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									                                           SCREEN ACTORS GUILD
                                             (DAILY CONTRACT)
                                     FOR THEATRICAL MOTION PICTURES
                                          (DIRECT EMPLOYMENT)

“Producer”: Fever Feature Film Production, LLC. Date: ________________, 2004
Picture: “Open Window”
Date Employment Starts: __________________, 2004
“Performer”: ______________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone number:__________________________
Production Number: Telephone No. (_____) _____________
Role: ________________________
Social Security Number: _____________________
Daily Rate: _________________________
Legal Resident of (State): California
Citizen of U.S. Yes ____X_____ No __________


Firm recall date on ________________________ or
on or after* _____________
(”On of after" recall only applies to pick-up as Weekly Performer)
As Day Performer ________ Weekly Performer ______

The employment is subject to all of the provisions and conditions applicable to the employment of DAY PERFORMER contained or
provided for in the Screen Actors Guild Codified Basic Agreement as the same may be supplemented and/or amended.

The Performer does not authorize the Producer to deduct from the compensation herein above specified an amount equal to
________________ per cent of each installment of compensation due the Performer hereunder, and to pay the amount so deducted to
the Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund of America, Inc.

Producer’s Standard Terms and Conditions are attached hereto and incorporated by reference. Production time reports are available on
the set at the end of each day. Such reports shall be signed or initialed by the Performer.

PERFORMER                                              PRODUCER

___________________________________                    ________________________________
Signature                                              Signature

___________________________________                    ________________________________
Print Name/Date                                        Print Name/Date

___________________________________                    ________________________________
SS#                                                    Title

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