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         FROM 1990 TO 2006

        Years      Numbers of Thesis
         1990             17

         1991             25

         1992             32

         1993             22

         1994             30

         1995             31

         1996             32

         1997              9

         1998             18

         1999             28

         2000             22

         2001             23

         2002             19

         2003             11

         2004             18

         2005             40

         2006             57

         Total            434

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YEAR 1990
S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                                   TOPIC
                  Azra Shakoor       Effectiveness of play way method for language
1.        HI
                                     development of Hearing Impaired Children
                  Humera Yaqoob      The Hearing Impaired Children and communication
2.        HI
3.      General   Nasir Sulman       Social attitudes towards disabled population
                  Sehar Yasmeen      Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children in Special
4.       MR
                                     Schools in Karachi
                  Rashida Tabassum   Problems in teaching Mentally Retarded Children in
5.       MR
                  Humera Aziz        Parental involvement in the education of their school going
6.      General
                                     Disabled Children
                  Sajida Abidi       The problems of mother in regarding of their handicapped
7.      General
                  Shabbir Qadri      The problem of vocational training faced by the students in
8.      General
                                     special schools of Karachi
                  Tariq Butt         Disabled children study of educational and Behaviour of
9.      General
                                     the teachers of normal schools
                  Durdana Syed       Factor analysis of problem related with MR during their
10.      MR
                  Qasier Sultana     The study of social problems of parents of visually
11.       VI
                                     impaired children
12.       VI      Sarah Begum        The study Mobility training in special schools of Karachi
                  Ashraf Nadeem      The opinion of teacher of teaching method for hearing
13.       HI
                                     impaired children
                  Mohd. Jehangir     The study of the problems of parents of hearing impaired
14.       HI
                  Syed Razi Hasan    The identification special children faced by the teacher in
15.     General
                                     normal classroom
                  Shaheena Begum     The study of Environment factor of language development
16.       HI
                                     who impact of hearing impaired school going children
                  Afroze Qasim       Study of Audio visual Aids for the Hearing Impaired
17.       HI
                                     children in special schools

YEAR 1991

S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                                   TOPIC
18.       HI      Naushad Shaukat    Effectiveness of sign language
                  Dawood Baig        Perception of disability by normal and special schools
19.     General
                  Abdul Qadir        A study of the problem faced by the family in the
20.     General
                                     upbringing of handicapped Children
                                                                            Page 2 of 19
                  Amin Bawani       Treatment of mentally retarded children by their normal
21.      MR
                  Durdana Rao       Attitudes of the educational people towards the education
22.     General
                                    of disabled population
23.     General   Samina Rahim       Self concept of disabled persons
                  Rabia Perveen     Parental problem in the education and training of disabled
24.     General
                  Mohd. Zubair      Mainstreaming of visually impaired children in secondary
25.       VI
                                    school of Karachi.
                  M. Rafi Alam      Social misconceptions towards the ability of visually
26.       VI
                                    disabled persons in urban Areas
                  Zahid Moosa       Differences of cognitive development between school
27.      MR
                                    going and non-going Mentally retarded children
28.       HI      Farida Shaheen    Problem of teacher of hearing children in normal teaching
                  Zubaida Hussain   Identification of hearing Impaired children in normal
29.       HI
                                    school of Nazimabad
                  Gul Abbasi        The programs of vocational training of hearing impaired
30.       HI
                                    children in op schools of Karachi
                  Mohd. Hashim      Study of educational problems of hearing impaired
31.       HI
                  Shehla Maqbool    Educational problem of hearing impaired children in
32.       HI
                                    special schools
                  Chand Sultana     Study of Educational felicities hearing impaired children in
33.       HI
                                    special schools
                  Izhar Siddiqui    The problems of management faced by the teachers of
34.       HI
                                    hearing impaired children
                  Abid Aziz         A study of co-curricular activities for special; children in
35.     General
                                    special schools
                  Mohd. Fayyaz      Communication and Involvement of parents of hearing
36.       HI
                                    impaired children in schools
                  Safia Urooj       A study of training and its impact of language development
37.       HI
                                    of hearing impaired students
38.     General   Tahir Maqbool     A analysis of special schools in Karachi
                  Hamid Raza        A role of now teaching staff for special children in special
39.     General
40.      HI       Shahid Mohd       The Environment noises induce hearing losses in Karachi
41.      MR       Amna Sheikh       The social development of Autistic child
                  Dawood Mohd       The Awareness about disability in Parents of Special
42.     General

YEAR 1992
S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                                 TOPIC
43.       ED      Mohd Murtaza      Emotional Disturbance in Learning Disabled Children
                  Syed Tayyab Ali   A Small Scale Survey of Identification of Disabilities in
44.     General
                                    Rural and Urban Areas
45.      LD       Aftab Alam Kahn   Problem Associated with Learning Disabled Children
46.     General   Masood Iqbal      Consanguineous marriage and disabilities in children
                  Moammar Salik     Nature of Difference in the Practices of Upbringing The
47.     General
                                    Disabled and The Normal Children in The Family
                  Nadeem Ghayyas    Communication Deficiencies in Mentally Retarded
48.      MR
                                                                            Page 3 of 19
49.       HI      Seema Rahim        General Problem of Cerebral Palsied Children
                  Anjum Ara          Social and Emotional Problem of Mentally Retarded
50.      MR
                  Shaheen Haroon     Identification of learning Disabled children in Ordinary
51.       LD
                                     School of Karachi
                  Zahida Abdullah    Identification of Problems Behaviour in Mentally Retarded
52.      MR
                  Safiullah          Identification of Problem of Hearing Impaired Children of
53.       HI
                                     Hearing Aid
                  Bashir Ahmed       Family Problem Associated with Their Hearing Impaired
54.       HI
                  Shahana Vazir      A Study of The Training Provide for Hearing Impaired
55.       HI
                                     Children in Special School of Karachi
56.      HI       Mohd Sultan Khan   Educational Problems of HI Children residing in Karachi.
57.      HI       Iftikhar Mohd      The effect of Hearing Impairment on Child’s Personality
58.      MR       Nausheen Anjum     Appropriate Teaching Methods for HI Children
                  Saleen Lehna       The analysis of educational problems of Hearing Impaired
59.       HI                         Children faced by the teachers in Idareau and Dewa
                                     Academy school of Deaf.
                  Zahida Perveen     The Study of problem in primary grade class in normal
60.       HI
                  Saima Maqbool      The problems of educational and training faced by parents
61.       HI
                                     of Hearing Impaired Children.
                  Shehzada Mohd      The Industrial Noise Induced Hearing Loss in The Site
62.       HI
                  Uazair             Area Karachi “An Experimental Research
63.       HI      Alia Khatoon       The study of attitude of parents with their children
                  Fauzia Naz         Study of the educational problem in social environment of
64.       HI
                                     hearing impaired children
                  Nazneen Fatima     A study of co-curriculum activities of hearing impaired
65.       HI
                                     children in special schools of Karachi
66.       VI      Samina Almas       Marriage problem of visual impaired persons
                  Syed Raham Ali     Effect of visual Impairment on Physical Development 0-7
67.       VI
                  Jehangir Badshah   Difference Between opinion of Common teacher and
68.       VI                         Special School Teachers Concerning The Investigation of
                                     blind Persons
                  Shahzad Rasool     The Emotional Problems of Parents in Regard to Their
69.       VI
                                     visually Impaired Children (5-15 Years)
70.       HI      Qamar Elahi        Socio-educational problems of HI Children
71.       HI      Shaheen Begum      Problems of HI Children’s teaching in schools of Karachi
72.       HI      Taneem Nazneen     Library Resources for HI children in schools of Karachi.
73.       VI      Abduallah Khan     Educational Problems faced by VI Children
                  Akhter Abbas       A Study Public Attitudes Towards The education of
74.      MR
                                     Mentally Retarded Children

YEAR 1993
S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                                 TOPIC
                  Zahida Shah        A Study of Language Development in Ordinary and
75.     General
                                     Special Children
                  Qasim Maqsood      The Implementation of The Curriculum in Special School
76.      MR
                                     for Children with Mental Retardation
                                                                           Page 4 of 19
                  Imtiaz Ahmed        A Comparative Study of Cognitive Development in
77.      MR                           Normal and Mentally Retarded Children B/W Age 5-10
                  Lal Mohammad        A Comparative Study of Social Development in Normal &
78.      MR
                                      Mentally retarded Children B/W Age 5-10 Years
                  Shafreen Jamal      A Comparative Study of Self Help Skills in Normal 7
79.      MR
                                      Mentally Retarded Children B/W 5-10 Years
                  Munira Mazhar       A Comparative Study of Motor development in Normal &
80.      MR
                                      Mentally Retarded Children B/W Age 5-10 Years
                  Abdul Saleem        Vocational Educational and Employment opportunities for
81.      MR
                                      children with Visual Impairment
                  Mohd Waseem         To Investigate The Stress Profile of Normal & Special
82.     General
                                      Education Teacher
                  Khalida Ali         The Investigate of Mild to Moderate Hearing Impaired
83.       HI
                                      Children In Ordinary School of Karachi
84.      CD       Mohd Shahid         Communication Disorders in Normal School
                  Aqeela Ali          Job Adjustment Problem of Hearing Impaired People “ An
85.       HI
                                      Exploratory Research
                  Munir Ahmed         ‘AUDITORY’ {Verbal Approach} 1st option for H.I.
86.       HI
                  Sadia Mufassir      Facilities & Techniques Available for Speech 7 Auditory
87.       HI
                                      Training of Hearing Impaired Children
                  Anjum Shehla        Parent Awareness About Their Children Hearing
88.       HI
89.     General   Arshad Mehmood      A study of special schools in Daira Ghazi Khan Divisions
                  Shahida Khatoon     A study of emotional disturbances of visual impaired
90.       VI
                  Sabir Khan          A role of parents daily during skills for visual impaired
91.       VI
                  Saleha Afroz        A problem of mothers related to their visual impaired
92.       VI
                                      children growth
                  Asma Jawed          A comparative Study of Academic Skills in Mentally
93.      MR
                                      Retarded 7 Normal Children B/W Ages 5-10 Years
94.     General   Mohd. Bashir         A the problem of employment of visual impaired
                  M. Anwar Khan       A study of economical problem for visual impaired
95.       VI
                  Mr. Shazia Batool   The Comparative study of emotional development in
96.      MR
                                      normal & Mentally Retarded children (b.w age 5-10 years)

YEAR 1994
S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                                    TOPIC
                  M. Sajeel Rana      How parents Perceive The Causes of Handicaps of Their
97.       HI
                                      Hearing Impaired Children
                  M. Imran Baig       Prevailing Parental Misconception & Their Consequences
98.     General
                                      on Behaviour
                  Farzana Siddiqui    The Problems Encountered The Mentally Retarded
99.      MR
                                      Children During Vocational Training
                  Yasmeen             A Study of Sexuality Relation Problems Associated with
100.     MR                           Adolescence & Adulthood in Institutionalized M.R.
101.     MR       Syed Ubaida         Analysis of self help deficiencies in Down Syndrome
                                                                            Page 5 of 19
                  Rehmani          Children
102.     MR       Yasmeen Nighat   Problem Associated with Autistic Children
                  Abdual Qayyum    Handicaps Associated with Leprosy Trends in Pakistan
103.      PH      Khan             Children and Obstacles Towards The Rehabilitation of
                                   Leprosy Children
                  Irfan Elahi      Analysis of Socialization Deficiencies in Down’s
104.     MR
                                   Syndrome Children
                  Zakia Elahi      Analysis of Language Deficiencies in Down Syndrome
105.     MR
                  Asma Imdad       Analysis of Cognitive Deficiencies in Down Syndrome
106.     MR
                  Mumtaz Fatima    The Analysis of Classroom Environment Learning Method
107.     MR                        Metrical & Curriculum in the Special Schools for Mentally
                                   Retarded Children
                  Fauzia Malik     A Study of Problems of Parents in Upbringing Their
108.     MR
                                   Children with Down Syndrome
                  Aftab Hussain    Teacher As “Assessor” In the Identification of Disabilities
109.    General
                                   in Normal School Children
110.     MR       Aman Ullah       Problem of Parents in The Upbringing M.R. Children
                  Gohar Fatima     To identify relevant Parameters in The Identification of
111.      LD
                                   Learning Disabilities
112.      ED      Ikram Ullah      Motivational Factors of Deprived child Towards life
                  Muthair Amiri    Personal & Environmental Variable Associated with
113.     MR
                                   Learning In M.R. Children
114.    General   Irfan Iqbal      Screening of Special Children in Community Setting
115.      HI      Asifa Mehmood    Problems of discipline in schools of HI Children
                  Zia Ahmed        Attitude of educational and uneducated parents towards
116.      HI
                                   their HI Children
117.      HI      Aftab Alam       Problems of parents of children with HI children.
118.      HI      Farman Ullah     Problems of teachers in teaching HI children
                  Abrar Ahmed      Survey of educational facilities available in school of HI
119.      HI
                  Sajjad Hassan    Educational problems of HI children schools located
120.      HI
                                   Bhawalpur Division
121.      HI      Naveed Razzaq    A study about educational problems of HI children
                  Uzma Aziz        Identification and Interventions of children with ADHD
122.      LD
                                   with the help of teachers
                  Farhad Shah      A study about library facilities available for Hearing
123.      HI
                                   Impaired children in schools
                  Farzana Khwaja   Analysis of Motor Deficiencies in Down Syndrome
124.    MR/PH
                  Humera Rahmani   A study about teaching methods used by teachers of HI
125.      HI
                                   children in special schools.
126.      ED      Zia Sultana      The Adverse Effects of Child Labor on Child Development

YEAR 1995
S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                               TOPIC
                  Shaheen Sheikh   Development of Hearing and Communication for the
127.      HI
                                   Screening of Pakistan Infants.
                  Asiya Farooqi    Problems of hearing Impaired Girls after completion pf
128.      HI
                                   Secondary School Education.
                                                                          Page 6 of 19
            Abdul Hameed          The Epidemiological Study of Visual Impairment in people
129.   VH
                                  with Mental Retardation.
130.   MR   Raheela Khatoon       Community reaction towards Mentally Retarded Persons.
            Zillay Huma Qureshi   The Nature of Educational Services for Mental Retardation
131.   MR
                                  Centers in Karachi.
            Hina Perveen          Opinions of the teachers about the Methods of Teaching
132.   MR
                                  for Mentally Retarded Children.
133.   MR   Samia Hameed          Analysis of Social Status of Mentally Retarded Children.
            Noreen Zahoor         Prevailing Practices towards Behaviour problems of
134.   MR
                                  Mentally Retarded Pupils in Special Schools of Karachi.
            Fauzia Yasmeen        Perceptions of Learning Disabled Children’s Difficulties
135.   MR
                                  Faced by Normal School Teachers.
            Aysha Ibrahim         Rehabilitation of Mentally Retarded person in Special
136.   MR
                                  Centers of Karachi.
            Mahrukh Kamran        Awareness of University towards Mentally Retarded
137.   MR
            Syed Athar Ahmed      To Study the Socialization Problems of Visually
138.   VH                         Handicapped School Age Children Inside the schools
            Anwar Khan            A Study of Normal and Special Schools Teachers about the
139.   VH
                                  Awareness of Disability in the School of Karachi.
            Shazia Farooq         Behaviour Problem of Hearing Impaired Children In
140.   HI
            Abdul Qayyum          Prevalence of Different Types of Mental Retardation in the
141.   MR
                                  Special Education Centre of Karachi.
            Sobia Kazmi           Pre-Testing of Modified Motor Scale of 3 – 5 Years
142.   MR
                                  Pakistan Children.
            Kamal Haider          Ratio & Causes learning schools at primary level among
143.   VH
                                  disabled Students.
            Nazir Ahmed           Critical Study of Games Facilities Available in Special
144.   VH
                                  Education Institutions for Visually Impaired Children.
            Shakira Rahim         Educational goals of School going hearing Impaired
145.   HI
            Nayab Saeed Khan      Problem faced by teachers in hearing Impaired schools of
146.   HI
            Tazeem Zehra          Analysis on teachers training in hearing Impaired schools
147.   HI
                                  of Karachi.
            Sadia Iqbal           Causes of getting late admission by hearing Impaired
148.   HI
                                  Children in Special School.
149.   HI   Noreen Gul            Defects of hearting aid on hearing Impaired children.
            Ambar Mehdi           Analysis on vocational training in hearing Impaired
150.   HI
                                  schools of Karachi.
            Muhammad Zafran       An analysis on social & economical causes of disabled
151.   HI                         children in gilgit due to which they are unable to get
            Shela Rizvi           Educational problems faced hearing Impaired children in
152.   HI
                                  special schools.
            Nadeem Mushtaq        Hearing Loss Pattern among the Children among from City
153.   HI                         Slums and Affluent Localities “a Socio- Cultural
                                  Comparative Study”.
            Mohammad Nawab        Attitudes & Expectations of Parent towards Teachers &
154.   MR                         other Professional Working in Mental retardation Centers
                                  in Karachi.
                                                                        Page 7 of 19
155.     HI     Aashi Akhtar
                Rana Shujauddin    Rehabilitation & after Care Services of the Mental Patients
156.     MR
                                   in Karachi.
                Abdul Saleem       An Analysis on vocational training & Job Implementation
157.     VI
                                   for visual Impaired children.
YEAR 1996
S. #.   FIELD      RESEARCH                                   TOPIC
                Lubna Samad        Pre- Testing of Reading Development Scale on Mild
158.     MR
                                   Mentally Retarded Children
159.     VH     Rukhsana Kausar    Self Image Analysis of Visual Impaired (In Urdu).
160.     HI     Shabana Islam      Problem in Using Hearing Aid in Adulthood (in Urdu).
161.     MR     Shamshad Khan      Screening of Learning Disabilities through Rating Scale.
162.     VH     Muhammad Mohsin    Role of NGOs in the Eye of Blinds Person (in Urdu).
                Asma Siddiqui      Role pf Vocational Training in Job Adjustment for Hearing
163.     HI
                                   Impaired Children.
                Riffat Jahan       To Asses the Role of NGOs in Rehabilitation Hearing
164.     HI
                                   Impairment of Child (in Urdu).
                Seema Ghauri       A Study of Distribution of Hearing Loss Among Children
165.     HI
                                   in Different Districts of Karachi.
                Adnan Mazhar       A Comparative Study of Cognitive Development between
166.     MR
                                   Normal and Down Syndrome Children of 5 – 1 years old.
                Taseer Ahmed       Implementation of Quota System for Disabled in Different
167.     HI
                                   Job Setting in Karachi.
                Muhammad Suleman   A Study of Cousin Marriages: A Big Source of
168.     HI
                Riazuddin          Analysis of Assessment Tools/ Procedure, being Used in
169.     MR
                                   Special Education Centers in Karachi.
                Muhammad Saeed     Study of the Utilization of Equipments and Facilities for
170.     HI
                Akhter             Hearing Impaired Children in the School of Karachi.
171.     MR     Zafar Iqbal        Difficulties of Mental Retarded Adults in Job Setting.
172.     HI     Asad Iqbal Malik   Facilities Available for the Rehabilitation.
173.     MR     Fazal Ur-Rehman    Causes of Mental Retarded.
174.     HI     Farnaz             Causes of Slow Learning Children in Primary Classes.
                Fauzia Sarwar      Method of Identification of Brain Damage in the Hospital
175.     MR
                                   of Karachi.
                Farah Naz          Pre-Testing of Language Screening Tool on Mentally
176.     MR
                                   Retarded Children.
177.     MR     Nigar Fatima       Application of V S M S on Brain Damage.
                Sabah Is’ haq      Services Available for Mentally Retarded Children in the
178.     MR
                                   Country of Karachi.
                Muhammad Arif      Screening of Behaviour Problem in Various Types of Brain
179.     MR
                                   Damaged persons.
180.     MR     Ghulam Hussain     Screening of Special Persons in Union Council Mehdiabed.
                Muhammad Yaseen    The Available and Utilization of Physiotherapeutic
181.     MR
                                   Equipment in the Special School.
                Shafia Qarshi      Screening of Perceptional Disorders in Brain Damaged
182.     MR
                Gulnaz Aleem       The Research Study of Hospital (Sind Govt.) General
183.     VH
                                   Hospital Karachi based on Six Month Survey.
                Anjum Basit        Behaviour Problems in Identified Patients of Lead
184.     HI
                                                                          Page 8 of 19
                   Shamim Akhtar         A critical study about the participation of Visual
185.      VH
                                         Handicapped people in the Olympic games
                   Farida Ahmed Khan     The Analysis of Disabilities as a social Problem of our
186.     General
                   Mohd. Anwar           A comprehensive Analysis of the socio-Economic Status
187.       VI
                   Siddiqui              of parents of visual impaired children of secondary grade
                   Rais Ahmed            Factors Effective of law of readiness mildly Educable M.R.
188.      MR
                                         children in special schools of Karachi
                   Tanveer               A study of Co-operation in House hold mother of V.H.
189.      VH

YEAR 1997
S. #.    FIELD        RESEARCH                                      TOPIC
                   Nazia Siddiqui        Impact of Tow Disabilities Awareness Programs on
190.      MR
                                         University Students.
191.      MR       Rubina Aziz           Screening of Disabilities in Mir Pur Khas.
                   Samia Jaffri          Career and Vocational Training in Special School of
192.       HI
                                         Hearing Impaired Children.
                   Saifi Rizvi           On the Job Problems Encountered by hearing Impaired
193.       HI
194.      MR       Zahida Afridi         A Survey of teaching in the special schools of Karachi
                   Zakia Afridi          A research survey of the special problems faced by parents
195.      MR
                                         of MR children
                   Aroosa Aleem          The problem faced in communication b/w parents and
196.       HI
                                         school of H.I children
197.       HI      Surwary Begum         Educational problems of Hearing Impaired H.I. children
                   Sobia Sultana         A survey of problems faced by parents of H.I. children at
198.       HI

YEAR 1998
 S. #.     FIELD        RESEARCH                                   TOPIC
                     Tanzeem A. Kazmi     Problems of Teachers of Hearing Impaired Children in
199.         HI
                     Farheen Ghayas       Parental Perception Concerning the Need of Speech
200.        MR
                     Rakhshinda Jabeen    Parental Perceptional of Vocational Training for Special
201.        MR
                     Saima Firdous        Communication Problems in Physically Disabled
202.        MR                            Children and Comparison with Mentally Retarded
                     Akif Sami            Social Problems in Physically Disabled Children and
203.        MR
                                          Comparison with Mentally Retarded Children.
204.        VH       Shaista Anjum        Attitude Towards the visually Impaired Children.
                     Nadeem Siddiqui      Problems of Adjustment for Visual Handicapped
205.        VH
                     Nuzhat Fatima        Use of Human and Natural Resources of Mentally
206.        MR
                                          Retarded Children’s in Special Schools of Karachi.
                     Shamim Sultana       Perceptual Testing of Mental Retarded Children in
207.        MR
                                          Schools of Karachi.
                                                                                Page 9 of 19
                     Batool Fatima       Services Available for Cerebral Palsy Children in
208.       MR
                                         Rehabilitation Centre of Karachi.
                     Sadiya Afzal        Identification of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
209.       MR                            (ADHD) in Special Children in Special Schools of
                     Humera Tabassum     Priorities Perceived by School Management Regarding
210.       VH                            and Severity of Multiple Handicapped Students in
                                         Special Schools in Karachi.
                     Nehaluddin Khan     To Identify the Application of Remedial Techniques for
211.       MR                            Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder of Mental
                                         Retardation in Special Schools in Karachi.
                     Aisha Erum          Comparative Study of Speech problem between Cerebral
212.       MR                            Palsy & Down Syndrome Children in Special Schools of
213.        HI       Anjum Yousuf        The problem faced by Hearing aids HI children
                     Nadeem Ahmed        The study of relation b/w H.I parents and special schools
214.        HI
                     Safia Khatoon       The study of the resource of bad attitude of special
215.     General
                                         children parents and their teachers
216.     General     Erum Noor           Sorting of slow learners in special schools of Karachi

YEAR 1999
S. #.   FIELD         RESEARCH                                     TOPIC
217.      LD       Erum Hashmi          Perception of Learning Disability by Multi-Professionals.
                   Yasir Sadat Jalali   Effectiveness of family Planning among the Families
218.      LD
                                        Learning Disability.
                   Shehnaz Hussain      The Problem of Social Interaction of Hearing Impaired
219.      HI
220.     MR        Farzana Shaukat      Psychological Problem In Mentally Retarded Children.
221.     LD        Meraj Ahmed          Associated Problems of Learning disabled Children.
                   Lubna Tasleem        Possibility of Integrated Children in School of Learning
222.      LD
                   Farhana Naz          Effectiveness of Sign Language & Speech Training for
223.      HI
                                        Hearing Impaired Children.
224.    General    Sajida Hasan Awan    Legislative Activities for Special Persons.
                   Shabnam Haider       Level of Academic Achievement of Mental Retarded
225.     MR
                                        Children & Ordinary Children.
                   Sabeen Rasheed       Vocational Skill Training in the Curriculum of Hearing
226.      HI
                                        Impaired Children.
227.     LD        S. M. Munir          Screening of Learning disabilities in District east Karachi.
228.    General    Farhat Kazmi         Effects of the Presence of a Special Child on the Siblings.
                   Sadaf Jehan          Deduction of Mentally Retarded Children in School of
229.     MR
                                        Learning Disables.
                   Farha Naz Shamsi     Deduction of Learning Disabled in School of Mental
230.      LD
                   Saima Qadir Ahmed    The Apparel of Primary Identification of the Deaf
231.      HI
                   Syed Naeem Abbas     Screening Survey of Disabilities and Identifications of
232.      VI       & Shehla Hanif       Visually Handicapped Children in Ordinary Schools of
                                                                               Page 10 of 19
                  Tahmeena Tabish &   Screening Survey of Disabilities and Identification of
233.      PH      Roshan Jamal        Physically Handicapped Children in Ordinary Schools of
                  Saba Alam           Importance of Genetic Counseling the Prevention of
234.    General
                                      Disabilities in the New Born.
                  Sajid Jadoon        Use of teaching aids in training Education of special
235.    General
236.    General   Ghazala Shareef     Concepts of special people in Islam
237.    General   Sami-ur-Rehman      A study of special Education program in Sialkot
                  Shabana Khalil      A study about faculties provided for H.I. children in the
238.      HI
                                      betterment of speech
                  Sardar Karim        An Analysis about Special Education in northern areas
239.    General
                                      special in Gilgit
                  Farhat Zehra        A research about types of Hearing Impairment in
240.      HI
                                      identification loss of Hearing
                  Asifa Ali           A study about problems faced during teaching in Special
241.    General
                                      Education Quetta
                  Hanifa Begum        A research about special technological faculties provided
242.    General
                                      in Education Schools in Karachi
243.      HI      Shamim Begum        Role of siblings in Educating and talking care of H.I. child
                  Amina Zia           Promoting parents teachers Co-operation for hearing
244.      HI
                                      Impaired children in special schools

YEAR 2000
S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                                    TOPIC
                  Shehnial Naz &      Screening Survey of Disabilities and Identification of
245.     L. D.    Ahmed Mushtaq       Learning Disabled Children in Ordinary Schools of
                  Hameeda Barlas &    Screening Survey of Disabilities and Identification of
246.     M. R.    Fatima Hameed       Mentally Retarded Children in Ordinary Schools of
                  Tanveer Fatima      The Difficulties Teaching Face in Teaching & Dealing
247.    General
                                      with Children with Autism.
                  Saima Munir         A Study of Awareness about Special education among
248.    General
                                      Ordinary School Teachers.
                  Muhammad Irsahd     Helping Strategies of Teachers for Mentally Retarded
249.     M. R.
                                      Children with Multiple problems.
                  Farooq Ahmed        Awareness of Special Education Teachers about the
250.    General
                                      Characteristics of Autistic
                  Shaista Jabeen &    Screening Survey of Disabilities and Identification of
251.     H. I.
                  Sumera Naureen      Hearing Impaired in Normal Schools of Karachi.
252.              M. Atifa Saeed      Prevalence Rate of Epilepsy in Special Schools of Karachi.
                  Rizwana Khanum      Need of Physical Educators for the Development of
253.     M. R.
                                      Mentally Retarded Children.
                  Sadiya Khairuddin   Perception & Practices of General Practitioner, about the
254.     M. R.                        Management of Mentally Retarded Children in Karachi
                  Irfan Ali           Management of the Special Schools of Karachi. (The
255.    General

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                  Erum Shehzadi        The Relations between Economic Condition of the Family
256.    General
                                       & its Affect on the Disabled Child’s Birth
                  M. Asif Jalal        Common Hearing Problem Caused by Ear Diseases (An
257.     H. I.    Siddiqui             Analysis of Selective Case Studies in Abbasi Shaheed
                  Uzma Batool          The effect of Meta-Cognitive Strategy on Learning
258.     L. D.
                  Rubina Yasmeen       Work Practices of Special educators in Special schools of
259.    M. R.
                                       Mentally Retarded Children in Karachi East.
                  Shah Faisal          A study of Education and rehabilitation of special children
260.    General
                                       in liary
                  Safia Bano           A study of faculties of Games provide in special general
261.     MR
                                       institutes of Karachi for mentally retarded children
                  Mohd Arshad          A study about primary school teacher knowledge about
262.      HI
                                       hearing impaired children
                  Ambar Moin           Facilities provided to hearing impaired children special
263.      HI
                                       schools of Karachi
264.    General   Farheen Yasmeen      A study about classroom management for special children
                  Tehmina Jabish and   Screening survey of Disabilities and identification of PH
265.      PH
                  Roshan Jamal         children in ordinary school of Karachi
                  Syed Naeem and       Screening survey of disabilities and identification of V.H.
266.     VH
                  Shehla Hanif         children in ordinary schools of Karachi

YEAR 2001
S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                                     TOPIC
267.    General   Shahid Ali           Services for Early Intervention in Hospital of Karachi.
                  Ambreen Zulfiqar     Teachers Awareness about Early Intervention in Institution
268.    General
                                       of Special Education in Karachi.
                  Mehboob Ahmed        Training of Teachers about Early Intervention in Karachi.
269.    General
                  Shazia Noreen        Services for early Intervention in Institutions of Special
270.    General
                                       Education in Karachi.
271.    General   Saleha Iffat         Teamwork and its Impact on Educational Environment.
                  Sadaf Zia            The problem of Special Educator to Promote I. E. P.
272.    General
                  Azhar Mashhod        The Role Medical Professional in Normal and Special
273.    General
274.     L. D.    Saleha Rehman        Parent Awareness about Learning Disability.
                  Qudsia               Academic Learning Problems of Down’s Syndrome
275.     M.R.
                  Talat Azad           A Comparison of Teachers & Parents Perception of the
276.     LD                            Problem experienced by the Students Identified as having
                                       Learning disabilities difficulties.
277.      LD      Aysha Wahab          Attitude of Peers toward Low Achiever.
                  Sadaf Haroon         An Analytic Study of Home-Work Problems of Stdents
278.      LD
                                       with Learning Disabilities.
                  Sadia Saeed          Providing Remedial Strategies of Speech & language
279.      LD
                                       disorders to Ordinary School Teachers.

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                   Rafia Ahmed `         The Impact of Makatoro Vocabulary Language Program
280.      MR
                                         on Mentally Handicapped Children.
                   Sheikh Muhammad       Information Technology (Computer) and Rehabilitation of
281.      HI
                   Imran Ullah           Hearing Impaired Children.
         Com.      Ambreen Aleem         Development Awareness about Speech and Language
        Disorder                         Skills in General School Teachers.
                   Fazal-e-Rabbi         Communication gap b/w hearing impaired mothers & their
283.      HI
                                         normal children
                   Fauzia Mehboob        Effective hearing impairment on social & emotional
284.      HI
                                         development of 3-12 years old children
                   Syeda Tatheer Zehra   Educational planning for learning disabled children in
285.      LD
                                         regular schools
286.      HI       Shazia Mehmood        Techniques for helping hearing impaired people
                   Sitwat Hammdi         Effect of disabilities in the life character personality of on a
287.      HI
                                         special educator
                   Atiya Zareef          An analysis about facilities & guidance provide for the
288.      HI
                                         hearing impaired children & their parents
                   Najma Begum           An analysis about curricular & Co-curricular provided in
289.      VH
                                         Braille for visually impaired people

YEAR 2002
S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                                       TOPIC
                   Ambar Maqssod         Physiotherapy Services Available to Disabled Population
290.    General
                                         in Karachi.
                   Huma Qamar            Modern Technology for Multiple Handicapped Children in
291.      PH
                                         Special Schools.
                   Farzana Danial        Impact of Professional Education on Teachers Concerning
292.    General
                                         Development of Special Needs Children.
                   Hina Mushir           Possibilities of Promotion of Inclusive Education in
293.    General
                                         Special Schools of Karachi.
                   Zohra Khan            Awareness & Problems of Teachers in Regular Schools
294.      LD
                                         about slow Learners.
                   Sadia Siddiqui        Designing Remedial Strategies for behaviour Problem of
295.      MR
                                         Mentally Retarded Children.
                   Sabiha Anis           The Possibility of Establishment of Early Intervention Unit
296.    General
                                         in Special Education Centers in Karachi.
                   Syeda Riffat Fatima   Remedial teaching Workshop for Teachers of Attention
297.      LD
                                         Deficit Hyperactive Children.
                   Jawed Iqbal Hashmi    Perception about the Need of Consultancy Services in the
298.    General
                                         Special Institutions of Karachi.
299.    General    Sabira Fatima         Provision of Recreational Facilities for Special Children.
                   Aijaz Ahmed Sheikh    Disability Related Ailments of Children & Level of
300.    General
                                         Awareness among Mothers.
301.      MR       Mrs. Rahat Hussain    Guidance for Parents of Down’s Syndrome Children.
                   Farhat Masood         Speech and Language Development of Hearing
302.      HI
                                         Impairment Children through Auditory Verbal Approach.
                   Gahazala Serwar       Provision for Rehabilitation of Disabled Adults in Special
303.    General
                                         Education Centers of Karachi.
                   Kauser Perveen        Provision of Occupational Therapy Components in IEP of
304.    General
                                         Special Children.
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                  Nazia Yousuf Patel   An analysis about how to assess mentally retarded children
305.     MR
                                       & planning of educational programs for them
                  Shafqat Perveen      Need of family counseling & guidance for mentally
306.     MR
                                       retarded children
                  Syed Mohd Riaz       A study about professionals technical facilities provided to
307.      HI
                  Hussain Shah         help hearing impaired persons
                  Bilques Bano         Facilities provided for hearing impaired persons
308.      HI
                                       government & non government hospitals

YEAR 2003
S. #.   FIELD         RESEARCH                                    TOPIC
                  Zarina Fazal         Role of Parents in Early Intervention in Cerebral Palsy
309.      PH
                  Shehnaz Kauser       Educational intervention for Infant and Pre-school
310.      PH                           Children with Cerebral Palsy Methodology Difficulties and
                                       Future Direction in Evaluation Research.
                  Kaneez Raza          A Study of Mobility and Orientation Training for Visual
311.      VI
                                       Impaired Children in Special Institutions of Karachi.
                  Ummarah Farid        The Awareness and Impact of the Use of Assertive
312.      PI
                                       Devices on the Life of Physical Disabled Persons.
313.      HI      Kahadija Waheed      The effect of Hearing Impairment on Child’s Personality.
                  Taqaddus Fida        Identification of Issues and remediation of Social
314.      HI
                                       Difficulties of Hearing Impaired Children.
                  Nasreen Rehman       Parents involvement in the development of hearing
315.      HI
                                       impaired children
                  Farhana Amir         Problems faced by educated hearing impaired persons in
316.      HI
                                       getting the Jobs
                  Noreen Badar         Career Education and Job Adjustment Problems for
317.      PH
                                       Physically Handicapped.
318.    General   Muhammad Ishtiaq     Computer Programming for Special Children Needs.
                  Bushra Inam          A Study of Visual Assessment of Low Vision Children
319.      VI
                                       with Focus on Functional Vision Assessment.

YEAR 2004
S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                                TOPIC
                  Yasmeen Mohammad The Application of Montessori Teaching Methods on
320.    General
                                   Special Children.
                  Najma Sultana    Experiences and Views of Special Teachers about
321.    General
                                   Application of Sensorial Apparatus in Special Schools.
                  Shama Ali Rizvi  To Study / Evaluated the Effectiveness of Total
322.      HI
                                   Communication in Teaching Deaf Children.
323.    General   Mehreen Farooq   Provision of Services in Special Schools of Karachi.
                  Kausar Waqar     Comparison of Social Skills Development in Normal and
324.      LD                       Learning Disabled Children in Selected Schools of
                  Saima Anwar      Evaluations of Occupational Therapy Program in Selected
325.      PH                       Institutions for the Rehabilitation of Cerebral Palsy

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                  Samina Ghulam        Problems of Physically Handicapped employees in work
326.      PH
                  Fareeda Jabeen       Application of Checklist on Learning Disabled Children
327.      LD                           with Focus on Reading Problems in Selected Schools of
                  Shamama Hassan       Development Difficulties with Sensory Impaired
328.    VI / HI
                  Adila Naz Rana       The Existence of Parents & Schools Partnership for the
329.      HI
                                       Educational Betterment of Hearing Impaired Children.
                  Saba Kaleem          The Use of Technology In Classroom Teaching for Visual
330.      VI
                                       Impaired Children.
                  Mohammad Israr       Compilation and History of Pakistan Sign Language.
331.      HI
                  Mohammad Anwar       Screening of Disabilities and Identification of Learning
332.      LD
                  Nagari               Disabilities in Regular Primary Schools of District Gilgit.
                  Uzma Zaheer          Education Problems for Visually Impaired Students at
333.      VI
                                       Higher education Level.
         Comm Yasmeen Akhtar           Epidemiology and Etiology of Speech Problem in
        Disorder                       Children of Karachi.
335.      VI     Saira Saleem          Need of Computer Literacy for Visual Handicapped.
                 Saleema               A study about job satisfaction in teachers of special
336.    General
                  Salma Bano           Attitudes of parents (Aga Khan community) for the
337.    General
                                       education of their special children

YEAR 2005
S. #.   FIELD        RESEARCH                                   TOPIC
                  Sadaf Nasir          Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
338.     MR
                                       Perceived by parents, Teachers and Professionals
         MR       Zohra Jabeen         Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
                                       Perceived by parents
         MR       Samina Jabeen        Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
                                       Perceived by parents
         MR       Sumera Bano          Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
                                       Perceived by parents
         MR       Sakina Bibi          Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
                                       Perceived by parents
         MR       Saiqa Bano           Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
                                       Perceived by parents
         MR       Ashrafi Mubarak      Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
                                       Perceived by parents
         MR       Gul Nasreen          Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
                                       Perceived by parents
         MR       Hina Malik           Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
                                       Perceived by parents
         MR       Shehal Raiq          Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
                                       Perceived by parents
         MR       Mohd. Hussain        Special Education Needs of Mentally Retarded Children as
                                       Perceived by parents
          HI      Mohd. Imran Sohail   Special Education Needs of Hearing Impaired Children as
                                       Perceived Parents, Teachers, and Professionals
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       HI   Afshan Rahat     Special Education Needs of Hearing Impaired Children as
                             Perceived Parents
       HI   Fazila Suleman   Special Education Needs of Hearing Impaired Children as
                             Perceived Parents
       HI   Munzila Haroon   Special Education Needs of Hearing Impaired Children as
                             Perceived Parents
       HI   Tartila Noor     Special Education Needs of Hearing Impaired Children as
                             Perceived Parents
       HI   Nazia Aziz       Special Education Needs of Hearing Impaired Children as
                             Perceived Parents
       HI   Erum Ibrahim     Special Education Needs of Hearing Impaired Children as
                             Perceived Parents
       HI   Mehwish Iqbal    Special Education Needs of Hearing Impaired Children as
                             Perceived Parents
       HI   Nawab Gul        Special Education Needs of Hearing Impaired Children as
                             Perceived Parents
       HI   Biquees Begum    Special Education Needs of Hearing Impaired Children as
                             Perceived Parents
       LD   Nazia Batool     Special Education Needs of Learning Disability Children
                             as Perceived by Parents, Teachers, and Professionals
       LD   Salma Shaheen    Special Education Needs of Learning Disability Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       LD   Husnaini Bano    Special Education Needs of Learning Disability Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       LD   Nazia Perveen    Special Education Needs of Learning Disability Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       LD   Ambreen          Special Education Needs of Learning Disability Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       LD   Perveen          Special Education Needs of Learning Disability Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       LD   Rehana           Special Education Needs of Learning Disability Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       LD   Rukhsana         Special Education Needs of Learning Disability Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       LD   Uzma Zaheer      Special Education Needs of Learning Disability Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       LD   Sara Khan        Special Education Needs of Learning Disability Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       VH   Nida Gul         Special Education Needs of Visual Handicapped Children
                             as Perceived by Parents, Teachers, and Professionals
       VH   Samreen Zahid    Special Education Needs of Visual Handicapped Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       VH   Tasneem Muhib    Special Education Needs of Visual Handicapped Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       VH   Imran Sheikh     Special Education Needs of Visual Handicapped Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       VH   Sobia Anwar      Special Education Needs of Visual Handicapped Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       VH   Anila Sajid      Special Education Needs of Visual Handicapped Children
                             as Perceived by Parents
       VH   Asiyah Bibi      Special Education Needs of Visual Handicapped Children
                             as Perceived by Parents

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         VH        Lubna Iqbal         Special Education Needs of Visual Handicapped Children
                                       as Perceived by Parents
         ED        Tariq Mehmood       Child Abuse basic factors to increase special populations in

YEAR 2006
 S. #.   FIELD         RESEARCH                                    TOPIC
           LD       Farheen Jawed       Problem faced by learning disabled children in learning
379.     General    Kanwal Naz          Effectiveness of vocational training for special children
           PH       Humaira Yasmeen     A survey on services available for Physically
380.                                    Handicapped children; Role of Special Centers of
           HI       Ishrat Naz          Perception of teacher concerning academic achievement
                                        of hearing impaired children in an inclusive setting
           PH       Erum Mirza          A perceptional study of low socio Economic problem
382.                                    faced by Mother’s in regarding of their physically
           LD       Nor-ul-Ain- Aziz    Problem faced by children with slow learners in learning
                                        academic skills
         General    Najmusher           Needs and role of physical education in the life of
                                        children with disabilities
385.     General    Nabeela             Role of special Educator in inclusive Education
386.      MR        Guidance Hameed     Guidance programme for parents for M.R. Children
           HI       Naheed Bano         Role of speech language therapy centre in development
                                        of language in H.I. Children
           HI       Marium Anwar        A study of play method in social learning of hearing
                                        impaired children
389.      ED        Aneel Hussain       Psychological problems of special children
390.      PH        Summaira Gul        The difficulties teachers face while teaching C. palsied
391.      VI        Umaira Naseem       Impact of Mobility problem of in their social interactions
          VH        Afsana Begum        Role of different organizations for visually Handicapped
           LD       Atifa               Reading problems faced by the students with learning
           HI       Aisha Manzoor       Educational problem faced by hearing Impaired girls
                                        special School
395.      MR        Ambreen Naz         Social 7 Economical problem faced by of M.R. Children
396.     General    Asma Wakeel         Parents attitudes to inclusive to their with special needs
         General    Asma Agha           Identification of Maternal Burnout in families having a
                                        child with and without disability
          MR        Adnan Malik         Guidance for parents of Autistic Child individual with
         General    Harem Anwar Khan    The attitude of professional students towards disabled
400.     General    Ghulam Fatima       Estimation of cost for raising disabled child
         General    Beenish Iqbal       Comparison between employment and unemployment of
                                        special persons
         General    Huma Khan           The nature of Job related task performed by special
                                        education teachers in inclusive education
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         HI      Arneel Tasneem      Use teach logy for the development and education of
                                     hearing impaired children
404.   General   Aqeel uddin         The difficulties and Job setting
         PH      Humera Jabeen       The effectiveness of physiotherapy program in the
405.                                 selected institution for the rehabilitation of C.P. Children.
                                     (A Study of selected institutions of Karachi
        MR       Memoona Kanwal      Attitude of parents in the education of Mentally retarded
407.    MR       Baqir               Awareness about M.R. among parents and professional
        LD       Bul Bul             Need to be focus on problem faced by learning Disabled
409.     PH      Nosheen Rahat       Recreation therapy for physically disabled.
       General   Sana Zeeshan        Role NGOs for the rehabilitation of persons in Gulshan-
                                     e-Iqbal Town
411.    MR       Saima Riaz          Social problems of mentally retarded children
        HI       Sumaira Naz         Social and Education Problem of the Hearing Impaired
412.                                 Children in Primary Schools (opinions and virus parents
                                     of Dewa Academic School’s Children).
         VI      Shahina Bano        Mobility training of visually Impaired Children.(A Study
                                     Based on Saheed Millat School)
         HI      Uzma Rasheed        Educational problem of Hearing Impaired Students in
                                     special schools
415.    LD       Saima Izhar         Attitudes of parents towards learning disabled children
416.   General   Aqeel Uddin         The Difficulties and Job setting
        LD       Sarah Batool        The problem faced by the students in learning writing
                                     skills in regular elementary disabled schools Pf Karachi
        MR       Sana Akhtar         The assessment of Behaviour parents of M.R. Children
                                     from age 12-20 Years through Blunder gestalt test
        MR       Samina Qureshi      Need of Awareness of personal & social problems of
                                     parents of M.R.
       General   Qurat-ul-Ain Agha   Faculties problem by schools for play & recreational
                                     activities for special students
       General   Seema Ahmed         Opinions about Impact of Disability on personality and
                                     life of teachers in special schools
       General   Beenish Hasan       The effects of special child on siblings in a family a
                                     comprised of siblings and parents
         HI      Naheed Maqsood      Home based program and its impact on hearing impaired
       General   Nadia Razaak        Community Based rehabilitation and family support
         PH      Zahid Abbasi        Home based program and its impact on physical disabled
426.    LD       Sadaf Sultana       Home based program and it is impact on L.D. children
       General   Sabika Haider       Teachers Motivation and learning of special need
428.    MR       Yonus Bahadur       Home based program and it is impact on M.R. children
       General   Farhat Jabeen       Development services for children with special education
         LD      Rabia Neelam        Attentions Deficit hyperactivity disorder “A Parents
                                     Awareness study”.

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       General   Rehana Asma    Awareness of Special Education Needs Children schools
                                of Karachi
         ED      Saima Siraj    Behavior problem in learning disabled children “S study
                                of parental perception”.
         PH      Saima Ismail   An Analytic of situation of Physically Handicapped
         PH      Naima Azam     The Role of Medical Professionals in the early education
                                & interventions of cerebral palsy

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