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					Notepad on steroids
Although most of the publishing platforms today offer friendly user interfaces and simple
graphic layouts sooner or later you will need to get your hands on some code.
Tweaking the Html or the CSS directly is the only way to have complete control over the look
of your blog. It also enables you to add more functionalities such as social bookmarking
buttons, advertising and the like.
The easiest (and perhaps the most efficient) way to change the code is through a simple text
editor like the Windows Notepad. Instead of using Notepad, though, I recommend that you
download an open source text editor called Notepad++.
Notepad++ is as simple as the traditional Notepad, but it comes packed with many useful
features, including:
   syntax and html tags highlighting
   auto-completion
   drag ‘n’ drop
   macros

You can download Notepad++ here