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									              Wahoo Parent Advisory Committee
                       Meeting Minutes
                     September 30, 2010


WPAC Attending: LeAnn Abbott, Jeff Adams, Eileen Armstrong,
LaurieAnn Batter, Lisa Benison, Meg Cole, Denise Cooney, Patti Daly,
Lori DeLise, Randy Erlenbach, Sharon Gosha, Elizabeth Hendee,
Bernadette Hess, Lynn Holmquist, Debbie Lafond, Jenn Lewis, Sophia
Maragos, Catherine Moss, Sunanda Nagpal, Eileen Nolan, Amy
Nonnenmacher, Kinnary Patel, Lisbet Srivastava, Laurie Storino

WPAC Absent: Robin Reed Baylis, Derek Farrar, Laurie Harder, Diane
Lynch, Karen O’Brien, Allison Palsho, Penny Scarth

Guests: Camille Gilroy

Approval of Minutes

- Minutes of the June 3, 2010 meeting were approved.

Director of Competitive Aquatics Report        Randy Erlenbach

- Team accomplished goals of winning Long Course Age Group
Championships and Long Course YMCA Nationals. The Wahoos have
three swimmers ranked in the top 100 in the world. Christian Higgins
and KC Moss are both members of the 2010-2011 National Youth Team,
while Eric Ronda was selected to attend the USA National Select Camp
in October.

- Coach Randy noted that since he joined the Wahoos, the WPAC has put
$40K into the bubble fund and it is now fully funded. In addition, WPAC
has authorized purchase of a new scoreboard and new lane lines, which
will arrive soon. Capitol needs and a seasonal plan will be presented at
the next meeting.

-Coach Derek Farrar and Coach Randy have joined Connecticut Swim,
Inc., Derek as a member of the CSI Age Group Committee, and Randy as
a member of the CSI Senior Committee. Since the Wahoos are
recognized as leaders in the state, it is good to have a visible presence at
CT Swim.

- USA Swimming House of Delegates has passed new legislation
requiring background checks for all meet workers who come in direct
contact with the swimmers. The background check seeks to ensure any
volunteers are not sex offenders, and has been in place for coaches since
2006. The legislation will affect officials, and potentially may affect
marshals. It will not apply to timers. More discussion is needed to
determine how far down the ranks of volunteers we need to go. Cost of
background check is $30 per person, and can be done on-line. CT Swim
suggests clubs pay these fees, but this may be very costly and may
require changes in job descriptions to limit the number of positions
requiring screening.

- Good Hewitt Communications contacted Coach Randy about updating
our team logo. Even if no changes are made to the logo, an updated
digital version is needed for printing and apparel. Good Hewitt will
charge $800 to design and/or update and produce a digitized logo.
Motion to go ahead was approved, and Coach Randy will contact Good
Hewitt to proceed.

Co-President’s Report          Jeff Adams and Lynn Holmquist

- The following were items were voted on and approved by WPAC in
July and August:
1. Approved the 2010-2011 Budget
2. Approved the 2010-2011 Work Credit Policy
3. Authorized expenditure of $11,000 for purchase of a new scoreboard
4. Authorized an increase in the Bubble Replacement Fund to $20,000
from the budgeted $10,000

- Lynn Holmquist noted that Coach Derek suggested a wine tasting to
give parents an opportunity to socialize away from the pool. Jeff Adams
noted that Wilton Wine has offered to donate all the wine for this event.
Several locations were considered; the event will most likely take place
in the spring.
Financial Update         Eileen Armstrong and Sunanda Nagpal

- The final invoice for last year went out first week of September. At that
time, 180 families owed $38,000. Currently, 100 families owe $22,000.
October 8, 2010 is the deadline for overdue payments, and swimmers
will not be allowed to swim in any upcoming meets if their family
account is past due.

- LeAnn Abbott noted that Team Unify is a new process and asked for
patience while the new system is sorted out. By mid-season, families
will be able to see their USS account balance, and view meet fees as they
are deducted. Team Unify also allows families to make payments on-

- Negative balance in budget for team store was discussed, with some
question about amount of inventory store currently carries. It was
noted that there is a price break for ordering items in quantity, which
could account for high inventory. Some consideration was given to
maintaining a few stock items, and ordering other items as needed.
Further discussion was tabled.

- After 2009-2010 income and expenses, the Wahoos currently have a
“slush fund” balance of $24K.

Committee Business

Fundraising                                Laurie Storino

- $43,614 was raised through 18 programs for the 2009-2010 season.
The following programs all showed increased participation: Village
Market, Grocery Cards, United Way and Ad Sales. Direct pay was down,
although 98 families relied on direct pay. Future goal is to have
increased program participation and less direct pay.

- A new program this season is the Entertainment Books, which will sell
for $30 and earn back up to $15 fundraising credit. Other potential new
programs discussed are Christmas ornament sale and sterling silver
Wahoo charms and chains created by Wilton Jewelers.
Sponsorship                         Lori DeLise for Laurie Harder

- Sponsorship brochure will be presented at next meeting.

- Poland Spring has agreed to donate water for meets again this year.

Meet Coordinator                    Debbie Lafond

- It was decided to change sign-up to Sunday night two weeks prior to a
meet. Additionally, the first 24 hours after sign up goes live will be
reserved for the parents of the age groups participating in that meet.
There was discussion on the reason for the 9 pm Sunday night sign-up,
and it was determined that this is the time most people are home and
available to sign-up.

- With the new 2-week prior sign-up, both the Virtual Meet and the
12/under October Qualifier will go live Sunday night, October 3.

- Baking credits have been eliminated, but there was some discussion on
whether it makes sense to pay so much to cater hospitality and
concessions if families are willing to donate some items. Discussion was
tabled for now.

Volunteer Coordinators              Lisa Benison and Meg Cole

- An email was sent out explaining the different system, which uses the
term “hours” instead of “credits”. The email also addressed the need for
manual input of earned credits, so it will take longer to update.

- 27 families still owe long course credit obligations, totaling $2,250.
These families have until October 8 to pay, otherwise their child(ren)
will not be able to swim in upcoming meets.

New Family Liaison                  Patti Daly and Sophia Maragos

- There are 33 new Age Group families (12 Super Bronze, 11 Super
Squad, 7 Maroon and 3 Gold). There are 4 new 13/over families (2
Senior II, 2 Senior I).
Public Relations        Lynn Holmquist for Allison Palsho

- Allison Palsho will replace Lynn Holmquist as the new PR contact.

Squad Reports                 Squad Vice-Presidents

Super Bronze/Super Squad

- Met with Coach Mark; planning social events in progress.

Maroon and Gold

- Working together to plan upcoming Halloween party with Westport
YMCA following the dual meet on October 31.

Senior 2

- Tentative breakfast planned for Saturday, October 9 after swim

Senior 1

- Nothing to report


- Social coordinators Patti Palmer and Liz Grant are tentatively planning
a Halloween event.

Old Business

- Nothing to report

New Business

- The next meeting will take place on November 4, 2010.

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