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					The best tool to calculate Keyword Popularity

I run a small bakery in the Midwest and when businesses began to go viral I almost had a
breakdown because I was not computer savvy in the least. When I asked some f riends f or some
help they all told me the importance of keyword popularity on my website. I had absolutely no
idea what they were talking about so when I got home that night I got online and went to Google
to search keyword popularity and what it meant.

When I f inally understood how to use keyword popularity to benef it my online store and web
presence I wanted to f ind a tool to help me calculate it. Finally I stumbled across this website that
was a keyword popularity checker that made it much easier f or me to check the popularity of
my keywords f or me. T he f irst time I went to the website it allowed me to enter 15 inquiries I
believe and told me exactly how popular each one was.

You can also f ind out your keyword popularity by using programs and other sof tware available
f or purchase online and in stores. T hese programs will run your keywords f or you and even
generate new keywords f or you to use. If you have the extra cash f or the sof tware it can be one
of the best keyword popularity tools to help boost your website traf f ic. You have to realize
that the major traf f ic on the internet can be one of the best ways to improve your business. If
you take advantage of keyword popularity then the attention you attract online could lead to a
better store f ront business as well.

T he advantages to using the right keywords are phenomenal and can ultimately make or break
your web presence. Check your keyword popularity because eventually you can even get to get

your website to work f or you. T hat is right, popular well traf f icked websites actually produce
money f or you. Check out that website or maybe even buy some sof tware. Whatever you do
make sure you check the keyword popularity f or your web presence.

              Side by Side Comparison of Top Keyword Tools


                              PPC Web Spy            Micro Niche Finder           Keyword Elite

  Rating                          9.8/10                    9.0/10                    8.5/10

  Link                           Visit Site               Visit Site                Visit Site



  Ease of Use

  Price                             $97                      $97                       $176

             Full Review - Most Recommended Keyword Tool # 1

                                     1. PPC Web Spy

                  It is no secret that using Adwords can
                  get you a lot of traf f ic very quickly and

                  It’s also no secret that using Adwords can make you go
                  broke very quickly, if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Overall Rating:
                  In f act, it’s f or this very reason that many people either
                  don’t try Adwords or the reason why they vow never to
                  use Adwords again. However, it doesn’t have to be that
                  way. What if you could f ind prof itable keywords that
                  didn’t cost a lot of money per click? Would you be
                  interested? Well, thanks to a product by Brad Callen
                  PPC Web Spy, this can be a reality.

                  One of the biggest problems and f astest budget
                  drainers is when you use Adwords, a lot of keywords
                  are hit and miss. It can take a long time to f ind some
                  really prof itable keywords and get rid of the non-
                  perf orming keywords that are just costing you money
                  and not converting into sales. T his is how successf ul
                  Adwords advertisers are successf ul.

                  You have to be lucky and/or have deep pockets to be
                  able to weed out the loser keywords. T hanks to PPC
                  Web Spy, you don’t have to use trial and error anymore.
                  What’s even better is it will expose your competition’s
                  most prof itable keyword campaigns to you.

                  T hat’s right! You’ll get to come in and legally steal their
                  prof itable keywords right out f rom under them. While
                  they already did all the trial and error and losses on the
                  crappy keywords, you get the spoils of their hard work!

                  Here are just a f ew of the things that PPC Web Spy can
                  do f or you:
You'll be able to quickly and easily uncover any Google
Adwords advertiser's keywords in only a f ew seconds!
T hen, simply take those keywords and advertise your
own product or service and get ready f or the money to
come rolling in!

You'll be able to see critical Adwords data relating to
each keyword. Data such as:

      T he actual Adwords ads your competitors have
      written f or each keyword

      T he Cost Per Click, or amount your competitors
      are paying f or each keywords they're bidding on

      Your competitor's Adwords rank, so you'll be able
      to determine how much money you should be
      spending to get your site to a similar rank, to
      expect similar results.

      T he total daily amount your competition is
      spending via Google Adwords

      And much more!

You can use PPC Web Spy to generate your own giant
list of keywords based upon any of the individual
keywords your competition is using!

T here are more benef its at the PPC Web Spy site; you
can check them out f or yourself . T here’s also a
f antastic video that demonstrates the tool in action.
You just have to see it to believe it.

You may be shocked, but you’ll actually be able to get
this tool f or f ree. However, you’re very limited to what
you can get with the f ree version. For example, you can
only get 10 random keywords that an Adwords
advertiser is bidding on. T he f ree tool is okay to give
you a f eel f or what the sof tware can do but that’s
about it. T he real power of PPC Web Spy is when you
upgrade to the platinum edition.

You will be able to get 100 keywords f or any Adwords
advertiser. You will be able to see their average daily
spending budget and their average clicks per day. You’ll
be able to see if they are a Clickbank, Amazon, or af f iliate too. You’ll also be able to see
their landing page f or any keyword you want, without
even having to click on their ad, costing them money.
Plus there are a lot more f eatures. T his really is an
Adwords advertiser’s dream come true.

On the upgrade page he also shows some very nice
screenshots of real earnings that he is making by using
this tool. T hese earnings are very impressive. Words
can’t really do them justice; you’ll just have to see them
f or yourself .

How much would it be worth to you to be able to directly
spy on your competition and steal their successf ul
keywords right out f rom under them? How much money
do you think a tool like this could save you on trial and
error? Surprisingly, PPC Web Spy is at a shockingly low
one time payment price of only $97. For the power and
f unctionality that it of f ers, this is a bargain. You should
be able to recoup that investment in little to no time at

Click Here to Visit Of f icial Site Now!

   Full Review - Recommended Keyword Tool # 2

                     2. Micro Niche Finder

                     One of the most dif f icult things about
                     ranking your site organically is f inding
                     keywords that don’t have too much

                     If you’re just starting a site then it can be really hard to
Overall Rating:      gain any f ooting in the search engines.

                     T he sites that currently hold the top positions have
                     most likely been around f or a while now and they have
                     quite a f ew backlinks pointing at them. You could spend
                     a lot of time and money trying to beat them at Search
                     Engine Optimization. It can be done, but be prepared f or
                     the long haul.

                     Does this mean you have to give up on building a
                     website just because it’s a competitive topic? No, it
                     doesn’t. You’re just going to have to f ind keywords that
                     don’t have a lot of competition but have a good amount
                     of monthly searches. Now you may be wondering how
                     exactly you’re going to do that. Let me introduce you to
                     a tool called Micro Niche Finder.

                     In f act, right on the sales page, Micro Niche Finder
                     of f ers you 5 suggestions of how you can use their tool
                     to make some money quickly and easily. Here are 2 of

                     Profit Stream # 2:
                     Make Residual Monthly Ad Revenue f rom set-and-

f orget Adsense Content Pages. (see f ree video demo

Profit Stream # 5:
Make Money Creating eBay Feeder Pages and linking to
targeted niche eBay Auctions. (see f ree video demo

As you can see, they also include demonstration videos
so you can see the sof tware in action. You have to give
them your f irst name and email to see the videos, but
its well worth it. T hen you’ll also be able to read more
about Micro Niche Finder. Once you input your f irst
name and email, you’ll be taken to another page with
some great inf ormation about Micro Niche Finder.

For example, the creator of Micro Niche Finder in one
year made $3489.07 f rom a one page site that had an
article and some Yahoo ads on it! T hat’s pretty

T hat’s because Micro Niche Finder helped him f ind a
keyword that had a decent amount of searches but no
competition. T hink about that, a 1 page site not only
getting ranked and indexed, but making over $3,000 in
one year.

T his page also lists a ton of f eatures that Micro Niche
Finder has. Here are a f ew examples:

      Uncover Completely Overlooked Niche
      Markets that are so Profitable You'll be
      Absolutely Shocked at How Easily You Found
      T hem. (you'll f ind so many prof itable niche
      markets your biggest problem will be deciding
      which one you want to exploit f irst!)

      Locate the MOST Profitable Affiliate
      Programs for Your Niche Market Keyword
      Phrases with the Built in Targeted Affiliate
      Product Search Tools.

      Exclusive Strength of Competition (S.O.C.)
      Index Tells You at a Glance How Strong the
      Existing Competition is for any Keyword
      Phrase. (now you'll know exactly which markets
      are hidden gems and which ones to avoid like the

      Search Manager Allows You Quick and Easy
      Access To All Your Past Keyword Searches.

      Conveniently Saves and Organizes All Your
      Keyword Searches and Results.

      Locates Keywords for Markets Even When
      You Don't Even Know the Market Exists! (the
      ultimate automated brainstorming tool.)

T hese are just a f ew; there are many, many, more
f eatures Micro Niche Finder has to of f er.

T here are also several testimonials on the page f rom
very happy customers. Here’s just one example:

This is an awesome tool. I just bought it last night and
have already uncovered a page full of long tail keywords
to use when promoting one of my profitable niche
content sites.

Andrew Seltz
The Go-To Guy!

You don’t just get Micro Niche Finder f or one low f ee.
You don’t just get Micro Niche Finder f or one low f ee.
T hey also throw in a bunch of added bonuses. Here are
the bonuses that you get when you buy Micro Niche

Exclusive Bonus # 1: "Squidoo Advantage: How To Use
Squidoo To Get First Page Ranking in Google"

Exclusive Bonus # 2: "Adsense Page Generator: Easily
Generate Adsense Content Pages"

Exclusive Bonus # 3: "Fast PLR Prof its: How To Make
Quick Cash with Private Label Rights Content"

Exclusive Bonus # 4: "eBay Af f iliate Prof its: How To
Make a Bundle Linking to eBay"

Micro Niche Finder by itself is well worth the price. T he
bonuses are incredible. T hese aren’t bonuses that
you’re going to want to download and leave on your
hard drive. If you use them in conjunction with Micro
Niche Finder you should be able to make a decent
amount of money very quickly with a little time and
ef f ort on your part.

While Micro Niche Finder could probably easily charge a
monthly f ee, they don’t. T his is bad f or them, because
they’re losing out on a lot of money; but good f or you
because you’re getting this powerf ul tool f or a one time

Micro Niche Finder and all the above bonuses will only
cost you $97. If you put a little time and ef f ort in you
should be able to recoup that cost in very little time. Go
to Micro Niche Finder and get this powerf ul sof tware
and stop wasting time and ef f ort trying to f ind low
competition keywords by hand or with junky f ree tools!

                      Click Here to Visit Of f icial Site Now!

  Full Review - Recommended Keyword Tool # 3

                     3. Keyword Elite

                     If you’re serious about making money
                     with a website, then it’s time to get
                     serious about your keyword tool.

                     While f ree keyword tools are okay f or people who are
                     hobbyists with their websites, they are not okay f or
Overall Rating:      people who have a real desire and passion to make
                     money with their website.

                     Free keyword tools just don’t cut it. You need a
                     powerf ul keyword tool that will help you to f ind
                     keywords that will make you money. One of the best
                     keyword tools to do that is Keyword Elite.

                     Most products only have a f ew testimonials at best.
                     Keyword Elite has an unbelievable amount of
                     testimonials. Not only are there are a large amount of
                     testimonials; but they go beyond the typical generic
                     “great product” testimonials that you see f or most
                     products like these. T hese testimonials include actual
                     monetary results that the users got by using Keyword
                     Elite. Here are just a f ew examples:

                     "I tested 1 project only and it did even more than you
                     promised. It made me $1,150 in the first 12 hours! And
                     that was only 1 of the 5 projects. Since then I've tried
and tested all 5 projects and they are incredibly

Brad you have released a piece of monster software that
will change the way websites are made. This is the most
complete keyword research tool I have ever seen and I
will recommend it to all my friends and business

Peter Vermeeren

“As of today my Adsense balance is $338.58 - and we
still have 5 days to go this month!”

"This tool is the best piece of software I bought in 6
years of marketing on the internet. Constant updates
have even improved it the last weeks. Before I sarted
using it I was making an average of $200 per month with
Adsense. Today my balance is $338.58 - and we still
have 5 days to go this month! Thanks Brad!"

Thomas Schamedatus

T here are many, many, more testimonials f rom people
just like you who bought Keyword Elite and are getting
amazing results f rom it. You can see all the testimonials
on the sales page of Keyword Elite. You can tell these
people are extremely happy with their purchase.

When you buy Keyword Elite, you aren’t just buying a
piece of sof tware. You are actually buying 4 dif f erent
ways to make money. T he sof tware will allow you to do
any or all 4 of these money making projects:
      Money making strategy # 1 - "Uncover Hidden
      Niches And Keywords, Ready To 'Explode' By
      Analyzing Your Pay Per Click Competition In
      Google, Yahoo, Miva, And Enhance!"

      Money making strategy # 2 - "Legally and
      Ethically 'Steal' Your Competitors Prof itable
      Adwords Keywords By Discovering Exactly Which
      Keywords Are Making T hem Money!"

      Money making strategy # 3 - "Rapidly Generate
      High Paying, High Converting Keyword Lists T hat
      YOUR Buyers Are Desperately Searching For...In
      As Little As 27 Seconds!”

      Money making strategy # 4 - "Instantly Discover
      How Competitive A Specif ic Niche Is By Analyzing
      T he Top Ranked Websites In Google!"

You can also watch videos of the sof tware in action f or
every one of these money making strategies on the
sales page of Keyword Elite. Seeing the videos with
your own eyes is believing.

T here are other ways you can use Keyword Elite to
make some money too. Here are just a f ew more

      Rapidly generate massive keyword lists of
      50,000+ keywords for your content websites,
      or pay per click campaigns, in record time.

      Quickly and Easily locate high priced
      keywords for use with your content
      websites. (You will Profit like MAD with this

      Uncover hidden 'niche markets' so profitable
      that your competitors will wish they had
      found it first and curse the day you were
      born. (Heck they might just pay YOU to find
      niche markets for them! Talk about easy

T hese are just a f ew of the examples. T here are more
listed on the sales page f or Keyword Elite.

Brad Callen, the creator of Keyword Elite, probably
could make more money if he made people pay to use
this tool on a monthly basis. However, he only charges
a one time f ee f or the sof tware. Not only will you get
Keyword Elite that will help you to prof it like crazy with
your websites, you will also get a f ew f antastic
bonuses when you buy too.

Here are the bonuses you will receive when you buy
Keyword Elite:

Bonus # 1 - Nearly 19 hours of hard hitting money-
making recorded coaching sessions with the world's
best traf f ic generation experts! ($337 Value)

Bonus # 2 - Hours upon hours of personal video
training to show you step by step the dif f erent ways
Keyword Elite will help you make more money! ($297

Bonus # 3 - Unrestricted access to our member's only
f orum ($97 Value)

If you’re ready to stop being a “hobbyist” with your
websites and you’re ready f or a keyword tool that will
help you make some real money, then Keyword Elite is
f or you.
         You’ve already seen some of the testimonials proving
         that people who buy Keyword Elite and put a little ef f ort
         into it, make real money. T here are more testimonials
         like that on the page. T he price f or Keyword Elite, one
         of the best keyword tools on the market, is only $176.

         If you’re serious about building prof itable websites, this
         is the tool you will want. You shouldn’t look at this as a
         cost. You should look at it as an investment. A business
         person of ten invests in tools f or their business that will
         help them to save time and make more money. Keyword
         Elite is a wise website business investment.

         Click Here to Visit Of f icial Site Now!

            This site was reviewed by an
             affiliate who promotes this
             product for compensation

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