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Commercial Crime

Fraud is a major threat to every business and companies are exposed to
attack both internally, by their own employees, and externally by customers,
clients and other outsiders.
The effects of fraud can be catastrophic. As well as an immediate negative impact on the company’s
profitability, large scale fraud can cause long term damage to the company’s financial condition, public
image and potential for future success.
Companies can protect themselves against fraud by ensuring that strict internal controls and procedures
are in place and by purchasing adequate insurance protection. These two factors are essential in protecting
the company and its owners against the potentially devastating effects of fraud.

Type of cover available                                              Appetite
CNA’s Crime coverage provides businesses with protection             Target Markets
against direct financial loss suffered as a result of                •	 Commercial companies of all types
•	   Theft, fraud and dishonesty by employees                           in any sector
•	   Robbery both from inside and outside the premises               •	 Local authorities
                                                                     •	 Educational establishments
•	   Forgery and alteration of cheques and securities
                                                                     •	 Health authorities and hospitals
•	   Fraudulent entry and use of computer systems by third parties
•	   Corporate credit card fraud                                     Limits Available
•	   Expenses incurred in association with a covered loss            •	 Up to £10 million
                                                                     •	 Any one loss or aggregate basis
Coverage includes                                                    •	 Primary or excess layer
•	 Existing subsidiary and associated companies, including
   pension schemes and those which are acquired or created
                                                                     Underwriting Considerations
   during the policy period (subject to size)                        •	 Business activities
                                                                     •	 Number of locations
•	 Subsidiaries which are sold during the policy period, until
                                                                     •	 Geographic spread of operations
   expiry of that period
                                                                     •	 Adequacy of internal controls
•	 Clients’ money and goods in the Insured’s care                    •	 Financial performance
•	 Losses caused by employees which have recently left the           •	 Loss history
   company or who cannot be identified by name
•	 Outsourced functions, including solicitors while performing
                                                                     Risks that we are not currently looking to write:
   legal services
                                                                     •	   Haulage or freight forwarding companies
•	 Professional fees including Mitigation, Investigation and         •	   Jewellers
   Defence costs                                                     •	   Security guarding companies
•	 Property damage expenses following a robbery                      •	   Gambling establishments
•	 Computer violation expenses                                       •	   US domiciled companies

The CNA Crime policy can be tailor-made to suit the                  Why CNA?
needs of the client:                                                 •	 Experienced underwriters with the authority to
                                                                        provide quick decisions
The policyholder will also benefit from
                                                                     •	 A flexible underwriting approach enabling us to
•	 No warranted system of internal controls                             consider complex and unusual risks and tailor
•	 No policy requirement for the perpetrator to be prosecuted           make a policy to suit Insured’s needs
•	 In the majority of cases, no requirement to prove that the        •	 A presence in Lloyd’s as a company Market
   perpetrator gained personally from the crime                      •	 A specialist claims team providing a quick and
                                                                        efficient service
•	 Retroactive cover for losses discovered during the policy
                                                                     •	 An administration team providing outstanding
   period irrespective of when they occurred
                                                                        customer service and support
Our product and geographical coverage provides us with the
ability to underwrite on a freedom of services basis across all
borders into the wider European Union. To find out more, please
contact your local CNA office.
                                                            Our expertise, partnerships, service levels and financial
                                                           stability make us a leading specialist commercial insurer
                                                         in Europe. We deliver this commitment to our brokers and
                                                        clients through a pan-European branch network that includes
                                                      Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden,
                                                     Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom
                                                    (Birmingham, London and Manchester).
                                                  We also write increasingly across borders into the wider European
                                                 Union on a freedom of services basis.

CNA Europe provides coverage for a broad range of risks                                                 The CNA Group
Key Industries Include:                          Our Coverages Include:
                                                 Cargo & Stock Throughput
                                                 Charity Liability
                                                                                                        $55 billion
                                                                                                        in assets*
Financial Institutions                           Clinical Trials Liability
                                                 Construction & Erection All Risks
Professional Services                            Cyber Coverage
                                                                                                        years in business*

                                                                                                        1 million
Renewable Energy                                 Directors’ & Officers’ Liability
Retail                                           Employers’ Liability
Technology                                       Employment Practices Liability                         business & professional policyholders*
Transport, Storage                               Errors & Omissions
& Distribution                                   Excess of Loss
                                                 Freight Liability
                                                                                                        $8.5 billion
                                                                                                        in revenues*
                                                 Group Personal Accident
                                                 & Business Travel
                                                 Breakdown                                              international offices*
                                                 Medical Product Liability
                                                 Medical Professional Liability                         8,900
                                                 Pension Trustee Liability                              employees*
                                                 Public & Products Liability
                                                 Professional Indemnity
                                                 Property Damage/Business                               The CNA Group’s Financial Strength
                                                 Interruption                                           Ratings CCC1 (P&C)*
                                                 Sub-sea Equipment                                      – Standard & Poor’s                 – A.M. Best
                                                                                                          A – (strong)                        A (excellent)

CNA also provides Claims and Risk Control Services.                                                     * Figures relate to CNA Financial Corporation.
                                                                                                          Correct as of February 2010.
                                                                                                            Continental Casualty Company.

2 Minster Court Mincing Lane London EC3R 7BB United Kingdom                                                 Your specialist
Tel +44 (0)20 7743 6800 Fax +44 (0)20 7743 6801
                                                                                                        commercial insurance                                                                                                                partner across Europe

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