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									Year 4~Day 286 +257/365 AND Day 1382: Finished
Reading/Listening To “The Holy Bible” in 90 Days

I explained on June 14, 2010 how this is done.
Using, I chose a 90-Day Reading Plan. I linked it to iCal. In iCal, I
click on the day’s reading plan. There is a link which takes me to the chapters and verses. In
Biblegateway, I open another browser and choose the Audio version. I select the book of the
Bible and chapter and click "Play Audio" while I select the browser tab with the words. I can
read and listen at the same time. Pretty cool, I think.

As you can see from the screen, I was one day behind. I didn’t always read/listen to the chapters
on the specified days. Some days I had to catch up for 2 or 3 days. One day’s Bible Reading
takes about one hour–listening to the audio by Mac McLean. He surely helps with the
pronunciation of hard names and places.

Even if you have read the Bible you may still want to know the God’s word better. It is our duty
as servants of God to understand, follow, and spread his word to others. There are so many
distractions in today’s world that take us away from proper Bible study and it can be hard to
understand the word of God as it is written in the Bible.

When you read the Bible it is important to make sure you understand God’s true meaning. A
Bible reading plan can help you understand God’s word even in the hectic and distracting times
in which we live. Here are some tips to help you when you read the Bible to ensure you make the
most of your Bible reading.

It is important to set aside time each day to read the Bible and reflect on each passage thinking
about how it relates to your life so you can truly understand the messages held within. An easy to
read translation makes reading the Bible simple and aids in understanding the meaning and
message of each passage so you can take them into practice within your life.

It is also important to have a specific time and place where you read the Bible each day. Some
people prefer to read the Bible each night so they can reflect on the events of the day and how
they relate to the meaning of the passage. Others like to read a few passages in the morning
before they start their day so they can think about their meaning and find ways to implement the
message into their day.

The easy part of reading the Bible is just that, reading the words on the page. The hard part of
reading the Bible is understanding the message contained in each passage and to applying the
lesson to your life. A Bible reading plan will help you to set a time to study the bible and help
you to understand his word and relate the messages of each passage to your life.

If you have trouble understanding God’s message when you read the Bible make sure you think
about how the passage relates to you and your life. Ask questions as you read such as “What has
the person in this passage learned?”, “What is God saying that I can use in my life?”, or put
yourself in the place of the person God is speaking to.

Andy Deane is a Pastor who is dedicated to helping others discover, apply, and enjoy God’s
word. Check out his book Learn to Study the Bible or his website to
learn how to better understand the Lord’s word.

Question by Huh?: Bible Reading?
I’m not overly religious and I dont attend church anymore, although I am a confirmed Lutheran.
I want to start studying/reading the bible. I heard you are not really supposed to just read it like a
novel though. Anyone have any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Kudamah
Sure. Get a bible dictionary as well a bible that provides the Hebrew & Greek translations to give
you a clearer picture of what the scriptures is trying to say.

And anybody coming with their opinions to you, simply ask them to back up their statements
with proof.

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Bible reading planned at Maryville tree lighting
Reading of the Christmas story is again on the program for the City of Maryville tree lighting
ceremony, but it will be done by church leaders instead of a government appointee.
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This is not talking about simply Bible reading, but the specific process of Lectio Divina, which is
reading Scripture in such a way that you come away IMPACTED by the truth therein. It is
reading so that you come to a place of transforming encounter with God. I think we have all tried
one or more of these when trying to have a “meaningful” interaction with Scripture. Enjoy.

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