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					           Marketforce and the IEA’s 10th Anniversary Conference

           The Future of

           General Insurance
           New risks, new strategies, new opportunities: debate industry trends at the UK’s leading GI event

                2nd, 3rd & 4th November 2010                                                                              Lancaster London Hotel

                                                                                                                                           featuring the

                                                                                           Operational Excellence Day
                                                                                                     2nd november 2010 , The bloomsbury hotel, London

                               Francois-Xavier Boisseau                        Philippe Maso y Guell Rivet                     Andrew Torrance
                               Chief Executive Officer                         Chief Executive Officer                         Chief Executive Officer
                               Groupama                                        AXA                                             Allianz

                               Dane Douetil                                    Barry Smith                                     John O’Roarke
                               Chief Executive Officer                         Chief Executive Officer                         Managing Director, General
                               brit insurance                                  fortis UK                                       Insurance

                               Ken Hogg                                        Perry Wilson                                    Phillip Hodson
                               Director – Insurance Sector                     Chief Executive Officer                         Chief Executive Officer
                               fSA                                             insure & Go                                     The Oval Group

                               Brendan Devine                                  Julie Hopes                                     John Paleomylites
                               Group Managing Director                         Commercial Director -                           Chairman and Founder
                               Kwik-fit insurance Services                     General Insurance                     
                                                                               Tesco bank

           Operational Excellence Day speakers include:

                               David Weymouth                                  Rob Smale                                       David Williams
                               Group Operations & Risk Director                Claims and Operations Director                  Managing Director – Claims
                               rSA                                             fortis insurance                                AXA insurance

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Dear colleagues,
never before has financial services faced such a diverse and pressing range of challenges. With
growing consumer demands, Solvency II deadlines approaching and new environmental and economic
risks emerging, there is certainly plenty for the industry to discuss.

But with these challenges comes a real opportunity to improve standards and engage consumers. In
the post-recession environment, a healthy and robust insurance sector will be key to supporting
economic growth and providing peace of mind.

That is why I believe it is important for insurers to gather together to share experience and help shape a competitive,
healthy profession that more effectively serves the needs of our customers, our employees and our shareholders.

The Aldermanbury Declaration, launched by a Taskforce of leading industry figures earlier this year, clearly shows that
the industry is intent on improving its reputation with the public. A renewed focus upon professionalism within general
insurance will provide measurable benefits for both the industry and wider society.

On the back of what, I believe, is a growing desire within the market for the development of an insurance ‘Profession’ I am
extremely pleased that the CII is supporting this event.

The Future of General Insurance is one of the leading conferences for the general insurance sector and having chaired
the debate at last year’s conference, I am confident that the discussions that take place will help us better understand
why the insurance profession will be more profitable for everyone than the insurance industry.

I look forward to seeing you join in november.

Dr Alexander Scott
Chief Executive Officer, The Chartered Insurance Institute

The 10th Anniversary Party – celebrating 10 years of insight
We are delighted to invite all attendees of the conference   • Catch up with colleagues over a drink at our cocktail
to our 10th anniversary party on the evening of 3rd            bar, with live demonstrations
november, sponsored by Wipro Technologies.
                                                             • Try your hand at carving your own ice sculpture with
It presents an opportunity to catch up with old colleagues     guidance from our onsite experts
and make new contacts in a more relaxed atmosphere.
                                                             • Compete against your peers over an interactive giant game
The party will also be attended by specially selected
guests, including movers and shakers from the world of       • Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a live band
insurance and some of our keynote speakers from the
past 10 years.

                               bOOK OnLinE -
The Future of

General Insurance                                                                                                      Ye a
Featuring the Operational Excellence Day

      The next few years represent a period of unprecedented change for the insurance industry. The expected
      margin pressure from Solvency II, developments in the financial markets and a new risk environment have
      placed increased demands on insurers’ business models. The Future of General Insurance is the industry’s
      leading forum to debate these challenges – bringing together key industry figures to provide the necessary
      insights to position your organisation for the future.

      Key reasons why this is the
      ‘must attend’ event of the year:                                 why are your peers attending?
                                                                       “The insights from last year’s event, from both on
      • Learn from industry leaders, with more
        Insurance CEOs than ever before                                and off the conference platform, have proved
                                                                       invaluable. I would recommend it without
      • A ten year pedigree ensures reliable quality and               hesitation.”
        a superb list of attendees

      • Benefit from our pertinent agenda, extensively
        researched with senior industry figures                        “With so much change expected in the industry over
      • Drive the focus of the debate in our interactive               the coming years, it is important to keep up to date
        Peer-to-Peer discussions                                       with industry trends and innovative new strategies.
                                                                       This conference never fails to deliver these insights,
      • The UK’s leading event: attracting hundreds of
        attendees year on year                                         which is why I will be participating in the 10th
                                                                       anniversary event.”
      • The only event to focus specifically on the general
        insurance sector, ensuring continually relevant
                                                                       “I’ll be attending The Future of General Insurance to
                                                                       discuss some of the major emerging challenges in
      Seniority of attendees:                                          our industry. The agenda and speaker line up this
      Booking is well underway for this year’s conference,             year look better than ever before.”
      and here is a breakdown of the attendees who have
      already secured their places:

                                                                       customer Satisfaction:
                                                                       97% of respondents from last year’s conference
                                                                       would think of recommending The Future of
                                                                       General Insurance to a colleague

                                                                       Operational Excellence Day:
                                                                       Please turn to the back of this brochure for details
                                                                       of our dedicated day on improving insurance
                 C-Suite          Director     Managing Director

                    Head of Department       Manager

                                                         Tel. +44 (0)20 7760 8699
The Future of

General Insurance                                                                                                                                  Ye a
Featuring the Operational Excellence Day

                The Future of General Insurance: Wednesday 3rd November 2010              Session Two: Pricing for risk - protecting margins
                                                                                  11.50   The future of the insurance cycle: forecasting developments in
   09.15        Welcome address by Marketforce                                            premiums

   09.20        Chairman’s opening remarks                                                • The outlook for prices: the rate of change and the differences
                Catherine Barton, Partner, Actuarial Services, Ernst & Young                between product lines
                                                                                          • Has the nature of the cycle changed forever as a result of
                Session One: Strategic opening discussion - views                           increased price competition and rising cost pressures?
                from the top                                                              • In the future, will a hardening market necessarily increase
   09.25        The changing economics of an insurance business: delivering               John O’Roarke, Managing Director, General Insurance, LV=
                stable performance
                                                                                  12.10   Creating informed risk decisions: getting the right information in
                • Examining the impact on margins of recent economic and                  place
                  competitive developments                                                Bill McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer, Mapflow
                • The changing business model: analysing the balance of
                  premium income and investment income                            12.30   The role of pricing accuracy in tomorrow’s market: how are
                • Satisfying all stakeholders: balancing the demands of                   priorities changing?
                  customers, shareholders and regulators
                Francois-Xavier Boisseau, Chief Executive Officer, Groupama               • Will the current regulatory environment create a shift towards
                                                                                            the accurate pricing of risk?
   09.45        A customer-based approach to long-term value: focusing on                 • How does increased accuracy affect margins and stability?
                the insurance buyer                                                         Should underwriting accuracy always win out?
                                                                                          • Is the right balance being struck between competitive
                • The link between understanding and meeting customer needs                 pressures and accurate risk judgements?
                  and delivery of sustainable returns                                     • Finding strategies to improve underwriting accuracy and
                • Leveraging the potential of the broker-insurer partnership to             methodology
                  improve customer value and loyalty                                      Craig Staniland, Director, Motor, Swiftcover
                • Driving efficiency benefits throughout the buying chain
                • Factors affecting the buying habits of commercial customers     12.50   Questions
                  at different ends of the market
                Dane Douetil, Chief Executive Officer, Brit Insurance             13.05   Lunch

   10.05        Climate change: risks and opportunities in a warmer world           !     Keynote Address

                • How may the climate change: medium and long term?               14.20   Effectively serving consumers: what do customers value in an
                • Post-Copenhagen, where does the world stand in fighting                 insurance offering?
                  climate risk?                                                           Philippe Maso y Guell Rivet, Chief Executive Officer, AXA
                • What are the risks and opportunities for the industry?          14.40   Questions
                • What action should the industry and individual companies take
                  today?                                                                  Session Three: Peer-to-Peer Discussions
                Andrew Torrance, Chief Executive Officer, Allianz
                                                                                          In this session, delegates will split into small groups and be
                Strategic Panel Discussion                                         P2P    given the opportunity to share insights and experiences with
                                                                                          their peers, debating the key steps required to improve the
   10.25        Examining the factors that will shape the future of the general           customer’s experience of insurance.
                insurance market
                                                                                  14.45   From customer service to product offering: where is the
                • Consolidation: how important a catalyst are the harsher                 greatest scope for improvement?
                  capital requirements?
                                                                                          • How adequately are consumers’ needs met by the industry?
                • Product innovation: which are the important emerging or
                                                                                          • Where will we see innovation in product and services?
                  growing risks?
                                                                                          • What examples of best practice are there from the insurance
                • Will there be a drive towards more niche or specialist
                                                                                            industry and beyond?
                  products as insurers look to protect margins?
                • What scope is there for differentiation in commercial and               Session Four: Distribution strategies - securing
                  personal lines?                                                         effective routes to market
                • Do insurers understand enough about distribution channel,
                  customer and product profitability?                                     Panel Discussion
                • navigating change in the coming years: what will separate the
                  winners from the losers?                                        15.10   Advanced aggregator strategies: a future of cooperation?
                Francois-Xavier Boisseau, Chief Executive Officer, Groupama
                Dane Douetil, Chief Executive Officer, Brit Insurance                     • Has the growth of aggregators affected insurers’ offerings
                Andrew Torrance, Chief Executive Officer, Allianz                           beyond price?
                                                                                          • Friend or foe? Is the increased pressure on price offset by the
   10.55        Advisory session                                                            cost effectiveness of the route to market?
                                                                                          • What can be done to ensure insurers get sustainable revenue
   11.15        Questions                                                                   from price comparison sites?
                                                                                          • The next generation: are users embracing the increased level
   11.20        Refreshments                                                                of policy detail on some sites?
                                                                                          • Tracking aggregator activity: can insurers respond to changes
                                                                                            on aggregator sites in real time?
                                                                                          • Will the success of aggregators in personal lines be replicated
                                                                                            in the SME market?
                                                                                          John Paleomylites, Chairman and Founder,
                                                                                          Simon Ball, Chief Executive, Coverzones
                                                                                          Graham Donoghue, Managing Director Travel, Insure and Home

                                                                                  15.40   Refreshments

                                                                    Tel. +44 (0)20 7760 8699
                                                                             17.10   Direct insurance: exploring opportunities in the SME sector
        Stream A: Personal lines
                                                                                     • Analysing the reasons behind the growing success of direct
16.10   How will brokers feature in the future of personal lines
                                                                                       commercial insurance
                                                                                     • Is direct suitable to a specific demographic or the entire SME
        • Where can the broker add real value for insurers: identifying
                                                                                     • To what extent is the growth of direct insurance in SME
          the unique advantages of this model
                                                                                       putting the brokers’ market share at risk?
        • To what extent are brokers better placed to identify consumer
                                                                                     • How can direct insurance cater for the increased complexity
          needs in this environment?
                                                                                       of some SME requirements?
        • Which customers will engage with this distribution model?
                                                                                     • Examining the importance of price and service in direct as
        • Designing a mutually-beneficial relationship that works for
                                                                                       compared to broker
          insurers, brokers and customers alike
                                                                                     Speaker to be confirmed
        Selim Cavanagh, Sales Director, Personal Lines Intermediary,
        AXA Insurance
                                                                             17.30   Questions
16.30   Advisory session
                                                                             17.45   Chairman’s closing remarks and end of day one
16.50   Improving e-trading strategies to ensure cost-effective
                                                                             17.50   The 10th Anniversary Party, sponsored by Wipro Technologies

        • To what extent do insurers understand the cost of acquisition
          through different channels?                                                The Future of General Insurance: Thursday 4th November 2010
        • Tracking aggregator activity: identifying the reliable revenue
        • Creating a framework to support broker activity: what needs
                                                                             09.00   Chairman’s opening remarks
          to be put in place?
        • Removing unnecessary touch points: ensuring the right
          information is collected and delivered at point of sale             !      Keynote Address: FSA
        Ian Josephs, Head of Distribution, MMA Insurance
                                                                             09.05   An update on the regulatory priorities for 2011
                                                                                     Ken Hogg, Director – Insurance Sector, FSA
17.10   Realising the potential of mobile
                                                                             09.25   Questions
        • Will Generation Y continue moving business towards handheld
        • Do we need specific applications or can existing websites just
                                                                                     Session Five: Regulating risk - the implications of
          be accessed through the phone?
                                                                                     solvency II
        • Can the entire sales process be effectively completed on the
                                                                             09.30   The implications of Solvency II for your business
          mobile device alone?
        • The size of the market: does the potential of mobile justify the
                                                                                     • Assessing the impact of Solvency II on profitability: will it force
                                                                                       pricing discipline?
        Paul Wishman, Group E-commerce Director, LV=
                                                                                     • Which lines of business are likely to provide the best return
17.30   Questions                                                                      within new capital restraints?
                                                                                     • Will we see increased diversification or insurers focusing on
        Stream B: Commercial lines                                                     core lines?
                                                                                     • Unintended consequences: will Solvency II reduce the
16.10   Securing cost-effective and sustainable access to the right                    affordability of insurance for certain demographics?
        markets                                                                      • Solvency II across the departments: what will it mean for day-
                                                                                       to-day business?
        • Which channels are best placed to provide access to today’s                Toby Ducker, Programme Director for Solvency II, Brit
          growth markets?                                                            Insurance
        • Does consolidation in the broker market pose a significant
          threat to some insurers?                                           09.50   Advisory session
        • Examining the cost effectiveness of different routes to
          market: how is the balance changing?                               10.10   Questions
        • Developing sophisticated channel strategies: tapping into
          direct, broker and aggregator simultaneously                       10.20   Refreshments
        Darren Pacey, Sales & Distribution Director, Zurich Financial
        Services                                                                     Session Six: Improving the claims process
16.30   Putting the pieces together to support superior distribution and     10.50   Customer service in claims: what role can claims play in
        service                                                                      customer retention?
        • What are the risks for insurers’ distribution systems both now             • What do customers value most in a claims experience?
          and in the future?                                                         • How can a good claims experience promote loyalty over the
        • Ensuring adaptability: preparing to support future innovations               lure of price comparison websites?
          in an ever-changing world                                                  • Communication during the claims process: expectation
        • The benefits of what you already have: why totally new                       management for improved satisfaction
          systems aren’t always the answer                                           Paul Meehan, Customer Experience Director, AXA
        Dan Sobotincic, Executive vice President, Head of Global P&C
        Division, Sapiens                                                    11.10   Tackling claims fraud: preventing and detecting one of the
16.50   How can insurers maximise the value of a broker relationship?                largest costs to the industry

        • Where can the broker add real value to justify commission                  • The ABI estimates 75% of claims fraud goes undetected: why
          levels?                                                                      is fraud so difficult to detect?
        • How can insurers leverage a broker’s ability to better identify            • The respective roles of technology and staff: where is the
          consumers’ needs?                                                            human touch important?
        • Will the role of the broker as adviser take on a new                       • Examples of innovative strategies and preliminary results
          significance in the wake of the downturn?                                  Katie Doyle, Product Marketing Manager, Europe, Guidewire
        Phillip Hodson, Chief Executive Officer, The Oval Group

                                        bOOK OnLinE -
The Future of

General Insurance                                                                                                                                   Ye a
Featuring the Operational Excellence Day

  11.30         Questions                                                           14.40   The importance of brand for attracting customers and
                                                                                            converting sales
                Session Seven: The link between standards and
                profitability                                                               • What factors do consumers consider when purchasing an
                                                                                              insurance product?
                Case Study                                                                  • Is a strong brand the best tool to combat the issue of churn?
                                                                                            • What level of complexity can an insurance brand
  11.40         Supporting staff and customers for record breaking sales                      communicate?
                                                                                            • To what extent does brand act as a timesaving device for
                • The importance of talent: strategies for attracting, nurturing              consumers?
                  and retaining the best staff                                              • Embedding brand values throughout the organisation
                • Supporting staff with the right working environment: how                  Perry Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Insure & Go
                  does this translate to improved sales?
                • Training and development: nurturing new employees to              15.00   Social media: an untapped resource for the industry
                  prepare them for a career in insurance
                • Feedback and review: measuring the performance of staff,                  • Are there opportunities beyond the tailored advertising that
                  products and services                                                       social media allows?
                • Developing the right skills and standards to meet customer                • Do consumers want to hear from financial institutions through
                  needs: what needs to be put in place?                                       social media?
                Brendan Devine, Group Managing Director, Kwik-Fit Insurance                 • Social networking versus blogs: engaging in debate versus
                Services                                                                      providing information
                                                                                            • Ensuring return on investment: what does success look like?
  12.00         Questions                                                                   • The power of viral: what type of brands and messages travel
                                                                                              well through social networks?
  12.05         The Aldermanbury Declaration: a framework for the future                    Neil Brettell, Director - Speciality & Direct, Allianz
                credibility of the sector
                Dr Alexander Scott, Chief Executive, The Chartered Insurance        15.20   Questions
                                                                                      !     Closing Address
                Panel Discussion
                                                                                    15.35   Looking forward: how should the industry strive to improve over
  12.15         Will an insurance ‘profession’ be more profitable for everyone              the next 5 years?
                than an insurance ‘industry’?                                               Julie Hopes, Commercial Director - General Insurance,
                                                                                            Tesco Bank
                • How would an insurance profession benefit shareholders,
                  employees and customers?                                          15.55   Questions
                • Increasing consumer confidence and retaining the loyalty of
                  the customer                                                      16.00   Chairman’s concluding remarks and close of conference
                • How empowering front line staff can boost the profitability of
                  your business
                • Insurance is a people business: are we doing enough for our
                  own people?
                • Doing the right thing: the importance of ethical behaviour
                David Tyers, Director of Direct Insurance, Aviva
                Angus Tucker, Past President, Chartered Institute of Loss
  12.40         Title to be confirmed
                John Salmon, Partner, Pinsent Masons                                                Panel Discussion
                                                                                                    Each speaker will make an individual address or short
  13.00         Questions                                                                           introductory remarks before joining a lively discussion
                                                                                                    and interactive debate. Delegates are invited to pose
  13.05         Lunch hosted by Pinsent Masons                                                      questions throughout the session, providing the
                                                                                                    opportunity to guide the discussion and topics covered
                Session Eight: Engaging consumers from                                              and test our panellists with some challenging
                acquisition to renewal                                                              questions!
  14.20         Overcoming a lack of trust in the sector: barriers to industry
                effectiveness                                                                       Case Study
                                                                                                    A particular company or project is closely analysed to
                • Examining the value proposition of insurance: why is trust                        provide delegates with a thorough understanding of
                  important to this?                                                                key challenges and lessons that can be broadly
                • To what extent do insurers have the power to influence                            applied to their own experiences.
                  customer perceptions?
                • How does the level of trust impact the take up of products and                    Streams
                  choice of provider?                                                               The conference divides into a number of streams,
                • What key steps need to be taken by insurers and brokers to                        allowing delegates to tailor the content according to
                  build trust?                                                                      their needs and interests.
                Barry Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Fortis UK
                                                                                                    Peer-to-Peer Discussion
                                                                                            P2P     Dividing into smaller groups, delegates discuss critical
                                                                                                    issues with their peers. This format consistently leads
                                                                                                    to in-depth discussion and enhances the networking

                                                                                                    Keynote Address
                                                                                              !     A prominent industry player addresses the event on a
                                                                                                    key issue.

                                                                      Tel. +44 (0)20 7760 8699
Operational Excellence Day
Following the success of last year’s event, we are delighted to announce the return of our dedicated
operations day. The Operational Excellence Day will provide strategies to improve efficiency in order to protect
the organisation from increasing margin pressure over the coming years. With a focus on practical solutions,
customer centricity and best practice, this event will equip you with the tools you need to prepare the
organisation for tomorrow.

Key topics to be discussed                                                      Learn practical solutions to take back
                                                                                to the office:
• Customer centricity: designing operations around
  the customer                                                                  “My head hurt, but in a good way. The debates &
                                                                                presentations were sharp and vibrant. I took away
• Prioritising investment: finding the opportunity
                                                                                nine 'must do when back at ranch' actions.”
  for maximum gains

• Supplier management: aligning interests and
  ensuring the best deal

• Improving core systems to support a changing

• What constitutes best practice? Peer-to-Peer

• The implications of new touch points: the impact
  on operations

Operational Excellence Day Sponsors:                                            Attendee breakdown
                            Autoglass® is part of Belron the world’s largest    During the conference you can expect to enjoy the
                            vehicle glass repair and replacement company,
                            serving more than 1.5 million motorists every
                                                                                company of senior-level figures from across the
                            year. We have the widest reaching network in the    insurance industry. Below is a breakdown from last
UK with 103 branches nationwide and 1,300 mobile service units providing a
world-class service 24/7, 365 days a year to drivers whenever and wherever      year’s event:
they need us.

                             Capita Assurance and Testing is part of The
                             Capita Group Plc, the UK’s leading outsourcing
                             company. We help organisations to achieve
                             optimum levels of systems quality at the desired
                             cost. Our independent systems quality
assurance and testing solutions range from managed services delivered on
and offshore to consulting and recruitment services.

                                       Globally, TCS has been delivering
                                       innovative IT services and business
                                       solutions to insurers for more than
                                       three decades and is currently a
                                       strategic partner for the UK's top 7
insurance organisations on a number of business critical IT and
Infrastructure, HR and F&A Outsourcing and claims processing engagements.
TCS provides business support services through our FSA-regulated subsidiary               Insurance Companies        Management Consultants
Diligenta in the UK. For further information, please visit
                                                                                          Other Financial Services   Insurance Loss Adjusters
                                                                                          Solicitors                 Regulators

                                                                                          Insurance Brokers          Other

                                                                                          IT Solutions

                                                            Tel. +44 (0)20 7760 8699
                                                                                                                                                Ye a

        Operational Excellence Day: Tuesday 2nd November 2010                         • Ensuring responsiveness to customer changes and
                                                                                        continuous improvement: what needs to be put in place?
                                                                                      Andrew Clayton, Operations Director, Allianz Insurance

09.20   Chairman’s opening remarks                                            11.50   Questions

        Session One: Creating informed operations                                     Session Three: Supporting processes with the
        strategies                                                                    right technology
09.25   Operational efficiency in insurance: examining the changing           12.05   The role of technology in managing risk and maintaining
        drivers                                                                       compliance

                                                                                      • Managing requirements and delivering the necessary systems
        • Where will margin pressure come from in the future and how
          should this direct strategies?
                                                                                      • The importance of data quality and availability across the
        • Will Solvency II drive investment in IT and operations?
        • Analysing the role of operations in securing a competitive
                                                                                      • How does QA help to demonstrate control and governance?
                                                                                      • Delivering increased efficiency on the back of regulatory
        • Examining the scale of the challenge: how efficient are
          insurance operations?
                                                                                      Matt Robson, Solutions Delivery Director,
        • To what extent is the industry in a position to invest now for
                                                                                      Capita Assurance and Testing
          long-term cost savings?
        Peter Horton, GI Operations Director, LV=
                                                                              12.25   Creating an IT system that will support a changing business
        Panel Discussion                                                              • How successfully has the industry dealt with overhauling
                                                                                        outdated core systems?
09.45   Responding to margin pressure: planning improvements in
                                                                                      • Will increased reporting requirements put an extra burden on
                                                                                        IT? How can this be addressed?
                                                                                      • Making the most of what you have: when are costly upgrades
        • Choosing the right battles: where to prioritise investment to
          achieve greatest ROI?
                                                                                      • Defining good: what key success factors need to be
        • Is it all about cost reduction? Or can extra expense be justified
                                                                                        considered during system design?
          for improved processes?
                                                                                      • Being prepared for the unknown: ensuring flexibility and
        • Operations and the customer: which customer insights will
                                                                                        adaptability in a period of change
          drive process design?
                                                                                      Rachael Bishop, IT Director, Barbon Insurance
        • Hidden costs: what impact could cost-reduction strategies
          have on brand loyalty and retention?
                                                                              12.45   Questions
        • Getting value from the supply chain: looking beyond squeezing
                                                                              12.55   Lunch hosted by Tata Consultancy Services
        David Weymouth, Group Operations & Risk Director, RSA
        Peter Horton, GI Operations Director, LV=
        Rachel Bishop, IT Director, Barbon Insurance
                                                                                      Session Four: Best practice forum - Peer-to-Peer
10.20   Refreshments
                                                                                      In this session industry experts will outline recent case studies,
                                                                                      before delegates discuss the key transferable lessons at their
        Session Two: Operations and customer-centricity                               tables.
10.50   Balancing the demands of cost reduction and superior
                                                                              14.10   Working closely with suppliers to ensure continuous
        customer service
                                                                                      Rob Smale, Claims and Operations Director, Fortis Insurance
        • The track record: what are the implications of cost cutting
          drives on customer relationships?
                                                                              14.20   Supporting the workforce: enabling staff to boost their
        • Finding opportunities for simultaneous cost reduction and
          service improvement
                                                                                      Graham Johnson, Transformation Director,
        • Which aspects of customer service are most costly and are
                                                                                      Ecclesiastical Insurance
          there viable alternatives?
        • Would some customers choose reduced service levels in
                                                                              14.30   Peer-to-Peer Discussions
          return for lower premiums?
                                                                                      • Which transferable lessons from these case studies can be
        David Weymouth, Group Operations & Risk Director, RSA
                                                                                        implemented back in the office?
                                                                                      • Which changes are likely to produce the greatest
11.10   The 21st century insurance company: preparing to better serve
                                                                                        improvements at minimal cost or disruption to the business?
                                                                              15.05   Chairman’s summary
        • How will technology impact the future dynamics of insurance
        • Understanding emerging technology: which innovations will
                                                                                      Session Five: Working effectively with suppliers
          really promote operational excellence?
                                                                                      and partners
        • Realising the ‘market of one’: what are the barriers to treating
                                                                              15.10   The future of sourcing in insurance: working together to
          each customer as an individual?
                                                                                      support business goals
        • The modern consumer: how will the ‘facebook community’
          interact with insurers?
                                                                                      • Are the drivers behind sourcing decisions changing as we
        Colin Burton, Senior Business Development Manager,
                                                                                        emerge from the downturn?
        Wipro Technologies
                                                                                      • Getting both parties to pull in the same direction: strategies to
                                                                                        ensure a seamless partnership
11.30   Improving operations to create value for customers
                                                                                      • Creating a flexible relationship to allow responsiveness to
                                                                                        market changes
        • What do customers value most in their dealings with
                                                                                      • Measuring success: how should non-price success factors be
        • Using these insights to redesign processes around the
                                                                                      Bala Muralidharan, Head of Insurance Practice, Tata
                                                                                      Consultancy Services
        • Supporting the frontline for a consistent customer experience

                                         bOOK OnLinE -
15.30   Removing cost from the claims supply chain
        • From centralised hubs to fewer suppliers: strategies to
          streamline the supply chain                                                                              Ernst & Young is a global leader in
        • Aligning interests: incentivising suppliers to provide the best                                          professional services and has significant
          deal                                                                                                     experience of providing a broad range of
        • Economies of scale vs. customer satisfaction: examining                                                  services to the general insurance industry.
          pitfalls of a simpler supply chain                                    Our specialist insurance sector team coordinate multi-disciplinary teams to
        • How can cost savings be made without reducing the ability to          deliver a range of services including: performance improvement, financial
          respond in a crisis?                                                  management and control, change management, regulatory reporting, risk
        Pete Tart, European Claims vendor Management Director,                  management, information technology, product design, tax, transactions,
        Zurich                                                                  actuarial, corporate advisory and audit services.
15.50   Questions
                                                                                                            Guidewire is a leading provider of flexible core
                                                                                                            systems that enable property/casualty insurers to
16.00   Refreshments                                                                                        deliver insurance the way they want to. Designed for
                                                                                maximum flexibility and scalability, Guidewire solutions give carriers the
        Session Six: Supporting multiple customer touch-                        capability to deliver excellent service to policyholders and agents and increase
        points - the role of operations                                         market share – while lowering operating costs.
16.30   Delivering a cost-effective multi-channel claims experience
                                                                                                                 JMR UK in partnership with IDIT
        • To what extent is channel strategy key to reducing the cost of                                         Technologies extends the availability of
          processing claims?                                                                                     IDIT™ Software Suite to general insurance
        • Does self-service reduce overall cost, or do claimants still                                           companies in the UK. new technology is a
                                                                                key enabler for general insurance businesses today – we can help you to gain
          contact staff for the human touch?
                                                                                a competitive advantage.
        • How can processes be designed to guide customers to the     
          most cost-effective channel?
        • Using your channels to deliver information from suppliers to
                                                                                                                   Mapflow is the number one provider of
          claimants in real time                                                                                   geospatial risk intelligence to the
        David Williams, Managing Director – Claims, AXA Insurance                                                  insurance industry in the UK. Leading
                                                                                                                   names in insurance have selected its GEO:
16.50   Preparing for the future: the implications of new touch points                                             solution to achieve more sophisticated
                                                                                and competitive risk segmentation, pricing and underwriting decisions.
        • How is the growing trend towards online affecting the                 Mapflow clients include AXA, Travelers, Hiscox, Amlin and Aviva.
          requirements of operations and IT?                          
        • Examining the operational implications of aggregator vs direct
          business                                                                                         As a leading supplier of software to the insurance
        • Integrating the mobile: what new operational challenges does                                     industry, Sapiens delivers innovative and agile
          this present?                                                                                    modular solutions, underpinned by proven
        • Does the increased variety of touch points represent                                             technology and unrivalled domain expertise to
          increased costs?                                                                                 general insurance, life and pensions and
        • Looking forward: what key developments can be expected in             reinsurance companies. With operations in EMEA, USA and Asia, Sapiens’
          the next 5 years?                                                     clients include the major insurance players in each of these geographies.
        Speaker to be confirmed                                       

17.10   Questions
                                                                                                                           Total Systems plc offers a
                                                                                                                           comprehensive range of software,
17.20   Chairman’s concluding remarks
                                                                                                                           support and expertise to the
                                                                                                                           insurance sector. Total Systems’
17.30   Drinks reception sponsored by Autoglass                                 Ultima product is a client-driven, SOA compliant insurance and warranty
                                                                                system used to manage personal and commercial insurance and warranty
                                                                                products, from quotation through to claims and accounting. Total Systems
                                                                                deliver cost-effective, robust solutions including necessary consultancy,
                                                                                training and support.
 Lead sponsor:                                                        

                                                                                                    Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Wipro is a global
                                                                                                    provider of integrated, business, technology and process,
                                                                                                    solutions. Wipro’s 100,000+ employees operate through
                                                                                                    its global network of 55+ ‘Centres of Excellence’ to deliver
                                                                                                    solutions specific to its preferred vertical markets. In the
                                                                                                    UK Wipro delivers on-site and outsourced solutions to
                                                                                many tier 1 insurance providers.

Cognizant is a leading provider of information technology, consulting and
business process outsourcing services. With more than 40 global delivery        Legal sponsor:
centres and over 60,000 employees, we combine a unique onsite/ offshore
delivery model with a distinct culture of customer satisfaction. At Cognizant                               Pinsent Masons provides a full range of
we have one single-minded passion: dedicating our global resources, industry                                commercial legal services to clients doing
intelligence and systems expertise to working with our clients to make their                                business all around the world. As one of our core
businesses stronger. We harness talent from across the globe to build deep,                                 sectors, insurance is at the heart of our
sustainable, long term relationships that foster continuous operational                                     business. We provide advice on every aspect of
improvements and better bottom line results for our clients.                                                insurance and reinsurance, from the creation of                                                               new products and policy wordings to resolving major disputes. Our leading
                                                                                team of over 40 lawyers advises general and life assurance companies,
                                                                                reinsurers, insurance and reinsurance brokers, insolvency practitioners and
                                                                                companies in run-off.

                                                                 Tel. +44 (0)20 7760 8699
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