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vxJourney – vxVistA Webinars – Sponsored by DSS, Inc.
 • About DSS, Inc.
    – DSS, Inc., is a privately held company founded in 1990, that
      specializes in healthcare IT solutions that enhance the VistA EHR.
      With over 1200 installations of software in the VA and six VA
      National Contracts, DSS is the premier integration and development
      company for VistA. DSS develops and supplies integrated
      enhancements to the VistA system in the Department of Veterans
      Affairs, Indian Health Services, and the Private Sector. DSS
      released vxVistA-OS in January 2010.

 • About Open Health Tools
    – Open Health Tools is a community of open source developers,
      health professionals, and an ecosystem that brings together
      members from the health and IT professions to create a common
      health interoperability framework, exemplary tools and reference
      applications to support health information interoperability. vxVistA-
      OS is a conditional project with OHT.

                                                      —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
 VistA is an acronym for Veterans Information      vxVistA-OS is FOIA VistA that has been modified and
 System Technology Architecture. Is a              enhanced by DSS, Inc. for over 4 years to work in
 comprehensive system developed by the             non-VA healthcare delivery settings. It was released to
 Department of Veterans Affairs.                   the world as an Open Source Project in January 2010.
 VistA is a patient centric, longitudinal health   Key Components of DSS vxVistA-OS
 record system used by 163 hospitals, 135               • vxVistA-OS(M)
 nursing homes, 850 community outpatient                • vxCPRS (Computerized Patient Records System)
 clinics, and 180,000+ health care professionals        • vxBCMA (Bar Code Medication Administration)
                                                        • vxVitals Lite (Vitals Management)
 VistA was built on a model of outcomes                 • vxGroupNotes (Group Visit Documentation Tool)
 tracking, continuity of care, reporting, and
 research. Funded by tax payers and designed       Key Enhancements
 from clinician requirements it is the most used        • Prescription writing and printing
 EHR in the world today.                                • Laboratory Interfaces and Order Sheet printing
                                                        • Pediatrics
 VistA by the Numbers…                                  • Enhanced Women’s Health (OB/GYN)
      • More than 1,000,000 lines of code               •Patient Medical Record Numbers
      • ~ 24,000 routines                               •Provider Alternate ID Numbers
      • 2,000 files                                     •Redaction of many VA-isms in GUIs and
      • 20,000+ pages of Documentation                   commonly used options—O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
    •     Build the Open Source version of vxVistA
          --Implement, support, and maintain VistA worldwide as public domain software under
          the Eclipse Public License (EPL)
          --Maintain the integrity of FOIA Enhancement and Patch Process
          --Develop enhancement products to promote best practices, performance measures,
          and workflow efficiencies providing a great return on investment
          --Work with partners in Open Source and Commercial community to interface/integrate
          best of breed systems and offer new modules

    •     Distribute vxVistA-OS
          --Free Open Source (FOSS) and Commercial Open Source (COSS) models for
          complete DIY or robust support and customization services including hosted options

    •     Deliver a Collaboration environment
          -- A place where a community will find the information needed for Installation, Use of the
          system, Training and Support of the vxVistA-OS Enhancement Process.

    •     Build a web-framework that inspires a Community-driven, Collaboration
          Environment to Promote Use and Knowledge of the vxVistA-OS EHR
          --Hospitals, community health organizations, practices and other healthcare entities to
          benefit from VistA forums featuring best practice discussions and posts by thought
                                                                          —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
 •     We analyzed more than 8 collaborative solutions
 •     Atlassian suite of products was selected because:
        – Proven power of their components (Confluence, Crowd, JIRA)
        – Readily available Support
        – Extensive Plug-ins repository (Balsamiq, Gliffy, Community Bubble, etc)
        – Seamless integration with OS Plug-Ins, COTS Plug-Ins, & COTS Business Apps
        – Friendly user interface
        – Flexibility for change over time as the project evolves
        – Willingness to support our Open Source Community
 •     Our goals were:
        – To leverage Open Source tools & Plug-Ins while retaining integration with proven
           commercial technologies—hybrid blend of COSS, FOSS and COTs
        – To provide the right tools to nurture the vxVistA-OS evolution from its birth as a COTs
           system to its second life as an Open Source EHR through adoption, education, and
           beyond as the project matures and grows—a Sandbox for Innovation

                                                                      —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
 •     Atlassian Understood and Supported the effort to release the vxVistA-OS EHR and
       its potential benefit as a Global Healthcare model with the potential to impact
       Individuals and Nations around the World

 •     Atlassian donated its non-Open Source components under a special license to
       support this Open Source project

 •     Collaboration between Public, Private, Proprietary and Open Source models is key
       to the success of any fledgling OS project, and the vxVistA team greatly
       appreciates that Atlassian recognized the value of the vxVistA-OS EHR and made
       the site possible with their generosity

 •     During the design and development phase of this project, experts in collaboration
       from all around the world including USA, Argentina, Italy, Australia, Canada,
       Germany, England and Netherlands, joined forces to support this Endeavor.
       Companies and Individuals donated their time and software licenses to make this
       happen. Thanks to all of them!

                                                              —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
                                       •   Analytics Plugin for Confluence — David Simpson
                                       •   Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager — Atlassian
                                       •   Table Plugin — Bob Swift
                                       •   Autowatch Plugin — CustomWare
                                       •   Community Bubbles — Adaptavist
                                       •   Chart Plugin — Atlassian
                                       •   Checklists Macros — Comalatech
                                       •   Composition Plugin — CustomWare
                                       •   Confluence JIRA Macros — Atlassian
                                       •   Confluence Page History Slider — CustomWare
                                       •   Confluence Smilies — Andy Brook
                                       •   Confluence Tabular Metadata Plugin — Atlassian
                                       •   Confluence Usage Tracking Plugin — Atlassian
                                       •   Contributors Plugin — Atlassian
                                       •   CustomWare Page Templates — CustomWare
                                       •   Flexi Blog Posts Plugin — CustomWare
                                       •   Footnotes — Adaptavist
                                       •   Office Connector — Atlassian
                                       •   Reporting Plugin — CustomWare
                                       •   Table Plugin — Bob Swift
                                       •   Tagcumulus plugin — Herman de Boer
                                       •   Widget Connector — Atlassian
                                                                                   —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
 Interaction diversity – (low and high technical interaction in the same environment)

                                                                              —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
  Initial Structure -> FreeMind
  Mockups -> Balsamiq
  Staging Site -> Contegix
  Initial Theme Development -> CustomWare
  Graphic Design & Animations -> Kainoway - Argentina
  Continuous development -> DSS vxVistA Team & OS Community                                          vxVistA

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                 Site Navigation – Categories and Sections                                           Library

    Phase I
    • Collaboration Environment
    • Resource Pool
    • GUI Mockups examples
    • Workflow Diagrams examples                             During the construction of the site, we received collaboration from experts residing in
    • Issues and Bug Tracking                                               USA, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Italy and Netherlands
    • Agile Project Management
    • vxVistA You Tube Channel
                                                                                                              —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
                             —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
                             —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
                             —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
                             —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
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                             —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010


                   •Share with other Projects/Community

                   •―Intranet‖ for Project Specific Work that is not ―Public‖

                                                                      —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
                             —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
                            Brief Demonstration of…

                                                       —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
        Looking Ahead…
       The introduction of open source development in the EHR arena
       will change the way healthcare is delivered in the U.S.

       The vxVistA-OS EHR will improve the quality of care by eliminating
       the need for providers to spend exorbitant amounts of money on
       software licenses.

       Instead, the money can be invested funds in skilled personnel for a
       safe and successful implementation, used to fund needed work to
       make data exchange better and easier, used to develop better
       treatments with real research behind the science across large pools
       of patients that will directly result in better patient care and
       enable sites to manage their records and their facility with one of
       the most robust and reliable systems on the market.

                                                     —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
                        Interaction                                                                                 Atlassian
                                       Jan 10

            Phase 1 A                   Social (non technical) Collaboration

            Phase 1 B                   Users / Developers Collaboration
                                              Q3 2010

            Phase 1 C                          Issues/Bug Tracking / Agile Project Management

                                                        Q4+ 2010

              Phase 2
                                                         Source Code tracking
                                                        Q4+ 2010

              Phase 3                                        Peer Code Review

                                                              Q1+ 2011

              Phase 4+                                         Continuous Integration / Software Version Control
                                       2010                        2011+

                                                                                                  —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
          Issues Management

          JIRA provides issue tracking and                                                 GreenHopper adds agile project
               project tracking for software
                                                                                           management to any JIRA project.
          development teams to improve code                                            Whether you are a certified Scrum Master
         quality and the speed of development.                                         or just getting started with agile concepts,
                                                                                           GreenHopper is the perfect tool for
                                                                                       managing your backlog, planning sprints
                                                                                       and tracking your team through the entire
                                                                                                     release process

                                                 Tempo updates Atlassian's popular
                                                    JIRA platform with support for
                                                   billing and salary administration
                                                  with sophisticated time-tracking
                                                  and cost reporting capabilities.
                                                                                                   —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
    GUI Mockups

                                                                                   Elegantly extend JIRA into Confluence
 Using Balsamiq Mockups feels
                                                                                   with the TaskDock JIRA integration.
    like you are drawing, but it's
                                                                                     When creating a TaskDock task in
   digital, so you can tweak and
                                                                                    Confluence easily add it to a specific
   rearrange controls easily, and
                                                                                  JIRA project and fix version. JIRA users
  the end result is much cleaner.
                                                                                   now have one queue for tasks across
     Teams can come up with a
                                                                                  both systems. Both tasks are synced so
 design and iterate over it in real-
                                                                                  when it is completed or re-opened in one
 time in the course of a meeting.
                                                                                          system it updates in both.

                                        With Gliffy online diagram software,
                                         you can easily create professional-
                                          quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor
                                        plans, technical drawings, and more.
                                         Our online diagram editor makes it
                                       easier than ever to create great looking
                                                                                         —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
 Launch Week – August 2 – 6, 2010

                             —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010
DSS, Inc. and Open Health Tools are sponsoring this website because we strongly
 believe that it takes a committed and involved community for open source
 software to be a success. We hope that you will take us up on our invitation, visit
 the website, provide feedback on what you like and don’t like and ultimately
                                   become part of the community…

         Links to Learn More…

                   vxVistA-OS web link:
                   DSS web link:
                   OHT web link:
                   Eclipse web link:

                                                            —O’Reilly OSCON 7-22-2010

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