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									                                          Carrier Partner Information
Company Name:           Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company

Target Markets Representative:           Stanton Olson

Phone:          913-905-4760

Company Overview:

Fireman's Fund is a member of the Allianz Group. Fireman's Fund has admitted and non-admitted licenses in 50
states, over $5 billion in U.S. sales, and is rated "A, XV" by AM Best Company. Fireman's Fund is organized into
three business units --- Specialty Insurance, Commercial Business and Personal Insurance. Specialty Insurance is
the largest business segment at Fireman's Fund.

Fireman’s Fund has been a program underwriter for over 50 years. Today, Fireman’s Fund has over 110 programs
and $525+ million in affinity sales across the Specialty Insurance, Commercial Business and Personal Insurance

Program Parameters:

Please describe your company’s program strategy:
§Buying groups
§§Blocks of business clustered around an industry expert agent
§Trade associations
§§Professional societies
§§Hobbyists, collectors, dealers
§§Suppliers to, or distributors of, a large manufacturer

Please describe your company’s program appetites (please include LOB’s and States):

Programs with specialty product needs in the $2.5 million to $10+ million range. Most of our programs are built
around non-admitted casualty products, admitted/non-admitted and professional liability products and non-
regulated marine/related property products. Fireman’s Fund Specialty Insurance does not write Workers Comp
and has limited availability to Auto products from a sister unit.
List of Highly Customized Products:
•Commercial  Output Policy for Mono-line property.••Inland Marine products, including Builders Risk, Contractors
Equipment, Installation Floaters, Motor Truck Cargo, Electronic Equipment Insurance, Fine Arts, Misc. Tool /
Instrument Floaters.
••Non-admitted forms for General Liability. Admitted forms for GL may be available if a Risk Purchasing Group is
••Admitted & non-admitted forms for Misc. E&O and Professional Liability.
••Admitted and non-admitted forms for Umbrella and Excess.
••Ocean Cargo for domestic/international shipments.
••Hull and P&I for inland waterway vessels.
••Auto may be available (on a program-by-program basis) through our sister unit, Commercial Business.

Programs your company will not consider:

Workers Compensation
Limited appetite for Automobile driven risks

Minimum Annual Written Premium Considered:

Rollover GPW must exceed $2.5 million. We may consider smaller programs for Inland Marine affinity groups.

Other Program Consideration/Submission Criteria:

“Speed to market” is vital to program specialist producers who service the affinity sector. With complete information
in hand, Fireman's Fund Specialty Insurance can bring an affinity program to market in less than 12 weeks.

To do so, we need:

§Executive summary describing the affinity group members’ operations and outlining their unmet insurance needs
§§List of key producer and affinity group personnel
§§60-months of P&L performance, including premium analysis by state and product line
§§Actuarial report (if available)
§§List of roll-over accounts with annual premiums and policy x-dates
§§Program underwriting guide
§§Specimen copies of key policy forms & exclusions
§§Multi-year marketing plan with quarterly sales beacons
Program Administrator Parameters:
Technology Expectations of Program Administrators (rating, issuing, report capabilities etc.):

Fireman’s Fund Specialty Insurance assesses carrier/program administrator interface on a case by case basis.
The program administrator is expected to perform “box” underwriting and “rate grid” quoting.

Risk Sharing:

Fireman’s Fund desires to write first dollar programs. We do not “front”.

Fireman’s Fund has an inside claims department that covers 50 states. We also work with a limited list of approved


" Speed-to-market is the currency of trade with specialty products. With the many parts of the Fireman's Fund team
working together, we shorten new program launch timeframes and deliver effective, long-lasting solutions.”

Jack Russell, Executive Director, Specialty Programs

Appetite Examples:

Examples --- Large multiple-product, casualty-driven programs:
Family fun centers and arcades
Construction equipment sales & rental dealers
Aerial reach equipment rental
Fire sprinkler contractors
Demolition contractors
Gas & welding supplies
Staffing agencies
Examples --- General Liability Programs:
Recreational inflatable rental
Land improvement contractors
Small crane rental
Rigging contractors
Small nonresidential trade contractors
Parking garages and valet services
Aerial reach equipment dealers
Examples --- Inland & Ocean Marine Affinity Groups:
Equipment coverage for amateur and professional scuba divers
Musical instrument floaters for orchestra and music schools
Shipping insurance for collectors & dealers
Inland Marine insurance for equipment sold/financed/leased by construction and agricultural equipment dealers
Equipment coverage for fitness clubs
Bailee's coverage for commercial laundries
College-sponsored programs for student personal property
Self-storage facility renter’s insurance
Examples --- Professional Liability Programs
Professional Liability is an excellent example of a product line that firms aggregate into groups to purchase. Small firms in
sophisticated industries seek the same customized products as their larger competitors. Recent successes and ideas include:

Non-overnight medical clinics

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