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					Tesla Free Energy – Does It Really Exist?
Written By Home DIY Energy: http://home-diy-energy.com

I was recently introduced to a revolutionary and little know concept by the
name of Tesla Free Energy and I have to say, I was intrigued to know more.

Can anyone, regardless of DIY skills or knowledge really have the capability
of generating free energy for their homes? This report looks into the newly
found Tesla Free Energy Blueprints:

Many serious home DIY enthusiasts are raving about the brand new Tesla
Free Energy system and in my opinion, rightly so. Many also believe that it
will revolutionize the home DIY energy market and tesla free energy is
considered to be one of the biggest discoveries that the home energy market
has seen in years.

Afterall, the home DIY energy market is booming at the moment. This boom
in the search for alternative energy sources is mostly driven by the high
energy prices and the need for us all to save some money.

One recent report that has been published is titled “The Tesla Secret”.........

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All sounds very shady and slightly underground but, there is one burning
question on everyone’s mind:

What exactly is the Tesla Secret?

The Tesla Secret describes a simple way of generating endless amounts of
FREE electricity from cosmic energy!

Tesla is the surname of the inventor Nikola Tesla, a true Einstein of electricity!
He invented the Tesla coil which is found somewhere in almost any television
set in the world. In fact, if it wasn’t for Tesla, microwave ovens, radars and
electric motors, probably wouldn’t be with us today.

However, Tesla discovered a way to tap into an unlimited amount of
electricity absolutely FREE. He named this the Tesla Free Energy Generator
and the secret plans and blueprints for building these tesla free energy
bursting generators have only recently been discovered and released!

Only a select few have ever known about the secrets behind the The Tesla
Generator but these blueprints are now finally being released.

Tesla free energy is cheap to make, the generators required are very small
and best of all, they are very safe and versatile to use. In my opinion, tesla
free energy is almost certain to completely revolutionize the home DIY
energy market!

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Okay, so now we know what the Tesla Secret is, how does it work?

Well, the answer is a pretty close secret to those who have managed to
successfully harness this power but here is a brief explanation.

Imagine the sun as being one huge ball of electrical energy, positively
charged with a huge potential of over 200 billion volts!

Now, approximately 100 million miles away in our solar system, is the earth,
charged with negative electricity and acting like a huge sponge creating a
massive freeway for almost 4.5 megawatt hours of electrical energy!

Before the genius invention of Tesla free energy, it was virtually impossible to
utilize any of this free energy as most of it simply bounces off the earth’s
protective atmosphere and is lost forever.

However, thanks to the discovery of Tesla Free Energy, it is now possible to
grab your share of this limitless FREE energy source, possibly eradicating
your electricity bill forever!

Many hundreds of home DIY energy enthusiasts have very successfully built
their own Tesla Free Energy Generators for use in their own homes, using the
newly released blueprints which have been sat, untouched for years.

This technology has the capability to change the way we use and access our
electricity across the globe. It’s FREE, clean and almost limitless and is
available right now to anyone who wants it!

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