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									                  ELECTRONIC PAYMENT - ACH

Aera Energy LLC vendors have the option to have their payments deposited
directly into a United States bank account (not available for foreign bank
accounts). Using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, funds are
deposited to your account two business days after the payment is released,
delays and risks involved in getting a check posted and to the bank are avoided,
and funds are available as soon as deposited. Details of the ACH deposits are
included in the electronic file (e.g. CTX, CCD, or PPD – see descriptions on ACH
information below) sent to the bank with each deposit and should be available to
you through your online banking service or your remit advice can be faxed or
electronically mailed to your office. You may wish to consult your bank
representative for the best method for you.

To receive your invoice payments electronically, complete and return the Vendor
ACH Setup and Electronic Payment Authorization forms to:

                              Aera Energy LLC
                              Attn: Procurement
                               P.O. Box 11164
                          Bakersfield, CA 93389-1164

You may have other vendor accounts with us to convert. If your bank account
closes, payment will not be issued until the new ACH banking information is
received and verified by Aera. Please allow two weeks for the conversion or
change process.

If you have questions, please contact us at
                                  VENDOR ACH SETUP

               ORIGINAL REQUEST                          AMENDMENT / CHANGE
                               VENDOR INFORMATION
     1. Date
     2. Vendor
     3. Address
     4. City
     5. State
     6. Zip Code
     Fed Tax ID# or Social Security#:
                                 BANK INFORMATION
     7. Vendor Name as on account
     8. Bank Name
     9. Bank Address
     10. Bank Account #
     11. ACH Routing # (9 digits)
               (ACH routing number may be different from voided check)
     12. Account Type             Checking    Savings
     13. Payment Method             PPD or      CCD or        CTX
     14. Send remit              Fax# (    )      -           OR
         advice to               Email Address:
                                 SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS
     15. Attach a copy of a voided check or bank deposit slip
                Check box if this account does not have checks or deposit slips
     16. Two signatures on the “Electronic Payment Authorization” Form. NOTE – The same
         person can sign this form and the Electronic Payment Authorization Form

    I certify that I am an authorized representative of the above stated vendor.
    Signature                                                Date
    Name (Printed)                                           Phone
    Title                                                    E-mail
                             NOTARIZATION REQUIRED
                (California Notary, please attach required acknowledgement)
                                                                          Official Seal
    Notarized this ____day of ____________, _____


                             AERA INTERNAL USE ONLY
    Buyer Signature                                 ID                   Date

Failure to complete any part of this ACH Setup form will delay your conversion to ACH.
        Shell Oil Company (“Shell”), on behalf of itself and, pursuant to service
        agreements amongst Shell and its affiliate company, Aera Energy LLC (“Aera”),
        would like to commence paying your invoices to your company electronically via
        the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.
        Payments made electronically will be timed so funds are made available no later
        than they would otherwise have been made available. If consistent with
        applicable law or the rules of a funds transfer system, payment shall be deemed
        to have been received by you at the earlier of (1) finality of payment having
        occurred between your receiving bank and the bank which is the immediate
        sender of the payment to your bank; (2) your receiving bank having given you
        notice of your right to un-provisionally withdraw the credit; or (3) your receiving
        bank lawfully applying the payment to a debt which you owe to such bank.
        You are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all the information
        provided to Shell by you on the Vendor ACH Setup Form, and any loss or
        damages incurred by you, or any loss of transmitted funds by Shell, arising out of
        or occurring because of wrong, inaccurate or incomplete information on such
        sheet shall be your liability. Electronic payment to you shall be governed by 1)
        this Authorization; 2) such law as is applicable to funds transfers; and 3) the rules
        of any funds transfer system used to effect a payment. This agreement can be
        terminated with thirty (30) days written notice to either party. If Aera decides to
        administer payment of invoices internally rather than utilizing the existing
        services agreement with Shell, then Shell, at its sole discretion, may assign this
        agreement in its entirety to its affiliate, Aera Energy LLC. At such time,
        notification will be provided to you.
        If you are in agreement with the above, please indicate such by signing below,
        completing the Vendor ACH Setup Form, and returning to your Aera contact.


        Vendor Name


Signature                                          Signature

Name                                               Name
(Printed)                                          (Printed)

Title                                              Title

                                   ACH INFORMATION

NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) has developed several
payment formats that may or may not be accompanied by addenda (payment detail)

Consumer (Individual)

PPD - Prearranged Payment and Deposit Entries
PPD is used to transfer funds, into a consumers account at the Receiving Depository
Financial Institution (RDFI]). Except for, a brief description of the payment, no invoice
detail regarding the payment will be sent with the funds. If your account is classified as a
consumer account, you may choose this payment method and Aera’s bank will mail a
paper advice to you on the settlement date.


CCD – Cash Concentration or Disbursement
This format can be used to distribute funds between corporate entities. It can serve as a
stand alone funds transfer (CCD), or it can support one addenda record of payment
related data with the funds transfer (CCD+). Currently, Aera does not use CCD+
because the effect is the same as with a CCD.

It you choose this payment method, Aera’s bank originating the funds transfer can
forward the remittance information to you:

1) By mailing a paper report detailing the invoice data to your postal address.

2) By transmitting a file to your mailbox at the VAN you have chosen.

CTX – Corporate Trade Exchange (Preferred)
The Corporate Trade Exchange format supports the transfer of funds within a trading
partner relationship in which up to 800,000 characters of addenda detail can be
transmitted with the payment. This is Aera’s preferred format as it is the least costly
method and allows the receiving company to update its receivables electronically.

If you choose this payment method, the remittance information will be delivered to your
receiving bank along with the electronic payment. Your bank can either transmit the
data to you electronically or print and mail a paper advice to you.

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