. Arindam Bhattacharya           Not recommended
      West Bengal-741235                          induced cellular killing of breast cancer
      Deptt. of Pharmacology, Institute of Post   Studies on the Anti-stress/Anxiolytic Effecct of   Prof. (Dr.) Dipankar               Not recommended
      Graduate Medical Education & Research       Medhya Rasayana Formulation                        Bhattacharyya
      244B Acharya J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata-
      700020, W.B.
      Govt. Medical College Bhavnagar, Near       A study of Hepatotoxic effect of nimesulide and Dr. H.O. Sharma, Prof. & Head, Not recommended
      S.T. Bus stand, Bhavnagar- 364001,          hepatoprotective effect of Gymnosporia montana Biochemistry , Govt. Medical
196   Gujrat Tel- 02784230808 Email-              (Vikala) in Paracetamol and Nimesulide Induced college Fax -               hepatotoxicity in Albino Rats
      Department of Botany, Gauhati               Protection of kidney in diabetic mammals by new Male                      Dr. Gajen   Not recommended
197   niversity,Guwahati Dist.-Kamrup, Assam,     antidiabetic poly herbal formulation.           Chandra        Sarma
      Deptt of biotechnology and molecular        Immunomodulator molecules from medicinal            Dr.E.Jayadevi Variyar             Not recommended
      Biology,Kanapur University,Tha              plants
      Sugen Life Sciences 4/86, S.V. Nagar,       Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies Dr. Damodar Reddy                         Not recommended
199   Perumalla Palli, Tirupati-517505, A.P.      of Ayurvedic formulation 'Triphala' with Metformin.

      Deptt. Of Veterinary Pharmacology &         Studies on Hypoglycemic effects of Indian          Dr. Rajurkar Sudhir                Not recommended
      Toxicology, College of Veterinary &         Medicinal Plants                                   Raghuttamrao
      Animal Sciences, MAFSU, PARBHANI -
      431401 (MS)
      College of Veterinary Science and Animal    Evaluation of hepatoprotactive and antimicrobial   Dr. R.K. Sharma                    Not recommended
201   Husbandry, Mhow (M.P.) Deptt. Of            activity of cow urine and certain indigenous
      Pharmacolgy and Toxicology                  medicinal plants
      D/o Pharmacology & Toxicology               Pharmacological evaluation of medicinal            Dr. N.B.Shridhar                   Not recommended
      Veterinary College, Karnataka Veterinary,   properties of Mimosa pudica in veterinary
      Animal and Fisheries Science University,    practice
      Hebbal, Bangalore-560 024

      Deptt. of Botany, Darrang College, P.O.     Identification and evaluation of promising        Dr. Phatik Tamuli                   Not recommended
      Tezpur, Distt. Sonitpur, Assam. Pin-        antimicrobial herbs for skin diseases used by the
203   784001 Tel- +913712 220014 Fax-             traditional healers in rural and tribal areas of
      +913712 224337 Email-                       Sonitpur district, Assam.
      Deptt. Of Botanical & Environmental          Anti- inflammmatory and Apoptosis - promoting        Dr. Saroj Arora                Not recommended
      Sciences, Guru Nanak Dev University,         activities of medicinal plants, their formulations
      Amritsar, Punjab                             and usefulness as anticancer agents

      Dr. S. S. Yadav Ram - Bhagwan          A scientific study to assess the efficacy of               Dr. (Prof.) S.S. Yadav, Ex-    Not recommended
      Charitable Institute of Cancer         'Asthishrinkhla' as an adjuvant therapy in                 Director
      Management & Research, Village and     accelerating the reate of Fracture healing.
205   post office- mirpur, Distt- Rewari,
      Haryana Tel- 01274-248690, 248691 Fax-
      01274-248691, Email-

      Parassinikadavu Ayurveda Medical             Comparative efficacy of shamana snehapana and Dr. Febin K Anto                      Not recommended
      College (A unit of Pappinissery Visha        matra vasti in the management of Duchene
      Chikitsa Society) Parassinikadavu (P.O.),    muscular dystrophy
      Kannur, Kerala
      Dr. ALM Post graduate institute of basic     Therapeutic efficacy of garlic compound, diallyl Dr. J. Arunakaran                  Not recommended
      medical sciences,Taramani, Chennai,          disulfide (DADS) against sex hormone induced
      (Tamil nadu)-600113                          rat prostate carcinogenesis and investigates of
                                                   possible molecular mechanism
      Deptt. of Biosciences, Jamia Milia           H+ - ATPase from Candida albicans as Target for                            Dr.Nikhat Not recommended
208   Islamia,Delhi-110025, Tel.No.26981           Antifungal Spice extracts and Active Principles. Manzoor

      Institute of Bioengineering and Biological   Phenotypic, chemotypic and molecular variation                          Ms. Shrilekha Not recommended
209   Sciences, S-19/54, Varuna Bridge,            among different varieties of Withania somnifera      Misra
      Varanasi-221002.                             as revealed by RAPD markers.
      Rajasthan Ayurved University, Kadwad,        Revitalize Rural Health Tradition and De-            Registrar R.A.U.               Not recommended
      Jodhpur                                      addiction of Rural people of Jodhpur District
      B.Dwarkadish Market, Near Bus Stand,         Polyherbal-Immurise a highly effective therapy       Dr. Akshay Sevak               Not recommended
211   Sardar Baug Road, Junagadh-362001,           against HIV infection by immunomodulation and
      Gujrat-India                                 Anti-oxidant effect.
      Govt. Ayurved College and Hospital, Raje     Role of vaitaran Basti alongwith oral                Dr. Raman Ramchandra           Not recommended
      Raghuji Nagar, Umrer Road, Nagpur-           adminstration of amrit bhallatak in the              Ghungralekar Ph-9221100630,
      440024                                       management of rheumatoid arthritis                   922190277 Dr. Mukund Dinkar
                                                                                                        magare Ph- 9221221169
      K.J. Somaiya Medical College, Hospital & Comparative trial of ferrouse sulfate vs loha            Dr. H.S. Palep                 Not recommended
      Research Center, Eastern Express         bhasma in patients with iron deficiency anemia
      Highway, Everard Nagar, Somaiya
      Ayurvihar, Sion, Mumbai -22
      Govt. Ayurvedic College and Hospital,     Role of indigenous drug devadali (luffa Ichinata)   Dr. Shamkunwar Bhaskar           Not recommended
214   Vazirabad Nanded- 431601.                 in the management of viral Hepatitis and alcohol    Hansaramji
                                                induced hepatitis
      Department of Biochemistry, Guindy        Diabetes mellitus including neuropathy              Dr. S. Niranjali Devaraj         Not recommended
      Campus, University of madra, Chennai.
      Depatment of Pharmacy, Anna               Search for active botanical ingredients/bioactive Ms. S. Latha                       Not recommended
      University, Tiruchirappalli - 620024      fractions and assessment as potential herbal
                                                insulin sensitizers for possible exploitation in
                                                diabetes therapy.
      The Foundation for Medical Research       Preclinical testing of selected medicinal plants for Dr. Tannaz J. Birdi, Deputy     Not recommended
      (FMR), 84-A, R.G. Thadani Marg, Worli,    their efficacy against respiratory infections.       Director
      Mumbai- 400018. Tel- 91-22-
217   24934989/24938601 Fax- 91-22-

      Kanak Polytherapy Clinic and Research Development of state-of-art hardware and                Dr. D.B. Bajpai, Director & Chief Not recommended
      Centre, 67/70, Bhustatoli Road, Bartan software for Electro-Tridosha- Graph/Gram              ETG Invetigator
218   Bazar, kanpur- 208 001 Tel- 0512-      System.
      2567773 Email-

      Madhya Pradesh                       Dr Experimental evaluation of Safety and              Male              Dr.               Not recommended
      SJS Flora Joint Director, Dept. of        Antidiabetic Potential of AYUSH-82; an Ayurvedic Sameer S. Bhagyawant
      Parmacology and Toxicology, DRDE,         coded formulation
219   SOS in Biotechnology , Jiwaji University,
      Gwalior (M.P.)-474011
      Tel No. 0751- 2231

                                                Innovation and standardisation of Aromatic          Male                             Not recommended
      Dr.Rao's Herbal Pharma P.Ltd              Herbal Drugs/Formulations-the VII category of       N.Bhavanarayana
220   Surampally, Nunna P.O. Vijaywada-521      the area of research and development
      212 A.P.

      Fragrance and Flavour Dev. Centre        Effects of natural aroma spray or vapourizer in      Male                 Mr.Shakti   Not recommended
      Govt. of India Autonomous Body, Ministry diseases caused by air-pollution with special        Vinay Shukla
      of Small Scale Industries                reference to bronchitis.
      Makarand Nagar,
      Kannauj-209 721
      National Bureau of Plant Genetic            Biodiversity Conservation of Wild Medicinal        Female              Dr. (Mrs.)     Not recommended
      Resources,Germplasm Conservation            Plants having potential Industrial importance as   Veena Gupta
      Division, Pusa Campus,       New Delhi-     immuno-modulators.                   10-Hard
      110012                       Tel.No.011-    copies                      No soft copy
      25843697               Fax;011-
      25841495                      E-
      25846268,25849208/25849211 (ext.273)
      Fax:011-25841495                      E-

      Uttar Pradesh                               A study of the hypoglycaemic, lipid lowering       Female                             Not recommended
      Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical         potential & effect on peripheral blood flow of a   Dr. Anuradha Nischal
      University,                   U.P.,         polyherbal consisting of Azadirachta indica
      Lucknow                      Tel.No.-       (Neem), Momordica charantia (Karela),
      0522-2257448                 Fax No.-       Gymnema sylvestre (Gurmar), Syzygium cumini
      0522-2257448                                (Jamun), Trigonella foenum (Methi)
      Maharashtra                                 Characterization of Chemical and Biochemical       Male                       Dr.     Not recommended
      Regional Research Institute (Ayurveda.)     Changes in Ashokarista prepared by Modern and      Rajesh Dabur
      Nehru Garden Kothrud,                       Ayurvedic Methods and their in Vitro activities.

      Uttar Pradesh                     Central   Scientific Research on Bronchial Asthama.          Male                       Prof.   Not recommended
      institute of Higher Tibetan Studies,                                                           L.Tenzin
225   CIHTS Saranath, Varanasi-221007

      Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy Chikka       Validation of Siddha drugs Jatropha curcas &       Dr. B. Jaiprakash                  Not recommended
      Belandur Village, Carmelaram Road,          Abrus precatorious for Hepatoprotective/ Anti-
      Varthur Hobli, Banglore-560035              oxidant / Adaptogenic activity through
                                                  standardized formulation development.
      Gopabandhu Ay.Mahavidyalaya, Puri,          Survey, Collection and Cataloguing of Ayurvedic    Male                               Not recommended
      Orissa, VIP Road, P.O.Puri-2,               Manuscripts from Coastal districts of Orissa.      Dr.Ramakant Acharya
      Orissa, -752 002.
      Tamil Nadu                     Sri           Study of Ayurvedic preparations using high            Male             Dr.           Not recommended
      Jayendra Saraswathi Ayurveda College,        resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.                V.L.Sastry
      Nazarethpettai, Tiruvallur District, Tamil   10-copies
228   Nadu-602103         Tel.No.:(044)
      26274583                Fax:(044)
      26491080                 E-
      Akila Thiruvithamcore Siddha Vaidya          Revival of ancient literature- Survey, collection,    Male              Dr. S.Rama   Not recommended
      Sangom, Siddha Medical College and           transcription/ translation, editing and publication   Krishnan
      Hospital, Munchirai,Pudukkadai P.O.,         of classical literature and text books-Varma
      Kanyakumari District. Tamil Nadu.            Therapy and its Usages.
      Tel.No. 04651-235355,235476

      Haffkine Bio-Pharmaceutical Corp.Ltd.,       Study on some traditional herbal preparations      Male                  Dr.Milind   Not recommended
230   Opp.Hindustan Antibiotics, Pune-Mumbai       used in rural and tribal areas for their antivenom V.Khadilkar
      Road, Pimpri                                 activity
      Deptt. Of Medical Biochemistry Dr.           Role of centella asistica and its active principle Dr. T. Sumathi                    Not recommended
      ALMPG-IBMS, University of Madras,            asiaticoside on Morphine induced changes in rats
231   Taramani Campus, chennai- 113,               - A biochemical and molecular approach to De-
      Tamilnadu, India Tel- 044-24547086,          addiction
      Email- sumathi_doctor
      Jaipur                    Natioanal          Management of Vertebral Column Disease by             Male                Dr.        Not recommended
      Institute of Ayurveda, Madhava Vilas         Panchakarma Therapy (w.s.r. to Kati Basti &           Radhey Shyam Sharma
232   Palace, Ajmer Road, Jaipur                   Patra Pinda Sweda by use of standard drug.)
      Tel.No. 0141-3635744,2635709
                                          Role of Aloe Vera as a adjunctive therapy for                  Dr. D.P. Punia                 Not recommended
233   S.P. Medical College, Diabetes Care Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia
      & Research Centre, Bikaner- 334003
      Manonmaniam Sundaranar University,           Intervention of Chikungunya by Passive                Prof.            Dr. A. G.     Not recommended
      Sri Paramakalyani Centre for                 Immunization.                                         Murugesan
      Encironmental Sciences, Alwarkurichi,
      Tirunelveli (Dist.), Tamil Nadu - 627412
      Tel- 04634-283883, Fax- 04634-283270
      AISSMS College of Pharmacy, Kennedy         Evaluation of some indian medicinal plants for    Neeraj Vyawhare                   Not recommended
      Road, Near RTO,                  Pune-      Autoimmune Chronic Hepatic Disorder
235   411001 Tel-020-26058204              Fax-
      Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas   Literacy Research on digital search of            Dr. M. Paramkusha Rao, Asstt.     Not recommended
      (ISERVE) (Recognized by DSIR as             terminology in ancient Ayurvedic classical text   Professor
      SIRO) 11-13-279, ROAD No. 8,                books - Susrusha samhita
      Alakapuri, Hyderabad - 500035
                                          Role of Aloe Vera as a adjunctive therapy for             Dr. D.P. Punia                    Not recommended
237   S.P. Medical College, Diabetes Care Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia
      & Research Centre, Bikaner- 334003
      Institute of Bioengineering and Biological Screening of identification of Bioactive           Dr. Rashmi Srivastava             Not recommended
      Sciencs                    S-              constituents from Withania Somnifera
      19/54,Varuna Bridge, Varanasi-221002 (Ashwagandha).

      Tamil Nadu                    JSS   A new insight into indigenous medicinal plants for Male                        Dr. S.P.     Not recommended
      College of Pharmacy,                diabetes mellitus, hepatic disorders and psoriasis Dhanabal
      Post Box No: 20, Rocklands,         control: Basic,Preclinical and Clinical Approach.
      Ootacamund – 643 001
      Tamilnadu, India

      D/o Ayurveda, University of Pune,           Efficacy of Ayurvedic formulation "Dhanvayasadi   Male               Dr.Manoj       Not recommended
      Ganeshkhind Road, Pune-411007               Yoga on Hypertension                              Nesari
      SASTRA Deemed University                    Evaluation of Anti-diabetic, Antimicrobial and    Male                              Not recommended
241   Tirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur-613 402        Antioxidant potential of Anacardium occidentale   Dr.S.Murugesh

      North Maharashtra University, Deptt. of A study on anti-daibetic activity of Moringa          Dr. J.B. Naik, Prof               Not recommended
      Chemical Technology, Jalgaon - 425001 oleifera                                                Mr. H.D. Une, Astt. Prof. - CO-
242   (M.S.) Tel- 0257-2258420, Fax- 0257-                                                          PI.
      225803 Email-
       Dept of Chemistry, Jamia Milia Islamia      Phytochemical studies of Herbal Drugs used           Dr. Amir Azam                  Not recommended
      (CentralUniversity), Jamia Nagar, New        again amoebiasis and their effect on cysteine
      Delhi – 110025,                              proteinaes of Entomoeba histolytica.
243   Tel – 26981717 Extn.3253
      Fax – 26980229, 26981232

      Banki Autonomous College, Banki, At/Po- Analysis of Human time structre (Circadian Cycle)         Dr. (Mrs.) Santa Misra         Not recommended
      Banki, Distt. Cuttack, Orissa Ph-06723, form pregnancy to Senescence                              Head of Deptt. of Psychology
      240221 Email-                                                                                     Co-PI- Dr. Haresh chandra
244                                                                       Misra
                                                                                                        Reader in Psycholgy
                                                                                                        Rajsunakhala College
      Deptt. Of Medical Biochemistry Dr.           Role of centella asistica and its active principle   Dr. T. Sumathi                 Not recommended
      ALMPG-IBMS, University of Madras,            asiaticoside on Morphine induced changes in rats
245   Taramani Campus, chennai- 113,               - A biochemical and molecular approach to De-
      Tamilnadu, India Tel- 044-24547086,          addiction
      Email- sumathi_doctor
      CRIA, Road No-66, Punjabi Bagh, New          Automation of Pachkarma Bio-Medical                  Prof. D.T. Shahani and Dr. G. S. Not recommended
      Delhi-110026. Tel- 25225546/25229128         Insturmentation                                      lavekar
      Fax- 25225546 Email-, and Instrument
      Design Development Centre (IDDT),
      Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hauz
      Khas, New Delhi- 110016. Tel-
      26591437, Fax- 26515845 Email-
      CRIA, Road No-66, Punjabi Bagh, New          Development / Automation of ksharsutra               Prof. D.T. Shahani and Dr. G. S. Not recommended
      Delhi-110026. Tel- 25225546/25229128         preparation                                          lavekar
      Fax- 25225546 Email-, and Instrument
      Design Development Centre (IDDT),
      Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hauz
      Khas, New Delhi- 110016. Tel-
      26591437, Fax- 26515845 Email-
      Dhatri Trust #583/B, 1st floor, 3rd stage,   To create a comprehensive computer database          Dr. Shubhashree. M.N.           Not recommended
      4th block, Basveshwaranagar, bangalore.      of research works in Ayurveda including
248   Tel-080-23232731 Email-                      thePostgraduate dissertations and Ph.D theses                        undertaken at various institutions all over India.

      The Foundation for Medical Research    Preclinical testing of selected medicinal plants for Dr. Tannaz J. Birdi, Deputy           Not recommended
      (FMR), 84-A, R.G. Thadani Marg, Worli, their efficacy against respiratory infections.       Director
      Mumbai- 400018. Tel- 91-22-
249   24934989/24938601 Fax- 91-22-

      Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas Literacy Research on digital search of                  Dr. M. Paramkusha Rao, Asstt.   Not recommended
      (ISERVE) (Recognized by DSIR as           terminology in ancient Ayurvedic classical text         Professor
      SIRO) 11-13-279, ROAD No. 8,              books - Susrusha samhita
      Alakapuri, Hyderabad - 500035 Ph- 040-
      24035013 Email- / web :
      Dr. S. S. Yadav Ram - Bhagwan             A scientific study to assess the efficacy of            Dr. (Prof.) S.S. Yadav, Ex-     Not recommended
      Charitable Institute of Cancer            'Asthishrinkhla' as an adjuvant therapy in              Director
      Management & Research, Village and        accelerating the reate of Fracture healing.
251   post office- mirpur, Distt- Rewari,
      Haryana Tel- 01274-248690, 248691 Fax-
      01274-248691, Email-

                                              An integrated Approach to prevention and           Dr. Tannaz J. Birdi                    Not recommended
                                              Treatment of Common childhood Morbidities and
      The      Foundation     for     Medical
252                                           Nutritional Deficiency in Tribal Areas with Health
      Research, 84-A, R.G. Thadani Marg, Care Deprivation with emphasis on use of Local
      Worli, Mumbai- 400018.                  Medicianl plants
      Dr. Ramazini Research Institute of      Development and evaluation of herbal oral          Female              Dr. G.T.           Not recommended
      Occupational Health Services, Vikas     contraceptive agents for both in Male and          Panse
      Nagar, Wanwadi, Pune – 411 040          Female.
253   Tel.No.020-26874460/26812809
      Lilavati General Hospital and Ayurvedic Video film on 1,000 medicinal herbs in India with     Male               Vd.         Not recommended
      research center, masure, Tal. Malvan,   audio, visual effects & information.                  Anilkumar Mangesh Vaidya
      dist. Sindhudurg, State – Maharashtra ,
      India, Pin – 416608
254   Tel – 02365 – 257213 / 257335 / 257177,
      09422276869 (M)

      Magaswargiya Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan          Evaluation of some indian medicinal plants for   Dr. Chandrashekhar Gillurkar   Not recommended
      Sukhay, Bahuuddeshia Seva Society, 20,       Diabetic Neuropathy in Indian Population
      Rshimbag, Umred Road, Nagpur-440009
      Tel-0712-2751144 Email-
      Dhatri Trust #583/B, 1st floor, 3rd stage,   Clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of Poshaka Dr. Shubhashree. M.N.        Not recommended
      4th block, Basveshwaranagar, bangalore.      yoga on the general health among Athletes.         Co-PI- Dr. Byresh
      Tel-080-23232731 Email-
      Bharathidasan                                Complication and document of traditional Medical Dr.T.Thirunalasundari          Not recommended
257   University,Palkalaiperur,Triuchirappali-     Knowledge followed by triabals of kodaikanal

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