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									        Steve Gilroy
 VP International, CompTIA

       Robin Adda
Managing Director, gtslearning
CompTIA & IT Resellers
•   25 years serving the global IT          •   Reseller Membership & Initiatives:
•   22,000 member companies in              •   Reseller Marketing Toolkit
    over 100 countries                      •   Best Practices & Business
•   Largest vendor-neutral                      Documents
    certification body in the world,        •   Primary Research
    over 1m people hold a CompTIA           •   Solution Provider Roadmap and
    certification.                              Toolkit
•   Global industry initiatives:            •   Industry events
     –   IT Services
                                                 – Managed Services Business
     –   Research                                  Opportunity
     –   E-commerce                              – SMB/SME Reseller Conference
     –   IT skills
     –   IT distributors, VARs, resellers
• World’s only specialist supplier of content and delivery
  for CompTIA certifications
   – Courseware, online and self-paced learning
   – Instructor-led training and managed learning projects
   – Five-time CompTIA award winner
• Works closely with CompTIA – holds only seat on Board
  of Directors
• Partnered with CompTIA to develop salesXpotential
Why salesXpotential?
salesXpotential   •   Full-colour guide to essential
                      VAR sales skills
                  •   Improve your sales processes
                  •   Easily customised to your
                  •   Designed to be used as part of
                      regular sales meeting/coaching
                  •   A complete, modular solution:
                       –   Facilitator’s Guide
                       –   Sales-rep workbooks
                       –   On-line resources & toolkit
                       –   Webcasts, podcasts
                       –   CompTIA community
                       –   1-year subscription model
salesXpotential tools and resources
• Tools for sales team
   – Forecasting, scripts,
     account plan,
     consultancy plan
• Templates
   – Sales letters,
• Marketing tools
   – Competitor
     comparison, event
     planner, press release
salesXpotential coaching resources
                   •   How to deliver coaching as part of
                       sales meetings
                   •   Follow-up activities and exercises
                   •   Resources for the Sales Manager
                        – Session overviews and guided
                        – PowerPoint slides
                        – Coaching and feedback tips
                        – Management and personal
                          development notes
                        – Templates
salesXpotential website
                     • Bonus resources for sales
                       manager and team
                          – Scenarios
                          – Webcasts – live online
                          – Sales management and
                            marketing courses
                              •   Recruitment
                              •   Business plan
                              •   Lead generation & marketing
                              •   Sales performance management
                              •   CRM & Funnel management
                              •   And lots more!
Webcasts & Podcasts
•   On-line webcasts to reinforce and support
    the learning.
•   Real-life examples, with tips and advice from
    industry experts.
•   Sessions to support salesXpotential
    modules plus extra modules for further
•   User feedback, on-line questions and
    sessions based on salesXpotential user
•   Downloadable MP3 and MP4 podcasts also
     –   Download to play in the car or while you’re at
         the gym!
     –   Webcasts also recorded and available as
         podcasts – play on demand!
     –   Interviews and coaching from industry
• “SalesXPotential is an excellent resource, especially for the smaller
  reseller who may not have the staff to develop and manage a
  complete sales training program. The quality of the content,
  together with the excellent toolset for the person delivering the
  training, combine to make the program delivery effective and
  efficient. With a tool like SalesXPotential, we have access to quality
  sales training that we simply would not have without it.”

MJ Shoer, President and Virtual Chief Technology Officer
Jenaly Technology Group, Inc.
• “Overall I feel that the content meets the expectations of a typical
  sales and customer service development programme. In fact, the
  material is quite broad in its approach, thus making the learning
  much more diverse and holistic. I have also noticed that the
  language and methodology is easily understandable. The facilitators
  section is good and the PowerPoint slides very useful.”

Johann Botes, Training & Development Manager
Officeworld Kimberley
• “All I can say is „brilliant‟ and a much needed resource! Excellent –
  relevant, action learning at its best with good, ongoing support
  materials. You have a great product which can be used in any IT or
  related sales environment”

Gitta Moolenschot , South African Representative
International Business Training Association (USA)
Special offer for Breakaway delegates
• Order before December 31st and get 20% discount off
  normal prices:

   – Facilitator’s Guide:
     £200 less 20% = £160 (discounted CompTIA Member price
   – Student’s Guide:
     £150 less 20% = £120 (discounted CompTIA Member price £72)
   – Prices include 12-month subscription to on-line resources,
     webcasts, podcasts and toolkit updates

• Visit for more details or to
  place your order

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