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									                                    IOM ACTIVITY REPORT

  on Small Business Development & Vocational Training for IDPs in

DURATION: June –September 2009 (4 months)

The Ministry of Interior and Administration of Poland, on the initiative of the Government of
Poland continues to support the International Organization for Migration, to provide assistance
for IDPs. The current project aims to assist old and new IDPs in Georgia through job
counseling, referral and placement as well as targeted vocational training and small business
development. The Project will contribute to removing pressure from emigration and will
contribute to the sustainable reintegration of the Georgian labor market.

The overall objective of this project is to strengthen stability, foster employment opportunities
and contribute to the reduction of poverty for IDPS in Georgia.

The purposes of this project are:

   1. To assist IDPs with the support of the job counseling, personal development plan
      elaboration and provision of the financial assistance through the Reintegration Fund
      where necessary;
   2. To provide IDPs with the job counseling and information provision on the available
      opportunities for employment and skills development;

   In addition to this Government of Poland provides funding to promote employment and self
   employment of internal displaced persons by providing:
           • Information and advise on available employment opportunities;
           • Consulting for self employment;
           • Referral to Vocational Training Centers for skills upgrading /Vocational
           • Continued outreach and onsite consultation;

Since 2008, activities to assist IDPs in Georgia funded thanks to the Government of Poland.

                                              MISSION TO GEORGIA
                     41 Gogebashvili Street • Mtatsminda District • Tbilisi 0179 • GEORGIA
    Tel: (995 32) 29 38 94 • Fax: (995 32) 25 22 17 • E-mail: • Internet:
IOM Activity Report                                                                  2009


    I. Job counseling and referral service at IOM Centers.

In 2007, IOM opened a Job Counseling and Referral Center (JCRC) in Tbilisi and in 2008,
opened one in Batumi. This was funded with support from the Governments of Poland and
Czech Republic. The purpose of the JCRCs is to link job seekers with employers and
ultimately reduce the unemployment rate in Georgia. In creating the JCRCs, IOM found that
while there is often a demand for qualified manpower in different sectors of the economy there
was no avenue to information nor a referral mechanism to assist in identifying jobs, nor was
there an identification of education providers/available trainings to acquire skills and
qualifications in demand. Thus, IOM, together with the Ministry of Education, opened the
JCRCs in Tbilisi and Batumi to fill a major gap in the area of job counseling and referral.

The JCRCs are strategically located in the Vocational Training Centers (managed by the
Ministry of Education) in order to assist with job identification for those persons in the
vocational training institutes, as well as being available to the public at large. Prior to the
opening of the JCRCs, no government agency was carrying out any type of job counseling or
placement service.

Located at the JCRCs is professional staff, including job counselors, labor analysts, business
consultants and program assistants. The Centers are equipped with a computerized database
and software developed by IOM. The information concerning economic opportunities gathered
through labor market surveys is processed and fed into the database for the registration of job
seekers and vacancies available and facilitates the most efficient linkages between the needs
of the program’s beneficiaries, on the one hand, and available or potential employment
opportunities on the other. Database portal design work also was undertaken at the JCRCs.
The website constructed for the JCRC - - is administered in Georgian, English
and Russian languages. Services of the Center are free of charge for both employers and job

The JCRC activities stem from experience
and activities implemented by IOM which
identified job information as a needed
commodity in order to assist with employment
of returnees and other persons in the
population. The Job Counseling and Referral
Center is providing its services not only to
returnees, but to the population of Georgia
vulnerable to irregular migration in general.
Better identification of available employment
and better retraining opportunities will be
strong preventive measures in terms of
outgoing migration.

Statistical chart indicating number of registered
persons that is regularly updated and posted at in Statistics section (See Annex 1)

IOM Activity Report                                                                      2009

II. Business consultation service was provided to IDPs through organizing training in
basic business start-up skills that was delivered at JCRC for registered IDPs and other job
seekers in May 5-6, 2009.
The training was delivered by business consultant & expert Mr. Merab Mikelashvili .
Participants were introduced basic guidelines for small business development and existing
legislation issues.

    III.     Vocational Training for IDPs

    IOM has referred and paid for selected 10 IDPs to attend vocational training programs in
    government or private sector vocational programs. The following beneficiaries went
    through different training courses under this project:

    IDPs from Tbilisi
                                                                        PLACE OF ORIGIN /
Pharmaceutist course       Ratiani         Ketevan   2 months       Sokhumi / Tbilisi
Pharmaceutist course       Gugusiani       Latavra   2 months       Kodori-Chkhalta / Tbilisi

Accounting & soft course   Alania          Maia       2 months     Kodori / Tbilisi
Accounting & soft course   Balashvili      Tamaz      2 months     Daba Akhalgori / Tbilisi
Accounting & soft course   Bunturi         Gocha      2 months     Akhalgori / Tserovani

    IDPs from KUTAISI (West Georgia)
Construction course        Sichinava       Murtaz    3 months     Gulripshi-Pshapi / Kutaisi
Construction course        Vekua           Giorgi    3 months     Ochamchire-Kochara / Kutaisi

Sewing course              Kvaratskhelia   Maka      3 months      Ochamchire-Kochara / Kutaisi
Sewing course              Chkhotua        Ema       3 months      Soxumi-Ax.Sopeli / Kutaisi
Sewing course              Chkhotua        Tamar     3 months      Soxumi-Ax.Sopeli / Kutaisi

    IV.      Small Business Development

     IOM Tbilisi distributed information on the reintegration funds available in the project for
    old and new IDPs to start up small businesses. Business consultation was provided to
    IDPs at Job Counseling and Referral Centers wishing to start small businesses and

IOM Activity Report                                                                     2009

    according to the specially designed form business plans were elaborated for further review
    and approval for grants. IOM received 16 business plans and since the beginning of June
    they all want through IOM-JCRC revision board. 10 grants were approved for 8 business
    plans according to the project

                             1. the investment to purchase plastic pipeline welding
                             equipment for water supply installations in accordance with the
                             submitted business plan for providing service in water pipeline
                             installation and similar works.
                             Additional 6 displaced persons were employed.

                             2. the investment to open sewing workshop to start up small
                             business in accordance with the submitted business plan.
                             A household of 5 persons living in Tirdznisi village of Gori district
                             received 1 diary cow and 3 bee hives allowing starting up a small
                             family business.

                             3. the investment to purchase two sawing machines and
                             required electric wiring to produce wood boxes in accordance
                             with the submitted business plan.
                             Additional 6 local citizens were employed at the workshop.

                             4. the investment to start-up a business in agriculture field. To
                             purchase items enlisted in the submitted business plan for
                             production of vegetables (cabbage/tomatoes) and future
                             realization in the market.
                             Vegetables were planted on 1ha land in Pkhvenisi village of Gori
                             district. Two IDPs and their family members (5) were employed in
                             the farm (7 persons in total).

                             5. the investment to sturt up small business and establish beauty
                             saloon in own premises and provide stylist service in
                             accordance with the submitted business plan.
                             A Hairdresser’s was arranged and equipped in Tirdznisi village of
                             Gori rayon, were 2 IDPs were employed. Beneficiary was sent,
                             paid and certified at the training course in master of style at Natali
                             Training Center

IOM Activity Report                                                                    2009

                             6. the investment to open sewing workshop to start up small
                             business in accordance with the submitted business plan.
                             A sewing machine, kits and other stuff were purchased for a
                             sewing workshop in Tsmindatskali settlement of Gori district. 5
                             local citizens were employed in the workshop.

                             7. the investment to purchase domestic animal and required
                             food to start up family business and produce milk product in
                             accordance with the submitted business plan.
                             A dairy cow and fodder were purchased for a family that was
                             forced out from Samachablo and now is living in Digomi village. A
                             socially vulnerable family consisting of 4 persons got a source for

8. the investment to purchase domestic animals and required food to start up family business
and produce meet product in accordance with the submitted business plan.
Pigs and poultry were purchased for IDPs from Ninotsminda village of Sagarejo district. Three
persons were employed in the farm.

In August, representative from donor organization visited on-going activities and IOM
organized field trips to monitor how IDPs were managing their newly established businesses.

NOTE: beside the above mentioned activities, Government of Poland (MFA) provides financial
support to IOM for IDPs through Vocational Training and Job Placement in Georgia (May-
October 2009). IOM provided vocational training for more then 90 IDPs already in the
following specialties/qualifications: information technology, sewing, construction qualifications,
accounting, auto repair, video operator, master of style and etc.

For donor visibility IOM designed and printed special stickers and posters for beneficiaries to
have with their equipment, businesses and trainings.

For more information and photos please click below link to visit IOM JCRC website

           IOM Activity Report                                                                          2009

                                                                                                        ANNEX 1

                           JOB COUNSELING AND REFERRAL CENTER


Reporting Period: As of 15 September, 2009

                                                                     From September       From January
                                                                     2007 till the end   2009 till the end     27.08.2009-
                                                                       of reporting        of reporting        15.09.2009
                                                                          period              period

        TOTAL NUMBER OF REGISTERED JOB SEEKERS                             1392                521                   17

Internally displaced persons                                                416                182                    2
Returned and potential migrants                                             50                     17                 3
Provided consultancy on employment                                      1392 / 416          521 / 182               17 / 2
Special consultancy (testing) on professional orientation                 80 / 13             33 / 13               1/0
CV-s assembled                                                          1348 / 346          467 / 243               17 / 2
Number of CVs sent to agencies*                                         4458 / 428          2749 / 342             217 / 24
CV-s sent to employers (by e-mail)                                       707 / 97            264 / 76              12 / 1
Was sent for an interview with employer                                  404 / 62            271 / 58              10 / 3
Provided consultation on business start-up                               157 / 58             77 / 58               0/ 0
Provided financial assistance for business start-up                       83 / 25             25 / 25               6/6
Was sent to training and retraining courses                              293 / 167          225 / 167               0/0

TOTAL                                                                      358                 156                  10
Hired                                                                    253 / 28            109 / 22               4/0
Self-employed (through small business development)                       105 / 36            47 / 36                6/6
* NOTE: Number includes CVs of job seekers that were sent for several vacancies at the same time
Note: 645 persons removed from registration due to
1. health reasons - 19
2. Moved from Georgia - 8
3. Moved from Tbilisi _ 98
4. Contact not available - 39
5. Employed on his/her own - 55


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