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									                    Tennis Basics Tutorials – Volley
To volley effectively you need quickness. Quick hands most instructors say cannot be
taught and they may be correct. In that same statement what about quick feet and
anticipation. These are essential elements of a volley

The reasons behind the difficulty of the volley is the anticipation that is required. The
ability to react and not be flat footed is a developed and practiced skill.

As you can see in these picures there is a definitate angle that the backhand volley is hit
from. The best grip is the continental and the stroke is set up through proper footwork,
anticipation and vision. At the net there is 2/3's less time to anticipate and hit the ball than
on the backcourt. The effect that this creates is to hit with very short shonts and little

Something to look at and think about.

Something to look at and think about.
Something to look at and think about.

Ok now that we got the idea on the backhand volley there are some factors to understand
on the forehand volley. First the continental grip is the most effective. The best players
use this grip and master its technique but the forehand volley in some ways is more
difficult than the backhand from a biomechanical perspective.

There is a problem at the net and it has to do with the body not the grip, the stance, the
focus, the footwork but the body itself is a giant obstacle to coordination at the net. It gets
in the way. The best way to understand this is to try to volley a ball with your off hand in
a continental grip. What you will find out is that your body is the greatest hindrance to an
effective shot. What you will learn is that kinetic balance is everything when it comes to
being able to execute a proper forehand volley.

Being in position with footwork and with the feet wider than the shoulders is an
important starting point. The right position is always most important. Having the correct
grip and racquet position is equally important. Yet the fundamental factor to being able to
develop this shot is the movement to and through the ball.

It is been said, (by me) Use your eyes on volleys and your feet on groundstrokes,
meaning that by focusing on the ball is the key to hitting the shot. On groundstrokes you
must reposition and be ready by using your feet.

With the forehand volley it is absolutely essential to see the ball into the court.

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