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									   A Division of Research Publication

                                                                                                                    JULY 2010

       EDITION                                      Note from the interim vice president for research
                                                    C. Michael Moriarty, Ph.D.
    HAVE A                      As we begin the new fiscal year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for
                                your research and scholarly contributions which are playing a vital role in fulfilling the
 SUGGESTION or                  mission of FAU. This issue of the research newsletter is dedicated to highlighting some
   QUESTION?                    of the many accomplishments and activities of our faculty over the year. I hope that these
                                “snapshots” illustrate the depth and breadth of research and scholarship that is taking place
                                across disciplines, colleges and campuses at our University. I look forward to working with
                                you again in 2010–11 and wish you continued success.

           Gisele Galoustian                                        YEAR IN REVIEW
                                           Snapshots of Some of FAU’s Research and
                                           Scholarly Accomplishments for FY 2009-10
                                FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt
                                College of Medicine opens
                                its newest DISASTER AND
                                EMERGENCY HEALTHCARE
                                TRAINING FACILITY, as part
                                of the grand opening of the
                                Palm Healthcare Pavilion on the
                                grounds of St. Mary’s Hospital
                                in West Palm Beach. The train-
                                ing facility uses “responsive”
                                human mannequins and other
                                sophisticated technologies to
                                improve patient care through
                                the simulation of realistic sce-
                                narios that provide an oppor-
                                tunity for students and pro-
                                fessionals to practice, prepare
                                and analyze every aspect of the
                                chain of care and treatment.           FAU Disaster Simulation Center

                                                     DR. TAYLOR HAGOOD, assistant professor of English in the Dorothy F.
                                                     Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, receives a prestigious Fulbright award
                                                     from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat in Munich, Germany. Beginning
                                                     in September, Dr. Hagood will spend 10 months in Munich as a junior
                                                     lecturer in the American Studies Program studying and teaching about
                                                     William Faulkner, African American literature and the United States South
                                                     in a global context.
                               Dr. Taylor Haygood

                                                                                            Florida Governor CHARLIE CRIST con-
                                                                                            ducts a roundtable discussion on FAU’s
                                                                                            SeaTech campus with leaders of Flori-
                                                                                            da’s renewable energy industry. Gover-
                                                                                            nor Crist congratulates the nine recipi-
                                                                                            ents, including FAU’s CENTER FOR
                                                                                            OCEAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY, of
                                                                                            $15 million in grant funding through the
                                                                                            Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient
                                                                                            Technologies Grant Program. Governor
                                                                                            Crist also highlights the ocean energy
                                                                                            research and technology development
                                                                                            at the COET. This program, awarded by
                                                                                            the Florida Energy & Climate Commis-
                                                                                            sion, advances the growing establish-
                                                                                            ment of renewable energy technologies
                                                                                            in the state.
Governor Charlie Crist’s Roundtable Discussion at FAU’s SeaTech Campus

                        FAU’s department of computer and                 of information technology, communication and computing.
                        electrical engineering and computer              FAU receives a five-year grant from the NSF to create a site
                        science in the College of Engineering            for the Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement (CAKE)
                        and Computer Science joins Florida               to provide a framework for interaction between university
                        International University (FIU) as one of         faculty and industry to pursue advanced research in these
                        only nine National Science Foundation            fields. FAU’s CAKE is spearheaded by DR. BORKO FURHT,
                        (NSF) supported centers in the U.S. and          chair, department of computer and electrical engineering and
                        one of two in the state of Florida in the area   computer science.
Dr. Borko Furht

Supported by a generous $40,000 grant
from the Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable
Foundation, students conduct research in
the marine biomedical sciences related to
drug discovery at FAU’s Harbor Branch
Oceanographic Institute. The gift supports
two types of projects: a student internship for
undergraduate or graduate students working
in the field of marine natural products drug
discovery; and support of graduate students
working towards a M.S. or Ph.D. related
to marine natural products research. This
program is directed by DR. AMY WRIGHT,
research professor and director of the Center
for Marine Biomedical and Biotechnology
Research at Harbor Branch.

                       The     Broward     Community      Design         students in a multi-collaborative method to bring together
                       Collaborative, housed within FAU’s                state, county and municipal agencies to find ways to promote
                       College for Design and Social Inquiry,            development forms that reduce carbon emissions, improve
                       pioneers a transportation planning                housing options, and provide transportation alternatives.
                       project designed to develop an alternative        DR. ANTHONY ABBATE, associate professor of architecture
                       planning model that addresses the crucial         at FAU, is honored with the 2009 Florida/Caribbean Research
                       nexus between transportation, housing             Award for his work on the THOR Pilot Study. The award
                       and urban redevelopment. The Transit/             is presented each year by the Florida Association of the
Dr. Anthony Abbate     Housing      Oriented     Redevelopment           American Institute of Architects (AIA Florida) and represents
                       (THOR) Pilot Study is an innovative               the region’s most prestigious award program for the
                       approach involving FAU architecture               architectural profession.

For more than 25 years, all attempts at culturing pearls from
the queen conch (Strombus gigas) have been unsuccessful—
until now. For the first time, novel and proprietary seeding
techniques to produce beaded (nucleated) and non-beaded
cultured pearls from the queen conch have
been developed by scientists from FAU’s
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.
With less than two years of research and
experimentation, DRS. HECTOR ACOSTA-
produced more than 200 cultured pearls
using the techniques they developed.
Prior to this breakthrough, no high-quality
queen conch pearl had been cultured. This
discovery opens up a unique opportunity
to introduce a new gem to the industry. This significant
accomplishment is comparable to that of the Japanese in the
1920s when they commercially applied the original pearl
culture techniques developed for pearl oysters.                                    Drs. Hector Acosta-Salmón and Megan Davis, Co-inventors

                                                                                   FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Science and the Division
                                                                                   of Research present the 2010 NOBEL LAUREATE LECTURE
                                                                                   with PROFESSOR SIR HAROLD “HARRY” KROTO titled
                                                                                   “Architecture in Nanospace.” Professor Kroto is the 1996
                                                                                   recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry and the Francis
                                                                                   Eppes Professor, department of chemistry and biochemistry
                                                                                   at Florida State University and an advisory board member of
                                                                                   FAU’s department of chemistry and biochemistry. Professor
                                                                                   Kroto’s Nobel Prize was based on his co-discovery of
                                                                                   buckminsterfullerene, an unusual carbon molecule consisting
                                                                                   of 60 carbon atoms arranged as a spheroid—its discovery has
                                                                                   opened up an entirely new branch of chemistry.
Left to right: Ginger Pritchett, Dr. Ram Narayanan, Margaret Kroto and Professor
Sir Harry Kroto at the Nobel Laureate Reception at the Baldwin House

The Center for Body, Mind and Culture and the French
Program in the Department of Languages, Linguistics and
Comparative Literature in FAU’s Dorothy F. Schmidt College
of Arts and Letters present “An International Conference
Exploring the Rich Diversity of Bodily Expression in the Arts
and Practices of Francophone Cultures.” Directed by DR.
RICHARD SHUSTERMAN, the Dorothy F. Schmidt Eminent
Scholar in the Humanities and director of the center, the
conference examines the diverse styles of embodiment in the
plurality of French-speaking cultures that range far beyond
the French territory of Europe, extending into Africa, Asia
and the Americas.
                                                                                   Dr. Richard Shusterman

                          DR. RAPHAEL DALLEO, assistant                            perspective on the crisis in Haiti. The earthquake in Haiti
                          professor of English in FAU’s Dorothy                    captures the world’s attention and the four ACLS fellows,
                          F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters                   including Dr. Dalleo, are instrumental in describing how their
                          is featured by the American Council of                   research can expand our understanding of the disaster. ACLS
                          Learned Societies (ACLS) for responding                  fellows are scholars of art, literature, political science and
                          to a wealth of requests for an informed                  linguistics.

    Dr. Raphael Dalleo

EDUCATION CENTER in the College of
Education is recognized by Palm Beach
County Clerk & Comptroller Sharon
Bock with the clerk’s “2010 Best Practices
Award” for innovation in a nonprofit
organization. The award is presented at
the Florida Nonprofit Conference. Pine
Jog is recognized for its innovative Green
Schools     Recognition     Program   which
encourages school communities to develop
cultures of sustainability and environmental
stewardship. The Best Practices Award
honors a nonprofit organization that strives
for continuous improvement and excellence.

                    FAU’s 2010 Researchers and Scholars of the Year:
Scholar of the Year –
Professor                        MARK ROSE, PH.D., Department of History, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Researcher of the Year –
Associate Professor              ROBERT W. STACKMAN, PH.D., Department of Psychology, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Scholar of the Year –
Associate Professor              DIANE GREEN, PH.D., School of Social Work, College for Design and Social Inquiry

Researcher of the Year –
Assistant Professor              STEPHEN M. KAJIURA, PH.D., Department of Biological Sciences, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Scholar of the Year –
Assistant Professor              RAPHAEL DALLEO, PH.D., English Department, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Researcher of the Year –         FRANCISCO J. PRESUEL — MORENO, PH.D., Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering, College of
Assistant Professor              Engineering and Computer Science

FAU’s Graduate Student Association (GSA),
Division of Research and Graduate College
host a successful 2010 INAUGURAL
Representing numerous disciplines, graduate
students from across the university illustrate
their research with poster presentations.
Nearly 70 posters are displayed and cover a
range of topics from ocean energy technology
to the globalization and dampening of
worldwide financial markets to timing
growth spurts in Neanderthals to behavioral
and physiological changes in invasive green
iguanas. Among the disciplines represented
include biology, chemistry, education,
computer science, engineering, physics,
psychology, mathematics, nursing, accounting,
public administration, anthropology, music,
archeology and biomedical science.                 2010 Inaugural Graduate Student Research Day

DR. ANN-MARGARET ESNARD, professor and director
of the Visual Planning Technology Lab in FAU’s School of
Urban & Regional Planning, and DR. ALKA SAPAT, associate
professor in FAU’s School of Public Administration, both in
the College for Design and Social Inquiry receive a $40,000
RAPID research grant from the National Science Foundation
for their study titled, “Haitian-Americans as Critical ‘Bridges’
and ‘Lifelines’ for Recovery and Rebuilding in Haiti.” Their
research focuses on understanding the role of the Haitian-
American community in relief, recovery and rebuilding
efforts because of the Haiti earthquake; documenting the
trends and profiles of displacee influx to South Florida; and
collecting and analyzing policies and plans that have been
created in the U.S. at the federal, state and local level in
response to this potential (or perceived) displacee influx.                     Dr. Ann-Margaret Esnard

                          DR. HERBERT WEISSBACH, Dis-                                                  DR. BLANE DE ST. CROIX, associate
                          tinguished Research Professor in                                             professor in FAU’s Department of Visual
                          FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College                                             Arts and Art History in the Dorothy F.
                          of Science is reappointed by Florida                                         Schmidt College of Arts and Letters is
                          Governor Charlie Crist to the Bio-                                           awarded a John Simon Guggenheim
                          medical Research Advisory Coun-                                              Memorial Foundation Fellowship. Dr. De
                          cil (BRAC) for a term beginning on                                           St. Croix is one of 180 scientists, artists
                          April 19, 2010 and ending on Janu-                                           and scholars from the U.S. and Canada
                          ary 1, 2012. Dr. Weissbach is a mem-                  Dr. Blane De St. Croix to receive this prestigious award. The
                          ber of the National Academy of Sci-                                          recipients were selected from over 3,000
                          ences and director of the Center for                  applicants, and award amounts averaged $43,000. Dr. De
                          Molecular Biology and Biotechnol-                     St. Croix's recent body of work explores the geopolitical
 Dr. Herbert Weissbach    ogy at FAU’s Jupiter campus. The                      landscape through drawing and sculptural installation.
                       11-member BRAC advises the state                         His work has been included in numerous solo and group
surgeon general on the direction and scope of biomedical                        exhibitions nationally and internationally.
research programs and is also charged with developing the
strategic objectives and priorities of the programs. Four of
the BRAC members are appointed by the governor.

of nursing practice (DNP) program receives accreditation
from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
(CCNE), the national accreditation agency that ensures
the quality and integrity of baccalaureate, graduate and
residency programs in nursing. The program received the
maximum accreditation of five years with no deficiencies.
The FAU DNP program prepares advanced practice nurses
and nurse administrators with a doctoral degree that focuses
on practice leadership.

                                                                                FAU’s ADAMS CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP and the
                                                                                COLLEGE OF BUSINESS host the 2010 FAU Business Plan
                                                                                Competition for FAU students, alumni and members of the
                                                                                business community to compete for a share of more than
                                                                                $75,000 in cash and prizes. The 2010 FAU Business Plan Com-
                                                                                petition provides an opportunity for participants to compete
                                                                                and test their business ideas—more than 133 teams are reg-
                                                                                istered for the competition. Sixteen of the 133 teams advance
                                                                                to the final round events. More than 242 guests attend the
                                                                                event where each team presents a 90-second elevator pitch.
Track One first place winners of the 2010 FAU Business Plan representing
SlicketTicket from left to right: David Gray, Jeffrey Gray and Hayden Trepeck   Attendees vote for their favorite idea, awarding the team
                                                                                with the most votes the first annual People’s Choice Award.

FAU’s COLLEGE OF EDUCATION hosts more than 100                                       most respected voices explore educational strategies for
educators, administrators and students at its inaugural                              Haitians who came to Florida following the earthquake,
Global Education Symposium in Boca Raton. The symposium                              recent events associated with the Convention on the Rights
focuses on the best practice approaches and methods for                              of the Child, and the global initiative called “Education
educating citizens in a diverse world. In addition to keynote                        for All,” FAU’s international partnerships and school-level
presentations, breakout sessions led by some of Florida’s                            efforts to internationalize the curriculum.

                                                                                                          DR. SAMEER HINDUJA, associate pro-
                                                                                                          fessor in the School of Criminology
                                                                                                          and Criminal Justice in FAU’s College
                                                                                                          for Design and Social Inquiry and co-
                                                                                                          director of the Cyberbullying Research
                                                                                                          Center, serves as the keynote speaker in
                                                                                                          the Anti-Defamation League’s regional
                                                                                                          Cyberbullying Conference in Philadel-
                                                                                                          phia, Pennsylvania. A renowned expert
                                                                                                          in this field, Dr. Hinduja is also inter-
                                                                                     Dr. Sameer Hinduja   viewed on FOX TV 29’s “Good Day”
                                                                                                          morning show in Philadelphia to dis-
                                                                                                          cuss this timely topic.

                                                                                                            DR. AMY WRIGHT, professor and di-
                                                                                                            rector of the Center for Marine Bio-
Dr. Karl Stevens (center and holding the award), dean, FAU College of Engineering                           medical and Biotechnology Research at
and Computer Science, accepts the “Academic Pioneer Award” and is pictured with                             FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic
Susan Skemp (front row, white suit), executive director of the COET and engineers,
                                                                                                            Institute, receives a $1 million grant
scientists and staff of the center
                                                                                                            from the National Institutes of Health
FAU’s CENTER FOR OCEAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY                                                                    to expand a unique collection of marine
(COET) receives the “Academic Pioneer Award” from                                                           organisms which Harbor Branch has
EnergyOcean International for its recent and significant                                                    gathered from around the world. These
contributions in the field of ocean energy research and                                                     marine organisms produce chemically
technology. The COET also showcases its leading-edge work                            Dr. Amy Wright         diverse compounds that have potential
in ocean energy technologies and science. This conference                                                for biotechnological applications and drug
is the world’s leading event focused on offshore renewable                           discovery. This project will help to support the NIH’s Mo-
and sustainable power including wind, wave, tidal, thermal,                          lecular Roadmap Program aimed at discovering new probes
current, solar and hybrids.                                                          of biological mechanisms as well as compounds with unique
                                                                                     biological activities relative to human health.

                  Nine teachers from St. Lucie County                                                    The South Florida Water Management
                  schools, led by DR. ROSE GATENS,                                                       District Governing Board awards DR.
                  director of FAU’s Center for Holocaust                                                 DALE GAWLIK, associate professor
                  and Human Rights Education, travel to                                                  in biological sciences in FAU’s
                  Washington D.C. over the spring break to                                               Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
                  conduct research on teaching about the                                                 and his colleagues $1 million for
                  Holocaust, genocides and human rights.                                                 continuing support of a unique study
                  Accompanying the teachers is Peter Feigl,                                              that is helping scientists protect and
a Palm City resident who is also a Holocaust survivor. The                                               restore wading bird colonies in the
study group works on their understanding of the Holocaust                              Dr. Dale Gawlik
                                                                                                         Everglades. This study is helping the
during working sessions leading up to the three days at the                                              District to meet an objective of the
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington                                 Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP),
D.C. These teachers are sharing their lessons with other                              which calls for restoring nesting colonies of wading birds
teachers throughout the St. Lucie County School District.                             in the Everglades.

                              DR. MARC KANTOROW, professor                           renewal of $1.6 million from the National Institutes of
                              of biomedical sciences in FAU’s                        Health (NIH) to investigate natural eye repair systems that
                              Charles E. Schmidt College of                          could be used to treat age-related eye diseases including
                              Medicine, receives a RO1 grant                         macular degeneration and cataracts.

Dr. Marc Kantorow

                    DR. DAVID J. LEWKOWICZ, professor of psy-                                           DR. ESTHER GUZMÁN, assistant
                    chology in FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College                                         research professor at FAU’s Har-
                    of Science and his colleagues, publish their                                        bor Branch Oceanographic Insti-
                    findings in the Proceedings of the National Acad-                                   tute receives a $375,000 grant from
                    emy of Sciences on their hypothesis that young-                                     the Bankhead Coley Florida Bio-
                    er infants may actually be better at integrating                                    medical Research Program for a
                    facial speech gestures and vocalizations than                                       research project to identify bioac-
                    older infants and that the developmental de-                                        tive marine natural products that
Dr. David Lewkowicz cline in this ability may be due to increasing                                      inhibit inflammation as potential
                    specialization for native-language phonology                                        novel chemo-preventatives of pan-
as infants learn their own speech and language. Their research is                                       creatic cancer.
funded by the National Science Foundation.                              Dr. Esther Guzmán

Scientists from FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic
Institute, spearheaded by DR. TAMMY FRANK, research
scientist at Harbor Branch’s Center for Ocean
Exploration and Deep-Sea Research and
principal investigator, Duke University, the
Ocean Research & Conservation Association
(ORCA), the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research
Institute (MBARI) and Nova Southeastern
University Oceanographic Center use their
combined expertise in bioluminescence,
taxonomy, visual ecology, imaging and
molecular biology to explore the environment of
the deep-sea bottom to search for undiscovered Dr. Tammy Frank
“living lights” off the Bahamas. The research emerges from the
expedition is funded by the National Oceanic deep-sea bottom off
and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the Bahamas                        A bioluminescent shrimp photographed in the deep-sea bottom near the Bahamas
Office of Ocean Exploration and Research.

DR. ISAAC ELISHAKOFF, distinguished research professor                  of Kyoto, Japan. The book was initiated
in the department of ocean and mechanical engineering in the            when Dr. Elishakoff served as the Fellow
College of Engineering and Computer Science, publishes a book           of the Japan Society for Promotion of
by Imperial College Press, London, England titled Optimization          Science at the renowned University of
and Anti-Optimization of Structures under Uncertainty. The book         Kyoto. The society was established by
is co-authored with Professor Makoto Ohsaki in the department           Emperor Showa in 1932 to promote
of architecture and architectural engineering at the University         international cooperation.
                                                                                                                                 Dr. Isacc Elishakoff

                                                                        instrumental in providing the initial $50,000 of funding
                              IN REMEMBRANCE                            to support the program which was launched in fiscal year
                              Scott Ellington                           2006-07. This funding and subsequent funding has helped to
                                                                        enhance our faculty’s efforts to translate research into viable
                             As many of you may already know,
                                                                        products and services for the benefit of the public.
                             Florida Atlantic University recently
                             lost a great advocate and friend,          “Scott Ellington was a pillar of strength for FAU,” said Dr.
                             Scott Ellington, who passed away           Ram Narayanan, assistant vice president for research in the
                             on July 6 at the age of 66 following       Division of Research and associate dean for research and
                             a long battle with cancer. Scott           industrial relations in FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College
                             was a longtime member of the               of Science. “Scott was very committed to FAU technology
    Scott Ellington          FAU community who came to the              development and the commercialization of our inventions
                             University as an executive on loan         and always put the faculty and students’ interests first. He
    from IBM and stayed to head the Florida Atlantic Research           was a close friend and mentor to me over the last decade. I
    and Development Park. He served as the executive director           speak for many of us here when I say that he will very much
    of the Research Park for more than a decade and worked              be missed and will be a hard act to follow.”
    very closely with faculty, staff and students at FAU. Among         Scott is survived by his wife Linda, son Christopher, daughter
    his many contributions to FAU’s research, innovation and            Deborah and grandchildren Lainey, Dani, Collin, Travis,
    commercialization efforts included his involvement and              Matthew, Christopher, Kyndal and Kadyn.
    support of the Division’s Gap Fund Program. Scott was

                                                                                     news bytes

    Left to right – Android Team Members: Skender Fani, Finner Noon, Dr. Ravi Shankar, Alex Andresen, Francis McAfee, Charles Norona, Norman Silva, Georgiana
    Carvalho, Victor Gallego, Brian Chamba and Jean Mangiaracina (not pictured)

t Nearly 30 high school students with complementary backgrounds in arts, computer science and business participated
  in FAU’s Engineering Scholar Program in the College of Engineering and Computer Science over the summer. Students
  worked in teams of three to develop gaming and social networking applications on Google’s Android mobile phones.
  Funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in 2009, the program’s objective is to create an “incubation”
  center that brings together students with diverse backgrounds and interests to develop high technology products that
  have potential for commercialization. The three-week program consisted of concurrent sessions, including Camtasia for
  promotional video development; Adobe Photoshop and Maya for aesthetics and animation; and Java for programming. The
  program culminated with a contest and awards ceremony on July 2, and students competed for tuition and scholarships
  totaling $12,000. The program’s team members included: DR.RAVI SHANKAR, professor and director of the Center
  for Systems Integration in FAU’s department of computer and electrical engineering and computer science; FRANCIS
  MCAFEE, associate professor, School of Communication and Multimedia Studies and past director of the former Center
  for Electronic Communication, FAU’s Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters; DR. GEORGIANA CARVALHO,
  visiting assistant professor, FAU’s department of computer and electrical engineering and computer science; NORMAN
  SILVA, Silva Animation Studio, Inc.; STEVE SMODISH, Echo Beach Studios; FAU graduate student MIHAI FONAGE,
  department of computer and electrical engineering and computer science; FAU graduate student in computer engineering
  CHARLES NORONA; FAU undergraduate engineering students VICTOR GALLEGO and ALEXENDAR ANDRESEN
  (computer engineering), BRIAN CHAMBA (computer science) and FINNER NOON (electrical engineering); and FAU
  undergraduate student in business SKENDER FANI.

t The Max Planck Florida Institute is one step closer to moving into its permanent location on six acres at FAU’s John D.
  MacArthur Campus in Jupiter. On June 22, DR. PETER GRUSS, president of Germany’s Max Planck Society, presided at
  the official ground-breaking ceremony for the new 100,000-square-foot biomedical research facility—the first Max Planck
  Institute in the U.S. With a focus on cutting-edge research in the neurosciences and integrative biology, the Max Planck
  Florida Institute adds a powerful international dimension to the state’s growing bioscience cluster.

    Dignitaries at the official ground-
    breaking ceremony for the Max
    Planck Florida Institute, L-R:
    Chancellor of the State Univer-
    sity System Frank Brogan; Palm
    Beach County Commissioner
    Priscilla Taylor; Max Planck
    Florida      Institute      Trustees
    Michael Mitrione and Bob Ei-
    gen; Dr. Claudia Hillinger, Vice
    President of Institute Develop-
    ment, Max Planck Florida Insti-
    tute; Trustee George Elmore; Kelly
    Smallridge, President of the Busi-
    ness Development Board; Palm
    Beach County Commissioner
    Karen Marcus; State Repre-
    sentative Carl Domino; Dr.
    Peter Gruss, President of Max
    Planck Society; State Representative Maria Sachs; Jens Hanefeld, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission for the German Embassy in Washington, D.C.; Palm Beach County
    Commissioner Shelley Vana; Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson; Dr. Ivan Baines, Chief Scientific Facilities Officer, Max Planck Florida Institute; Dr. Mary Jane
    Saunders, President, Florida Atlantic University; Palm Beach County Commissioner Jess Santamaria; and Town of Jupiter Mayor Karen Golonka

                                                               news bytes                                  cont’d
t On July 9, FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic
  Institute’s RV Seward Johnson set sail for the Gulf
  of Mexico on a four-week, four-leg expedition led
  by DR. SHIRLEY POMPONI. The expedition
  is part of the Cooperative Institute for Ocean
  Exploration, Research and Technology’s (CIOERT)
  year two science plan, but it also has an oil spill
  component. Leg one of the expedition takes the
  team to the Oculina reefs right off our coast and
  then south to the Miami Terrace and the Keys. On
  leg two, the ship will pick up the West Florida
  Shelf and will follow it northward and then east
  to Tampa. The shelf area due south of Pensacola
  will be the farthest point reached on leg three,
  and after another stop in Tampa, the last leg of
  the cruise will be an education and outreach leg
  bringing the ship back to Harbor Branch. This will
  be the first look under the surface—other than at The RV Seward Johnson
  the spill site—to determine if oil is present at deep
  reef sites along Florida’s shelf edge. The expedition is using a submersible, a remotely operated vehicle—the Johnson Sea-
  Link (JSL)— and other technology to assess and record conditions in the water column and on deep coral and live-bottom
  reefs. The mission is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and is being carried out by the
  Cooperative Institute that was awarded to FAU and University of North Carolina, Wilmington last year. The information
  collected will provide a better understanding of the spill’s actual and potential environmental effects. Researchers will
  use the JSL to observe corals and other bottom-dwelling species to establish benchmarks for measuring change that may
  result from the oil and chemicals used to manage the spill.

t FAU received the 2010/2011 approved fringe benefit rates from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  Please note that these rates will be applicable to all sponsored projects. These rates became effective on July 1, 2010,
  and will only apply to sponsored projects. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact EDWIN
  BEMMEL, Director of Research Accounting at or 7-2606. The following rates have been approved for

              FACULTY:                       AMP:                           SP                              OPS
                29.8%                        31.5%                        42.2%                             7.7%

t FAU’s department of exercise science and health promotion in the College of Education is conducting a study to compare
  the fitness levels between senior adults who regularly take part in FAU’s wellness program with a group of senior adults
  who are not part of this program or who may or may not be engaged in fitness activities. Co-principal investigators of
  the study are DR. SUE GRAVES and ANITA D’ANGELO. When the study ends in approximately six months, the co-
  investigators hope to use their research to fine-tune or revise the FAU Well Program, a free and ongoing morning walking
  and exercise program for the 55+ community offered on the Boca Raton campus since 1988.

t                        Congratulations to DR. TSUNG-CHOW SU, professor of ocean and mechanical engineering in FAU’s
                         College of Engineering and Computer Science, on his presentation titled “Controlling Junction Flow
                         for Scouring Prevention” and for chairing a "Pipeline & Riser: Scours" session in the 20th International
                         Offshore (Ocean) and Polar Engineering Conference held this June in Beijing, China. In addition, Dr.
                         Su’s research paper titled, “On Predicting Boat Drift for Search and Rescue,” appeared in a recent
                         issue of the journal Ocean Engineering. The paper is co-authored with Zao Ni and Zhiping Qiu from
                         Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Dr. Su’s research paper titled “Axisymmetric
                         Vibrations of a Piezoelectric Spherical Shell Submerged in a Compressible Viscous Fluid Medium”
                         will soon be published in the Journal of Vibration and Acoustics. This paper is co-authored with Juxi Hu
    Dr. Tsung-Chow Su
                         and Zhiping Qiu, also from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Francesco Tornabene,
                         Alessandro Marzani and Erasmo Viola of the University of Bologna, Italy.

Awards Received In June 2010
Please note that all of the data on awards for June may not have been reconciled, therefore some awards may not be reflected in this issue of the newsletter.

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR                        TITLE                                                   AGENCY                                 AWARD AMOUNT

Harvey, Mark                                  Delta Geographic                                        Mississippi State                                     $20,000
                                              Concentration Initiative Evaluation                     University

Harvey, Mark                                  Delta Geographic                                        Mississippi State                                     $20,000
                                              Concentration Initiative Evaluation                     University

                                                                                                      TOTAL:                                                $40,000


Scott, John                                   CARD Supplement –                                       Florida Department                                        $4,000
                                              Summer Academy for                                      of Education
                                              Land Use Study                                          Planning Office
                                              Teachers 2010

                                                                                                      TOTAL:                                                    $4,000


Teegavarapu, Ramesh                           Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal                      South Florida Water                                   $10,000
                                              Distribution of Precipitation Events                    Management District
                                              and their Relation to Peak
                                              Flooding Events in South Florida

Pandya, Abhijit                               High Definition Printers                                OCE North America                                     $51,882

Zilouchian, Ali                               Engineering Scholars'                                   Florida Department of                                 $28,208
                                              Program (ESP)-2010                                      Education

Abtahi, Homayoon                              Hydrogen Technology                                     Enerfuel Cell, Inc.                                   $51,862
                                              (Hytech) Electric
                                              Vehicle Charge Station

Dhanak, Manhar                                NURC Acoustic Modem                                     NATO Undersea                                         $14,905
                                              and Spare Parts                                         Research Center

Beaujean,                                     One-way Transmission                                    NATO Undersea                                         $20,874
Pierre-Philippe                               of Command to a Video                                   Research Center
                                              Ray using a FAU DPAM

Schock, Steven                                Technology Transfer of                                  Edge-Tech                                             $19,336
                                              CHIRP Synthetic Aperture

Dhanak, Manhar                                Compact Acoustic                                        Information Systems                                       $9,089
                                              Intercept System                                        Laboratories
                                              (CAIS) STTR

Beaujean,                                     Through-the-Sensor (TTS)                                Naval Surface                                         $25,022
Pierre-Philippe                               Environment Modeling & Automatic                        Warfare Center
                                              Target Recognition (ATR)

                                                                                                      TOTAL:                                              $231,178

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR      TITLE                                AGENCY               AWARD AMOUNT


Bradley, Thomas             Emergency Notification               Florida Department              $161,500
                            Technology for Public                of Education
                            Universities and Colleges

                                                                 TOTAL:                          $161,500


Garr, Amber                 Conch Research                       FAU Foundation                     $5,000

Hanisak, Dennis             Link Foundation                      Link Foundation                   $15,000
                            Program at Harbor
                            Branch (2010-2011)

Lapointe, Brian             Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon     FAU Foundation                     $5,000
                            Oil Spill on the Pelagic Sargassum
                            Community and Transport into the
                            Western North Atlantic Ocean

Hanisak, Dennis             Macroalgae for CO2                   University of                     $13,000
                            Capture and Renewable                Connecticut
                            Energy: A Pilot Project –
                            Phase 1

                                                                 TOTAL:                            $33,000


Raines, Deborah             Sigma Theta                          Sigma Theta                        $1,000
                            Tau Research Grant                   Tau International

Valentine, Kathleen         PHF Diabetes                         Palm Healthcare                   $11,934
                            Education & Foundation
                            Research Center –
                            Amendment #1

                                                                 TOTAL:                            $12,943


Dorn, Nathan                Design and Conduct                   South Florida                     $47,716
                            an Experimental                      Water Management
                            Examination of the                   District
                            "Predator Release"
                            Hypothesis in the
                            Wading Bird Super
                            Colony Formation in
                            the Florida Everglades

Noonburg, Erik              Wading Bird Evaluation               U.S. Army Corps of              $149,848
                            Team/Assessment Team                 Engineers
                            Model Integration and

Murphey, Rodney             Integrative Biology for              National Science                  $16,306
                            Future Researcher                    Foundation
                                                                                      continued on next page...

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PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR            TITLE                         AGENCY               AWARD AMOUNT

Murphey, Rodney                   Integrative Biology for       National Science           $150,000
                                  Future Researcher             Foundation

Wyneken, Jeanette                 Tracking Marine Turtles       Save Our Seas               $25,000
                                  and their Environments        Foundation

Bressler, Steven                  Distributed Cortical          Montana State              $100,722
                                  Processing in Visual          University
                                  Working Memory Project

Terentis, Andrew                  Feasibility of Raman          Sinai Medical                $8,000
                                  Spectroscopy for              Staff Foundation
                                  Concurrent Tissue
                                  Diagnosis & Guidance
                                  of Laser Ablative Surgery

Leventouri, Theodora              Neutron Powder Diffraction    Oak Ridge National           $2,000
                                  Studies of Fe-substituted     Lab

Marronetti, Pedro                 Three-Dimensional             Oak Ridge National          $38,000
                                  Multi-Physics Simulations     Lab
                                  of Core Collapse Supernovae

                                                                TOTAL:                      $537,592


Carter, Nori                      Summer Food Service           Florida Department          $73,384
                                  Program                       of Education

                                                                TOTAL:                      $73,384

Proposals Submitted in June 2010
            FAU College or Division/Dept.            Number of Proposals   Amount of Proposals
                                                        Submitted             Submitted

      Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters           1                 $183,414

                  College of Business                        0                      0

          College for Design and Social Inquiry              3                 $6,412,490

                  College of Education                       6                 $1,511,318

      College of Engineering and Computer Science            18                $8,065,062

         Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute               32                $5,502,467

           Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College                  0                      0

        Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine               3                 $1,911,820

         Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing                1                   $2,500

        Charles E. Schmidt College of Science                14                $8,036,218

       Academic/Student Affairs/Administration               1                 $1,900,000

                        TOTAL                                79               $33,525,289


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