Yamaha Tenori-On White 6

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					                          Yamaha Tenori-On White

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                          Yamaha Tenori-On White

                          Product By Yamaha PAC

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                                 239 normal AWM2 voices + 14 Drum Kits
                                 122 x 32 backlit LCD
                                 10 reverb types and 5 chorus types effects
                                 Three user sampled voices and User Voice Manager software application
                                 SD Memory card slot

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                                                               Product Description
  Media artist Toshio Iwai collaborated with Yamaha to design a totally new musical instrument. Tenori-on combines a MIDI controller, tone
generator, sampler and stunning visual user interface. Most importantly it’s a unique new way to approach playing and composing music. Music
instantly becomes a wall of light graffiti as you paint the sounds across its 256 LED buttons. The Tenori-on W is focused on live performance with
   its two-sided LED display allowing audiences to see the unique Tenori-on visual displays and battery operation for moving around on stage.

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