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This report focus on KFC marketing strategies, its marketing environment , demographic factor ,marketing factors. We designed a report to provide a brief description about its marketing mix & its major competitors in Pakistan. We also discuss four P‟s of marketing & their marketing tools. In addition to it, this report includes a research base survey on KFC. We all have tried our level best to fulfill all the requirements mentioned to us. Now its depend upon the reader to read it carefully and understand what we want to communicate. This report provides a brief knowledge about KFC in Pakistan.

Acknowledgement In the name of Allah, the most beneficent & the Merciful. Firstly, we all likely to thank mighty Allah who provides us knowledge, energy & skills to get opportunities & to increase our knowledge & experience by completing this project. Secondly, we especially thank to our instructor Ms. RAHEELA ZULFIQAR who guides us at every step & every aspect of this report, so that‟s competed successfully. Finally, thanking management of KFC, for providing us with helpful knowledge needed. After that we are able to complete this report with hard working & cooperation.


In September 2007, Ms. RAHEELA ZULFIQAR assigned us a project. We are asked to explain how our chosen product is being marketed, and how environmental factors, buying behavior, market segmentation, demographic trends, target market, positioning strategies, marketing mix, market planning & brands are relevant to their particular product. Following a massive report, recommendations were completed & submitted on 5th of November, 2007. The information used in the analysis of KFC came from variety of resources, including the internet & different KFC‟c outlets. The combination of these resources provides the basic for a valid current analysis of KFC. The major findings of KFC are as under KFC competing the competitors & maintaining strong relationship with customers by taking under consideration its Macro & Micro environment very efficiently. KFC has segmented its market on the basis of segmentation variables like demographic, psychographic, geographic & behavioral. KFC is showing certain buying behavior. KFC is following of market penetration, market development & product development for increase its customers. IT is following production, marketing & social marketing strategies for increasing its market share and growth.

1) HISTORY  KFC (formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) is the project of Gray Mackenzie Restaurants International Ltd. Founded first by Col Harland Sanders; KFC is known for its fried chicken.  More than 10,000 outlets in the world.

 It was launched in 1997, Gulshan-E-Iqbal, Karachi.  Presently in Pakistan, it is been operated by Cupola, a Dubai based multinational company involved in several business.  In Pakistan, currently it has 43 branches.

2) KFC VISION STATEMENT Food, Fun & Festival, this is what KFC is all about. Leading the market since its inception, KFC provides the ultimate chicken meals for a Chicken Loving Nation. Be it Colonel Sanders secret original Recipe Chicken or the Hot & Spicy Version, every bite brings a YUM on our face. At KFC we can proudly say, “We Do Chicken right ”.

3) KFC MISSION STATEMENT  We are committed to customer satisfaction through offering high quality with excellent services and good value.  We take great pride in serving each other, our customer and our communities.  We seek continuous improvement in all that we do.


a) Core Benefit The core benefit is “To Kill hunger”. b) Products of KFC KFC have three main product lines. The burgers, chicken meals and the snacks. The category of chicken is relatively static. c) Burgers The category of burgers is 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Zinger Chicken Burger Zinger Xtreme Fish Zinger SUB (60,80) *Col. Filled Burger

d) Snacks Snack family has been various products. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Arabic Rice Fruit Salad *Corn on the cob *Scoop of Walls Fries HOT SHOTS Rice Spice (*) These items are not available at a few restaurants. e) Chicken Meals Chicken meals include the different combinations of fried drum sticks. Features  Different and better taste  Hot and Spicy version of chicken  Superior Quality

5) MARKETING ENVIRONMENT There are certain forces, inside and outside an organization that affect marketing management‟s ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers. Like all other companies, KFC also has such forces around it; marketing environment is made up of Micro environment and Macro environment. a) The Micro environmental Forces

This environment includes the factors that are close to the company and are contollable by the organization. These factors are:Company KFC is the multinational company that has chain of fast food restaurants all over the world. In Pakistan it has 40 outlets out of which, 22 are based in Lahore, 19 are in Karachi and the remaining 8 are located in the other cities of Pakistan. KFC is growing rapidly, by having their strong relationship with their customers and the trust , which they have developed, in the past years, employees are the main assets of the company, and so they are very much concerned. The company has very organized check and balance system, which is used for the evaluation of the employee and the individual outlet as well. Suppliers As KFC cannot compromise on the quality of food they provide, so sthw reliable suppliers are very much important to them. There are two categories of supplies. The Dry food supply and the Frozen food supply. For the dry food , like a „burger buns-„ they have established their own warehouses and dry-stores for the South region. Where as for the North region, they get dry material from the vendors like „Dawn Bread‟ . For the Frozen food „chicken‟ they have agreement with the K&N Chicken , for supplying chicken and fish is supplied by Thiland and spices are supplied by Dubai to all over restaurants in Pakistan. Cuctomers It includes five categories. => Csumer Markets KFC has large chain of consumers. According to KFC, “We are growing only with our customer.” KFC has great environment for their consumers and families. They are concerned about the comfort and satisfaction of their customers. That is why 40 million on a single outlet. Midnight deals are there for the consumers with 50 % discount, which is being appreciated by the individuals.  Business Market Business markets buy good and services for further processing or for use in their production process. In case of KFC there is no such business market.  Resellers KFC is dealing in fast food, and so they don‟t have any resellers as such.  Government Customers As such no govt. customer exist so far. KFC is not expecting any govt. customer as such.  International Customers KFC is multinational company. They have outlets, almost in every country. So they have international customers all over the world. Competitors They are classified into direct and indirect competitors. Direct Competitors It includes

Mc Donald‟s AFC Subway JFC Indirect Competitors It includes all other restaurants. Like Salt & Pepper, Kabana, Village, Bundu Khan etc. Publics Its main types are  Financial Public KFC is an independent company. It has not any long-term bank loan. For short-term loan, it relies on Standard Chartered Bank.  Media Public KFC spends 8 % to 9 % of its revenue on advertisements. To have more advertisement, they are of the view to increase their advertisement.  Govt. Public Taxes are always imposed by the govt. public. KFC sales tax on each meal is 1.2 %.  Internal Publics The employees are greatly compensated by KFC. Employees get regular bonuses and other benefits which are based on their performances. Employees are assets and we reward them greatly, KFC says. Special badges and pins are assigned to employees.  General Public KFC wants to know the attitude of the public about its products. So, it always gets feedback from the customers whenever its going to launch a new product. Marketing Intermediaries It includes the firms that help the company to promote, sell and distribute its products and services. As in KFC, the goods are manufactured according to needs and wants of the customers and immediately served to customers on their outlets. So no marketing intermediaries are at KFC. b) The Macro Environmental Forces These are not controlled by the company and are environmental forces. It includes Demographic Factor KFC has designed its menu according to taste of population. People of each age like to visit KFC. It has deals for families as well as deals for the children. They also visit their competitors to have better idea about changing trends and taste of people as well as their competitors. KFC reconsider its menu and taste after every three months. KFC always encourages feedback and suggestions from its customers. Natural Factors KFC always produces fresh food. The supply houses are well prepared and well maintained for changing factors of weather. So it is not affected by natural factors. Technological Factor Their machines and boilers are according to latest technology and standards. After every six months, technical checkup is conducted and that equipment

is replaced which becomes useless. Efficient billing system is implemented, to eliminate the redundancy and maintain the daily ledger account. Political Factors It consists of laws, govt. agencies and pressure groups that influence or limit various organizations and individuals in a given society. But KFC has its own strong links and politics, it is not been influenced by any external factors. No pressure groups are there inside and outside organization to pressurize in any aspect. Ethically there might be certain forces that have been impact on the overall sale of KFC, for that; it has also made certain strategies and road-maps to overcome them. Cultural Factors KFC is always concerned about the culture and ethical values of the community. As, the customer are from the same community that they are serving in, KFC takes care of ethical and moral values of the society. As Pakistan is an Islam based country, so KFC serves Halaal food here. 6) SEGMENTATION “ Dividing the market into distinct groups of buyers who have distinct needs, characteristics or behavior or who have might require separate products or marketing mix” In case of KFC, we have considered four variables for market segmentation which are  Geographic segmentation  Demographic segmentation  Psychographic segmentation  Behavioral segmentation Geographic Segmentation “ Dividing the market into different geographical units such as nations, states, regions, countries, cities or neighborhood. KFC has outlets internationally and sells its products according to geographic needs of the customer. In Pakistan, its geographic segmentation is

World Region Country




Karachi and Lahore primarily, while other cities partially




Not specific

Demographic Segmentation Dividing the market into groups based on an age, gender, family size, income, education, occupation, religion, race and nationality. KFC divides the market on demographic basis in that way

Age Gender Family Size Income Occupation Education Religion Generation Nationality Family lifecycle

6-65 Both Males and Females 1-2, 3-4, 5+ Rs. 10,000 above Not Specific Not Specific Not Specific Not Specific Not Specific Almost All

Psychographic Segmentation Dividing a market into different groups based on social class, lifestyle or personality characteristics. KFC divides market on the basis of psychographic variables as Social Class Life Style Personality Middle class, Upper class and Lower class Not Specific Authoritarians, Gregarious and Ambitious

Behavioral Segmentation “Dividing a market into groups based on consumer knowledge, attitude, use or response to a product” KFC divides the market on the basis of psychographic variables as

Occasion Benefits

Regular Occasion Quality, Convenience, Service And Speed Potential status, ex-users, first time user and regular users Medium and Strong Aware, informed, interested, desirous And intending to buy

User Status

Loyalty Status Readiness Status

Attitude towards Product

Enthusiastic, Positive and Indifferent

7) TARGET MARKET “ The process of evaluating each market segment‟s attractiveness and selecting two or more segments” As the outlets of KFC are in posh area and prices are to high, so KFC is targeting upper class. Target market depends upon size and growth rate of population, Company resources and structural attractiveness of market segment. 8) MARKET POSITIONING “Arranging for a product to occupy a clear, distinctive and desirable place relative to competing products in the minds of target consumer.” In KFC feedback is taken from the customer in order to know the customer demands and then improvements are made in products.KFC focuses on pure and fresh food in order to crate a distinct and clear position in the minds of customers KFC has a strong brand name and they are leading the market in fried chicken.

IX-Marketing Mix: "Marketing mix is the set of controllable tactical marketing tools, product, price, place promotion that the firms blend to produce the response it wants in the target market".

Product -Variety -Quality -Features -Brand name -Packages -Services

Price -List price -Discount -Allowance -Payment -Period -Credit term

Target Customer Intended Position

Promotion -Advertising -Personal Selling -Sales Promotion -Public relation

Place -Channels -Coverage -Assortment -Locations -Inventory -Transportation -Logistics

Product: Product means goods and services combination that KFC offers to the target market. Brand name: Brand name is the, KFC (formerly know as, Kentucky Fried Chicken) . KFC is a powerful brand name in the market Variety KFC offers provide variety of products in case of size and taste. We can categories the product as follows according to their size and taste. 1. Chicken 2. Burgers 3. Desserts and beverages 4. Snacks and side orders. Quality: KFC believe in providing the, "Superior Quality" to the valued consumers. . They use fresh ingredients and provide neat and clean environment. Features:

KFC is providing Different and better taste with Hot & Spicy version of Chicken. Packaging: The packaging is used for the burgers and snacks. The pictorial

view is given below.

Services: KFC is providing home delivery services. • Also have some special dinning facility for the business customers Price: Price is the amounts of money customers have to pay to obtain the product. List Price: KCF offer different products at different prices. The list of prices is added in the Appendix. Discounts: They provide special discounts to only employees. Payment period: Customer pays when the services are delivered to them. Allowances and credit terms: They provide no credit terms and allowances to customer.

Place includes company activities that make the product available to target consumer. Channel: There are no market intermediaries (reseller, wholesalers).They provide product directly to the customer. Coverage: Pakistan has been divided in to two regions 1. hi the North, KFC is serving Karachi and Hyderabad with 10 restaurants 2. hi the South, they have the large chain of 30 restaurants Assortment: KFC provides two types of meals in respect of size. 1. Family meal.

2. Individual meal. Location: They have certain outlets per market area. Inventory: Warehouses for ingredients are in Dubai Transportation: Supplier uses their own vehicles for supplying chicken and breads.

Promotion: Promotion means activities that communicate the merits of the products and persuade target consumers to buy it. Advertising: KFC was not much concentrating on advertising but now they are making much effort on advertising through electronic media like TV and newspapers. They are also advertising through billboards, leaflets. Personal Selling: KFC use no personal selling criteria. Public Relations To enhance public relations certain seminar are conducted by their HR departments and employees are trained through certain training classes. They are also giving the concept of mobile KFC.

. X-Consumer Buying Behavior "The buying behavior of final consumers, individuals and households, who buy goods and services for personal consumption" Characteristics Affecting consumer behavior As we know that, consumers behavior is strongly influenced by cultural, social, personal and psychological characteristics. The description is given below. Cultural factors: Cultural factor have further subdivision,

Culture: "The set of basic values perceptions, wants, and behaviors learned by a member of society from family and other important institution" Culture is the most basic cause of a person's wants and behavior. Being in a culture of Pakistan, KFC is concerned about the cultural shifts of the people. As being the market leader in the Fried chicken, KFC was the first, in making place in the market and attract people of local culture towards their different meals. But, at the moment, KFC has spotted the recent cultural shift, which is the people are most concerned about their health and fitness. They are avoiding now junk food, and relying on small snacks. In addition to that, the "Eat fresh" phenomenon of the Subway, have highlighted the cultural shift, of people for the healthier diet.


"A group of people with shared value systems based on common life experiences and situation" Subculture is group of people with shared value system based on common life experiences and situations. As in Pakistan, there are no any broadened subculture boundaries, so in case of KFC; subcultures don't have any significant role. Social class: "Relatively permanent and ordered division in a society whose members share similar values, interests and behaviors." As we know that, every society is composed of social classes. KFC is targeting the middle and upper classes. To be specific, the large segment of customers belongs to upper and upper middle classes. Social factors; Social factors are also important to be addressed. Social factors include consumer's small groups, family and social role and status. Groups: "Two or more people who interact to accomplish individual or mutual goals" The person's behavior is influenced by many small groups. For the marketers, reference groups are the main target markets, to identify. For the KFC, the reference group is the upper class. They keep on adding services to entertain the group. As being the reference group, there are certain strategies that have been followed by the management. As KFC has no such well established marketing department, so, they don't have yet followed any buzz marketing. But, the present KFC sign, the logo of Col. Harland Sanders, is an example of having an opinion leader. Family: Family is the most important consumer buying organization in the society. KFC is much concerned with the concept of family. As parents are mostly influenced by the children, so the KFC have designed small kid's meal for them. In addition to that, the family meals are the most favorite, deal. Just to involve the family, each member of the family, KFC has placed various deals and meals in their hot menu. Just to provide the best service, and earn value in return to that.

Personal factors A buyer‟s decision is also influenced by personal characteristics such as, the buyer's age and life cycle stage, occupation, economic situation and personality and self-concept. Age and life-cycle stage Mostly, KFC is concerned about serving the youth, but... they also have influence on the older people of the families as well. Simply, they have covered each segment of the family, and life cycle __ as, human cant live without food. And, KFC menu have all the variety for entertaining any segment/person of the family. Occupation: Occupation is a secondary factor for the KFC. As students, are the main streams, so occupation of the consumer doesn't matter as such. Again, food is necessity of every human, so people belonging to upper and upper middle social

classes are being the target market, without any classification on the basis of occupation. Lifestyle: "A person's pattern of living as expressed in his or her activities, interests, and opinions." The marketers always addressed the consumer interests, activities and opinions. How consumer spends their time and money is the primary concern. KFC have served the customers, by providing them soothing and comfortable environment. The primary concern is the Innovators, for the KFC. The lifestyle also includes the way of using the technology, the internet. KFC have placed a well designed and well maintained website, to capture the interest and attention of the consumers. Personality and self concept: "The unique psychological characteristics that lead to relatively consistent and lasting responses to one's own environment" KFC have addressed the concept of brandpersonality very efficiently. The visual color, of their advertisements and franchise is red. It out-flowing the concept of excitement. Particularly, for the youth the brand color is very much amusing. That's what the KFC have done to target the self-concept of consumers. The "Zinger Burger", is also an effort to attract their valued customers. Psychological factor Psychological factor are important to know, if the company wants to know about the behavior of their customers. Psychological factor include further four concepts. Motivation The concept of motivation is been efficiently focused by the KFC. Factors towards motivating the consumers include many factors. The good customer service, provided at the restaurant, the soothing environment of the restaurant, the attractive discount deals, and at the top, the best food provided are the main sources of creating motivation for consumers

'' The process by which people select, organize, and interpret information to form a meaningful picture of the world" The perception is the next process. The perception is created from environment, the interlinked factors, that are been described above. The best customer service ensures, to leave good impact on the minds of the consumers. The perception is been mainly manipulated by the advertisements, that are normally triggered at different phases and conveying the feeling of Hot interactive deals. Learning "Changes in an individual's behavior arising from experience" Learning is one of the sensitive factors. As the change in behavior occur at this stage. KFC is most concerned, about their well and effective service to their customers. To provide the best taste, the town and the worth remembering environment, at their outlets. XI-Types of Buying Behavior: There are four types of buying behavior 1. Complex buying behavior. "Consumer buying behavior in situations characterized by high consumer involvement in a purchase and significant perceived difference among brands" 2. Dissonance- reducing buying behavior.

"Consumer buying behavior in situations characterized by high involvement but few perceived difference among brands" 3. Habitual Buying behavior. "Consumer buying behavior in situations characterized by low consumer involvement in a purchase and few significant perceived brands difference" 4. Variety-seeking behavior: "Consumer buying behavior in situations characterized by low consumer involvement in a purchase and significant perceived brands difference"

High Involvement

Low Involvement Variety-seeking Behavior

Diff. b/w Brands

Complex Buying Behavior

Few Diff. B/w Brands

Dissonancereducing behavior

Habitual Buying Behavior

Decision Behavior Shown by KFC The buying decision process is quite complex, in case of KFC _ being a fast food restaurant. The involvement could be high and low as well. But let take it generally, the behavior could be complex buying behavior and dissonance reducing buying behavior. Dissonance- reducing buying behavior If we see KFC among the competitors, that provide fried chicken, Like Fri-Chick, then the behavior will be dissonance reducing. Complex buying behavior If, we take McDonald and Subway, then there is a clears difference In the taste, as well as in the meals and deals. It could be complex behavior. xn-Product or Market Expansion Grid: "A portfolio planning tool for identifying company growth opportunities through market penetration, market development, product development or diversification." Market Penetration: "A strategy for company growth by increasing sales of current products to current market segments without changing the product." They are providing areas for birthday party celebrations to attract more and more customers Market Development: "A strategy for company growth by identifying and developing new market segments for current company product."

KFC is following market development strategy as it is increasing its outlets in different cities. They are trying to cover major market segments in order to get more market share. Product Development:

"A strategy for company growth by offering modified or new products to current market segment" KFC is following product development strategy as well. It has added different new. products in its menu. Diversification: "A strategy for company growth through starting up or acquiring businesses outside the company's current products and markets" As KFC is selling similar products with certain modification in menus only so it is not showing diversification.

Existing Products

New Product

Product Development

Market development

Existing markets

New Market

XIII-Growth Share Matrix “ A portfolio analysis method that evaluates the company‟s strategic business units in terms of its market share. SBU s are classified as star, cash cow, question mark or dogs.” Using Boston Consulting Group (BCG) approach, a company classified its SBUs or products According to growth share matrix. Vertical axis: market growth rate provides a measure of market attractiveness. Horizontal axis: relative market share serves as a measure of company strength in the Market. Products of KFC We will like only those products of KFC which are their main products. These are Zinger Zinger Xtreme Chicken Burger Fish Burger Sub (60,80) Chicken Pieces Arabian Rice Fruit Salad HOT SHOTS Rice Spice

Stars Stars are high-growth. High share businesses or products In KFC, stars are 1. Zinger 2. Zinger Xtreme 3. Sub(60,80)

KFC is investing high to finance their rapid growth. The products in star have lose their market sh Question Mark Question mark is high-growth but low share businesses or products. 1. Fish Burgers 2. Arabian Rice 3. HOT SHOTS Cash Cow Cash Cows are low-growth, high-share businesses or products 1. Chicken Burger 2. Chicken Pieces Dog Dogs are low-growth, low-share businesses or products 1. Fruit Salad 2. Rice Spice

From above, its clear that KFC has 3 stars, 3 question marks, 2 cash sow and 2 dog products in BCG sho

XIV-MARKETING STRATEGIES There are five alternatives concept under which organizations design and carry out their marketing strategi • Production concept • Product concept • Selling concept • Marketing concept • Societal concept

Production concept: "The idea that consumers will favor the product that are available and highly affordable" As for as KFC is concerned it is not following the production concept as the outlets of KFC are in posh are their prices are also high.

Product concept: "The idea that consumers will favor products that offers most in quality, performance, and feature improvements in products Features KFC is providing different and better taste. It is providing hot &Spicy version of Chicken and providin Quality Level Quality level plays a vital role is, in providing the satisfaction and giving the value to the consu so, believe in providing the, Superior Quality to the valued consumers. KFC FRENCH FRIES COMPOSITION Potatoes, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, dextrose. SEASONINGS Original Recipe: Salt, herbs and spices, garlic powder. Milk and Egg: Non fat dry milk, dried whey and dried egg whites. Hot and Spicy: Cornstarch, sodium bicarbonate, sodium, aluminum phosphate, Dextrose Modified cornstarch, extractives of turmeric. SHORTENING: Pure vegetable oil (soybean). CHICKEN AND ITS PRODUCTS Locally produced and processed chicken. Supplied in frozen form.

100% Ha/a/. Figure 7

Selling Concept; "The idea that consumers will not buy enough of the firm's products unless it undertakes a large scale selling and promotion effort" Mostly the firms practice the selling concept when they face overcapacity. As KFC provides fresh foods according to the needs of customers and earn profit through customer satisfaction, so it does not follow selling concept. Marketing Concept; "The marketing management philosophy that holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions better than the competitors" KFC is following market concept as it is focusing on the customer and making improvements in the menus according to the need and wants of the customer. It has added in its menus as fish zinger, salad, Arabian rice etc according to the demands of the customer. Societal Marketing Concept; "A principle of enlightened marketing that holds that a company should make good marketing decisions by considering consumers wants the company's requirements, consumer's long-run interest, and society long-run interest" Like KFC Mall Road Branch is giving employment to disables only, so its based on societal marketing concept. Society Human welfare

Societal marketing concept

Consumers Company Want satisfactions Profits Figure 8 Three considerations underlying the societal marketing concept KFC is following societal marketing concept as it is considering company's profits, consumer wants, and society's interests.

Consumers: KFC is making their customer satisfied by providing them high quality fresh food. Company: KFC is earning profit as well through customer satisfactions. Its sales grew by 10% in the current years and it has about 60% market share in local market in fried chicken. Society: hi Pakistan KFC is working for the human welfare also. They are providing funds to different schools and training institutes for the education of special children. Faryad is the environmental campaign started by KFC. The main Project of Faryad is tree plantation, creating awareness and cleaning the environment and traffic rules and regulation. KFC Pakistan periodically visits the under privileged children along with chick to entertain them. Free food and gifts are provided KFC is also collecting donations to kill hunger for UNO at Pakistan

Analysis & Recommendations

Analysis: KFC is market leader in providing Fried Chicken. As KFC is addressing Fast Food, so it is competing with the prominent market signs, like Pizza Hut and McDonalds. Product: KFC is doing well so far. It needs improvement in their Hot-Menu. They should make their menu dynamic, by introducing new meals ____ after certain period of time. New items should be introduced, by varying the taste. Like, pizza hut has come up with "Chapli Kabab Pizza" ____addressing the local taste; KFC should go for such innovation, in order to increase their market share. Price _ of KFC is reasonable, if compared with other fast food restaurants. But as, price is always the primary concern for consumers; so KFC should adopt certain strategy to attract the consumers. Its not only by lowering their prices. It could be by, introducing discount packages, for families, employees, students and regular customers. The membership cards can be used to, provide certain extra value to the consumers. Placement is very important factor, for a company to increase its market share, by targeting the right consumers. KFC need to have more outlets, at commercial areas. It will help in targeting the actual customers and potential customers as well. Mobile outlets can be effective addition as well. Promotion: KFC has a large customer equity, but being a market symbol, a company should strive for having more actual customers. KFC should work for, having a solid marketing department. They should organize and run advertisement campaigns. It would certainly be, incremental factor for their sale. Different modes of advertisements can be used for, triggering the community. KFC could use brand promoters. KFC can setup, promotional campaigns. All what is needed is a well established marketing department, in order to facilitate effective, promotions.

Conclusion KFC is providing employment to 1200 Pakistanis which adds up to 6000 Pakistanis directly dependant on KFC. KFC paying Rs.10 million to Govt. of Pakistan as direct taxes. 95% of its food and packing material is used in KFC Pakistan is produced locally which sums up to purchase of 35 million per month. Each new outlet developed by KFC Pakistan spends 40 million rupees that‟s a massive amount for this industry. From above analysis, it‟s clear that KFC and Pakistan are growing together. So KFC is doing well at Pakistan. KFC is also following marketing strategies, segmenting the market to segmentation variables and increasing their market share. KFC is leading in Fried Chicken. It gives quality, variety and fresh meal as of its competitors.


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