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									         Tennis Body Tutorials – Synergistic Training
Set Goals: Training is not an end in itself but an activity with a purpose. To learn to win
more games and sets that the player or lower your golf score. In the absence of a goal
either modest or ambitious, it is virtually impossible to persevere long enough to see a
training program bring results. For what is the point in exerting yourself, after all, if you
are unable to evaluate what you accomplish.

For motivation you can't let yourself get satisfied. You have to kept raising your goals.

Realistic: Work long range with the end in mind.

Adaptations: Training will within a few weeks of starting develop better conditioning;
cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular. Training lowers the heart rate allowing more
work to be done with less effort.

Athletes in training must begin to understand that most of the energy must be derived not
from atmospheric oxygen, breathing, but from chemicals lodged in the muscle cells,
primarily adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate.

The beginning athlete understands that each gasping breath means that his respiratory
muscles are being strengthened and that this is an integral part of training.

Methods: various

The human body not only adapts continuously as training proceeds but responds most
markedly if intensity is steadily increased.

Hard workouts prepare the mind.

Overall Conditioning.

Cross training. Triathlons...

Stress: Physical stress, is one of the chief means of enhancing sports performance. High
Altitude workouts, workouts above 5,000 feet bring changes as an increase in blood
volume and hemoglobin concentration, a proliferation of new capillaries, and the
development of fresh sites in the cells for energy production. Chest and lung size may be
enhanced as well.

Athletic Weight

The right athletic weight is less than that suggested in the charts issued. It is only when
the human body is at its lightest that it functions with maximum speed and agility.
Rapid weight loss, such as wrestlers, can reduce muscle glycogen, the body's primary
source of energy, by more than half. A sense of fatigue and diminished performance are
the common results.

Warm up Stretching is a more effective way to promote suppleness than competing
varieties of warm-up.

Loosing up activities, prepare the various physiological systems for more strenuous
activity by elevating metabolism, improving the range of motion of joints, and increasing
blood flow and the speed with which nerve impulses travel. The muscles, tendons,
ligaments and other connections need to be gradually introduced to top performance.
Tennis players warm up for 30 minutes. Tennis uses almost every muscle in the body, so
its very important to do a complete warm-up before stepping onto the court to hit." A
brisk walk or jog for ten or twelve minutes followed by stretching.

Myth of exercising the next day... After having performed an exercise which produces
muscle soreness of the delayed type later performance of moderate exercise results in a
tendency to perpetuate the soreness... Coaches and trainers whose primary objective is
immediate relief of this type of soreness had best forgo moderate exercise as a remedy."

Sleep: Sleep loss lessens muscular enzyme activity, a sign that oxidation and therefore
the capacity to perform work had diminished.

Water: Loss of body fluids through sweating not only reduces performance capacity but
can also contribute to heat illness. Workouts in temperatures as high as 95 degrees calls
for a pint of fluid every fifteen minutes to maintain proper hydration.

Coolness: The human body functions best when its temperature remains close to normal.
any substantial deviation brings a loss of efficiency and can even be dangerous.

Relax: An odd paradox exists in athletics: To do one's best, one is ill advised to try too
hard; a sense of philosophical distance almost always yields the best results.

Choking is is nothing more than an inability to relax when we take a match too seriously.

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