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					                                   What is antidepressants?
    Antidepressants – the medicines used to help people who have a depression. The majority of people with
    depression recovers with treatment which includes these medicines.
                                               How antidepressants work?
    Chemicals in a brain called, neuromediators are necessary for normal function of a brain. Antidepressants help
    people with depression, doing these natural chemicals more accessible to a brain.

                                    What is the time I should take an antidepressant?
    Every day antidepressants usually undertake. It can be demanded about one month to see full results of a capture of
    an antidepressant. Sometimes various kinds or quantity (dosages) it is necessary to try to find what works is better on
    you. Antidepressants as a rule undertake during at least 6 – 12 months. In certain cases patients and their doctors
    can decide that antidepressants are necessary during longer time.
                      What various kinds of antidepressants? They have what kinds of by-effects?
    Antidepressants are placed in the groups based, on which chemicals in a brain they influence. There are many
    various kinds of antidepressants, including:
    elective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)

o    citalopram
o    escitalopram
o    fluoxetine
o    paroxetine
o    sertraline

    The person never tried an antidepressant before, SSRIs usually – the first kind of antidepressive medicine which your
    doctor recommends for you. These medicines tend to have less by-effects than other antidepressants. Some of by-
    effects which can be caused SSRIs, include a xerostomia, a nausea, nervousness, a sleeplessness, sexual problems
    and a headache.

o    amitriptyline
o    desipramine
o    imipramine
o    nortriptyline

    This type of an antidepressant is effective, but used less often because by-effects are often more extreme. The
    widespread by-effects caused by these medicines, include a xerostomia, the obscured sight, a constipation,
    difficulties at an urination, glaucoma deterioration, have worsened views and weariness. These antidepressants can
    influence a blood pressure of the person and frequency of warm reductions also. To them usually don’t recommend
    for elderly patients, people with a glaucoma or men with the enlarged prostates.
    Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs)

o     venlafaxine
o     duloxetine

    These medicines sometimes get out, because they don’t interfere with certain other medicines. Some widespread by-
    effects caused by these medicines, include a nausea, especially for first two weeks, loss of appetite, anxiety and
    nervousness, a headache, a sleeplessness and weariness. The xerostomia, a constipation, weight loss, sexual
    problems, has enlarged frequency of warm reductions and was enlarged, cholesterol levels can meet also.
    Norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitors (NDRIs)

o     bupropion

    This kind of medicine sometimes is recommended for people who also have disturbance of hyperfunction of
    deficiency of attention, dependence of cocaine or want to give up smoking. You shouldn’t take this kind of medicine if
    you have epilepsy or a bulimia. Some of widespread by-effects at the people taking NDRIs, include excitation, a
    nausea, a headache, appetite and sleeplessness loss. However, it – also the main type of antidepressive treatment
    which doesn’t have any sexual by-effects.

                                            Monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)
    MAOIs are used less often than other antidepressants. They can have serious by-effects, including delicacy,
    giddiness, headaches and a shiver. The capture of antidepressant MAOI while you take other antidepressant or
    certain off-exchange medicines for treatment of colds and a flu, can cause dangerous reaction. You shouldn’t take
    MAOI, if you clearly don’t understand that medicines and products to avoid.
                                    Antidepressants will influence my other medicines?
    Antidepressants can have effect on many other medicines. If you are going to take an antidepressant, to tell to your
    doctor about all other medicines, you take, including off-exchange medicines and grassy subjects of care of patients
    (such as St. John’s jam). Ask the doctor and the pharmacist if any of your regular medicines can cause problems
    when it is united to an antidepressant.

                           Depression – Medicine Can Help?
                                                      What is depression?
    Depression – medical illness as diabetes or a high blood pressure, but is a lot of people with depression don’t
    receive treatment. People don’t want to be suppressed. It – not because they are weak or “mad”. Depression amazes
    approximately 15 million adults in the United States every year. It is twice so widespread in women as in men.
                                        Depression symptoms include the following:
    Longing the most part of day, almost every day, within 2 weeks or is longer
    Interest loss in things you were in the habit to enjoy
    Shortage of energy
    Dream and appetite disturbances
    Weight changes
Sense of hopelessness, feebleness and uselessness
Without being is capable to make decisions
Thoughts on death and suicide
                                            What depression of the reasons?
The exact reason of depression isn’t known. Doctors think that it can be caused chemical reaction in a brain.
Sometimes there are no enough many chemical intermediaries (are named neuromediators) in a brain.
Examples which influence your mood, is the serotonin (tell “sair-a-tone-in”), Norepinephrinum (speak “nor-ep-in-ef-
rin”), and a dopamine (speak “a narcotic on the average). Disbalance could be caused your genes or events in your
life. Sometimes depression – a by-effect of other illness. Certain kinds of preparations or medicines can lead to
depression also.
                                       How my doctor will treat my depression?
Depression can be treated with medicine, the reference or both. The combination of medicine with the reference
helps the majority of people. The reference can help to investigate to you new ways of thinking about stress or
problems in your life and to help you to study skills that it is better to help to consult to you. The nutritious diet training
on a regular basis and avoiding alcohol, abusing narcotics and too a caffeine considerable quantity, can help also.
Medicines which treat depression, name antidepressants. They help to enlarge number of chemical
intermediaries (a serotonin, Norepinephrinum, a dopamine) in your brain.
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                                How my doctor will choose an antidepressant for me?
         Your doctor will think, possibly, of the following 10 points, choosing antidepressive medicine for you:
If you have been suppressed, before and the certain antidepressant worked well, that antidepressant could be a
correct choice of medicine for you again.
If at any of your brothers or sisters, parents, uncles or aunts there was a depression, and the certain antidepressant
worked well on them that medicine could work on you also.
The antidepressant choice depends on your health. If the certain antidepressant would have bad effect on a problem
with health, you have, that medicine wouldn’t be a correct choice for you.
Antidepressants can have by-effects. The correct medicine for you can be that which gives you the least quantity of
The antidepressant choice depends on how take frequent you owe it. The less often you should accept a medicine,
the easier it for you to accept all doses, you should treat the depression.
A few antidepressants costs more than others. Your doctor will choose an antidepressant which works on you and
that you can give.
Your doctor will want to choose medicine, it or it has an experience prescription.
Your doctor will choose an antidepressant which will help you with symptoms as a sleeplessness, anxiety and
shortage of energy.
If you accept other medicines your doctor will survey as the antidepressant will work with these other medicines.
A few antidepressants doesn’t work well with certain products. If your doctor gives you one of these antidepressants
it or she will inform, what products you should stop is.
                 Antidepressive tranquilizers or “uppers”? I it is possible to be fond of them?
No. These preparations not tranquilizers. They don’t give you “top level”. They aren’t grasping.
                                        Antidepressants cause by-effects?
Yes. All antidepressants have some by-effects. However, not all people taking antidepressants, receive these by-
effects. The majority of by-effects occurs in early weeks of therapy and decreases during long time.
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                            What some of widespread by-effects of antidepressants?
Various antidepressants can cause various by-effects. Possible by-effects can include the following:
                                               Problems with a bladder
                                                  The obscured sight
                                                   Giddiness, rising
                                                 Excessive weariness
                                                  Feeling of delicacy
                                                 Manual concussions
                                     The enlarged frequency of warm reductions
                                               The enlarged drowsiness
                                                   Twitching muscle
                             Sexual dysfunction (disability to cast out or have an orgasm)
                                                 Weight augmentation
                                           What, if by-effects don’t leave?
Speak with the doctor. It or it can change your dosage, or you could try other medicine to get rid of by-effects.
                               How I will know, whether my antidepressant works?
You be able sleep better. You will be is better capable to meet the daily obligations and to care of you immediately. At
you will be more energies. Your problems of weight will recover, and your appetite will be closer to “normal”. You will
have an enlarged desire to participate in life. You both your family and friends will notice these changes. Be patient,
nevertheless. It can occupy time to come back by the way which you felt before depression.

                                   What is the time I will take an antidepressant?
Your doctor will inform, what is the time to take your antidepressant. If it is the first time when you treated for
depression, you, possibly, continue to accept this medicine within approximately 6 months after you will start to feel
better. If it is the second time when you have been suppressed, you could continue to accept a medicine within, at
least, year. Depression which comes back in the third time, can demand, that you have continued to take an
antidepressant during long time.
You can receive undesirable by-effects if you stop to take the antidepressant suddenly. If you want to stop to accept
your medicine, to speak with your doctor at first. Your doctor can help to avoid to you any by-effects from a medicine
stopping too quickly.
                                I can drink alcohol when I take an antidepressant?
You should be careful about alcohol drink while you don’t know how the medicine amazes you. Affects of alcohol can
be united to affects of an antidepressant and cause problems. Regular drunkenness can make it more hardly to treat
depression, and certain kinds of medicine can lead to attacks for alcoholics. Speak with the doctor about drink, taking
an antidepressant.
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