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Firmly secured with a lotus sitting meditation, the use of the ear to listen to your breath and breathing, listen to breath sounds, because the flavor is very subtle, so you have very focused, very quiet to hear, listen to this in focus sound when breathing, thinking is cut off, into the DHYANA state, into a meditative state.

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YOGA NEWSLETTER                                                                             September 2010
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                                                                               Yoga Schedule
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Dear Parents, Students & special guests,                                       6:30pm - 7:30pm

I am thrilled to be returning to my dance home, Suzette's Masters of           Wednesday
Dance. I was with Suzette from the first day that she opened her               6:30am - 7:30am
doors, in my Mom's belly.

I danced more than 15 years with Suzette and was a long standing               Friday
member of the Performing Dance Company.                                        6:30am - 7:30am

After leaving the dance world, I was introduced to Yoga. I have
found the same love for Yoga, as dance, but have been able to fill            Join Our Mailing List
my life with the principles of Yoga. It has given me a better life and
helped make me a better person in this world.

I look forward to bringing this love of Yoga to all my old friends and
new friends at Suzette's Masters of Dance.

Please take the opportunity on September 20 to attend the free
class. I am sure you will be excited to begin your yoga journey when
scheduled classes begin on Monday, October 4.


Ashlee Sheridan, Yoga Instructor

Suzette's Masters of Dance

About Our Yoga Instructor
 Our Yoga instructor, Ashlee Sheridan, a Suzette's Masters of Dance
competitive alumni dancer of 16 years, has returned to Michigan with
Yoga as her passion! Certified through Clearlight Yoga Shala, Ashlee
completed her 200 Hour RYT certification in 2008. The Clearlight
Yoga Shala is founded and guided by highly respected Michigan and
North Carolina teacher, Michael Johnson. Ashlee immediately dove
into teaching at several Yoga venues, including: The Yoga Studio of
Shelby, Lifetime Fitness, Level Fitness and private instruction, as
well. Yoga serves its very own purpose for each and every one of us;
simply practicing Yoga allows you to discover your potential. Yoga is
defined as the union of mind and body, thus teaching us how to find
balance in all other aspects of our everyday lives. Yoga will
strengthen the body on the mat through a dedicated practice, to in
turn strengthen the mind off the mat. Please join Ashlee to peel away
the layers, uncovering your authentic potential through the Art of
Suzette's Masters of Dance
14275 Rick Drive
Shelby Township, Michigan 48315
(586) 731-5454

About Yoga
Yoga is thousands of years old. For something to still be alive and
thriving so many centuries later, it has to be a system that works. As
a Yoga practitioner, you are part of this ancient and honorable

True Yoga is not a form of Asian calisthenics. Authentic Yoga joins
your breath and movement, to bring wellness to both your body and
your mind. When we have a healthy body and mind, the rest of our
lives are nothing but pure potential.

Yoga can be started at any age and any level of strength and/or
flexibility. Yoga is NOT about ever causing you pain. If you are going
past your personal edge, the instructor will provide you modifications
for that pose. Each individual practices yoga at their personal best, for
that particular point in time.

Yoga is all about healthy balance, the yin and the yang, strength and
flexibility. Many of our dancers are highly flexible, but need the
balance of strength to avoid injury today and deterioration of their
future body. Dedication to a regular yoga life practice is crucial in
keeping dancer's bodies healthy today and for the rest of their lives.

There will be an Ashtanga influence to our classes. Our Yoga
Teacher Training certification is with Michael Johnson founder of the
Clearlight Yoga Shala. Michael is a highly respected teacher in the
Detroit Metro area who taught here for years and is now based in
Asheville, North Carolina. One of our many other influences is Mira
Shani, original teacher of UpDog Yoga in Rochester, Michigan. Mira
is now the North American Regional Executive Director of Yoga
Studies Institute located in Tucson, Arizona.

We also can offer Tibetan Heart Yoga. This is a lineage created by
Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally. Tibetan Heart
Yoga is a system of yoga that pairs asana with meditation to reach an
awareness of the subtle body greater than one that asana or
meditation alone could bring. The Tibetan Heart Yoga system
contains nine distinct series.

Our mission is to serve the Suzette's Masters of Dance community by
providing authentic Yoga. We have faith that Yoga will positively
transform your lives as it has ours!
 FREE                                Come try a Yoga class with Ashlee
 Yoga Class                          Sheridan for FREE!

 Suzette's Masters of Dance          Monday, September 20, 2010
 14275 Rick Drive                    6:30pm-7:30pm
 Shelby Twp, MI 48315                Classes will begin in October. Attend this class on September 20
 (586) 731-5454                      and sign up for Yoga.

 Coupon does NOT need to be present!

 Just come & enjoy this hour long class will demonstrate a glimpse of what you will
 experience if you attend Yoga classes with Ashlee.

Suzette's Masters of Dance | 14275 Rick Drive | Shelby Township | MI | 48315

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