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Title page

Business name:

      Telelotes ICT consultancy and support.

Business registration No:


Name and Address of proprietor:

      Paul Mwangi Macharia,
      Box 3966-00100 Nairobi,
      Tel (+254) 722-866753
      Riruta Satellite, Kabiria.

The Abstract

Teleiotes ICT consultancy and Support (Teleiotes ICT) will be an Information Technology (IT)
business. The Teleiotes ICT will be an IT consultancy and support provider on, PC Maintenance,
Setup of Computer Networks, internet connectivity services through setting up a digital village and
training basic IT skills.

The aim of Teleiotes ICT will be to educate all in relevant ICT skills, provide services like the
Internet to the locals at a cheaper price, provide e-centres to access services like e-government, e-
mail, and e-learning and provide professional PC support and Maintenance at reasonable prices.
The Kenya Government has put in place the National ICT Policy and e-Government Strategy that
provides guidelines for transformation of the Kenyan into a digital society.

In both documents the Kenya Government recognizes that an ICT literate workforce is the
foundation on which the nation will become a knowledge-based economy. Against this background
the government will make education a platform for equipping the nation with ICT skills in order to
create dynamic and sustainable economic growth.

(National Information and Communication Technology strategy for education and training 2006)

The Introduction

This business plan relates to Teleiotes ICT, which will be engaged in providing consultancy
services, Computer network setup, repair and maintenance of computers services, training on
application packages, and other related IT support services. The purpose of this proposal is to help
the management raise Kshs. 250,000 through loan to help finance setting up a cyber café to serve

as a digital village and a mini training centre to provide ICT related services to the locals in Riruta
Satellite and its environs.

Teleiotes ICT management team led by Mr. Paul M. Macharia, who is also the proprietor holds an
Advance Diploma in IT (City & Guilds) and is currently pursing a Graduate Diploma in IT and
Graduate Diploma in Education; Professional training (Cambridge Association of Managers). The
Managing consultant is competent in the following areas:

        Advance Diploma in Electronics Systems
        Diploma in Computer Networking
        Certificate in computer programming
        Computer aided graphics with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Motion
        Desktop publishing with Adobe PageMaker
        Web design and animation with dream weaver and flash macromedia.

The proprietor has sessioned skills in business management having managed the family business
for 7 years. I also have skills in accounts having studied accounts in Strathmore College (now
University) in 1999.


Engage in large-scale ICT consultancy and support through out Kenya and the East African


Design, develop and markets IT services on the basis of excellence and proficiency to meet the IT
needs of all customers.


Teleiotes ICT values and the ethical standards include but not limited to;

        Integrity
        Honesty
        Proficiency


Underlying long-term objectives in setting up the business are:

        Provide quality IT consultancy services.
        Provide high class PC maintenance and support services.
        Provide reliable Internet services to the local area at reasonable prices.
        Bring Government services to the locals thro’ e-Government services provided in the digital


Here are some possible strategies for a newly formed ICT consultancy and support business:


        Target high School leavers in the 18-20 age group
        Target College and university going students in the 20-25 age group
        Target the working class intending to improve their IT skills.
        The general public.


      Initially, sell our services directly via own staff members, the business website and thro’
       existing customers.
      Establish a foothold in the whole Country by means of joint ventures and expansions by
       setting up digital village centres and support offices in the whole country.
      Establish an after sale service thro’ maintenance contracts.


Limit initial offerings to the following main areas namely; IT training consultancy services, PC
maintenance, and setup of computer networks and providing Internet services.

Extend our range of services to include development of digital content, web design, editing
computer graphics and computer animation within the Country by 2008/9.


      Develop a network of IT experts and consultants.
      Use the website as a leading marketing strategy.
      Operate from a rented space in Nairobi City.

The management team:

The management team shall include:

      Managing consultant
      Cyber manager/s

The managing consultant will handle all transactions related to Teleoites ICT with both the clients
and potential partners or investors. Cyber manager/s will be in-charge of the cyber café/s Teleoites
ICT will setup. The manager will oversee the day-to-day running of this premise, which will also

serve as an office in the region its setup. Other support staff that Teleiotes ICT will need will
include a technician and a trainer but this will subject to the needs of a given cyber café.


Teleiotes ICT has the following three-year targets:

      Achieve annual sales of at least Kshs. 300,000
      Net profit margin of 5%+
      Have at least three main outlets in the whole Country.
      Offer at least six significant ranges of services/products in the local market.
      Acquire recognition as a high-class ICT consultancy and support service provider.

Main Benefits

ICT training is to support high school leavers, college graduates and other interested parties
acquire and better there IT skills. Consultancy services will be provided to organizations like
schools, college and companies on their IT needs, and high school learners will be helped to
choose viable IT related courses.

Pricing Plans

The pricing of the services Teleoites ICT plans to offer are very competitive related to the market
prices, for example we plan to charge Internet access Kshs. 1 per minute, which is ½ the market
rate in this locality. Teleoites ICT plan to setup a system using our cyber management software
that will allow regular customers have a prepaid service; they pay a minimum of Kshs. 200, which
will be credited to their account in the cyber café. This amount can be consumed a bit at a time
until the given amount is exhausted. Those with a prepaid account will get cheaper price of Kshs.
70 cents per minute.

Teleoites ICT also plans to offer IT training; consultancy, PC maintenance and network setup at
competitive prices. To win customers confidence Teleoites ICT will offer 1-month free service in PC
maintenance, maintenance of computer network we set up. On training, we plan to offer a high
class services matching world class standards with the latest manuals in any given application

Competitors' Offerings

In the Riruta satellite locality, there is only one cyber café, which offers dial-up Internet which is
sometimes down due to failure by the service providers, it also has a limitation in its speeds.
Quality of IT training offered in this locality is also below standard as the trainers only have basic
training and skills in the IT field.

Teleoites ICT plan to provide wireless Internet in our cyber, which is less prone to infrastructures
limitations; it is faster and more stable than the dial-up service. As mentioned earlier we plan to
charge Kshs. 1 per minute, which is ½, the market rate in our locality. The training we plan to offer
is targeted to meet world-class standards of proficiency and hands-on experience. Our support and
maintenance services are expected to have an edge to all in the market taking into consideration
our exposure and experience in the IT field.

Competitive Assessment

Our services will emphasize quality and satisfaction of customers, which may be a challenge to all
initially. We will have an experienced cyber manager to man the cyber café who will give
assistance to the clients as need may be.

Target Markets

Sizes, Segments & Trends

The Riruta Satellite locally has many high school leavers; college going persons and a large
working population from the city center, which is about ½ an hour drive. The revolution of the IT
industry in Kenya in the recent past has made all desire to acquire if not better their skills in IT.

The target group are form four leavers who need to have basic computer skills, working class who
want to improve their IT skills, students in secondary, schools, colleges and University who need to
use Internet for research and any other persons who finds our services relevant to their needs.

Teleiotes ICT will conduct both formative and summative evaluations in order to answer a broad
range of evaluation questions.

Formative Information
Formative evaluations will be conducted during proposal implementation in order to provide
information that will strengthen or improve the business. Formative evaluation findings typically
point to aspects of program implementation that can be improved for better results—how services
are provided, how qualified the staff is, or how leadership and staff decisions should made.

Summative Information
Summative evaluations will be conducted during proposal implementation and at the end of every
three months. It will be to determine whether the business intended outcomes are been
achieved—in this case, are the services up to standard, is the Internet service reliable and are the
customers satisfied with our work. Summative evaluation findings will judge the overall
effectiveness or “worth” of our business based on its success in achieving its outcomes,
Summative outcomes will be short-term and longer term.

Data Collection Methods
Teleiotes ICT plans to use different methods to gather data about the functioning and impact of
their business. Data collection methods are the way in which evaluators will approach answering
evaluation questions. Teleoites ICT will use multiple data collection methods, including; interviews,
observation and questionnaires.


Teleiotes ICT will conduct evaluation with the stakeholders, including: staff, partners, potential
partners, regular customers and corporate clients and community members. This will be conducted
in person; Questions posed will be generally open-ended. The purpose of interviews will be to
gather detailed descriptions, from a purposeful sample of stakeholders and get it first hand from
them on areas they think we are performing well and areas of improvement.


This method of gathering information will be about how the business is operating. Observations will
be a “look-and-see” approach to understanding the day-to-day operation of the business. Data
from observations will be used to supplement interviews and surveys in order to complete the
description of the business and to verify information gathered through other methods. This will
involve visiting the cyber during both off peak and peak hours to see how the customers are
treated and internet connectivity, this will enable Teleoites ICT tell if demand for the services was
high. Visiting technicians in a client’s premise and see how they conducted themselves and their
performance will be observed. This method will also enable Teleiotes management tell if its staff
was working to meet expectations.


This will be conducted with business stakeholders. It will be a highly structured interview process in
which respondents will be asked to choose answers from those predetermined on the survey and
administered on paper. The purpose of questionnaires will be to gather specific information from a
large, representative sample.

                                    Schedule for meeting our work plan

          Area                          Action to be taken                 Criteria of success
Increasing the customer              Rendering good services.       Very qualified staff.
base                                 Quick response to customer     Keeping records of customer
                                                                     needs and demands.


Quality services                     Use latest technology.            Aggressive research.
                                     Offer variety services            Partnering with experts.

Expansion                            Get latest tools and gadgets      Take advantage of
                                     Establish offices countrywide.    government incentives.
                                                                        Get like-minded persons
                                                                        countrywide to setup cyber.


Equipment           Specifications         Quantity            Price per unit       Total (KShs)
Computers           Reconditioned          5                   15,000               75,000
                    Pentium III
Furniture           Tables                 2                   2,000                4,000
Network switch      8 port                 1                   4,000                4,000
Patch cable         UTP CAT 5e             ½ box               3,000                3,000
RJ 45 connectors N/A                       ½ box               200                  200
Trunking            1 INCH                 10 PCS              150                  750
UPS                 APC 650 vA             5                   7,500                37,500
Internet            Fax Enabled            1                   24,700               24,700
connection          black box with
device              External aerial.
Printer             HP 1018                1                   10,800               10,800
Digital camera      Sony DSC 500           1                   15,000               15,000
Office stationery   Printing paper         1 ream              300                  300

SUB TOTAL                                                                           175,250

Cyber café setup (Labour)         KShs 37,250

Premise rent (6 months)           KShs 30,000

Voice & Internet Connection fee   Kshs 2,500

Miscellaneous                          KShs 10,000

TOTAL (KShs)                                     250,000


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