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									                    SENIOR CARE CONNECTION
                                Toll Free: 866-239-2273 Fax: 877-779-1890

                                  Online Advertising Agreement

Website publisher:                                   Advertiser:
                                                     Business Name:   _____________________________
Senior Care Connection, Inc.
3033 Moorpark Ave., Suite 22                         Type of Business: ___________________________________

San Jose, CA 95128                                   Contact and Title: ___________________________________

Phone: 866-239-2273                                  Address:         ___________________________________
FAX: 877-779-1890                                    City, State      ___________________________________
                                                     Phone/Fax:       ____________________________________

Please Fill in the Type of Ad(s) Requested Below:
Ad Types          Descriptions      Location of          Rates *      # of   Ad Date   Add $25    Total
                                    Ads                               Ads    Request   for web-   Costs
RCFE Half- page   2 Pictures,       Residential Care     $295
Display Ad        Brief Text        Homes/
                  Description       Assisted Living
RCFE Full web     5 Pictures,       Residential Care     $475
page Display Ad   Large Text        Homes/
                  Area              Assisted Living

Other Senior Products and Services
Half- page       2 Pictures,       Senior Services       $250
Display Ad       Brief Text        &Products

* Annual renewal and maintenance fee of $75 starting in the second year. Volume discounts may be
offered for multiple ads at time of agreement. Please inquire with advertising department.

Senior Care Connection guarantees your page placement 100% of the time once you have contracted
for a location. The home page is not available for advertising.

Content Format and Development Assistance:
Text ads may be submitted in text or HTML format. Display ads may be submitted in HTML format or
JPG image format. Please indicate clearly the URL (web address) for any hyperlinks that will appear in
your ad. If you do not have content for your ad, we can assist with an HTML ad if you provide the
basic text and JPG image files at no charge.

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Submission Formats:
All ads should be submitted electronically to Senior Care Connection Advertising Coordinator: . Please contact your local SCC representative with any questions.

Terms and Conditions:
Publisher reserves the right to review the content of all ads for suitability for the target audience and
over all theme of the web site. Payments will be refunded in full for any ads that publisher chooses not
to run. In particular, this web site receives extensive traffic from elderly people and their needs and
concerns should be taken into account when designing your ads. This usually means no small fonts,
and no flashing, rotating effects.

Refund Policy:
Payments will be refunded in full for any ads that publisher chooses not to run. Cancellation fee of
$100.00 will be applied after signing the ad agreement. There will be no refund after the ad has been
published to the SCC website.

The undersigned advertiser hereby agrees to run the above mentioned ads on the web site: Ads will commence within 3 weeks of receipt of full payment and continue
for the time period specified. Please make payments to Senior Care Connection, Inc. or select alternate
payment method below.

Mail your payment to: Senior Care Connection, INC.
                      3033 Moorpark Ave, Suite 22
                      San Jose, CA 95128

Signed: _____________________________                                   Date: ________________

Please indicate method of payment below:

    Check made payable to Senior Care Connection, Inc. Check Number _______________

    Visa      MasterCard      Card # _____ _____ _____ _____ Expiration: ___________

Amount: _______________                       Card Holder’s Name: __________________________

Facility Name: _______________________ Authorized Signature: _________________________

Please Fax Completed Form with Signature to: 877-779-1890

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