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					Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial Truck Insurance

As the #1 truck insurer in America with more than 30 years of experience providing commercial
insurance for the trucking industry, you can trust Progressive to protect your truck. We know
trucking — how important it is to the economy, how important your vehicle is to your business.
That's why we invest heavily in a world-class claims organization and a product built around
your unique commercial insurance needs, at a price you can afford.

Though we can't move slow cars out of the hammer lane for you, we can offer things like CDL
discounts and filings, Non-Trucking Liability coverage and more. With our commercial truck
insurance, which includes superior claims service by experienced truck professionals, we do
what we can to keep you rolling along.
What Businesses Does Commercial Trucking Insurance Cover?

Progressive offers commercial truck insurance for a variety of local and regional trucking
businesses, including motor carriers and owner operators.

Plus, we don't require minimum driving or business experience to get a Progressive
Commercial policy. We insure everyone from veterans to rookies. Even drivers who just got
their CDL — or, depending on your vehicle, those who don't have a CDL at all — can get
commercial trucking insurance at a great rate. And veteran drivers and businesses may be able
to benefit from our Experienced CDL and Experienced Business discounts.
To learn more about commercial truck insurance products and features designed especially for
your business, select your business category below:

* Owner operator insurance
* Motor carrier insurance
* Private carrier insurance

 What Types Of Vehicles Does Progressive Truck Insurance Cover?

Progressive Commercial truck insurance is specifically designed to protect heavy vehicles. With
Liability insurance options ranging from minimum limits up to $1 million combined single limit
(CSL), there's a policy that's just right for your vehicle. Find the type of vehicle insurance you
need in the list below, and then request a truck insurance quote today!

 Common types of vehicle-specific commercial truck insurance include:

* Box truck insurance
 * Flatbed truck insurance
 * Express delivery truck insurance
 * Refrigerated truck insurance

Commercial Truck Insurance

* Tanker truck insurance
* Tractor insurance
* Other commercial truck insurance

Progressive Commercial can insure more than just your trucks. We can also insure other
commercial vehicles that you use for your business, such as light duty pickup trucks, cars, vans
and SUVs.
Commercial Truck Insurance Resources

 Have a specific question about commercial truck insurance? Check out
these helpful sections:

* Truck Insurance Filings - Find out if you need a financial responsibility filing. Learn about the
new regulations (UCRA), and discover how Progressive is working to make filings simple.
 * Truck Insurance Claims - Progressive expertly handles heavy truck insurance claims with
hundreds of specially trained claims professionals who know your vehicle. Learn why superior
claims service matters — and how Progressive is making the claims experience better.
 * New Business Vehicle Insurance - If you are looking to start a new business, or your business
is still in its first year or two of operation, visit our new business ventures section to get advice
and learn about commercial trucking insurance designed especially for you.

 Make Progressive Your Commercial Truck Insurance Company

Progressive has been in the commercial truck insurance business for nearly three decades. In
addition to superior claims service and affordable prices, you’ll find Progressive is a commercial
truck insurance company you can trust. Our commercial truck insurance products are designed
to meet your specific needs, and our claims representative are the best trained in the industry.
That means you’re not just protected, you’ll be back on the road faster, and with less hassle if
an unfortunate accident occurs.

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