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					Home Protection Robots
Both Robots are designed to protect your home from burglars, hooligans and terrorism. If there is
no threat (as usual), HPR-Ground is able to cut the lawn while HPR-Air shoots down birds,
which plunder the fruit-bearing trees.

Question by Aunt Jemima: Why did “My Life as a Teenage Robot” on Nickelodeon get
I thought this show was so clever & innovative.
It wasn’t violent it all, so I don’t understand why it went under.
Does anyone know what happened to it?

I know Invader Zim was cancelled because it was scary & too adult for kids, but I don’t think my
Life as a Teenage Robot was. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Ana P
it still plays on nicktoons network
writers probably to lazy

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Wheeme massage robot asks where it hurts to drive away the pain
Former Israeli electronics and defense engineers wouldn’t be the first group of people we’d peg
to leap into the robot massager biz , but that’s exactly who’s behind the Wheeme from
DreamBots inc. According to the firm’s about page, the Wheeme was developed to meet “the
increasing demand for smart products that offer the natural feeling of caressing, relaxation,
falling asleep and even just …
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Mazinger, Gunbuster & Gundam in an Alan Parsons Project song “I Robot” AMV