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					                    Administration, Finance and Services
  Chapter B           Administration, Finance, Services              Page
  1                   Official Language                               14
  2                   Contract                                        14
  3                   Insurance                                       14
  4                   Registration                                    15
  5                   Database Management                             15
  6                   Accountability                                  15
  7                   Permit and Approvals                            15
  8                   Reporting schedule and checklists               16
  9                   ITU- LOC team meeting                           16
  10                  Event Week Meetings                             17
  11                  Visa                                            18
  12                  Accreditation                                   18
  12.1                Introduction                                    18
  12.2                Accreditation Card                              18
  12.3                Zones                                           19
  12.4                Categories                                      19
  12.5                Sub- categories                                 20
  12.6                NB..# of accreditation passes provided          21
                      to NF team management at world championships
  12.7                Transportation                                  21
  12.8                Accreditation Templates                         21
  12.9                Accreditation and Security Checklist            22
  12.10               Accreditation and Security Area Requirements    22
  13                  Staff and Volunteer Services                    22
  13.1                Volunteer Coordinator                           22
  13.2                Recruitment Plan                                22
  13.3                Training                                        23
  13.4                Volunteer Appreciation                          23
  13.5                Volunteer Management                            23
  13.6                Volunteer Orientation                           24
  13.7                Race day                                        24

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                  12
2007 Edition
  13.8                Volunteers Area Specifications                              24
  14                  Athletes Services                                           25
  14.1                Overview                                                    25
  14.2                Airport Transportation                                      25
  14.3                Athlete Services Booth                                      25
  14.4                Athlete Hanbook Information                                 26
  14.5                Accommodation                                               26
  15                  ITU/VIP/Sponsor Services                                    27
  15.1                Sponsor Servicing                                           27
  15.2                Sponsor Packages                                            27
  15.3                Sponsor Contractual Obligations                             27
  15.4                Sponsor Signage                                             27
  15.5                Medal Ceremonies                                            27
  15.6                ITU Office                                                  28
  15.7                ITU VIP Protocols                                           28
  15.8                VIP/Sponsors hosting area requirements                      28
  16                  Spectator Services                                          29
  16.1                Access to Venue Information                                 29
  16.2                Communication Sources                                       29
  16.3                On-site Spectator Services                                  29
  17                  Social Functions                                            30
  17.1                Pasta Party                                                 30
  17.2                Gala Awards Banquet                                         30
  17.3                Opening Ceremonies                                          31
  17.4                VIP Receptions                                              31
  17.5                On-site VIP Services                                        31
  17.6                Volunteer Thank- You                                        32
  17.7                ITU/LOC Social Function Requirements - World Championship   32
  18                  Transportation Plan Sample                                  32
  18.1                Summary of Requirements                                     32
  18.2                Transportation Management and Operation Plan                32
  19                  Food Services                                               34
  19.1                Basic Elements                                              34

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                              13
2007 Edition
         a)        The Official working language is English. However, other languages may be used
                   from time to time to improve communication.
         b)        The LOC will communicate to others in the official language.
         c)        The Competition Jury will be addressed in English.
         d)        The pre-race briefing will be conducted in English and afterwards, if necessary, in
                   the host language. Translation is advised in French, German and Spanish.
         e)        Communication between officials and competitors regarding penalties will be in
                   English and if appropriate, in their own language.
         f)        It is the responsibility of the competitor, or their NF, to provide for translation if
         g)        Race announcers will provide at least 50% of information in English and 50% in
                   the local language.

2.       CONTRACT
         a)        This EOM applies to all ITU Event as stated in the ITU – LOC – Host City
                   agreement; all provisions of the EOM are legally binding upon all LOCs that have
                   been awarded an ITU Event.
         b)        ITU has authority for determining what constitutes the correct implementation
                   and interpretation of the EOM.

3.       INSURANCE
         a)        Event liability insurance and event cancellation is required as per the ITU – LOC
                   – Host City Agreement
         b)        Athletes’ Insurance: each competitor must acquire insurance which offers the
                   legally necessary guarantees for the country where the competition is being
                   organised unless their NF has a license system including such coverage.
                   Insurance information requirements must be included on entry form. Athlete
                   insurance is required for entry and is the responsibility of the athlete’s NF.
         c)        LOC Insurance: The LOC shall, at its cost, insure and keep insured with a
                   reputable insurance company, a standard public liability and property damage
                   insurance policy to cover the risks of insurable nature under the ITU – LOC –
                   Host City agreement and the staging of the Event and the related events for an
                   amount not less than ITU – LOC – Host City agreement. The policy of insurance
                   shall name, as insured, LOC, ITU, the Global Partners, Global Sponsors, the ITU
                   Executive Board and Staff, the ITU International Officials, and the respective
                   LOC directors, officers, agents, volunteers, employees and contractors. LOC
                   shall provide to ITU a certificate of insurance or other satisfactory evidence of the
                   coverage no later than 60 days prior to the Event.

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                                                 14
2007 Edition
       a)      All the rules regarding the registration deadline, eligibility, entry can be found in
               the ITU Qualification Criteria and ITU Online Entry System.
       b)      Entry Fees and Payment: The entry fee to the World Championships and other
               ITU Events will be in accordance with the fee outlined in the ITU – LOC – Host
               City contract. No entry fee applies to the ITU Triathlon World Cups.

       a)      ITU Headquarters will provide the LOC with the National Federation database,
               including mail addresses, telephone, fax and email. The LOC will reciprocate with
               database information.
       b)      The LOC will treat database information with confidentiality and will use it for the
               purpose of communicating with the NF for this event.
       c)      The database management system and format must be set-up in consultation
               with ITU and will include:
               •      Athlete Registration and Package Pick-up
               •      Timing and Results
               •      Medical Information
               •      Information for Race Announcers
               •      Media Information

       The LOC is accountable for the following:
       a)    ITU – LOC – Host City agreement compliance
       b)    Contracts
       c)    Budgets
       d)    Payroll
       e)    Purchasing and Invoicing
       f)    Insurance
       g)    Athlete Waivers
       h)    Permits and Approvals
       i)    Water Quality Test
       j)    VISA
       k)    Reporting schedule and checklist

       a)             Obtain written approval for course and location, including swim, bike, run,
                      transition and all jurisdictions; (municipal; city; police, etc.). The LOC must have
                      ITU’s approval for all segments of the course. Those approvals must be secured
                      prior to bidding for an ITU event
           b)         Water Quality Test
           c)         All temporary structures (pontoon, grant stands, stages, gantries etc) have to be
                      approved in writing by a Structural Engineer.
International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                                                   15
2007 Edition
         a)        Upon request of TL, TD, ITU Media Director according to their checklists.
         b)        Full report according to the elements of the EOM every year prior to the event.
         c)        Within 90, 60 and 30 days before the event: TL, TD, ITU Media Director and
         d)        After the event upon receiving the ITU Report.

         a)        Attendees: ITU Technical Delegate, ITU Team Leader, LOC Executive Director,
                   LOC Director of Operations
         b)        Required materials: Maps of course, Transition layout map, Event Schedule,
                   Swim heats, Radio Protocol, Evacuation Plan
         c)        Agenda includes but not limited to
                   •     Swim Course: Measurement verification and water quality, Buoy
                         placement, Review lifeguards and watercraft, Review start platform and
                   •     Transitions: Bike Rack numbering/Spacing, Mount/Dismount zone
                         marking, Equipment boxes
                   •     Bike Course: Measurement verification, Bike course cleaning, Road
                         Closures and management, Wheel Stations
                   •     Run Course: Measurement verification, Run course cleaning, Corners, Aid
                   •     Finish-Line Management: Finish line/Photo finish equipment, Media Stand
                         and mixed zone set up, Host Broadcaster interview area, Security and
                   •     Medical: Location/Equipment/Staffing, Access route from finish line,
                         Emergency Access routes
                   •     Media, Television, Timing and Results: Housing and locations,
                         Technology for timing and results, Video cameras, Equipment
                         (photocopiers / fax machines / lighting / tables / notice boards), Official
                         results boards and placement
                   •     Awards Podium: Placement and installation, Red Carpet, Storage area for
                         medals flowers and champagne
                   •     Command Centre and Communications: Equipment (tables/chairs/white
                         boards/Clip boards/paper/pins), Batteries, Belts, Cell phones/Cell phone
                         lists and lanyards, Radio Protocol
                   •     Evacuation Plan
                   •     Contingency Plan
                   •     Services (Athletes, ITU, VIP, Staff and Volunteers, Spectators)

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                                            16
2007 Edition
         The following meetings will be scheduled prior to the event upon ITU Team’s arrival:
         a)     Technical: ITU TD, LOC Director of Operations, LOC Technical Operations
                Manager, LOC Field of Play Coordinators, LOC Sector Leaders
         b)     Registration and Briefing Rehearsals: ITU TL, LOC Director of Administration,
                LOC Registration Coordinator
         c)     Medical: ITU Medical Director, LOC Medical Director
         d)     Timing: ITU TD, ITU Director Media and Television, ITU Online Producer, ITU
                Timing and Results Manager, LOC Timing Director
         e)     Technical Officials: ITU TD, ITOs, NTOs, LOC Technical Officials Coordinator
         f)     Vehicle: ITU TD, LOC Director of Operations, LOC Technical Operations
                Manager, LOC Field of Play Coordinators, LOC Vehicle Control Coordinator,
                LOC Motorcycle Drivers, Police
         g)     Water Safety: ITU TD, LOC Director of Operations, LOC Technical Operations
                Manager, LOC Boat drivers, LOC Lifeguards, LOC Scuba Divers, LOC Swim
         h)     PA System Testing: ITU TL, LOC Director of Operations, LOC Venue Operations
                Manager, LOC Sport Presentation Coordinator
         i)     Communications and Radio Protocol: ITU TD, LOC Director of Operations, LOC
                Venue Operations Manager, LOC Communications Coordinator
         j)     Security and accreditation: ITU TL, ITU TD, LOC Director of Operations, LOC
                Venue Operations Manager, LOC Venue Commander, LOC Director of
                Administration, LOC Administration Manager, LOC Accreditation Coordinator
         k)     Media Management Meeting: ITU TL, ITU Director Media and Television, ITU
                Print Media Manager, ITU Online Producer, ITU Official Photographer, LOC
                Director of Operations, LOC Media Operations Manager
         l)     Television Production meeting: TL, ITU Director Media and Television, ITUtv
                News Liaison, ITU Onsite TV Producer, ITU TV Editor (cutter), ITU TV Camera
                Crew, ITU TV Voice Over, LOC Director of Operations, LOC Television
                Operations Manager, LOC Host Broadcaster
         m)     Protocol Meeting: ITU TL, ITU TD, LOC Director of Administration, LOC Special
                Events Manager
         n)     Look and Feel meeting: ITU TL, LOC Director of Operations, LOC Venue
                Operations Manager
         o)     Medal Ceremony rehearsal
         p)     Start procedure rehearsal

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                                     17
2007 Edition
11. VISA
         a)        The LOC is responsible to provide all necessary information and assistance for
                   athletes and officials requiring VISA for entry to the host country.
         b)        Upon any uncertain applications for VISA, LOC will liaise with the NF of
                   concerned athlete or coach via ITU.

12.1.    Introduction
         a)    ITU has a standardised accreditation design system that must be used by all
         b)    The template below outlines the key accreditation classes and colours. A
               separate card and signage design template is included in the appendices.
         c)    The accreditation card should be 10cm x 15cm and should be either hard plastic
               or of high quality laminated material. The access signs should be 60cmx90cm.
         d)    The LOC must pay particular attention to both the development of the
               accreditation, the development of the secure zone signage and the
               implementation of an effective security team to manage and control the
               accreditation and security on site.
         e)    Security zones must be indicated on all site maps.
         f)    LOC must develop a media accreditation registration on-line form; the form to be
               approved by the Director of ITU Media and Television prior to posting and all
               registered media must be approved by ITU.
         g)    LOC must ensure that that all team support is submitted by the national
               federation and all coaches and managers must be on the ITU approved list.
         h)    The final plan and proposed accreditation cards, zone control signage and venue
               accreditation plan/flows must be submitted to ITU for approval 60 days in
               advance of a world championship.

12.2.    Accreditation card
         The ITU Accreditation card for all World Cup and World Championship Events is
         formatted as follows:

Front                                                   Back

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                                         18
2007 Edition
Front                                               Back

12.3.    Zones
    -    Zone 1 - VIP area
    -    Zone 2 - VVIP area (if desired)
    -    Zone 3 - Finish area
    -    Zone 4 - Photographers stand area
    -    Zone 5 - Mixed/Media areas
    -    Zone 6 - Medical area
    -    Zone 7 - Athlete areas
    -    Zone 8 - Field Of Play area

12.4.    Categories
    -    VIP
    -    Elite Athlete/U23/Junior
    -    Age Group Athlete
    -    Medical
    -    Officials
    -    Volunteer
    -    Media
    -    Coach/Manager
    -    All Access (maximum 6 LOC persons)

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual      19
2007 Edition
12.5.    Sub- categories
         Categories are divided into sub-categories indicated by function e.g:

Category                                  Sub-Category 0r Title       Access
All Access                                Technical Delegate          1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
                                          Team Leader                 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
                                          ITU Media                   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
                                          Executive Director          1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
                                          LOC Staff (max. 6)          1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

Medical                                   Medical                     3, 6, 7, 8

Volunteer                                 Swim                        8
                                          Bike                        8
                                          Run                         8
                                          Transition                  8
                                          Doping                      3, 6, 7
                                          Venue Management            3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Official                                  Swim                        8
                                          Bike                        8
                                          Run                         8
                                          Transition                  8
                                          Finish Line                 3, 8
                                          Athlete’s Lounge            7, 8

Media                                     Photographer                4, 5
                                          Print                       5
                                          Broadcaster                 4, 5
                                          Media Chaperone             4, 5
                                          Host Broadcaster            1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8
                                          ITU Online Media            4, 5, 7

Elite Athlete (athletes will              Elite (red wristband)       5, 6, 7
also be given wrist bands)
                                          Under 23 (blue wristband)   5, 6, 7
                                          Junior (yellow wristband)   5, 6, 7
Age Group Athlete                         Age Group (green)           6, 7
International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                                    20
2007 Edition
                                             Awad (white)                                6, 7
                                             Team Manager                                5, 7
                                                 •       Elite (red wristband)
                                                 •       U23 (blue wristband)
                                                 •       Junior (yellow wristband)
                                                 •       Age Group/AWAD (green

   12.6.    NB.# of accreditation passes provided to NF team management at
            world championships
Team size                   Coaches/Mangers (colour                Mechanics           Medical         Other
                            wristband)                             (each team gets     (Team support
                                                                                       without band)
                            Elite U23    Jun AG                    one wristband for
                                         ior                       elite and one
                                                                   wristband for
Team of less than 50           2         2           2       2              1                    1
Team of 50 - 100               2         2           2       4              2                    1
Team of 100 - 150              2         2           2       6              3                    1
Team of 150 +                  2         2           2       8              3                    1

            The colours indicate:
            Red for Elite
            Blue U23
            Yellow for Junior
            Green for age group
            **Team support accreditation will have to be accompanied by the appropriate
            coloured wristband in order to control the number of personnel present at any one

   12.7.    Transportation
            Depending on the nature of the event, a transportation code may be
            This is found in the bottom right hand corner of the front side of the
            accreditation card.
            The designations are as follows:

            B – Mass transportation (bus, rail, etc.)
            D – Designated vehicle with driver
            P – Personal vehicle without driver

   12.8.    Accreditation Templates
            The ITU Accreditation templates can be accessed through the following

            In order to properly manipulate the ITU Accreditation a graphic
            programme such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Corel Draw is

   International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                                               21
   2007 Edition
12.9.    Accreditation and Security Checklist
         a)   Preparation
              •      Create accreditation cards based on ITU template
              •      Create Access signage based on ITU template
              •      Create the list of person who will be granted all access and
                     submit to ITU for approval
              •      Create all other categories and numbers of cards for each
                     area based on discussion and direction from ITU team
              •      Source security vests for security volunteers
              •      Plan on site training session with all security volunteers
         b)   Race Site
              •      Ensure that there are adequate access points to field of play
              •      Ensure that there are frequent and logical crossing points for
                     officials and race personnel
              •      Ensure that there are logical and appropriate crossing points
                     for spectator
              •      Ensure adequate security to all VIP areas
              •      Ensure adequate security to all athlete only areas
         c)   Security Personnel:
              •      Ensure that there are trained security personnel manning
                     each access point
              •      The security personnel must be clearly visible and wear vest
                     that say ‘SECURITY’ and be coloured red or orange. They
                     should not be dressed the same as regular volunteers

12.10.    Accreditation and Security Area Requirements
         a)   10m2 tent
         b)   Tables, chairs
         c)   Notice board


13.1.    Volunteer Coordinator
         a)    Responsible for maintaining the overall volunteer database
         b)    Responsible for volunteer training and assignments
         c)    Responsible for distributing volunteer uniform and accreditation

13.2.    Recruitment Plan
         a)    It is beneficial to first recruit personal contacts of committee
               members as they often provide the most reliable source
         b)    Online Volunteer application form is recommended

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                             22
2007 Edition
13.3.    Training
         a)    All field of play volunteers should receive Level 1 Technical Official
               course training
         b)    All volunteers to receive event and course overview, and general
               understanding and awareness information
         c)    Specialised training required for; athlete services, spectator
               services, motorcycle drivers, communications, timing, live coverage
               and security
         d)    All volunteers should receive an information package
         e)    All volunteers are encouraged to promote the event within their own

13.4.    Volunteer Appreciation
         a)    Volunteer Uniform provided by the LOC
         b)    Volunteer food provided on event day
         c)    A volunteer appreciation event is recommended

13.5.    Volunteer Management
         a)    Recruit captains for each different area of the race. (i.e. bike,
               transition, food services, beer tent, marshals, lifeguards, etc)
               Captains should understand the area they will be supervising.
         b)    Determine how many volunteers you will need for each area.
               (Consider such things as size of the event, etc)
         c)    Ask all captains to help you recruit volunteers. In the past we have
               used the same captain from year to year and usually the same
         d)    Post information on your website indicating your need for
               volunteers for your event.
         e)    Compile a spreadsheet indicating the following fields
               •       Last Name
               •       First Name
               •       Position
               •       Email address
               •       Phone number(s)
         f)    Also have individual spreadsheets indicating specific area with
               captains name located at the top
         g)    Determine location for volunteer orientation
         h)    Create volunteer handbook indicating such things as check in times
               on race day, site map, event schedule, other volunteer information,
               event history and information
         i)    Send out mass email to all volunteers indicating date, place, and
               time of volunteer orientation
         j)    Create PowerPoint presentation for volunteer briefing

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                             23
2007 Edition
13.6.    Volunteer Orientation
         a)    Have volunteers pick up accreditation, volunteer handbook, and
               volunteer t-shirt. Use a checklist and mark off volunteers who have
               picked up their handbook, shirt, etc. This is to ensure people do not
               pick up their package twice
         b)    Provide volunteers with food and refreshments.
         c)    Present PowerPoint presentation to mass group
         d)    Give away volunteer prizes after mass presentation to show
         e)    Then have break out groups for each area (i.e. bike, transition, etc.)
               Have the captain of each area discuss everything they feel the
               volunteers need to know.
         f)    Note: captains will also take attendance of volunteers and will be in
               charge of contacting absent volunteers to provide them with
               information about their duties on race day.
         g)    After volunteer orientation it is important to update all lists and
               make sure you have all volunteers on mass list as well as area lists.
         h)    Determine how much food you will need for race day
         i)    Breakfast: coffee, muffins, juice, and fruit
         j)    Lunch: Good idea to find a food vendor to sponsor venue

13.7.    Race Day
         a)   Have all volunteers check in at volunteer tent according to check in
              times in their volunteer handbook
         b)   Captains will then take their volunteers to their specified locations
         c)   Be sure to provide volunteers with complimentary food and
              refreshments throughout the day
         d)   Some volunteers will be out on course all day; therefore, they will
              require a bag lunch
         e)   Make sure all volunteers clean up their areas after race is
              complete. This will ensure quick and efficient clean up time.
         f)   Send email thanking all volunteers for their hard work.

13.8     Volunteers area Specifications
         d)    100m2 tent
         e)    Tables, chairs
         f)    Provision for food services
         g)    Access to toilets on the bike and run course

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                             24
2007 Edition

14.1.    Overview
         a)    Athletes are the most important element of the event. Their overall
               view of the event will be reflected not just in the race but in the
               consideration that has gone into anticipating what their needs will
         b)    Basic Athlete Services to be provided by the LOC include:
               •      Airport Transportation, including provisions for bike
               •      Athlete Services Information Booths (airport, hotels, venue)
               •      Accommodation services
               •      Internet booths in hotel lobby and at registration facility
               •      Medical services
               •      Training services
               •      Access to the swim, bike and run courses for pre-event
               •      Escorted tours of the bike course
               •      Massage and spa
               •      Bike Service
               •      Uniform Printing

14.2.    Airport Transportation
         a)    An athlete’s first and last impression of an event is their ease of
               getting to and from the airport. Dedicated bus service should be
               planned with special provision for bike transportation.
         b)    Encourage pre-booking and pre-paid transport. This must be
               managed carefully so no one is left stranded at the airport.
         c)    Free airport transfers must be provided for athletes and their bikes
               (World Cup elite athletes only).
         d)    Accredited athletes should be provided with free ‘in-city’ public

14.3.    Athlete Services Booth
         a)    An athlete services booth should be set up at the airport to greet
               and assist arriving athletes, coaches and other personnel.
         b)    An athlete services booth should be available during athlete
               registration at the registration venue.
         c)    An athlete services booth should be available at the venue during
               pre-event training sessions and on event days.
         d)    Athlete services should be knowledgeable about the course, the
               event schedule and local city information.
         e)    Athlete information boards.
         f)    Lost & Found
         g)    Language services
         h)    Provision of course and city maps, specific to the event.
International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                           25
2007 Edition
         i)        Sunscreen and bug spray

14.4.    Athlete Handbook Information: The minimum athlete handbook
         requirements are:
         a)     Provision of course and city maps, specific to the event.
         b)     Accurate Event Schedule and Event Locations (please ensure that
                this is accurate – included check-in and warm-up times for all
         c)     Athlete transportation details, times and contacts;
         d)     Training facilities: telephone, address, hours available
         e)     City Information – i.e. emergency numbers, phone information
         f)     Public transportation information
         g)     Restaurant Information
         h)     Car rental Information
         i)     Tourist attractions
         j)     Medical clinics and local hospitals
         k)     Local entertainment
         l)     Airlines telephone numbers
         m)     Assistance for family members travelling with competitors, i.e.,
                facilities for children and tourist information

14.5.    Accommodation
         a)   Host hotel information must be posted to the ITU website at least
              three months in advance (LOC must provide contact information for
              more than one price option).
         b)   Host self catering accommodation information must be posted to
              the ITU website as an option at least three months in advance
              (many athletes prefer accommodation with kitchens that are
              reasonably priced)
         c)   Approved homestay can be offered
         d)   Top 5 ranked men and women must be provided with free twin
              accommodation at the host hotel
         e)   The following protocol must be followed in communicating the
              accommodation information to the top five:
              •      LOC will be informed by ITU of the names and contact
                     information for the top five athletes once the start list has
                     been posted
              •      LOC will send a letter of invitation to the top five with a 5 day
                     RSVP deadline
              •      Once the RSVPs are received the LOC will send letter of
                     confirmation together with all necessary transportation and
                     race information

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                              26
2007 Edition
15.1.    Sponsor Servicing: The ITU / VIP / Sponsor Hosting Plan will meet the
         following minimum requirements:
         a)     Appoint a Sponsor Service Team
         b)     A VIP Venue host/hostess team who have full knowledge of the
                event should service the VIP tent. The VIP tent should have a full
                food and beverage menu and must be approved by the TL.
         c)     Arrange VIP Airport Transportation (Pick Up & Drop Off)
         d)     Provide event information package
         e)     Arrange VIP Transportation to all social functions as required
         f)     A supply of sunscreen and bug spray should be available

15.2.    Sponsor Packages: to include:
         a)   VIP (and guest) Accreditation for the event
         b)   Event Information
         c)   Invitations and RSVP instructions for all special functions
         d)   Transportation instructions for all events
         e)   Sponsor thank you gift
         f)   Special VIP gifts, with local flavour
         g)   VIP packages should be attractively wrapped when distributed
         h)   Exclusive VIP Area, with food and beverage service with view of
              the race action.

15.3.    Sponsor contractual obligations:
         a)   Ensure all sponsor contracts are signed
         b)   Sponsor contracts should be reviewed thoroughly to ensure
              delivery of all obligations

15.4.    Sponsor Signage:
         a)   The plan for sponsor signage, both on-site and for all other event
              related functions must be incorporated into the overall ‘look’ of the
              event. The Look and Signage plan must be approved by TL.

15.5.    Medal Ceremonies:
         a)    Government VIP’s or a representatives from a high level sponsor
               organisation should be considered as presenters
         b)    Medal presenters for the Elite Athlete medal ceremony to be
               decided by the ITU Team Leader.

15.6.    ITU Office
         a)    Office space (2 separate rooms – 25m2 each)
         b)    High speed internet connection w/router
         c)    International Phone access
         d)    Fax machine
         e)    Photocopying machine
         f)    Desk space for at least 12 people
International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                           27
2007 Edition
         g)        Paper and envelopes
         h)        Notice board
         i)        Miscellaneous office supplies
         j)        Food and beverage

15.7.    ITU VIP Protocols
         a)    Secure president’s message for event programme and athlete
         b)    Plan airport pick up and drop off for ITU President, Council
               members and staff
         c)    Ensure welcome package and event information is provided at host
         d)    Plan transportation to race venue
         e)    Ensure available phone and fax line for ITU President
         f)    Plan a full service hospitality venue at race site
         g)    Seek ITU approval for medal presenters
         h)    Provide appropriate VIP accreditation as per ITU accreditation
         i)    Provide an additional 20 VIP passes for ITU president’s use
         j)    Plan a welcome reception for ITU representatives and local VIPs
         k)    Provide tickets to all functions to ITU council and staff

15.8.    VIP/Sponsors hosting area requirements
         a)    This area should be adjacent to and with a clear view of the finish
               line. It should be a minimum of 500m2 with an additional area for
               food and beverage preparation.
         b)    It should be equipped with table, chairs and umbrellas and
               accessible to VIP grandstand viewing.
         c)    Tables should be draped.
         d)    Plants and flowers and other decorations should be planned to
               enhance the aesthetics of the area.
         e)    Access to toilets (6)

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                          28
2007 Edition

16.1     Access to Venue Information
                •     Road closures schedules
                •     Bus Schedules
                •     Bridges over field of play
                •     Best viewing points
                •     Warning of potential dangers to athletes

16.2     Communication Sources
              •      Road closures will often result in extra considerations for
                     getting spectators on site. It is essential that event access
                     information is well communicated to spectators
              •      Communication sources to be used include:
              •      City Road Closure Signage
              •      Event created access signage for placement on city streets
                     (must be approved by city)
              •      Local newspapers Ads
              •      Local radio stations Ads
              •      LOC website
              •      Spectator access information should be incorporated into
                     the overall event promotions plan;
              •      Flyers

16.3     On-site Spectator Services
                 •     Volunteers should be located at all major site access points
                       and in the central hub area of the Event Site
                 •     Volunteers should be very visible
                 •     Volunteers should be well versed in site and course
                 •     An information sheet on ‘What is triathlon?’ and ‘Who to
                       watch?’ is recommended

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                           29
2007 Edition

17.1     Pasta Party
                •    This is a complimentary function for all athletes and team
                managers (for world championship and world cups)
                •     Invitations should be issued to VIPs/Sponsors/ITU
                      Executive Board and Staff
                •     Include International officials in the complimentary list
                •     Plan for additional ticket sales to guests
                •     Plan audio visual capability for the function
                •     Venue should be easily accessible to athletes (if not, free
                      transportation should be provided)
                •     Venue should be AWAD accessible
                •     Venue should be tastefully presented
                •     Contingency Plan in case of outdoors venue
                •     The venue proposed menu and program must be approved
                      by TL.

17.2     Gala Awards Banquet
                •     High quality, post race banquet to honour all athletes
                •     Medals and flowers presented to top three in all categories
                •     Medal and flower presenters to be decided in cooperation
                      with ITU Team Leader
                •     Facility should be easily accessible for athletes or
                      transportation provided
                •     Venue should be AWAD accessible
                •     Athletes and accredited team managers entry is
                •     Complimentary tickets should be provided to sponsors,
                      VIPs and ITU Executive Boards and Staff (as per social
                      functions chart)
                •     Include International officials in the complimentary list
                •     Additional tickets available for purchase by friends and
                •     Entertainment Plan should showcase the local culture.
                      Loud music that drowns out all conversation is not
                      acceptable at an ITU Gala Awards Banquet
                •     Obtain all licenses for liquor etc.
                •     Show video and highlight clips from event
                •     Fireworks or other fanfare acceptable
                •     Stage should be tastefully decorated and include ITU
                      branding and recognition
                •     The venue proposed menu and program must be approved
                      by TL

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                         30
2007 Edition
17.3     Opening Ceremonies
                •    Opening Ceremonies should reflect historical or cultural
                     nature of host city
                •    All athletes invited to participate and given clear
                •    Sample Opening Ceremonies Ideas: Opening ceremonies
                     may be combined with a local cultural event, the pasta
                     party, a triathlon related event – there is opportunity for
                     creativity here! The ITU Team Leader must approve the
                     plans for the Opening Ceremonies.
                •    Speeches must be short and approved by ITU.

17.4     VIP Receptions
                •     Held prior to races
                •     Stand Up reception is ideal
                •     Invite Several Elite Athletes to mix with guests
                •     Held in appropriate high class venue, such as city hall or
                      special site in host city
                •     Provide food and beverages
                •     VIP list should include; government officials, ITU VIP’s (list
                      obtained from ITU), NF VIP’s, Event Sponsors, Key
                      Members of LOC, Select Elite Athletes, and guests
                •     VIP Transportation must be arranged and free of charge
                •     Special Invitations issued with RSVP instructions
                •     The venue proposed menu and program must be approved
                      by TL

17.5     On- Site VIP Services
                 •     Accreditation controlled VIP Area for special guests/
                 •     Guest lists should be developed in co-operation with Team
                 •     Area should be set up as per the ITU Venue Technical
                 •     Area should be next to finish line and in full view of any big
                 •     Provide food and beverages for guests
                 •     VIP Area should be tastefully decorated
                 •     Race knowledgeable hostess should be employed to
                       welcome and service the guests
                 •     Start lists and programs provided for guests
                 •     Area should be kept clean at all times
                 •     PA must be far from this area
                 •     Chair, tables and umbrellas besides the food services
                 •     The venue proposed menu and program must be approved
                       by TL
International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                             31
2007 Edition
17.6     Volunteer Thank-You
                •     A volunteer thank you should be planned
                •     A welcome party could be organised when the uniforms
                      and accreditations are delivered

17.7 ITU/LOC Social Functions Requirements – World Championships
Function     # of ITU     Food and     AV support     Entertainment
             VIP          beverage
Opening                  50                 NA                   Stage for          Parade of Nations
Ceremony                                                         dignitaries with   LOC cultural
                                                                 podium and         presentation
                                                                 microphone for
Pasta Party              30                 Pasta style meal     Podium and         Optional
                                            with cash bar        microphone
LOC Welcome              50                 Cocktail style       Podium and         Optional – Local cultural
Reception                                   party                microphone         display welcome
ITU Reception            ITU Hosted,        Cocktail style       Podium and         May be provide by
                         (50 LOC            party                microphone         future host cities
                         VIPs invited)      Provision for
                                            future host cities
Media Reception          30                 Cocktail style       Podium and         Optional
                                            party                microphone
Final Banquet            200                Sit down served      3 or 4 Large       Post-dinner dance
                                            banquet              screens
                                                                 Full AV support


18.1     Summary of Requirements
              •      Coordinated transportation is needed for the following
                       - Elite Athletes (from airport)
                       - All Athletes (to venue on race day)
                       - ITU VIP’s
                       - ITU Camera/TV Crew
                       - Event Organizers
                       - VVIP’s (Mayor, Delegates)
                       - Public (to get to venue on race day)
              •      Transportation services will include:
                       - Shuttle service from the airport
                       - Rental vehicles (ITU staff)
                       - City Buses
                       - Volunteer Drivers

18.2     Transportation Management and Operation Plan
                •      Airport Drop-Off and Pick-Up
International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                                                32
2007 Edition
                                  -  All elite athletes will have transportation provided from
                                     the airport to their hotels by the LOC. Coaches,
                                     athlete spouses and other team personnel must pay
                                     their own way. There is no extra charge for the bikes.
                                  - ITU VIP/staff rental cars will be available at the airport
                                     for pick-up upon arrival.
                                  - ITU President will be picked up/dropped off from the
                                     airport by a volunteer driver and transported to the
                                     host hotel.
                      •         ITU Members
                                  - The following transportation arrangements should be
                                     made for the ITU staff for the duration of the event.
                                  - 1Truck should be provided by the LOC for the ITU
                                     Camera and TV crew.
                                  - 1 Car will be provided by the LOC for ITU Executive
                                     Director and Team Leader .
                                  - 1 Car will be provided by the LOC for ITU Technical
                                     Director .
                                  - A driver will be assigned to drive ITU President to all
                      •         Athletes
                                  - Training Venue Transportation: All athletes are
                                     responsible for their own transportation to and from
                                     any training venues.
                                  - Competition Venue Transportation: Athletes will ride
                                     their bikes or arrange other transportation methods for
                                     swim practice and bike course tour.
                                  - Transportation must be available for the elite athletes
                                     from the host hotel to site on race day.
                                  - Shuttle service must be available to the site if road
                                     closures are in effect. This service should be for all
                                     athletes (with accreditation)
                                  - Transportation to Media Events: For elite athletes
                                     attending the media conference, transportation will be
                                     individually arranged by the LOC for each athlete.
                                  - Transportation to Social Functions: If the venue is not
                                     within walking distance transportation to and from the
                                     functions must be planned
                      •         VVIP’s
                                -    A detailed transportation plan should be provided in
                                     the VVIP package with specific instructions.

                      •         Public
                                 - Provision should be made to ensure spectators have
                                    easy access to the venue

International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                                      33
2007 Edition

19.1       Basic elements
                        •        Determine the size of venue you will be hosting: How many
                                 volunteers, athletes, and spectators you are expecting at
                                 your event
                        •        Find local catering company to provide food services for
                                 your volunteers and athletes. It is a good idea to use one
                                 reliable caterer as it will be much easier to coordinate
                        •        Find local restaurant to cater/sponsor the VIP Venue
                        •        Find vendors to sell to spectators in the park such as
                                    - Ice cream, pop, chip vendor
                                    - Water vendor
                                    - Coffee vendor
                                    - Hot dog/hamburger/sandwich vendor, etc.
                        •        Set up location for awards banquet and confirm food
                        •        Determine food requirements for volunteer orientation: This
                                 includes refreshments and food
                        •        Determine food requirements for volunteer tent. This will
                                 include breakfast and lunch.
                        •        Plan food requirements for volunteers helping with event
                                 set up.
                        •        Plan food requirements for construction crew
                        •        Consider how to get food to volunteers who are on course
                                 (i.e. bag lunch)
                        •        Plan food requirements for athlete village including
                                 breakfast and lunch.
                        •        Determine food requirements for medical tent and media
                                 tents. (i.e. what time will food be delivered to tent)
                        •        Confirm equipment and other requirements from food
                                 suppliers such as power, floor, tent, etc.
                        •        Complete registration form for temporary food facilities
                                 (contact local health board)
                        •        Complete registration form for special events (contact local
                                 health board)
                        •        Provide food service vendors/caterers with venue access,
                                 parking pass and parking map
                        •        Provide food service vendors/caterers with venue map
                        •        Create food requirements spreadsheet with the following
                                    - Date & Time
                                    - Location
                                    - Number of people
                                    - Menu plan
                                    - Supplier & Event
International Triathlon Union- Event Organizer Manual                                      34
2007 Edition