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									                                                     Journal of Business and Technical Communication
                                                                January 2000-January 2006

Article Title                                      Author(s)                 Summary                                           Topics/Issues
Volume 37, Issue 1, January 2000                   Editor: Steven Ralston
Telling the Investment Story: A Narrative          Jameson, Daphne A.        The author uses narrative analysis to study       Data analysis
Analysis of Shareholder Reports                                              shareholder reports, and suggests that such
                                                                             analysis might be beneficial to other types of
                                                                             business communication.
The Theoretical Foundation for Intercultural       Varner, Iris I.           The article develops a theoretical framework      Intercultural business communication, Theories
Business Communication: A Conceptual Model                                   for intercultural business communication          of business communication
                                                                             separate from both intercultural communication
                                                                             and international business.
Work Values, Cognitive Strategies, and             Pawlowski, Donna R.
Applicant Reactions in a Structures Pre-           Hollwitz, John
Employment Interview for Ethical Integrity
Collective Form: An Exploration of Large-          Cross, Geoffrey A.        The article, based on a five-year ethnographic    Collaborative writing, Collective Mind, Large
Group Writing (1998 Outstanding Researcher                                   study, examines the question of whether a         group
Lecture)                                                                     collective mind forms in large-group writing in
                                                                             the workplace.
Volume 37, Issue 2, April 2000
Communicating Change: Four Cases of Quality        Lewis, Laurie K.          A study examining the implementation of           Change communication
Programs                                                                     quality programs in four organizations and the
                                                                             factors that cause difficulty in implementing
Rhetorical Moves in Chinese Sales Genres,          Zhu, Yunxia               This paper examines the development of sales      Chinese business communication, Social and
1949 to the Present                                                          genres in mainland China in the pre-reform        economic context, History of business
                                                                             period (1949-1978) and the reform period          communication
                                                                             (1978 to the present).
Innovation and International Business              Ulijn, Jan                The author uses research on intercultural         Research methods, International business
Communication: Can European Research Help                                    negotiations to suggest ways to improve the       communication, Reliability
to Increase the Validity and Reliability for Our                             validity and reliability of business
Business and Teaching Practice? (1999                                        communication research by using quantitative
Outstanding Researcher Lecture)                                              and qualitative methods of studying both real
                                                                             life and simulations.
Volume 37, Issue 3, July 2000
The Chinese Approach to International              Zhao, Jensen J.           A study examining China’s international           Chinese business communication, Cross-
Business Communication                                                       business negotiation textbooks to identify the    cultural negotiation, Negotiation
                                                                             roots of Western frustration with Chinese
Internal and External Communication,               Johnson, J. David         A three-year study of the Cancer Information      Boundary spanning, Innovation, Networks
Boundary Spanning, and Innovation Adoption:        Chang, Hui-Jung           Service is used to compare three differing
An Over-Time Comparison of Three                                             explanations of the dynamic interrelationships
Explorations of Internal and External                                        between internal and external innovation-
Innovation Communication in a New                                            related communication in a new organizational
Organizational Form                                                               form.
Business vs. Cultural Frames of Reference in      Auer-Rizze, Werner              A study that evolved out of an ethnographic       Intercultural communication, Multicultural
Group Decision Making: Interactions Among         Berry, Michael                  approach to teaching, learning, and               decision-making, Cultural frames of reference
Austrian, Finnish, and Swedish Business                                           researching the different ways that business
Students                                                                          and cultural frames of reference can affect
                                                                                  decision making in groups consisting of
                                                                                  students of different nationalities.
Innovation, Corporate Strategy, and Cultural      Ulijn, Jan                      The authors review relevant literature and        Organizational communication, Professional
Context: What is the Mission for International    O’Hair, Dan                     current issues to propose strategies for          culture, Intercultural business communication
Business Communication?                           Weggeman, Mathieu               international business communication.
                                                  Ledlow, Gerald
                                                  Hall, H. Thomas
Volume 37, Issue 4, October 2000
Innovation Roles: From Souls of Fire to Devil’s   Meyer, Marcy                    A study and discussion that explore               Innovation, Heath Communication
Advocates                                                                         implications for research and practice that
                                                                                  challenge traditional notions about roles that
                                                                                  people play in the innovation process.
Effects of Communication Direction on Job         Goris, Jose R.                  A study examining the relationships between       Job performance, Job satisfaction,
Performance and Satisfaction: A Moderated         Vaught, Bobby C.                job performance and job satisfaction, and         Organizational communication
Regression Analysis                               Pettit, John D. Jr.             individual needs and job characteristics.
Politics, Ethics, and Corporate Policy: U.S.      Rivers, William E.              This article analyzes 48 position papers U.S.     Corporate policy, Ethics, History of business
Corporations’ 1986 Position Papers on South                                       corporations distributed in 1986 to define and    communication
Africa                                                                            defend their presence in South Africa under
                                                                                  apartheid, as well as the role of the African
                                                                                  American minister Leon Sullivan in the anti-
                                                                                  apartheid efforts.
The Effect of Process Training on Process and     Tullar, William L.              A study examining the effects of process          Group process, Virtual communication
Outcomes in Virtual Groups                        Kaiser, Paula R.                structuration by means of a training video on
                                                                                  maintenance behavior and outcomes in
                                                                                  student virtual decision-making groups.
Volume 38, Issue 1, January 2001
One Page or Two?: A National Study of CPA         Blackburn-Brockman, Elizabeth   This study investigates whether CPA recruiters    Recruiting, Job search
Recruiters’ Preferences for Resume Length         Belanger, Kelly                 are more likely to interview candidates with
                                                                                  one-page resumes or candidates with two-
                                                                                  page resumes when both are highly and
                                                                                  similarly qualified graduating seniors with
                                                                                  accounting majors.
Eco-Identity as Discursive Struggle: Royal        Livesey, Sharon M.              This article addresses eco-discourse by the       Eco-discourse, Green rhetoric, Ethics
Dutch/Shell, Brent Spar, and Nigeria                                              corporate rhetor that emerged in the wake of
                                                                                  two environmental disputes, and argues that
                                                                                  these conflicts must be understood in terms of
                                                                                  discursive struggle at the sociopolitical level
                                                                                  where they both reflect and influences the
                                                                                  dynamics of cultural and institutional change.
Volume 38, Issue 2, April 2001
Analytical Tools to Facilitate Transitions Into   Rogers, Priscilla S.            Through a field study, the authors developed a    Writing assessment, MBA writing, Analytical
New Writing Contexts: A Communicative           Rymer, Jone                   set of analytical tools to diagnose students’     Writing Assessment (AWA), Writing across
Perspective                                                                   potential problems in MBA writing                 disciplines
                                                                              assignments. By accommodating reader and
                                                                              contextual differences, these analytical tools
                                                                              may bridge discourses where conventional
                                                                              checklists have failed.
Managing Organizational Legitimacy:             Massey, Joseph Eric           This study synthesizes literature on              Crisis management, Organizational legitimacy
Communication Strategies for Organizations in                                 organizational legitimacy, crisis management,
Crisis                                                                        and niche-width theory to provide an
                                                                              investigation of the effects of crisis-response
                                                                              strategies on perceptions of organizational
Balancing Ties: Boundary Spanning and           Manev, Ivan M.                This article studies communication between        Boundary-spanning, Managerial
Influence in the Organization’s Extended        Stevenson, William B.         businesses, linking boundary-spanning with        communication, Organizational network
Network of Communication                                                      network theory to propose the concept of an
                                                                              extended network of communication.
Confirmation and Extension of the Sources of    Andrews, Martha C.            This study analyzes the sources of feedback       Sources of feedback, Organizational
Feedback Scale in Service-Based                 Kacmar, K. Michele            scale in the previous research conducted by       communication, Job satisfaction, Job stress
Organizations                                                                 Herold, Liden, and Leatherwood (1987).
Volume 38, Issue 3, July 2001
Democracy, Performance, and Outcomes in         Coopman, Stephanie J.         This study adds to empirical research on          Teamwork, Participation, Decision making
Interdisciplinary Health Care Teams                                           teamwork and participation in organizations by
                                                                              identifying the importance of a specific
                                                                              dimension of participation, involvement in
                                                                              decision making.
Assessing the Need for Printed and Online       Smart, Karl L.                This article addresses how users react to print   Technology, Online documentation
Documentation: A Study of Customer              Whiting, Matthew E.           versus online documentation, whether this
Preference and Use                              DeTienne, Kristen Bell        approach is cost effective over time, customer
                                                                              satisfaction, repeat sales, and other business
Informal Problem Solving in the Technology-     Mangrum, Faye Gothard         This paper reports the findings of a three-year   Problem solving, Informal problem solving,
Mediated Work Place                             Fairley, Michael S.           ethnographic study of problem-solving             Organizational communication
                                                Wieder, D. Lawrence           activities in a high-tech computer
                                                                              manufacturing company, focusing on informal
                                                                              problem solving (IPS).
The Incidence and Quality of Graphics in        Frownfelter-Lohrke, Cynthia   The authors compare the relative incidence        Graphics, Annual reports, Financial reports
Annual Reports: An International Comparison     Fulkerson, Cheryl L.          and measurement distortion of graphics in U.S.
                                                                              and non-U.S. companies, and implications of
                                                                              this distortion.
Volume 38, Issue 4, 2001
Language-Based Communication Zones in           Babcock, Richard D.           This paper presents a model of language-          International business communication,
International Business Communication            Du-Babcock, Bertha            based communication zones in international        Language proficiency, Global communication
                                                                              business communication and asserts that there
                                                                              is a language-competency variable that
                                                                              impacts communication in these zones.
The Organization of External Communication      Cornelissen, Joep P.          This article develops and tests literature-       Public relations, Communication Organization
Disciplines in UK Companies: A Conceptual          Thorpe, Richard       derived propositions relating organizational
and Empirical Analysis of Dimensions and                                 dimensions to conditions in a company’s
Determinants                                                             internal and external relationships.
Big Stuff, Little Stuff: A Decennial               Gilsdorf, Jeanette    A study which tests the extent to which           Business writing
Measurement of Executives’ and Academics’          Leonard, Don          business executives and business
Reactions to Questionable Usage Elements                                 communication academics were bothered by
                                                                         questionable usage of elements such as
                                                                         grammar, word choice, organization, etc.
Narrative Discourse and Management Action          Jameson, Daphne A.    This article looks at the extent to which         Narrative, Discourse, Group communication,
                                                                         narrative language is used in management          Management
Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2002
Genre Systems: Structuring Interaction             Yates, JoAnne
Through Communicative Systems                      Orlikowski, Wanda
Storied Business: Typology, Intertextuality, and   O’Connor, Ellen       This study identifies basic narrative types and   Narrative, Organizational communication
Traffic in Entrepreneurial Narrative                                     categories that are essential in founding and
                                                                         governing a new company.
The Importance of Talk to Midcareer Women’s        Carter, Teresa J.     A qualitative study of female learning in         Gender, Research methods, Managerial
Development: A Collaborative Inquiry                                     professional developmental relationships. The     communication, Developmental relationships
                                                                         findings suggest that current definitions of
                                                                         managerial communication may be too
                                                                         narrowly construed.
Digging Deep for Meaning: A Critical               Prasad, Anshuman      An analysis of CEOs’ letters to shareholders in   Annual reports, Hermeneutics
Hermeneutic Analysis of CEO Letters to             Mir, Raza             the U.S. petroleum industry during the 1970s
Shareholders in the Oil Industry                                         and 80s is used to discuss and deploy the
                                                                         methodology of critical hermeneutics.
Global Warming Wars: Rhetorical and                Livesey, Sharon M.    This paper analyzes texts published by            Research methods, Rhetorical analysis,
Discourse Analytic Approaches to                                         ExxonMobil on the issue of climate change by      Discourse, Business environmental discourse
ExxonMobil’s Corporate Public Discourse                                  employing methods influenced by the concepts
                                                                         of Burke and Foucault.
Volume 39, Issue 2, April 2002
The Impact of Profitability, Certainty, and        Clark, Thomas         Report on research evaluating the impact of       Business environmental discourse, Memos
Degree of Fine on the Persuasiveness of            Gunnarsson, Candace   these three factors on the persuasiveness of
Environmental Assessment Reports                   Skeldon, Kyle         environmental remediation memos.
                                                   Amshoff, Heidi
Issues Advertising as Crisis Communication:        Cowden, Kimberly      This study explores the use of issues             Rhetorical analysis, Advertising, Organizational
Northwest Airlines’ Use of Image Restoration       Sellnow, Timothy L.   advertising as a form of organizational crisis    communication
Strategies During the 1998 Pilot’s Strike                                communication.
Leader-Member Exchange and Organizational          Mueller, Bridget H.   This study explored the extent to which the       Organizational communication, Group
Communication Satisfaction in Multiple             Lee, Jaesub           quality of leader-member exchange (LMX)           communication
Contexts                                                                 affects subordinates’ perceptions of
                                                                         communication satisfaction in multiple
Gendered Performances in Employment                Kinser, Amber E.      This paper deals with employment interviewing     Interviewing, Gender, Underrepresented
Interviewing: Interpreting and Designing                                 and what appears to be inconclusive evidence      applicants
Communication Research                                                   of gender bias in this context.
Employment Interviewing Research: Ways We         Buzzanell, Patrice M.   This article extends arguments presented by        Interviewing, Underrepresented applicants,
Can Study Underrepresented Group Members’                                 the same author in the 1999 article “Tensions      Research methods
Experiences as Applicants                                                 and Burdens in Employment Interviewing
                                                                          Processes” with the goal of recommending
                                                                          underutilized methods for researching diverse
                                                                          applicants’ employment interviewing
                                                                          understandings and experiences.
Volume 39, Issue 3, July 2002
The Hidden Dimension of Blue-Collar               Mills, Colleen          This paper examines data from a qualitative        Organizational communication, Workplace
Sensemaking About Workplace                                               study that explored way workers make sense         communication, Research methods
Communication                                                             of workplace communication in a food
                                                                          processing plant in New Zealand.
When in Rome?: The Effects of Spokesperson        Arpan, Laura M.         This study examined the effects of using           International communication, Ethnicity
Ethnicity on Audience Evaluation of Crisis                                organizational spokespersons of ethnic
Communication                                                             backgrounds similar to or different from
                                                                          possible stakeholders of a multinational
“Only Connect”: Transforming Ourselves and        Rymer, Jone             A discussion based on the author’s personal        Mentoring, Scholarship
Our Discipline Through Co-Mentoring                                       experiences illustrating the concept of “co-
                                                                          mentoring” in business communication
Standard Englishes and World Englishes:           Gilsdorf, Jeanette      This article deals with the problems of teaching   International communication, Language
Living With a Polymorph Business Language                                 English as a second language when it is
                                                                          difficult to agree what “Standard English” is.
Volume 39, Issue 4, October 2002
Reading Ease of Bilingual Annual Reports          Courtis, John K.        A bilingual readability study reporting on         Interculteral communication, Language, Annual
                                                  Hassan, Salleh          different language versions of narrative           reports
                                                                          disclosures within corporate annual reports.
Communication Audits and the Effects of           Hargie, Owen            A follow-up study to communication audits          Research methods, Organizational
Increased Information: A Follow-Up Study          Tourish, Dennis         design to chart the actual impact that an audit    communication
                                                  Wilson, Noel            makes on communication performance.
Assessing Business Proposals: Genre               Lagerwerf, Luuk         This paper reports the results of two studies in   Genre conventions, Organizational
Conventions and Audience Response in              Bossers, Ellis          which several genre conventions were tested        communication
Document Design                                                           on professional readers to verify the usefulness
                                                                          of applying genre conventions to business
Volume 40, Issue 1, January 2003
Could Communication Form Impact                   Grimes, Diane Susan
Organizations’ Experience With Diversity?         Richard, Orlando C.
Speaking the Language of the Bottom-Line:         Kirby, Erika L.         This study explores the metaphor of managing       Ethics, Diversity, Language use, Managerial
The Metaphor of “Managing Diversity”              Harter, Lynn M.         diversity and its related discourses that          interests, Economic interests
                                                                          dominate current business communication
                                                                          about the changing workforce.
Successful Sino-Western Business                  Sheer, Vivian C.        This study looks at Chinese and Western            Intercultural communication, Professional
Negotiation: Participants’ Accounts of National   Chen, Ling              interviewees’ experiences of culture in Sino-      culture, International business practices
and Professional Cultures                                                 Western business negotiation, focusing on the
Volume 40, Issue 2, April 2003
“You’re a Guaranteed Winner”: Composing         Ewald, Helen Rothschild   This article explores the effectiveness of direct   Advertising, Rhetorical analysis, Language use
“You” in a Consumer Culture                     Vann, Roberta             mail as it constructs its target audience.
Negotiating Order in Interorganizational        Bennington, Ashley J.     This study analyzes the discourse during a          Discourse theory, Interorganizational
Communication: Discourse Analysis of a          Shetler, Judy C.          meeting of three diverse organizations as they      communication
Meeting of Three Diverse Organizations          Shaw, Thomas              attempt to resolve conflicting organizational
                                                                          interests. This analysis supports negotiated
                                                                          order theory.
The Term “Win-Win” in Conflict Management:      McNary, Lisa D.           A commentary and etymological study of the          Language use
A Classic Case of Misuse and Overuse                                      term “win-win.”
Volume 40, Issue 3, July 2003
Leader-Member Relations as a Function of        Campbell, Kim Sydow       This article deals with the best ways to build      Relationship building, Organizational
Rapport Management                              White, Charles D.         quality relationships between leaders and           communication
                                                Johnson, Diane E.         members.
International Advertising in Western Europe:    Hoeken, Hans              This article analyzes an experiment that            International communication, Advertising
Should Difference in Uncertainty Avoidance be   Van den Brandt, Corine    compared the relative persuasiveness of two
Considered When Advertising in Belgium,         Crijns, Rogier            types of advertising in countries with varying
France, the Netherlands, and Spain?             Dominguez, Nuria          degrees of uncertainty avoidance.
                                                Hendriks, Berna
                                                Planken, Brigitte
                                                Starren, Marianne
Metanarration’s Role in Restructuring           Venette, Steven J.        This study explores the process by which            Organizational communication, Crisis
Perceptions of Crisis: NHTSA’s Failure in the   Sellnow, Timothy L.       organizations involved in crisis seek to manage     management, Rhetorical analysis
Ford-Firestone Crisis                           Lang, Patricia A.         and influence the public narratives surrounding
                                                                          the event.
Volume 40, Issue 4, October 2003
The Gawdy Papers (1509-c.1750) and the          Richardson, Malcolm       This article describes the collection of the        History of business communication
History of Professional Writing in England                                Gawdy family papers and uses them to
                                                                          apparent trends in English business writing
                                                                          during the period.
Measurement Data on Commonly Used Scales        Bline, Dennis             The authors present the results of a study on       Communication skills, Testing, Skills
to Measure Oral Communication and Writing       Lowe, Dana R.             the effect of question order randomization on       apprehension
Apprehensions                                   Meixner, Wilda F.         the psychometric properties of two common
                                                Nouri, Hossein            oral and written apprehension tests.
The Impact of Benefits on Graduating Students   Jennings, Melody          Research evaluating the influence of the            Recruitment
Willingness to Accept Job Offers                Werbel, James D.          quality of information communicated about
                                                Power, Mark L.            both non-traditional and traditional benefits on
                                                                          the recruitment of college graduates.
Volume 41, Issue 1, January 2004
Willingness to Try a New Communication          Turner, Jeanine Warisse   A study that tests predictions on individuals’      Health care, Technology
Technology: Perceptual Factors and Task         Thomas, Robert J.         stated intent to receive medical care through
Situations in a Health Care Context             Reinsch, N. Lamar Jr.     videoconferencing.
When Discourses Collide: A Case Study of        Palmeri, Jason            A qualitative case study that explores              Interprofessional communication,
Interprofessional Collaborative Writing in a                              interprofessional collaborative writing among       Collaboration, Legal writing, Professional
Medically Oriented Law Firm                                               attorneys, nurse consultants, and writers in a      writing
                                                                      law firm.
Building a Taxonomy and Nomenclature of        Lowry, Paul Benjamin   This article provides a taxonomy of                  Collaboration, Collaborative writing, Taxonomy,
Collaborative Writing to Improve               Curtis, Aaron          nomenclature for, and discussion of, issues          Nomenclature
Interdisciplinary Research and Practice        Lowry, Michelle Rene   related to collaborative writing.
Volume 41, Issue 2, April 2004
An Exploration of Corporate Recruitment        Backhaus, Kristin B.   This article explores the ways in which              Recruitment, Technology
Description on                                            corporations describe themselves in
                                                                      recruitment materials, specifically in advertising
                                                                      on Internet sites.
Technology Use and Organizational Newcomer     Flanagin, Andrew J.    This article develops a framework for the            Organizational socialization, Organizational
Socialization                                  Waldeck, Jennifer H.   examination of organizational newcomer               communication, Technology
                                                                      socialization, in connection with developing
                                                                      communication and information technologies.
“It’s Easier to Ask Someone I Know”: Call      Downing, Joe R.        This article uses a case study to address the        Organizational communication, Organizational
Center Technicians’ Adoption of Knowledge                             issues of keeping call support technicians           learning, Innovation
Management Tools                                                      current with information and factors that
                                                                      discourage these technicians from adopting
                                                                      knowledge tools for this purpose.
Consumer Reaction to Negative Publicity:       Dean, Dwane Hal        A study investigating the effects of a               Publicity, Crisis communication, Corporate
Effects of Corporate Reputation, Response,                            company’s reputation for social responsibility       image
and Responsibility for a Crisis Event                                 prior to a crisis event, its response to an event,
                                                                      and its responsibility for the event on overall
                                                                      consumer regard for the firm.
Volume 41, Issue 3, July 2004
Conceptualizing the Writer-Reader              Jameson, Daphne A.     This article uses texts written by Sherron           Narrative theory, Writer-reader relationship
Relationship in Business Prose                                        Watkins, former vice-president of Enron, to
                                                                      explore the different aspects of the writer-
                                                                      reader relationship in business prose.
Impact of Past Crises on Current Crisis        Coombs, W. Timothy     A study providing a test of crisis history to        Crisis communication
Communication: Insights From Situational                              better assess its role in crisis communication.
Crisis Communication Theory
Teaching Ethics Isn’t Enough: The Challenge    Kienzler, Donna S.     A discussion of ethics in teaching.                  Ethics, Teaching
of Being Ethical Teachers
Volume 41, Issue 4, October 2004
Negotiating Maternity Leave Expectations:      Liu, Meina             A study of women who experienced maternity           Feminist ethics, Gender, Negotiation
Perceived Tensions Between Ethics of Justice   Buzzanell, Patrice     leave and the differences between their
and Care                                                              expectations of their experience and their
                                                                      actual treatment.
Blowing the Whistle on Fen-Phen: An            Johnson, Carrie E.
Exploration of MeritCare’s Reporting of        Sellnow, Timothy L.
Linkages Between Fen-Phen and Valvular         Seeger, Matthew W.
Heart Disease                                  Barrett, M. Scott
                                               Hasbargen, Kathryn
Preparing New Entrants for Subordinate         Rogers, Priscilla S.   A study resulting in a conceptual framework to       Reporting, Organizational Communication
Reporting: A Decision-Making Framework for     Ho, Mian Lian          facilitate decisions about rhetorical and
Writing                                        Thomas, Jane           linguistic choices for subordinates reporting to
                                                   Wong, Irene F.H.           superiors, using graduates from Singapore and
                                                   Cheng, Catherine Ooi Lan   the Midwestern United States.
Using Focus Groups to Conduct Business             Hartman, Jackie            An exploration of the uses of qualitative             Research methods
Communication Research                                                        research in the form of focus groups to better
                                                                              understand business communication.
Volume 42, Issue 1, January 2005
Situational Influences on the Use of               Van den Hooff, Bart        This article presents a model of the different        Technology, Organizational communication
Communication Technologies: A Meta-Analysis        Groot, Jasper              factors influencing e-mail use in organizations.
and Exploratory Study                              De Jonge, Sander
Cruzando las Fronteras de la Communication         Ortiz, Lorelei A.          This study uses rhetorical analysis to explore        International business communication,
Profesional Entre Mexico y Los Estados                                        the form and function of written business             Rhetorical analysis
Unidos: The Emerging Hybrid Discourse of                                      communication on a U.S.-Mexico border.
Business Communication in a Mexican-U.S.
Border Region
Personality and Information Seeking:               Tidwell, Michael           A study assessing how personality traits affect       Socialization, Information seeking
Understanding How Traits Influence                 Sias, Patricia             the process of information seeking.
Information-Seeking Behaviors
Research on Collaboration, Business                Forman, Janis              This article uses a case study of                     Collaboration, Interdisciplinarity, Management
Communication, and Technology: Reflections         Markus, M. Lynne           interdisciplinary research collaboration to           communication
on an Interdisciplinary Academic Collaboration                                discuss the importance of politics in this type of
Volume 42, Issue 2, April 2005
Crisis Response Communication Challenges:          Hale, Joanne E.            This article reports results of a qualitative study   Research methods, Crisis communication
Building Theory From Qualitative Data              Dulek, Ronald E.           examining communication challenges decision
                                                   Hale, David P.             makers experience during the response stage
                                                                              of crisis management.
Shared Mindfulness in Cockpit Crisis               Krieger, Janice L.         Qualitative research that explores the                Crisis communication
Situations: An Exploratory Analysis                                           existence of the psychological construct of
                                                                              shared mindfulness and examines how it is
                                                                              communicatively constructed and enacted in a
                                                                              high-reliability environment.
Interpersonal Communication Tactics and            Yamaguchi, Ikushi          Research examining the relationships between          Personal communication, Interpersonal
Procedural Justice for Uncertainty                                            interpersonal communication tactics, perceived        communication, Career stability, Procedural
Management of Japanese Workers                                                procedural justice, and the uncertainty of            justice
                                                                              career stability of Japanese white-collar
University Preparation for Workplace Writing:      Schneider, Barbara         A study of Canadian university student interns        Workplace writing, Education, Writing in the
An Exploratory Study of the Perceptions of         Andre, Jo-Anne             in three disciplines and how they perceived           disciplines
Students in Three Disciplines                                                 their educational preparation for workplace
Volume 42, Issue 3, July, 2005
Art for Art’s Sake?: An Exploratory Study of the   Hoeken, Hans               An exploration of corporate art collections and       Corporate image, Publicity, Corporate
Possibility to Align Works of Art With an          Ruikes, Lenneke            whether people are able to align a work of art        communication
Organization’s Identity                                                       with a given corporate identity.
Service Provider Type as a Predictor of the        Koermer, Chas D.           A study examining the relationship between            Customer satisfaction, Sociality
Relationship Between Sociality and Customer                                   service providers’ sociality usage and customer
Satisfaction                                                              satisfaction.
Communicative Rules and Organizational          Jabs, Lorelle Beth        This article suggests that managerial            Decision making, Organizational
Decision Making                                                           awareness of ordinarily unconscious              communication, Communicative rules
                                                                          communicative rules could help managers be
                                                                          more intentional about their communicative
                                                                          choices, and lead to better decisions.
Volume 42, Issue 4, October 2005
What Motivates Employees to Transfer            Burgess, Diana            Qualitative and quantitative research that       Knowledge management, Knowledge transfer,
Knowledge Outside Their Work Unit?                                        examines motivations predictive of employees’    Motivation, Interunit communication
                                                                          decisions to share and seek knowledge
                                                                          beyond their work group.
Genre Analysis of Corporate Annual Report       Rutherford, Brian A.      A study using a corpus linguistics approach to   Research methods, Genre analysis, Annual
Narratives: A Corpus Linguistics-Based                                    analyze the U.K. Operating and Financial         reports
Approach                                                                  Review as a genre of accounting narrative.
The Discretionary Use of Electronic Media:      Timmerman, Peter D.       An examination of four considerations for        Managerial communication, Technology
Four Considerations for Bad News Bearers        Harrison, Wayne           balancing efficiency of communication with
                                                                          sensitivity to the impact, increasing employee
                                                                          acceptance of undesired outcomes.
Communicating With Stakeholders During a        Stephens, Keri K.         This study explores message strategies that      Crisis communication, Technology
Crisis: Evaluating Message Strategies           Malone, Patty Callish     are used by organizations during crises that
                                                Baily, Christine M.       involve technical details.
Charting Managerial Reading Preferences in      Pagel, Sonya              A study that looks at how managers prefer to     Theory, Business writing, Management
Relation to Popular Management Theory           Westerfelhaus, Robert     read the books used to promote popular
Books: A Semiotic Analysis                                                management theories.
Volume 43, Issue 1, January 2006                Editor: Margaret Graham
The Effect of Social Style on Peer Evaluation   May, Gary L.              This study looks at peer-to-peer performance     Peer evaluation, Theory, Social styles
Ratings in Project Teams                        Gueldenzoph, Lisa E.      appraisal by applying social style theory to
                                                                          predict potential rater bias.
An Analysis of Topic Management Strategies      Du-Babcock, Bertha        Building on an earlier framework, the study      Research methods, Chinese business
and Turn-Taking Behavior in the Hong-Kong                                 analyzes the topic management patterns and       communication
Bilingual Environment: The Impact of Culture                              turn-taking behaviors in the decision-making
and Language Use                                                          meetings of groups of bilingual Chinese.
The Sociolinguistic Basis of Managing Rapport   Campbell, Kim Sydow       This article identifies verbal strategies for    Sales communication, Rapport
When Overcoming Buying Objections               Davis, Lenita             managing rapport in communication situations.

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