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  Tranquility joyfully invites you
                                        tranquility times
  to a YOGA IS LOVE workshop
  designed especially for
  couples, to celebrate
  Valentine's Day. This will be
  a gentle class open to
  everyone, whether you have
  taken yoga before or are
  brand new to the practice.
  The session will focus on
  gentle poses that increase                                   february 2010
  energy, relax the central
  nervous system, and
  promote feelings of peace,
  well-being and harmony.
  What a lovely way to enter
  into the Valentine's Day
  Weekend! The class will be
  90 minutes and cost $35 per
  couple. 9:30 am on
  Saturday, February 13.

winter nail care
During the cold winter months give
your hands and feet the special care
and attention they deserve. We
encourage weekly and monthly
maintenance for our
manicures and pedicures. The                                          meditation
importance of this is to prevent
                                             Come join us for a complimentary meditation
dehydration on your hands and feet           session. No experience needed. Start your
to lessen the chances for dryness and        new year off relaxed and rejuvenated!
cracking. Our treatments contain
                                                                            Class Schedule
botanicals and vitamins, warm
aromatic towels and a relaxing                              February 10 @ 9:00am Mindfulness
massage. –Christine, nail specialist
                                                                 February 24 @ 9:00am Toning

                                                              March 17 @ 9:00am Mindfulness
               february nails                                      March 31 @ 9:00am Toning
        On Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays during the
        month of February get ! off a manicure when
        booked with a pedicure.

                                          I 630.762.9864
    join us in experiencing
    peaceful heart yoga
    Our gentle yoga classes are for anyone who desires to combine Hatha
    yoga poses with stretching, deep breathing, internal awareness and
    relaxation. This combination creates a practice that promotes a strong,
    yet flexible, physical body and an overall feeling of peace and well-
    being. Our class size will be small, with a maximum of 8 students, and a
    highly supported and individualized environment.

     The Yoga Sanctuary is beautifully designed to be very peaceful and
    inviting, with numerous props available to support your practice and a
    radiant heating system within the floor, for your comfort. 1-on-1 private
    yoga therapy sessions will also be available within the Yoga Sanctuary, to
    address chronic or acute issues, in combination with the other forms of
    therapy currently available at Tranquility.

    At the heart of yoga is the message that every human being is, by nature,
    balanced and whole. Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that increases

    our awareness of our inner nature, and allows the body, mind and spirit to
    be healthier and more in harmony. When physical and mental conflicts
    within the body are reduced, the mind is freed for deeper spiritual
    concentration, personal reflection and joyful living. We look forward to
    sharing the beauty and peace of this practice with you!
                                                                                                   dr. terri gillette
                                                                                               Dr. Gillette’s emphasis will be on
         A warm welcome to our yoga instructors                                                   internal medicine and natural
                                                                                                  treatments that will help each
                    Donna Burg and Ellie Byrnes                                                  patient to attain and maintain
                                                                                              optimal health. Tranquility will be
    Monday (8 wk class) 7:00pm Instructor Donna Burg
                                                                                                 providing a full range of blood
    Tuesday (7 wk class) 9:30am Instructor Ellie Byrnes                                                     studies that will allow
                                                                                           comprehensive assessment of your
    Tuesday (7 wk class) 6:30pm Instructor Donna Burg                                        health status. This is just one of the
                                                                                           services that Terri is excited to bring
    Wednesday (8 wk class) 7:30am Instructor Ellie Byrnes                                        to Tranquility. As stated by the
    Wednesday (8 wk class) 9:30am Instructor Ellie Byrnes
                                                                                              Roman poet, Martial, remember,
                                                                                          “Life’s not just being alive, but being
    Thursday (8 wk class) 9:30am Instructor Donna Burg                                    well.” Here’s to health and wellness
                                                                                                                        for all of us!
    Saturday Newcomer Classes
    Ellie and Donna will be doing one Saturday class per month for you to
    experience their peaceful heart yoga. This will be for newcomers to see if
    you would like to participate in a session. Our first Saturday class will be on:
    Saturday, February 27 @ 9:30 am (75 minutes)

    Please call or check our website for future Saturday class openings. Please
    be sure to sign up in advance, space is limited. Cost per class will be $14.

                                                          Aroma Naturals
                                                              candles are returning to
                                                       Tranquility! Be sure to get your
                                                           favorite scents for ultimate
                                                          relaxation in the comfort of
                                                                      your own home!

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                                                                    I 630.762.9864

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Description: Firmly secured with a lotus sitting meditation, the use of the ear to listen to your breath and breathing, listen to breath sounds, because the flavor is very subtle, so you have very focused, very quiet to hear, listen to this in focus sound when breathing, thinking is cut off, into the DHYANA state, into a meditative state.