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									The Resourcing Solutions Group, Inc.
  FSX Conference July 2007 Washington, DC
            Corporate Profile

“Build a world class human resource outsourcing company in
conjunction with an insurance company, providing a cost-
effective outsourced solution for the management of human
resources, employee benefits, commercial insurance, payroll
and other major functions of workforce management.
Outsourcing allows our clients to focus on their core
competencies and relieves them of many employer-related

                  Gary Musselman
                  President & CEO
                  The Resourcing Solutions Group, Inc.
                  Corporate Profile

• Headquartered Charlotte, North Carolina
• Regional Operations Centers
  o   Auburn, Maine
  o   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  o   Winchester, Virginia
  o   Mobile, Alabama
  o   Raleigh, North Carolina
  o   Houston, Texas
  o   Louisville, Kentucky

  Trade Names:
      AsmaraHR                   Consolidated   Asmara Insurance
                   Corporate Profile

•   Corporate Name: The Resourcing Solutions Group, Inc.
•   State and date of incorporation: Nevada, December 9, 2002
•   Stock Symbol RSGX
•   Primary Venue: OTCBB - 10SB filed on July 25, 2008
•   Web site http://www.TRSGInc.com
•   Outstanding Shares as of July 2007: Approximately 35 million
•   Public Float as of July 2007: Approximately 4.6 million shares
•   Shares held by management: 28 million
•   Restricted Shares freeing up within 6 months: Approximately 2.4 million
•   Market Cap @ anticipated $5.00 share price $175,000,000
                    Corporate Profile

• The Resourcing Solutions Group Management

 o   Gary Musselman, President/Chief Executive Officer
        President/CEO fully reporting SEC company
        30 years of management experience
        Former CFO of a multi-national media company
        Former Compliance Officer of an Insurance company
        Former Managing Partner of business development consulting firm
         specializing in commercial finance, mergers and acquisitions

 o   Frank Moody, Chairman of Board of Directors
        President of business development consulting firm specializing in
         emerging public companies.
        CEO of a publicly traded emerging media company
        Former President of publicly traded technology company
        Former President of media company
                  Corporate Profile

• Workforce Management

 o   Marcia Sartori, Vice President Operations.
        30 years experience in providing outsourced workforce management;
        Co-author “The Legal Ramifications of Employee Leasing” and “The
         Professional Employer Services Handbook”;
        Operated one of “Pittsburgh’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies
         from 1998 – 2002”;
        Former Director of National Association of Professional Employer

 o   Antoinette Peterson, Vice President Client Services
        Operated three regional workforce management companies;
        Developed integrated process with insurance and workforce
                     Corporate Profile

• Insurance Company Management

 o   Paul Halter, President
        25 years experience in property & casualty insurance industry;
        Former President workers’ compensation insurance company;
        Former President insurance holding company;
        Operated own insurance agency;
        Former regional sales manager for major insurance agencies.

 o   James Chick, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer
        Former CFO worker’s compensation insurance company
        Former Chief Financial Officer insurance holding company
        Former President mutual insurance company.

 o   Deborah DeVere, Chief Underwriting Officer
        Former Chief Underwriting Officer for a workers’ compensation insurance
        Former Risk Manager for property & casualty insurance company;
        Former Senior Claims Examiner with major insurance companies.
                    Corporate Profile

• Insurance Agency Management

 o   Michael Peterson, Vice President Insurance Services
        Former owner of multiple insurance agencies;
        Developed multiple workforce management companies into coordinated
         composite insurance coverage;
        Developed strategies and techniques for combined selling of workforce
         management and insurance products.

 o   Allen Lill, National Program Director
        28 years of sales, service and underwriting experience in commercial
        7 years experience with Lloyds of London brokerage house;
        Former Chief Underwriting Office with a workers’ compensation
         insurance company.
Area of Operations
      Human Capital Has Increased Value

“Organizations that have a documented HR strategy also have 35% higher
revenue per employee and 12% lower absenteeism rates than those with
no documented strategy.”

2002 Global Human Capital Survey – Price Waterhouse Coopers

“30 key HR practices are associated with a 30% increase in an
organization’s market value.”

2000 Human Capital Index – Watson Wyatt

In 2005, there were approximately 5.8 million businesses in the United
States with employees, according to US Small Business Administration.
The small business share of employment remains around 50 percent.
Small firms generally create 60 to 80 percent of the net new jobs. Smaller
firms with fewer than 100 employees employed 41.0 million.
        A.M. Best: P/C Industry Posts 1Q
               Underwriting Profit

The U.S. property/casualty industry followed record profits in
2006 with continued favorable trends in first quarter 2007,
posting net income after taxes of $16.7 billion. An underwriting
gain of $8.0 billion and net investment income of nearly $14 billion
propelled the industry's strong operating results, according to a
special report by A.M. Best Co.
As a result of the industry's strong operating performance, its after
tax return on equity (return on surplus), which measures the
industry's overall after tax profitability from underwriting and
investment activity, was a healthy 14.0 % for the 12 months
ended March 31, 2007, up from 11.0 % for the 12 months
through March 31, 2006
 Workforce Management
  Products by Category

                Strategic        Recruiting &
                Planning          Selection

Safety & Risk                                Training &
Management                                  Development

Professional                                    Compensation

          Employee                              Management

                       Compliance &
Insurance Products by Type
  Workforce Management and Insurance

             Loss Control
Workforce    Measures
Management   Risk and       Insurance
Human Resource Risk & Safety
Insurance Company Loss Control
Employees Served
     Projected Income and Expenses

                   TRSG (5) Five-Year Projections

                   2008     2009             2010     2011      2012

    Revenue        9,435    20,016           47,426   74,987   111,541

     COGS          5,257     9,012           17,091   28,809    45,043

  Gross Profit     4,178    17,003           30,335   46,117    66,497

    Expenses       4,479    11,931           22,719   27,213    33,066

Other Income/Exp   (617)     1,302            1,409    4,414     7,427

   Net Profit       315      3,771            6,206   14,550    26,005

                               In $1,000’s
Pro Forma Income and Expense Results
Pro Forma Cash and Investments
Pro Forma Balance Sheet Results
The Resourcing Solutions Group, Inc.
  FSX Conference July 2007 Washington, DC

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