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 No. PHC/QC/K-SAFE 2010/TND/2007-08/ 02                                              Date: 04- 04- 2007


Tenders are invited from the reputed agencies in two cover bid system (technical & financial
bid) for the Supply of 8 Nos. of “Breathing air cylinder charging compressors” for
Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services, in association with M/s Wipro Pvt Ltd, who will
provide the representatives of the intending Suppliers all the key inputs and necessary
training, so that they can successfully participate in this online tendering / reverse auction

                                                                                                Last date for
                                                                                                  receipt of
                                                  Approx                                            details
                                                  Amount                                        pertaining to
       Sl.                                        put    to EMD in                              pre qualifying
                Name of item                                       for
       No.                                        tender    Rs                                  requirements
                                                  Rs.    in                                    and application
                                                  Lakhs                                        for issue of bid

       1        Supply of 8 Nos. of                                             Three          19-04-2007
                “Breathing air cylinder 24.00                      24,000/-     months         Up to 5.00 PM
                charging compressors”
                (Detailed specification
                is enclosed in Annex-A)

2.0 Scope of supply:

The scope of supply includes supply of Air compressor with all other fittings and
accessories as per specifications, delivery of any one of the approved brands or
equivalent at “Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services” office, Bangalore. The scope
also includes testing, providing training in the operation, handling and routine
maintenance to the satisfaction of the User Dept. The supply shall be with necessary
warranty period of 3 years and committed after sales service.

3.0 Minimum qualifying requirements:

                                                         1 of 5
     Documentary evidence for the minimum requirements described herein below shall be
     enclosed for getting pre qualified to submit the tenders.
       The intending Supplier should:
     3.1 be registered with KSPHC valid for one year.
     3.2 posses a digital signature certificate for placing the commercial bids online.
     3.3 should have satisfactorily completed similar supply elsewhere (for Fire Force, Factories,
        Defence. Hospitals,etc.). The Certificate regarding this requirement is to be furnished duly
        issued by an officer of Rank not less than Executive Engineer or equivalent Rank. Mere
        submission of the work order will not suffice.
     3.4 should have Annual Turnover during any one of the past 3 financial years should not be
         less than the amount put to tender. In this regard Certificate / Audited Balance Sheet from
         Chartered Accountant is to be enclosed.
     3.5 Submit Certificates regarding IT clearance Certificate, ST / VAT clearance Certificate.
     3.6 have their own e mail ID and have in their Company / firm computer personnel capable of
        uploading information about project progress through internet to the project Website of
        the KSPHC www.ksphc.org and a competent person to participate in the online tendering
        / reverse auction process.
     3.7 At any time after the issue of tender documents and before the opening of the tender, the
        tender Inviting authority may make any changes, modifications or amendments to the
        tender documents and shall send intimation of such change to all those who have
        purchased the original tender documents.

     4.0 Issue of blank tenders & EMD remittance:
        a) Blank Tender booklet is available to reputed agencies and registered with KSPHC on
       payment of non-refundable amount of Rs.10,400/- (Rs.500 extra if required by post) and
       refundable EMD amount of Rs. 24,000/- in the form of DD drawn in favour of C & MD
       KSPHC, Bangalore-560025. The authority inviting tenders will not be responsible for the
       postal delay, if any, in the delivery of the documents or non-receipt of the same.

        b) Only those bidders who are intimated as pre-qualified by KSPHC are eligible to submit
       duly signed in all pages of tender document containing sealed
       1) Cover # 1 containing Technical bid &
       2) Cover # 2 containing Commercial Bid i.e schedule’B’ to EE,QC
       3) uploading schedule’B’ Online to www.01markets.com / ksphc as per calendar of

      5.0 a) This tender is of two cover system wherein the suppliers are required to submit
       sealed first cover containing technical bid & sealed second cover containing commercial
      b) Only those suppliers who are found technically qualified will be intimated to participate in
      Reverse Auction. Such of the suppliers who are not technically qualified; their second
      cover shall not be opened.
    6.0 Calendar of Events:

                                                  2 of 5
a      Last date for receipt of details pertaining to pre                 19-04-2007
       qualifying requirements and application for issue of             (upto 5-00PM)
       bid documents
b      Intimation to eligible bidders Suppliers regarding their           24-04-2007
c      Receipt of tendering charges and EMD                        25-04-2007 to 30-04-2007

d      Issue of bid documents to eligible Suppliers                    After 10.00 AM on
                                                                  03-05-2007 Up to 5.30 PM on

e      Training on e-tendering to eligible Suppliers                   After 10.00 AM on
                                                                  03-05-2007 Up to 5.30 PM on

f      Last date for receipt of filled up & duly signed tender     14-05-2007 Up to 4.30 PM
       document containing sealed
       a) Cover # 1 containing Technical bid &
       b) Cover # II containing Commercial Bid i.e
       schedule’B’ to EE,QC office.
       c)      uploading      schedule’B’        Online      to
       www.01markets.com / ksphc
g      Date & Time of Opening of First Cover containing             14-05-2007 @ 5.00 PM
       technical bid
h      Intimation to technically qualified bidders by                     18-05-2007
       e-mail only
i      Date of Online reverse auction to technically qualified        21-05-2007     from
       bidders (Time of reverse auction + 3 extn of 10 min           10.30AM to 11.30 AM
       each if applicable)                                        (3 extensions of 10 minutes
j      Date & time of Opening of Second Cover containing            21-05-2007 @ 5.00 PM
       commercial bid (i.e Schedule’B’) and online bid

    7.0 Bids with stipulation for settlement for disputes through arbitration will be
        summarily rejected

    8.0 The bids containing conditions what so ever will be summarily rejected

    9.0 The bid document will not be issued to such of the Agencies/ Suppliers whose
       Contracts have been terminated/ foreclosed on account of their default in KSPHC and
       / or elsewhere in last ten years. The Agency/ Supplier shall give a declaration that
       none of their contracts are terminated / foreclosed in KSPHCL/ elsewhere.
    10.0 The Supplier who have purchased the tender document and who do not submit their
       offers consecutively for three times will be disqualified to participate in any tenders
       from then onwards for a period of twelve months.

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   11.0 KSPHC reserves the right to verify any information/ document furnished, in respect
      of works carried out by the Supplier should the circumstances so warrant in the overall
      interest of the Corporation.

   12.0 KSPHC reserves the right to accept any or reject any or all bids without
       assigning any reason thereof.

    Further details can be had from the undersigned during working hours of the office.

                                         Executive Engineer QC

                           Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation Limited

Copies submitted for favour of kind information to the:
C&MD / ED /FA /CE/SE (Designs)
DGP & Director, Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services, No.1, Mudaliar Road, Ulsoor,
Bangalore - 560042 .
Regional Fire Officer, KF&ES, No.1, Mudaliar Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore - 560042 with
request to notify on notice board.

cc to
EE PM - for information with a request to publish the NIT in our web site and also to intimate
all the registered Suppliers/ Agencies through e-mail regarding the publication of NIT in our
AEE PM - for information with a request to publish the NIT in our web site and also to
intimate all the registered Suppliers/ Agencies through e-mail regarding the publication of NIT
in our website with a copy marked to the C &MD.

                                         ANNEX - A
Specifications for the procurement of                Breathing Air Cylinder charging
Compressor : -

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01.   Purpose                            : To fill Breathing Apparatus air cylinders and
                                          other air cylinders having a minimum water
                                          capacity of 6.0 litres and free air capacity of
                                          min 1800 litres when filled at a pressure of
                                          300 bar.
02.   Make                              : Scott / utilus/Bauer /Hamworthy
                                          /Rosenbaur/Goenka / equivalent.
03.   Standard Voltage / drive          : Single Phase 220/230 V 50 HZ or 3 Phase
                                          380/400 V 50 HZ.
04.   Filling outlets                  : Two, with 1 m hose, 330 bar filling valve with
05.   Outlet pressure                 : 225/330 bars together with switch over device
                                         and 100 litres per minute air filling capacity.

06.   Filter System                    : As per DIN EN 12021 (Formerly DIN 3188) :
                                         integrated oil/water separator cartridge Filter
                                         System (P21-Triplex)
07.   Compressor                       : Three stage, three cylinder air cooled high
                                         pressure compressor with interstage coolers
                                         and after coolers.

08.   Operating temperatures           : + 5 to 45 degrees Celsius (Ambient
09.   Dimensions L x B x H             : Maximum 105 cm x 50 cm x 65 cm
10.   Weight                            : Maximum 110 kg
11.   Electric motor                    : Electric single phase / 3 phase with minimum
                                        1200 rpm/min or 2300 rpm/min.
12.   Other fittings & accessories:   a. Carrying frame with 4 handles
                                      b. Electrical control together with automatic
                                          condensate drain device.
                                      c. Additional filling device for both 225 bars
                                         and 330 bars
                                      d. Intake filter cartridge
                                      e. P21 Triplex filter cartridge
                                      f. Carrying trolley
                                      g. Standard test certificates of each
                                      h. Standard tool kit
                                      i. 10 litres of synthetic compressor oil
                                      j. Suction pipe / flexible or telescopic type.
                                      k. Mains chord.

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