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					The Insurance Brokers
to the Business, Commercial
& Financial Community.
I ntroduction
                                  Bruno Callaghan started working for Willis Faber
                                  & Dumas Limited in 1989 in London. He
                                  handled the major Brokers Errors & Omissions
                                  placing and claims in the International Overseas
                                  Division and also worked with the Property
                                  Facultative Reinsurance Department. He left the
                                  United Kingdom for Gibraltar to join the family
                                  business and established Callaghan Insurance
                                  Brokers Limited. Shortly afterwards placing the
                                  majority of the Government of Gibraltar's
insurance requirements and large trading companies and Finance Centre insurance
requirements within Gibraltar.

He was later appointed by Willis as Managing Director of Willis Management
(Gibraltar) Limited for the management and formation of captives and insurance
companies as a representative office.

Callaghan Insurance Brokers Ltd are independent insurance brokers and
correspondents for Willis Group, who are a leading intermediary and risk
management consultancy company. We offer transactional and/or advisory services
for your insurance requirements. We advise on all types of insurance products and
we are not tied to any one insurer.

The team continues to grow, however, we have developed into a niche market
player and although we provide personal lines insurance, we do so only to existing
commercial and professional clients.

Callaghan are here to provide solutions to you, be it Medical, Marine or even a
kidnap and ransom placement!
                                                                                             Alternative Risk Transfer        Political Risks
                                                                                             Claims Advocacy                  Project Financing
                                                                                             Directors & Officers Liability   Professional Indemnity
                                                                                             Employee Benefits                Structured Financial Solutions
                                                                                             Environmental                    Transaction Solutions
                                                                                             Financial Risks                  Revenue Enhancement
                                                                                             Insolvency                       Weather Risk Financing
                                                                                             Market Security                  Terrorism
                                                                                             Mergers & Acquisitions

                                                                                             Policies and risks we offer
Callaghan are committed to serving its                                                       All Lines Commercial             Motor Fleet Insurance
                                                                                             Aviation                         High Value Property
clients with the precise, required service                                                   Bankers Blanket Bond             Marine
We will discuss with you or your representatives your insurance requirements, including      Contractors All Risks            Medical Malpractice
the scope of cover and limits to be sought and cost. Upon receipt of your instructions,      Directors & Officers             Private Medical Insurance
whether written or oral, we will then endeavour to satisfy your insurance requirements.      Dataguard Insurance              Product Liability
                                                                                             Employee Benefits                Professional Indemnity
During the course of the placement of your insurance we shall keep you informed of
                                                                                             Employers Liability              Public Liability
the progress of our negotiations and identify any inability to obtain the coverage sought
by you. We will use reasonable endeavours to implement your insurance programme,             Financial Lines                  Terrorism
subject to available insurers, before the intended date of inception, renewal or extension   Personal Lines                   Kidnap & Ransom
of cover (whichever is appropriate).                                                         Personal Accident                Electronic & Computer Crime

We will provide you with information about the insurance cover to be recommended to
you to enable you to decide whether to accept the insurance cover available. As your
insurance intermediary we will answer any questions you may have on the proposed
cover, its benefits, restrictions, exclusions and conditions.
All Lines Commercial
Commercial and Property Insurance is essential protection in our increasingly
litigious society. With access to the major underwriters and specialist schemes
we are well placed to provide a range of covers tailored to all your commercial
needs. We will monitor your insurance portfolio to look for opportunities to
improve cover, save you money, or simply adapt your policies to meet your
changing needs.

We can offer aviation services and insurance solutions via Willis Aerospace.
They are a leading broker with in-house specialists from the aviation industry.
Combining aviation, business and risk management expertise to provide a
complete solution for our clients and maintaining industry links and best
practice through membership of professional bodies such as the UK Flight
Safety Committee.

Marine Insurance
Our background has equipped us with a detailed understanding of the risks
associated with the marine industry and we are thus well placed to provide
effective insurance solutions.

Terrorism Insurance
This is a very complex subject and following the aftermath of the atrocities in
the United States of America, insurers and market bodies had been in
discussion with the UK Government regarding the future of terrorism insurance
cover for businesses in the UK. We can arrange Terrorism cover in respect of a
Household risk to a Rock concert whether in the UK, Europe or Worldwide.

Contractors Liability Insurance
This policy is for all firms involved in contracts with clients. This can be
extended to Contract All Risks insurance providing cover for the works being
carried out. This is particularly useful for the building and construction trades
and we are able to provide package policies for Public Liability, Employers'
Liability, Contractors' All Risk cover, hired equipment, plant and tools.
Directors & Officers
As a director, officer or manager of any company you are automatically exposed at law
to unlimited personal liability. You are required to account for your personal actions and in
some cases, the actions of your fellow directors or officers. This type of insurance will
protect you financially if a claim is brought against you. It will also reimburse your
company for any payments it has made on behalf of directors and officers.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
Protects your company and its employees against legal liability to compensate third parties
who have sustained some injury, loss or damage due to their professional negligence.

Products Liability
Protects the insured against his or her legal liability for injury to third parties or loss or
damage to their property caused by goods sold, supplied, repaired, serviced or tested by
the insured.

Public Liability
This protects the insured against his or her legal liability for bodily injury to third parties or
loss or damage to their property.

Employers Liability
By Law even if you have a single employee you are required to have employer's liability
insurance. This insurance protects employers against claims for damages brought by
employees. An employer may incur legal liability to an employee who while serving under
a contract of service, sustains bodily injury or illness which arises out of and in the
course of that employment.
Fleet Motor Insurance
We can cater for general motor fleet insurance and specialized motor enquiries
such as heavy goods vehicles and large commercial vehicles.

Financial Lines
We offer a range of products and services to major public companies,
partnerships, banks and other financial institutions to help minimize risks.
We protect institutions against the consequences that may befall them from
their business activities and, by reducing the risk enable them to operate more
profitably. Our major signature products are the following: Directors and Officers,
Errors and Omissions, Crime Insurance and Political risks.

Bankers Blanket Bond
Every financial institution is exposed to the risk of criminal activity, both from
within its own organizations and from outside. Losses can have a devastating
impact on a financial institutions balance sheet. Bankers blanket bond is an
exclusive form of bond specially designed to insure and protect banks against
direct financial loss caused by fraud and potential catastrophic criminal actions
such as employee, dishonesty, burglary, robbery, larceny, theft, forgery,
misplacement and certain other perils

High Value Properties
It is essential to buy good insurance to protect your investment. Callaghan work
with the best insurers in the market to provide you with such protection.

This has been specifically designed for companies who have a dependency on
their computer network. This type of insurance offers peace of mind for
businesses through comprehensive protection against financial loss arising from
malicious or accidental incidents to computer networks and telecommunications
systems. However sophisticated a company's network security may be, there is
no absolute guarantee of safety from threats.
Medical Malpractice
This is defined as negligence committed by a professional health care provider resulting
in harm to a patient or patients. This arises when the doctor, nurse, dentist, technician,
hospital or hospital workers performance of duties departs from what is considered
standard for those with similar training and experience. Medical malpractice insurance is
insurance that covers healthcare professionals for such things as court costs,
settlements and damages associated with malpractice lawsuit.

Private Medical Insurance
Offers you peace of mind wherever you are. We offer products that can be tailor made
to suit your requirements.

Employee Benefit Schemes
Provide an employment environment to enable employers to attract, retain and motivate
staff including pension schemes, medical insurance, etc.
Your Team
Bruno Callaghan
Managing Director

Gisela Recagno                                                                                                       Bianca Broton
Personal Assistant                                                                                                     Accounts Officer

Tanya Moya                                                                                                          Amanda Ryan
Office Manager & Account Executive                                                                          Client Service Executive
Specialises in Professional Indemnity and Directors & Officers Liability   Specialises in Small Commercial Risks and Personal Lines

Paula Coulthard                                                                                                  Patricia Saccone
Business Development Executive                                                                                  Client Service Executive
Specialises in Commercial Risks                                            Specialises in Private Medical Insurance and Personal Lines
                                    Callaghan Insurance Brokers Ltd
                                         Suite 827 Europort, P O Box 708, Gibraltar
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