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					           Course Catalog
Published November 2008

    200 W. Franklin Street
    Chapel Hill, NC 27516
                                                           Develop your
                                                           Natural Talents.
fashion passion beauty style art expression wellness fun   If you’re looking for an opportunity to express
                                                           your creativity and establish a solid professional
                                                           career, look no further. Come to the Aveda Institute
                                                           Chapel Hill and let yourself grow.

                                                                                           Date of Publication: November 2008

                                                                          03   Areas of Study
                                                                          03   Career Opportunities
                                                                          04   Cosmetology Program
                                                                          08   Esthiology Program
                                                                          12   Instructor Training
                                                                          15   About the Institute
                                                                          16   Admissions
                                                                          17   Schedule and Tuition

     The Institute                                                        18
                                                                               Financial Assistance
                                                                               Student Services
     The mission of the Aveda Institute Chapel Hill is to inspire and     20   Academic Information
     educate our students, our team and our guests about beauty,          21   Graduation
     fashion, wellness and nature. This includes preparing our stu-            and Licensing Requirements
     dents for careers in the fields of cosmetology and esthiology. The   22   Policies and Standards
     Aveda Institute Chapel Hill is committed to fostering an environ-    26   Cancellation and Refund Policies
     ment of respect and trust in order to allow students to express      28   The Founder
     their individuality and creativity.                                  29   Graduation & Placement Rates
     The distinctive learning environment at the Aveda Institute          30   Administrative Staff
     Chapel Hill encourages personal and professional growth, the
     continuous quest for knowledge, and a commitment to teamwork.

Areas                                     Career
of Study                                  Opportunities

Cosmetology                               Salon/Spa Industry                           Education & Other Fields
Explore the latest styles and             hair stylist                                 instructor
techniques in hair cutting and styling,   esthetician                                  state board member or inspector
skin care, and makeup.                    makeup artist                                educational director for a product
                                          manicurist                                     manufacturer
Esthiology                                sales representative                         consultant/trainer
Learn specialized techniques to           permanent waving specialist                  paramedical esthetician
purify, balance and renew the skin.       hair coloring specialist                     school owner
                                          salon manager                                freelance makeup artist
                                          salon owner                                  stylist or makeup artist for film,
Instructor Training                                                                      theater, fashion or print
Take your career to the next level.

                                          Your training will encompass three types of learning:
                                          Theoretical knowledge, the foundation of your education.
                                          Practical experience, the application of your knowledge.
                                          Professional business-building skills, vital for your success.
                                          Each phase of your education will emphasize a different
                                          combination of learning approaches.

                           42.5 weeks, 1500 hours
              Initial Theory Curriculum: 300 hours
         Tuesday through Friday: 9:30am 5:30 pm
                            Saturday 8:15am 5pm
     Practice & Clinic Floor Curriculum: 1200 hours
              Tuesday through Friday 9am 5:30pm
                             Saturday 8:15am 5pm


  Express your creativity and talent in hair, skin
  and makeup application. Our cosmetology
  course incorporates 1,500 hours of extensive
  hands-on learning to provide you a complete
  understanding of beauty and wellness. Upon
  completion, you’ll be ready to succeed as a
  licensed cosmetologist.

Introduction/Alpha Unit                      Beta Unit                            Gamma Unit
You’ll start by learning the                 Apply your knowledge through         Get ready to launch your career
fundamentals of cutting, styling             clinic experiences while you         with in-depth training in client service,
and chemical restructuring of hair;          increase your skills and gain the    time management, self-promotion,
skin and nail care; makeup; and              expertise you need to meet the       goal-setting, merchandising and
the related sciences. Lectures,              Aveda Institute Chapel Hill’s skin   entrepreneurship. Your speed,
demonstrations and workshops                 care, body care and makeup           accuracy and concentration are
concentrate on developing skill              service standards and state          now ready for the salon. You can
and accuracy and reinforcing                 safety requirements.                 demonstrate competency in all tasks
classroom knowledge. You’ll be                                                    required for the skill certification
introduced to retailing, client                                                   examination, and possess the
servicing and personal development                                                theoretical knowledge you need to
skills. This unit also covers state                                               pass the written examination required
safety requirements.                                                              by Aveda Institute Chapel Hill and
                                                                                  the State of North Carolina for licen-
                                                                                  sure. It’s time to realize your dreams
                                                                                  as a salon professional.

Weeks 1 through 23                           Weeks 24 through 34                  Weeks 35 through 42.5
Classroom: 457.00 hours                      Classroom:    79.75 hours            Classroom: 134.25 hours
Clinic:     357.00 hours                     Clinic:      327.25 hours            Clinic:      144.75 hours
Total:      814.00 hours                     Total        407.00 hours            Total:      279.00 hours

     Curriculum Overview   Cosmetology
                           An Aveda Institute education is rigorous
                           and thorough. Throughout the 42.5 week
                           Cosmetology program, you’ll cover the fol-
                           lowing topics in varying levels of depth
                           and detail, giving you an exceptional
                           foundation for your professional career.

Plant Aromaology™                     thermal styling                       Skin Care
history of aromaology                 conventional thermal (marcel) irons   histology
therapeutic effects                   electric thermal irons                disorders
custom testing and blending           blow-dry styling and finishing        facials
Chemistry                             Hair Cutting
scalp treatment disorders, diseases   implements and techniques
                                                                            body massage and health issues
bacteriology                          sectioning
infection control                     scissors                              Makeup
sanitation/sterilization              clippers                              color theory
ingredient analysis                   razors                                contoured and natural
dispensary requirements, operation    client consultation                    makeup application
                                                                            subtle and dramatic application
Anatomy & Physiology                  Permanent Restructuring
head, hair and scalp                  history of permanent waving           Nail Care
cells, tissue and organs              chemistry of solutions                manicures/pedicures
muscular system                       pre-perm analysis                     nail design
nervous system                        rod selection                         massage techniques for hands,
circulatory system                    perming techniques                     arms and feet
endocrine system                      custom perm design and wrapping
                                                                            State Rules and Regulations
excretory system
                                      Chemical Hair                         North Carolina laws and rules
respiratory system
                                      relaxing/restructuring                safety and sanitation requirements
digestive system
                                      product analysis
nutrition                                                                   Personal/Career Development
                                      client hair analysis
                                                                            business of being
Shampooing/Conditioning               application techniques
                                                                            time management
product analysis                      equipment, implements and materials
                                      Hair Coloring                         team building
draping for wet and dry
                                      color theory                          communication
  chemical services
                                      classifications of hair color         leadership
selecting correct shampoo/
                                      product analysis                      presentation skills
                                      corrective coloring                   cover letter/resume writing
scalp massage
                                      contemporary techniques               interview techniques
Hair Styling                          one dimensional                       job requirements
wet styling                           multi-dimensional                     employee compensation & benefits
fingerwaving                          foils                                 retail sales strategies
pin curl techniques                   bleach/tone                           merchandising
roller curls                                                                salon entrepreneurship
comb out techniques                                                         marketing
artistry in hair styling                                                    public/community relations

                          16.25 weeks, 600 hours
             Initial Theory Curriculum: 222 hours
        Tuesday through Friday: 9:30am 5:30 pm
                           Saturday 8:15am 5pm
     Practice & Clinic Floor Curriculum: 378 hours
            Tuesday through Friday 9am 5:30pm
                            Saturday 8:15am 5pm


Prepare for an exciting future in skin care
with Aveda Institute Chapel Hill. Our
Esthiology curriculum provides 600 hours
of skin care training with an emphasis on
using pure flower and plant essences in
treatments. Upon completion, you’ll be
ready to succeed as a licensed esthetician.

Introduction                                  Clinic I                                   Clinic II
Learn the fundamentals of facial              Apply your knowledge through clinic        Learn real-world strategies to get the
manipulations, equipment and plant            experiences while you increase your        job of your dreams, from interviewing
aromaology™ as you study the related          understanding in the classroom. In         to resume writing and beyond.
sciences of anatomy and histology,            this unit, you’ll refine your skills and   Fine-tune your accuracy, concentration
along with state safety requirements.         gain the expertise you need to meet        and speed. At this point, you’ll have
Combining theoretical knowledge and           the Aveda Institute’s skin care and        the competency required for the skill
hands-on experience, this unit puts           makeup service standards and state         certification examination, as well as
you on your way to a career in skin           safety requirements.                       the theoretical knowledge needed to
care.                                                                                    pass the written examination required
                                                                                         by Aveda Institute Chapel Hill and
                                                                                         the State of North Carolina for licen-
                                                                                         sure. Now you’re ready to start your
                                                                                         career in skin care.

Weeks 1 through 6                             Weeks 7 through 12                         Weeks 13 through 16.25
Classroom: 222.00 hours                       Classroom:    24.00 hours                  Classroom:    16.00 hours
Clinic:          0.00 hours                   Clinic:      202.50 hours                  Clinic:      135.50 hours
Total:         222.00 hours                   Total        226.50 hours                  Total:       151.50 hours

     Curriculum Overview   Esthiology
                           An Aveda Institute education is rigorous
                           and thorough. Throughout the Esthiology
                           program, you’ll cover the following
                           topics in varying levels of depth and
                           detail, giving you an exceptional
                           foundation for your professional career.


Anatomy & Physiology                   custom testing and blending            brow waxing and tweezing
full body anatomy                      methods of application                 methods of hair removal
cells, tissue and organs               plant-based skin care                  electricity, machines and apparatus
skeletal system                        Facial Massage                         for professional skin care
muscular system                        relaxation through massage             ultraviolet and infrared ray light thera-
nervous system                         massage for lymphatic drainage         pies
circulatory system                     basic touch                            artificial lashes
endocrine system                       facial massage                         State Rules and Regulations
excretory system                       pressure point massage                 North Carolina laws and rules
respiratory system                     elasticity and disorders               safety and sanitation requirements
digestive system
skin types, textures and nerves        Massage                                Personal/Career Development
                                       full body massage for relaxation and   business of being
Chemistry                              beautification of the skin             time management
                                       Skin Care                              goal setting
safety and sanitation procedures
                                       histology                              team building
dispensary requirements & operations
                                       facials                                leadership
ingredient analysis
                                       client consultation (client health     communication
skin disorders
                                       issues and pre-screening)              cover letter/resume writing
AIDS and hepatitis
                                       product analysis and ingredients       interview techniques
                                       balancing imperfections                job requirements
Makeup                                 electricity and currents               employee compensation& benefits
tools                                  compounds/mixtures                     retail sales strategies
natural & classic makeup                                                      salon entrepreneurship
  applications                         Clinic Practice
                                                                              salon/spa profitability
dramatic and subtle look               clinic set-up
photography makeup                     preparation and equipment
runway makeup                          sanitation
                                                                              public/community relations
bridal & makeup for aging skin         time management
lash application                       daily goals
cosmetics/ingredients                  Treatments
Plant Aromaology™                      Aveda product systems
history of plant aromaology            facial treatments
psychology of aroma                    brow and lash tinting
therapeutic effect                     body waxing

Aveda Institute Chapel Hill
Instructor Training

Are you interested in taking your career to the next level?

Each year, the Aveda Institute Chapel Hill selects a very limited number of graduates to participate in its
Cosmetology and Esthiology Instructor’s Training Programs.

Graduates may be invited to participate in the Instructor’s Training Program. This program allows participants
to receive even further advanced training in the field of cosmetology or esthiology. Participants will also learn
the skills necessary to become successful cosmetology or esthiology instructors. This training includes the
study of learning styles and education techniques. Students will develop actual lesson plans and participate
in student teaching opportunities. Participants in the Aveda Institute Chapel Hill Instructor’s Training
Programs will receive the education necessary to become licensed as Cosmetology or Esthiology instructors.

The Instructor Training Programs are currently offered by invitation only. These programs are not offered to the
general public. Students interested in participating in either program should contact the Institute’s Director of

                      Cosmetology Instructor Program
                                                                                              40 weeks, 800 hours
                                                                          Tuesday through Friday: 8:30am | 5:30 pm
                                                                                            Saturday 8:15am | 5pm

Curriculum Overview                     Cosmetology Instructor Curriculum

Selected graduates of the Institute’s   Classrooom & Theory: 150 hours
cosmetology program may be invited
                                        Practice Teaching: 650 hours
to participate in our advanced cosme-
tology training courses.                Total: 800 hours                             Basic Teaching Skills
Our cosmetology instructor training     Teaching Method Skills                       computer training
program consists of 800 hours of
                                        learning garden                              math & problem solving
classroom and hands-on training
combined. Students completing the       4-MAT training                               retail training
instructor training program will        lesson planning                              product knowledge & sales
receive the education necessary to
                                        Instructional Execution Skills               classroom management techniques
become licensed as Cosmetology
Instructors.                            student teaching                             effective communication
                                        instructor shadowing                         Professionalism
                                        Program Planning Skills                      student & guest relations
                                        development of course syllabus &             conflict resolution
                                                                                     effective disciplinary techniques
                                        selection of teaching aids for lessons
                                                                                     advanced technical behavior
                                        student records management
                                                                                     professional development
                                        Instructional Evaluation Skills
                                                                                     Legal Issues
                                        development of tests and quizzes
                                                                                     North Carolina laws & administrative
                                        development of student evaluations           rules
                                        development of student performance           workers compensation
                                                                                     occupational health & safety
                                        assessment of student performance
                                                                                     sanitation & bacteriology

                                Esthiology Instructor Program
                                                                                                 17 weeks, 650 hours
                                                                            Tuesday through Friday: 8:30am | 5:30 pm
                                                                                              Saturday 8:15am | 5pm

     Curriculum Overview                       Esthiology Instructor Curriculum

     Selected graduates of the Institute’s     Classrooom & Theory: 120 hours
     esthiology program may be invited to
                                               Practice Teaching: 530 hours
     participate in our advanced esthiolo-
     gy training courses.                      Total: 650 hours                           Basic Teaching Skills
     Our esthiology instructor training pro-   Teaching Method Skills                     computer training
     gram consists of 650 hours of class-
                                               learning garden                            math & problem solving
     room and hands-on training com-
     bined. Students completing the            4-MAT training                             retail training
     instructor training program will          lesson planning                            product knowledge & sales
     receive the education necessary to
                                               Instructional Execution Skills             classroom management techniques
     become licensed as Esthiology
     Instructors.                              student teaching                           effective communication
                                               instructor shadowing                       Professionalism
                                               Program Planning Skills                    student & guest relations
                                               development of course syllabus &           conflict resolution
                                                                                          effective disciplinary techniques
                                               selection of teaching aids for lessons
                                                                                          advanced technical behavior
                                               student records management
                                                                                          professional development
                                               Instructional Evaluation Skills
                                                                                          Legal Issues
                                               development of tests and quizzes
                                                                                          North Carolina laws & administrative
                                               development of student evaluations         rules
                                               development of student performance         workers compensation
                                                                                          occupational health & safety
                                               assessment of student performance
                                                                                          sanitation & bacteriology

Aveda Institute
Come to the right place!
The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill is located in the
heart of Franklin Street, on the campus of the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The
Aveda Institute Chapel Hill is the ideal setting for
your professional education.

Client Service Areas                            Resource Library and
A diverse array of clients come to the          Administrative Offices
Aveda Institute for beauty and wellness         A resource library has books on styling,
services. As a student, you will have           motivation, health and wellness for your
the opportunity to perform a spectrum           reference. Team leaders and admissions
of hair, skin and nail services in a            personnel are also available to respond
virtual salon setting, under the                to your questions and concerns.
supervision of your instructors.

Student Classrooms                              Aveda Environmental Lifestyle Store
Classrooms of all sizes have been               A retail center for Aveda hair, skin, flower
designed to provide the proper                  and plant Pure-Fume™ and body care,
environment for different types of              makeup and lifestyle products. The store
learning and activities.                        gives you the opportunity to practice
                                                your client service and retailing skills.

                                        Are you ready to begin?
                                        If you’re excited about the
                                        prospect of training at the Aveda
                                        Institute Chapel Hill, here’s all you
                                        have to do to get started.

                                      1 Complete the General Information            Transfer Students
                                        Form and submit to the Admissions           Applicants for transfer into
                                        office.                                     cosmetology and esthiology are
                                                                                    considered on a individual basis.
                                      2 Have an informational interview
                                                                                    Aveda Institute may, at its
                                        with an Admissions Representative.
                                                                                    discretion, refuse transfers if
                                      3 Submit a letter of recommendation           admission requirements, including
                                        from an employer, counselor, teacher,       tuition, cannot be met. The Aveda
                                        leader of a volunteer or special interest   Institute Chapel Hill may accept trans-
                                        group.                                      fer hours into any course. The determi-
                                                                                    nation of the hours accepted for trans-
                                      4 Submit a certified copy of your high
                                                                                    fer will be based on an examination of
                                        school transcripts with graduation date
                                                                                    the individual’s technical skills and
                                        or a copy of your General Education
                                                                                    knowledge of the program and subject
                                        Diploma (GED).
                                      5 Have a second interview with an
                                                                                    The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill, in its
                                        Admissions Representative.
                                                                                    admissions, instruction and gradua-
                                      6 Submit an enrollment agreement with         tion policies, practices no discrimina-
                                        a $200 registration fee.                    tion on the basis of race, religion,
                                                                                    color, financial status, sex, ethnic ori-
                                      7 Submit release of information and non-
                                                                                    gin, age, veteran or sexual orientation.
                                        smoking forms.
                                                                                    The Aveda Institute does not recruit
                                      8 You will receive a written notice           students that are currently attending
                                        of acceptance or rejection.                 or admitted to another school
                                                                                    offering a similar program study.

     To schedule an informational
     interview, call the Admissions
     Department at 919.960.4769.

                                                         Schedule and Tuition

Cosmetology Program   Cosmetology Investment                      Cosmetology and Esthiology Investment
December 8, 2008      Tuition                     $14,900*        Tuition and Supplies & Equipment must
January 12, 2009                                                  be paid in full prior to program start date.
                      Supplies & Equipment             $1,400*
February 23, 2009
                                                                  The Supplies & Equipment Fee includes
                      Registration Fee                  $200*
March 30, 2009                                                    all professional tools, products/supplies,
May 4, 2009           Total                        $16,500*       textbooks and uniforms. Fee does not
                                                                  include applicable North Carolina sales
June 15, 2009
July 20, 2009
                                                                  Registration fee secures position in class
August 24, 2009
                      *All amounts subject to change              enrollment date.
September 28, 2009
November 2, 2009      Esthiology Investment

December 7, 2009      Tuition                          $8,450*

Esthiology Program    Supplies & Equipment             $1,400*
January 12, 2009
                      Registration Fee                 $200*
February 23, 2009
                      Total                            $10,050*
March 30, 2009
May 4, 2009
June 15, 2009
July 20, 2009
August 24, 2009
                      *All amounts subject to change
September 28, 2009
November 2, 2009
December 7, 2009

                                     Financial Assistance
                                     Please contact an Admissions Representative to discuss payment
                                     options and financial aid that may be available to qualified students.

                                     Career Training Loans
Federal Financial Aid
Federal student aid is available     The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill currently offers private financial
for qualified students. Students     assistance to qualified students through Sallie Mae. Additional infor-
may be eligible for grants and/or    mation regarding this loan program is available at
loans to cover qualified educa-
tional expenses. More informa-
tion regarding federal student aid
can be found online at


Housing                                   Academic and                                Students may pursue any unresolved
The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill can       Individual Counseling                       complaints with the National
assist students in finding roommates      Aveda Institute Chapel Hill provides        Accrediting Commission of
and suitable housing, though the          academic counseling to all students.        Cosmetology Arts & Sciences, 4401
Institute does not own or operate         We will help you with tutoring should       Ford Ave., Suite 1300, Alexandria, VA
housing facilities.                       you experience challenges in meeting        22302, Tel. 703.600.7600. Complaint
                                          the minimum performances standards          forms are available through NACCAS.
                                          and course requirements as set by the       Students are required to try to resolve
With a network of many salons and
                                          Institute and the State of North            problems through the Institute’s
spas nationwide, the Aveda Institute
                                          Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts.            complaint procedure prior to filing a
Chapel Hill can help you begin your
                                          Complaint Procedures                        complaint with NACCAS.
professional career. We’ll help you
gain the knowledge you need               Students seeking to resolve a chal-         Student Activities
with annual career fairs, career days     lenge should first contact their instruc-   While at the Institute, you’ll have
and self-promotional instruction.         tor. If the complaint cannot be             the opportunity to participate in a
Nonetheless, the Aveda Institute          resolved, the student should complete       variety of events and activities that
Chapel Hill is primarily an institution   a Challenge/Solution form. The form,        are educational, interesting and just
of learning and does not guarantee        available from the Career Development       plain fun.
job placement.                            Office, will be routed to the appropriate   Student Council: One representative
                                          Institute Team Member(s) for review.        from each class participates on the
                                          The student will receive a response         council, which coordinates volunteer
                                          within 10 school days. If the student is    events and community activities.
                                          still not satisfied, he or she should       Alumni Association
                                          complete a new Challenge/Solution           Aveda Institute Chapel Hill Alumni
                                          form and submit it to the Institute’s       Association allows graduates to keep
                                          Director of Education. The Director will    in touch with classmates, take advan-
                                          review the complaint with the appropri-     tage of product discounts, receive
                                          ate Institute Team Members and will         advanced training and placement
                                          issue a response within 10 school days.     assistance, and attend events such as
                                                                                      the school show and the alumni party.


     Student Evaluation                      Access to Cumulative Records
     Your progress at Aveda Institute        Students, and parents of students
     Chapel Hill will be evaluated on the    under the age of 18, who are in
     basis of weekly written tests, daily    regular attendance at Aveda Institute
     clinic practical experiences, daily     Chapel Hill, have the right to inspect
     quota experiences, a final practical    and review the student’s educational,
     and written examination and projects.   financial and attendance records to
     Grading Scale                           ensure they are accurate, factual and
     100 | 99 A Honor Roll                   do not violate the student’s privacy or
      98 | 97 A- Honor Roll                  other rights. Students and/or parents
      96 | 95 B+                             should schedule an appointment with
      94 | 93 B                              the administrative team leader to
      92 | 89 B-                             review the student’s records.
      88 | 86 C+                             Student Information Release Policy
      85 | 84 C                              Except as may be required by law or for
      83 | 81    C-                          purposes of the Institute’s accredita-
      80         D                           tion, Aveda Institute Chapel Hill
      79         F                           requires written authorization from a
                                             student or parent/guardian (in case of
     A - Excellent
                                             a minor) or graduate in order to release
     B - Very Good                           academic, attendance, enrollment sta-
     C - Satisfactory                        tus, financial and/or any other informa-
     D - Needs Improvement                   tion to agencies, prospective employers,
                                             or any other party seeking information
     F - Failing
                                             about the student.

  and Licensing

  Graduation Requirements                    Additional Hours                         Licensing Requirements
  To receive a diploma from Aveda            If a student, after completing the       To receive a license in the state
  Institute Chapel Hill, you must:           required number of hours for             of North Carolina, a cosmetology or
1 successfully complete the hours required
                                             the course, requests additional          esthiology student is required to:
  for course curriculum;                     instruction, it may be provided at     1 complete the hours in the course
                                             the discretion of the Director of        of instruction.
2 achieve satisfactory attendance records;
                                             Education, at an hourly rate of
3 meet service quota requirements;                                                  2 meet the service quota minimums.
                                             $15.00 to be paid by the student in
4 achieve satisfactory academic grades for   advance.                               3 successfully complete the skill

  exams and work as described in this                                                 certification examination.
                                             Make up Work
  Catalog;                                   Students requiring to make up          4 successfully complete the written
5 complete all work projects; and            projects, quotas or tests must do        theory and state law examination
                                             so before the end of their phase.        conducted by the North Carolina State
6 complete the payment of all tuition and
                                             Failure to comply will result in         Board of Cosmetic Arts, at the pub-
  other fees and charges.
                                             receiving a “O” for that assignment.     lished location.

                                           Policies and Standards
                                            To help you achieve excellence in cosmetology and esthiology, we
                                            have established these guidelines to ensure fairness, understand-
                                            ing and positive work habits among our students.

Standards                                 1 Maintaining a professional appearance       program guidelines. Solid black dress
Because every student is a future          is vital to success. A professional          pants are required to be worn by
employee, manager or entrepreneur,         appearance includes:                         each student. Apparel considered
you must meet these standards of           a. The uniform provided in the student’s     unprofessional includes jeans, jean
professionalism, which will prepare you      kit is to be buttoned, clean and neat,     look-alike, sweatpants, stirrups,
for the demands of your future career:       and worn during all classroom and          revealing clothing, hats, headwraps
                                             clinic-floor hours. It should not be       and headphones.
                                             torn, stained or altered. If it does     d. Aveda Institute Chapel Hill reserves
                                             not meet these standards, the              the right to maintain an esthetic
                                             student has 24 hours to replace it         standard for all students, including
                                             from Aveda Institute Chapel Hill at        professional personal hygiene
                                             the student’s expense.                     and grooming and, to the extent
                                           b. Identification badges are to be worn
                                                                                        appropriate, makeup, appropriate
                                             as issued during all clocked hours         facial hair and standard dress
                                             to identify students to clients. If        code adherence.
                                             badge is lost, the student must          e. Students who, in the reasonable
                                             replace it immediately at a                determination of Aveda Institute
                                             cost of $20.                               Chapel Hill, are not dressed
                                           c. Footwear must be closed-toe, black
                                                                                        professionally will be dismissed.
                                             and professional in appearance (no
                                             tennis shoes) and worn at all times
                                             with socks or nylons which cover the
                                             ankles, in accordance with individual

  To help prepare you for the workplace, Aveda Institute operates much like a
  professional salon environment. Late arrivals, absences and other interruptions
  in your training have a significant effect on your achievement—just as they would
  if you were an employee in a salon, day spa or other professional environment.
  By law, we must keep track of your training hours for licensure or certification.

2 Students are expected to conduct          3 To ensure that each student receives           6    Tips are not expected or accepted. In lieu
  themselves in a professional manner at      consistent and comprehensive                        of tips, clients may donate to our student
  all times and be mindful of the follow-     instruction in the classroom and                    education fund and ongoing efforts to
  ing:                                        clinical environments, students must                raise money for grass roots organizations,
a. To maintain a learning environment
                                              remain in assigned areas or receive                 such as Aveda Earth Month Fund, Project
    for all students, anyone who is           instructor permission to be in                      Daymaker or Breast Cancer and AIDS
    disruptive in the classroom or on the     unassigned areas.                                   Awareness. Students who accept tips will
    clinic floor (rudeness, foul language   4 To benefit from the training and
                                                                                                  receive a warning for a first occurrence
    or other unprofessional behavior)                                                             and will be terminated upon the third
                                              technical experience Aveda Institute
    may be dismissed for the day.                                                                 occurrence.
                                              Chapel Hill offers, students must be
b. Food, candy and gum are allowed in         mentally alert and have a sober state              7 Students are responsible for their own
    the lunchroom area only. Beverages        of mind. We strongly support the                     personal property and are required to
    can be consumed in the lunchroom          National Drug Prevention Program,                    provide locks for their lockers and/or
    and classroom areas only.                 which does not condone the use of                    lockable stations and to secure their
 c. Because Aveda Institute Chapel Hill       controlled substances and intoxicants.               property in these locked areas. For the
    is a smoke-free facility, smoking is      Students using nonprescription con-                  student to perform professional services,
    not allowed on school property, sur-      trolled substances or intoxicants will               student kits are to be complete at all
    rounding premises or while wearing        be terminated.                                       times. Any missing or damaged kit items
    the Aveda Institute Chapel Hill uni-                                                           must to be replaced by the student with-
                                            5 All services or work done by students
    form.                                                                                          in 24 hours. Stealing, cheating, posses-
                                              must be assigned by, performed under
                                                                                                   sion of concealed weapons, defacing or
d. So as not to interrupt the educational     the supervision of, and evaluated by an
                                                                                                   damaging student or school equipment
    process, students will be notified of     instructor within the educational situation.
                                                                                                   will result in termination and require
    emergency phone calls only. Cell          Students who refuse an assigned service
                                                                                                   monetary restitution.
    phones are prohibited in all class-       will be dismissed for the remainder of the
    room/clinic areas. Cell phones may        day. Student kits are to be used for
    be used during lunch upon clocking        assigned services only. Only authorized
    out.                                      solicitation of products, merchandise or
                                              services will be considered professional.

Minor Standard Violations                   Minor Standard Suspension                  Major Standard Violations
Minor violations include assigned area      Students who are suspended by the          Major standards include using
violations, property misuses, client        Review Board have up to 3 days to          controlled substances/alcohol,
service violations, unprofessional          provide the Board documentation that       defacing or destroying property, pos-
behavior, and any disruptive behav-         the stipulations have been met. Once       session of concealed weapons,
iors determined by instructors and/or       the Review Board has agreed that the       stealing, falsifying documents,
the Director as interrupting or prevent-    student is prepared to comply with the     committing fraud, abusing and/or
ing the regular operation of the school     professional standards of the school,      causing physical harm to others and
or interrupting or preventing the educa-    the student may return to school;          violating local, state and/or federal
tion of other students.                     however, a record of suspension will be    laws. At anytime during a student’s
Anytime during the student’s program        recorded in the student’s permanent        program, the violation of a major
the violation of a minor standard           file. While a student is suspended,        standard will result in termination.
may result in lost hours, and repeated      no clock hours may be earned, and
violations may result in suspension         tuition charges are suspended.
from the school or termination.             If a student on suspension fails to
                                            respond in 3 days, the student is auto-
                                            matically terminated.

                                           Absences                                   Education. Student hours will be
                                           If students encounter situations that      assessed and evaluated as needed
                                           mandate missed hours, such as              with attendance updates.
                   Attendance Policies
                                           emergencies and illnesses, each field
                                                                                      Esthiology: students can be absent
                                           of study has a predetermined emer-
                                                                                      for a total of 37 hours, only 8 of which
                                           gency “pool of hours” that can be
                                                                                      can be missed on Saturdays.After 37
                                           used for class or clinic time missed.
                                                                                      hours and 15 minutes of absences or
                                           The pool of hours has been estab-
                                                                                      8 hours and 15 minutes missed on
                                           lished as the maximum amount of
                                                                                      Saturdays, the student may be termi-
                                           time that students can be absent
                                                                                      nated subject to appeal to the Director
                                           and still achieve the quality of skills
                                                                                      of Education.
                                           that will be necessary in the work-
                                                                                      Late Arrival
                                                                                      All students arriving late must: clock
                                           Cosmetology: Students initially
                                                                                      in; complete a Late Arrival Tracking
                                           have 76 hours in their bank of
                                                                                      Form and submit it to the Office of
                                           hours. Upon successful completion
                                                                                      Career Development; proceed to
                                           of their Alpha Phase, students will
                                           receive an additional 36 hours in
                                                                                      Early Releases
                                           their bank of hours. Thus, students
                                                                                      Students leaving early must: obtain
                                           will have 112 hours in their bank of
                                                                                      a Notice of Early Release Form to
                                           hours for the entire length of their
                                                                                      be signed by instructor; clock out for
                                           program. Only 32 hours of the stu-
                                                                                      the day; deliver the Notice of Early
                                           dent’s bank can be missed on
                                                                                      Release Form to the Office of
                                           Saturday. The maximum time frame
                                                                                      Career Development.
                                           to complete the full time cosmetol-
                                           ogy program is 42.5 weeks. If the          Notice of Expected Absence
                                           student is absent 76 hours and 15          Student planning to be absent must:
                                           minutes during the Alpha Phase, is         obtain and complete a “Notice of
                                           absent 112 hours and 15 minutes            Expected Absence” form, have form
                                           prior to completion, or is absent 32       signed by instructor, deliver the
                                           hours and 15 minutes on Saturdays,         Notice of Expected Absence Form to
                                           the student may be terminated sub-         the Office of Career Development.
                                           ject to appeal to the Director of

Late Arrival                                Time Record Policies                       Holidays
All students arriving late must: clock      It is a state requirement that the         Aveda Institute Chapel Hill recognizes
in, complete a Late Arrival Form and        school provide an accurate system for      the following days as legal holidays:
submit it to the Office of Career           recording all students’ times, services    New Year’s Day
Development, then proceed to class.         and class hours. Students are ultimate-    Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday*
Early Releases                              ly responsible for clocking hours on a     President’s Day*
Students leaving early must: obtain         daily basis. Aveda Institute Chapel Hill   Memorial Day*
an Early Release form to be signed by       will honor documented daily time           Independence Day
instructor, clock out for the day, then     worked, up to 8 hours. This is in          Labor Day*
deliver the Notice of Early Release         accordance with the state of North         Thanksgiving Day
form to the Office of Career                Carolina, which allows the Institute to    December 24 + 25
Development.                                issue no more than 8 hours per day.
                                                                                       *Observed on Tuesday, for those stu-
Notice of Expected Absence                1 Always clock in/out on the time clock      dents not schedule to attend the
Students planning to be absent must:        at the beginning and end of each day,      school on Mondays.
obtain and complete a Notice of             and at the beginning and end of each
                                                                                       Days off due to legal holidays are
Expected Absence form, have form            lunch break.
                                                                                       recorded as such and extend the
signed by instructor, then deliver the    2 Complete sign-in sheets on a daily         enrollment contract.
Notice of Expected Absence form to          basis (ask for assistance as needed).
the Office of Career Development.

                 Notice of Cancellation and Refund for         after three business days of signing the
                 Cosmetology and Esthiology                    enrollment contract, but before the stu-
                 Enrollment can be terminated only by          dent begins course instruction, all
                 written notice of cancellation from one       money less a $200 registration fee will
                 party to the other. Said notice shall be      be refunded.
                 mailed, postage prepaid, either regis-      3 If a course is cancelled by the school
                 tered or certified, or return receipt         prior to a student’s enrollment, the
                 requested, to the other party, or deliv-      school will provide a full refund of all
                 ered to the other party in person. The        money paid.
                 refund policy is as follows:
                                                             4 If, for any reason, the school is perma-
               1 If a student’s application is rejected by     nently closed and no longer offers
                 the school, or if he/she cancels enroll-      instruction after a student has enrolled,
                 ment within three business days of            the student is entitled to a pro rata
Cancellation     signing the enrollment contract, all
                 money collected by the school except
                                                               refund of tuition.

and Refund       for the student kit fee (if student has
                 started the course) will be refunded,
                                                             5 If either party cancels the contract after
                                                               the student begins class and after three
                                                               business days of signing the enrollment
Policies         whether or not the student has begun
                 the course of instruction.
                                                               contract, the school will keep the regis-
                                                               tration fee, the student kit fee (as the
               2 If a student cancels his/her enrollment       kit becomes the property of the student)
                                                               and the applicable pro rata tuition
                                                               amount as determined pursuant to the
                                                               following schedule:

                                                                  Percentage length         Amount of
                                                                  completed to total       total tuition
                                                                  length of program:      owed to school

                                                                    0.01% to 9.9%              10%
                                                                    10.0% to 19.9%             20%
                                                                   20.0% to 29.9%              30%
                                                                   30.0% to 39.9%              40%
                                                                   40.0% to 49.9%              50%
                                                                     50% and over              100%

                                                               Percentage length completed is deter-
                                                               mined based upon the student’s sched-
                                                               uled hours prior to withdrawal.

The pro rata refund calculation does       written notice is delivered to the           Except for those students whose appli-
not apply to a student whose date of       Director of Education in person. All         cations are rejected or who cancel
withdrawal is after such student has       miscellaneous costs which have not           enrollment within three business days
completed 50% of the scheduled             yet become due will be void.                 of signing the enrollment agreement,
length of the program for which the        In case of a leave of absence, the           the Institute shall impose an adminis-
student has been charged. At this          school shall return any money due the        trative fee of $150 for all students who
point, the student will be charged         student or applicant within 30 days of       terminate their enrollment prior to
100% of all tuition and fees.              the last day of the student’s leave of       completing their course of instruction.
The school shall acknowledge in writ-      absence if the student fails to return. If
ing any valid notice of cancellation       a student does not return or call from
within 10 days after the receipt of such   his/her leave of absence within 72
notice. Any money due to the applicant     hours of his/her expected return, that
or student shall be refunded within 45     student shall be considered terminat-
days of the official withdrawal date or    ed. The date of withdrawal shall be the
the date the school discovers that the     earlier of the date of expiration of the
student has unofficially withdrawn. The    leave of absence or the date the stu-
school will consider a student unoffi-     dent notifies the Institute that the stu-
cially withdrawn if that student does      dent will not be returning.
not report for the school or call for 72
hours. The official withdrawal date is
determined by the postmark date on
written notification, or the date said

     The Founder of
     Aveda Institute

        Horst M. Rechelbacher
        Aveda Corporation founder Horst M. Rechelbacher has redefined the face of beauty
        worldwide. For nearly four decades, he has been a major, motivating force in hair care and
        the beauty industry. A world-renowned hair stylist, artist, entrepreneur and educator, he’s a
        master of innovation: moved by a keen intelligence, artistic talent and quest for knowledge,
        he has invented and perfected cutting-edge techniques, trends, products and treatments
        imbued with the multiple benefits of pure flower and plant ingredients.
        His beliefs in the powers of nature and his efforts to preserve the environment, combined
        with his lifelong commitment to excellence, have spawned a new sense of beauty that goes
        far beyond surface image. Reflected in Aveda’s expanding global network of educational
        Institutes, salons, spas, and Environmental Lifestyle Stores, the Aveda concept of beauty
        encompasses a complete system of care, using plant-based products, treatments and
        simple rituals to enhance appearance, well-being and the quality of life. In turn, this
        approach also advocates more environmentally responsible business practices and
        Aveda Institute Chapel Hill is operated by Nurtur North Carolina LLC.
        Our faculty is a skilled team of experienced instructors with knowledge of classic and
        contemporary techniques. Instructors have met program licensing requirements and are
        trained in all aspects of hair, skin and nail esthetics, body care and related subjects.
        The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill is a cosmetology and esthiology school approved and licensed
        by the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners, 1201 Front Street, Suite 110,
        Raleigh, NC 27609. Tel 919.733.4117. Web
        The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill is accredited with the National Accrediting Commission of
        Cosmetology Arts & Sciences, 4401 Ford Ave., Suite 1300, Alexandria, VA 22302.
        Tel 703-600.7600 Web

Be a Part of
Our Success!
The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill is committed to providing the highest quality cosmetology and esthiology education
and training available. Our curriculum includes an extensive State Board Review designed specifically to prepare you
for success with the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts licensing exam. Our highly train educational team and
administrative support staff are dedicated to providing you with the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom
and as you begin your career.
The success rates of our 2006 cosmetology and esthiology graduates are set forth below:

Total number of students enrolled                     113

Total number of students graduated                     97

2006 graduation rate                                 85.8%

Percentage of graduates passing State               96.9%
Board exam

Percentage of graduates employed                     81.4%

* These statistics are for students who enrolled at the Aveda Institute Chapel Hill
with an original expected graduation date falling within calendar year 2006.

     Integrating the elements. awakening the senses.         Administrative staff and faculty
                                                             Julie Woodgeard, Director of Education and Career Development
     The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill was founded to
     create some of the most successful entrepre-            April Willis, Career Development Counselor
     neurs in hair, skin, makeup, and total body             Kathryn Page, Admissions Representative
     wellness.                                               Emilie Clarke, Financial Aid Coordinator
     Our students are educated by accomplished               Christine Russell, Admissions Representative
     professionals, using innovative curriculums
                                                             Natalie Butters, Admissions Coordinator
     that blend professional techniques with retail
     and business-building skills.                           Loren Vitter, Guest Services Team Lead

     The Institute emphasizes personal well-being,           Karen Potter, Marketing & Events Coordinator
     as well as environmental responsibility. Using
     Aveda pure flower and plant essences and
     plant-based products, we affirm the relation-
     ship between personal beauty, wellness and
     the environment.

     Educational staff
     Cosmetology Instructors        Esthiology Instructors

     Lisa Daggs                     Kristi Bibler
     Claudia Gunn                   Jimmy Moss                                       AVEDA INSTITUTE
     Staci Jenkins                  Carolyn Rigsbee
                                                                                     CHAPEL HILL
     Sonya Madsen
     Dario Scimone
     Sebastian Steele
     Pam Wilson                                                                             200 W. Franklin Street
                                                                                            Chapel Hill, NC 27516


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