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                              The Samoyed Association

    Hon Secretary:                        President:                        Hon Treasurer:
Miss A Haffenden                       Mrs A Danvers-Smith           Miss 0 Hampton
6 Wetherby Gardens                     54 Coverdale                  10 Regent Close
Bletchley                              Whitwick                      Marshalswick
Milton Keynes                          Coalville                     St Albans
Bucks                                  Leics                         Herts
MK35NP                                 LE675BP                       AL49TR
Tel: 01908 379624                      Tel: 01530833191              Tel: 01727 838628

                                       Mrs Linda Brasier,

                         Chief Rescue Officer, The Samoyed Association,

                                   Mollcroft, Hempstead Lane,

                                   Potten End, Berkhamsted,

                                         Herts, HP4 2RZ

                                  Rescue Line: 01442 877 027

Cathy Batt,

Secretary, Sled Dog Welfare,

45 Erskine Way,



West Lothian, EH54 8HH                                               15 November 2007

Dear Cathy,


I opened your letter with surprise and pleasure at seeing your generous Donation of£500
for The Samoyed Association Rescue. I presume that Liz Ballantine had something to do
with your Donation to Rescue as she has first hand knowledge at the cost oflooking after
some of our unfortunate Samoyeds that come onto Rescue.

You can be assured that this money will be spent wisely looking after our beautiful breed
and Rescue thank: you wholeheartedly for your Donation.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Brasier,

Chief Rescue Officer,

The Samoyed Association.

c.c. Mrs E. Ballantine


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Description: Samoyed in Siberia, who was named national animal husbandry has always been used to pull sleds and guard the reindeer. Samoyed to have patience with a robust physique and famous. European explorers to use this dog in the work of polar exploration. This dog coat a lot, usually in black, black and white, black and brown, and ultimately to the dominant white coat varieties. 19th century, this dog fur traders enter the United States, Europe and other places, and that this dog can be shiny white hair money. Spitz Samoyed is a member of the family, of indigenous Siberian Samoyed was originally bred dog family. Characterized Samoyed smile, it seems like forever close look at the smiling people.