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									Arab dancing

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I went for a walk one evening and ran across an Arabic singing group outside of a hotel near the
Creek in Dubai City. There was a wedding reception going on at the hotel, but „m not sure if the
two events were related. I took a video of the singers and posted it on my blog

The singers were doing a fantastic job. The rythmn was intense, their clothes immaculate, and
their conductor was getting into the music. I couldn‟t follow what they were singing, but I really
enjoyed the energy and rythm of the music and dance.

If there is anyone reading this that understands the lyrics, I‟d welcome any comments or insight.

Question by Mr. Prodigy: can some1 identify this arab dance music?
yeah there is this arab dance music on my computer, but im not able to identify it. It goes
something like “wa ab-dil khadiree-a” or something, and the guy speaks french too i think. Cuz
at the end he‟s like: merci merci (the version i have is the concert one). So yeah if anyone knows
alot about arab dance music, i can send it to you, and maybe you can help me identify it.

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Answer by me
try this site:..has a few samples


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