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									  #Cheap JVC HD56G787 56-Inch HDILA Rear Projection TV

What is the "Perfect Experience"? The most amazing picture imaginable is what you will see with
JVC's line of HD-ILA Rear Projection Televisions. This 56" Widescreen model is built on JVC's 3-Chip
DILA Technology, a revolutionary Micro-display technology that will give you the most incredible
picture imaginable. Packed with supporting features like a NEW 3 Step, Optical Iris System, 5-Point
Color Management, Dynamic Gamma Correction Circuitry, Dual HDMI/HDCP Digital Inputs, Dual HD
Component Inputs and JVC's 5th Generation D.I.S.T 720p (Digital Image Scaling Technology) with
GENESSA Picture Processing, JVC delivers the most technologically advanced and superior
Micro-display televisions available today. Black Cabinet

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