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									                          Bay Area Toll Authority

TO: Oversight Committee                                                 DATE: February 2, 2005

FR: Executive Director

RE: Contract Change Order #1: FasTrak™ Regional CSC: ACS State & Local Solutions


In January 2004, BATA awarded a contract to ACS State & Local Solutions (ACS) to
design, build, operate and maintain the FasTrak™ Regional Customer Service Center that
would serve the FasTrak electronic toll collection systems for both the state-owned toll
bridges and the Golden Gate Bridge.

BATA staff, in coordination with Golden Gate Bridge District staff, is requesting approval
of a contract change order (Contract Change Order #1) in the total amount of $285,939, to
add work activities that are beyond ACS’s current scope of work, as follows:

                              New Scope Activity                                 Not to

           Send DMV hold notices and perform license plate image re-          $33,907
            review for FasTrak violators on the Golden Gate Bridge. The
            DMV hold process is part of the Phase II operation for the
            Regional Customer Service Center (CSC) for the Golden Gate
            and state bridges. This change order is to begin the DMV hold
            process for the Golden Gate Bridge prior to start of Phase II of
            the project in order to ensure that delinquent violators are
            pursued within prescribed time limits and to simplify the
            transition to the Regional system.

           Procure a new bulk mailing machine for the Concord CSC to          $12,600
            replace the existing machine that was original equipment in
            use prior to ACS’ contract and has exceeded its useful life.
February 2, 2005

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                                   New Scope Activity                             Not to

             Redesign and test the interface between Caltrans’ Advanced        $200,00
              Toll Collection & Accounting System (ATCAS) and the new
              software being installed for the Regional CSC. Caltrans IT
              staff was originally expected to complete this work; however,
              Caltrans has indicated that it does not have the in-house
              resources to accomplish this work. Given that this interface is
              crucial for the operation of the new CSC software system, we
              propose that ACS complete this work to avoid any impacts to
              the start of Regional CSC operations.
             Modify the Phase I interim website to develop an interface        $39,432
              between the web site and current CSC software system used
              for the CSC operations for the state-owned bridges. Under the
              original scope, we did not believe it would be feasible to
              interface between the ACS web system and the Caltrans
              ATCAS system during Phase I. This interface will automate
              the account enrollment process.

These contract changes can be funded from available capital and operating funds in the FY
2004-05 budget.


Staff recommends that the BATA Oversight Committee authorize the Executive Director,
or his designee to, negotiate and execute Contract Change Order #1 with ACS State &
Local Solutions to perform the requested work in an amount not to exceed $285,939. The
total contract with this amendment is $33,815,839.

                                                          Steve Heminger

J:\COMMITTE\BATA Oversight\2005\Feb\ACS CCO 01 memo.doc

                 Summary of Proposed Contract Change Order #1

Work Item No.:                  1253

Contractor:                     ACS State & Local Solutions

Work Project Title:             FasTrak™ Regional Customer Service Center

Purpose of Project:             Design, Build, Operate and Maintain the FasTrak™
                                Regional CSC serving Caltrans State toll bridges and the
                                Golden Gate Bridge District

Brief Scope of Work:            Perform image re-review and send DMV hold letters for
                                GGB toll violators; procure new bulk mailing machine for
                                Concord CSC; modify interim web functionality; redesign
                                and develop Interface Software between Caltrans ATCAS
                                system and RCSC according to revised file protocols.

Project Cost Not to Exceed:     $285,939 (prior contract amount = $33,529,900). Total
                                contract budget $33,815,839.

Funding Source:                 ETC Operations/Capital Support $252,032
                                GGBHTD $33,907

Fiscal Impact:                  RCSC Project contingency funds are included in the FY
                                2004-05 Toll Bridge Capital Budget.

Motion by Committee:            That the Executive Director or his designee is authorized
                                to execute Contract Change Order #1 with ACS State &
                                Local Solutions to perform requested work and the
                                Treasurer is directed to set aside funds up to $285,939 for
                                such amendment.

BATA Oversight Committee:

                                Michael Nevin, Chair

Approved:                       Date: February 9, 2005

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