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					skiing in the park

Jimbob & I went skiing in the park. The snow was very sticky but it’s the first time I’ve managed
to ski on snow in Bradford

Question by kauaigirl: where is the best place to ski on the south island in september?
Coming from Hawaii to New Zealand for a ski vacation. Where would be the best place to ski in
mid september for a beginner? Any recommendations on south island ski fields with on-site or
nearby accommodations?

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Answer by Driver T
It’s been a relatively warm winter, and by September there may not be much ski-able snow.
There are 3 skifields with nearby accommodation in Queenstown. They are Cardrona,
Remarkables and Coronet Peak.
Near to Wanaka is Cardrona and Treble Cone.
As far as I’m aware, there are no skifields with on-site accommodation.

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4 Swiss ski coaches injured in Are car crash
Four Swiss Alpine ski coaches, including former Olympic medalist Steve Locher, were injured
when their minivan crashed into a truck in northern Sweden on Wednesday, officials said. The
Swedish Ski Association said Locher suffered fractures to his pelvis and neck, but didn’t injure
any nerves. He has been moved to a specialist clinic in Uppsala, central Sweden to undergo

Dispite its simplicity, this game is very entertaining. You control a skier and you get to compete
in various challenges. The diversity of this game is its main advantage. You can snowboard,
perform acro aerial jumps, storm down a slope in an innertube, try your luck in a downhill
descent or simply shoot down kids and various animals using snowballs.