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									Week/Date In-Class Discussion Topics            Assignment Due

1 – 9/1     Introduction and Course Overview  Purchase book
                                              Register at Publisher’s website:
                                              Subscribe to Wall Street Journal at
                                     for lowest rate
2 – 9/8     Business Now: Change is the Only Read Chapter 1 before class
            Constant                          Print Ch 1 PowerPoint slides (ppts) from
            Introduce Stock Market Game       publisher’s website and bring to class
                                              Print Stock Market Project slides and project
                                              documents (10 documents plus Quarterly
                                              Report document)
                                              Register at
                                              Choose 5, but no more than 10 stocks to
                                              trade and identify their trading symbols
3 – 9/15    Economics: The Framework for      Read Chapter 2 and print ppts
            Business                          Complete the Business Environment report
                                              from Stock Market Project docs (see above)
                                              Stock trading begins
4 – 9/22    The World Marketplace: Business   Read Chapter 3 and print ppts
            without Borders                   Choose one stock from your portfolio to
                                              write all Stock Market Project reports on
                                              Complete 1st Quarter Report
5 – 9/29    Business Ethics and Social        Read Chapter 4 and print ppts
            Responsibility: Doing Well by     Complete Ethics & Social Responsibility
            Doing Good                        report from Stock Market Project docs
6 – 10/6    Business Communication: Creating Read Chapter 5 and print ppts
            and Delivering Messages that      Exam on CH 1, 2, 3, and 4
            Matter                            Bring Scantron F-289-PAR-L, pencil and
7 – 10/13   Business Formation: Choosing the Read Chapters 6 and 7; print ppts for both
            Form that Fits and Small
8 – 10/20   Accounting: Decision Making by    Read Chapters 8 and 9; print ppts for both
            the Numbers and                   Complete the Accounting and Finance
            Finance: Acquiring and Using      reports from the Stock Market project docs
            Funds to Maximize Value           Complete 2nd Quarter Report
9 – 10/27   Securities Markets: Trading       Read Chapter 10 and print ppts
            Financial Resources               Exam on Ch 6, 8, 9, and 10 (no questions
                                              from CH 5 or CH7)
                                              Bring Scantron, pencil and eraser
10 – 11/3   Marketing: Building Profitable    Read Chapters 11 and 12; print ppts for both
            Customer Connections and          Complete Marketing-Products report from
            Product Strategy: Delivering More Stock Market Project docs
11 – 11/10   Distribution and Pricing: Right       Read Chapters 13 and 14; print ppts for both
             Product, Right Person, Right Place,   Complete Marketing-Distribution and
             Right Price and                       Marketing-Promotion reports from Stock
             Marketing Promotion: Delivering       Market Project docs
             High-Impact Messages
12 – 11/17   Management, Motivation, and           Read Chapter 15 and print ppts
             Leadership: Bringing Business to      Complete Management report from Stock
             Life                                  Market Project docs
                                                   Complete 3rd Quarter Report
                                                   Exam on CH 11, 12, 13, and 14
                                                   Bring Scantron, pencil, and eraser.
13 – 11/24   Human Resource Management:            Read Chapter 16 and print ppts
             Building a Top-Quality Workforce
14 – 12/1    Operations Management: Putting it   Read Chapter 18 and print ppts
             all Together                        Complete Operations and Information
                                                 Technology reports from Stock Market
                                                 Project docs
                                                 Stock trading ends
                                                 Extra Credit Reports due
15 – 12/8    Business Law                        Read Business Law chapter online at
                                                 publisher’s website; click on Appendices at
                                                 the top of the page, then on the Business
                                                 Law link; print ppts.
                                                 Complete 4th Quarter Report.
                                                 Stock Market Game Projects due. Staple all
                                                 Stock Market Project reports together with
                                                 the Quarterly Portfolio Report on top. Be
                                                 sure your name and student ID appear on
                                                 every page.
16 – 12/15 Course Wrap-up and Final Exam         Exam on CH 15, 16, 18 and Business Law
                                                 Bring Scantron, pencil, and eraser.
Note: Chapter 17 on Information Technology does not appear on this syllabus. However, it is
highly recommended that you read it.

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