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TEACHER      Bradley Jaycox                                     CLASS         ADVANCED ART
DATE                                                            PERIOD

OBJECTIVES                                                                    STANDARDS
TSW       Review Art in Business Handout                                      1AV-P1,PO1-3        Create Art
TSW       Create Interior Decorating Layout                                   1AV-P2,PO1-3        Demonstrate skill

The students are to refer to the Handout on Art in Business and review the section on Interior Decorating.

The students are given a floor plan of one of the following rooms:
               Living room
               Dining room
               Family room (Great room)
Draw furniture onto the floor plan, to assemble the environment of the room, in full color.
Select color swatches which will represent the paint colors for all painted surfaces.
Select fabric samples to represent upholstery and carpeting.
Create a full color 2-point perspective drawing of the furnished room.
Mount the floor plan, the 2-point perspective drwing, color pieces, and fabric samples in a pleasing arrangement on a
               large sheet of paper for presentation.

Rubric:      Attention to accuracy of rendering furniture pieces.
             2-point perspective must be in full color.
             Harmonious selection of colors. How well the selected colors work together.
             Neatness. Erasure of any and all smudges and stray lines.
             NO SCRIBBLING.

ASSESSMENT                                                      MATERIAL
Question & Answer                                               TEACHER                           STUDENT
                                                                Examples                          Paper
                                                                                                  Media of choice
                                                                                                  Color swatches
                                                                                                  Fabric samples


CODE         1A7

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