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									    Final Networking Proposal

Presenter: Juanita Bransford
 CST 460 – Networking & Telecommunications II
                    Wednesday – May 5, 2004

 Organization Description
 Infrastructure: Current and Desired

 Recommendations
 Implementation

 Summary
Organization Description

 National health information systems management
  consulting company
 YPRO: Your PRO
      Relative to the state PRO organizations that are
       federally funded
 Originated in 1986
 Assist healthcare facilities with coding, DRG (Diagnosis
  Related Group) and APC (Ambulatory Payment
  Categories) audits; chargemaster reviews; physician
  education; accounts receivable cleanup and third party
 YPRO Staff
     Nation-wide (able to work from home)
     Highly trained
          Three years of experience within the healthcare
           environment with working knowledge of current
           coding systems including compliance guidelines
          Accreditation: American Health Information
           Management Association (AHIMA)
          Certification: Certified Compliance Professionals
           (CCP) from the Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Institute
          Mandatory in-house seminars
          Receive monthly packets & utilize teleconferencing
           to stay current with the latest regulatory information
     Veterans in their field of expertise
                                         . . . Organization Description
 YPRO Services Provided

    •   On-site and Remote (ImageCodeSM) Coding
    •   DRG and APC Reviews
    •   Corporate Integrity Agreements
    •   Preceptorship Reviews
    •   Educational Seminars
    •   Third Party Billing
    •   Accounts Receivable Cleanup
    •   Office Management and/or Restructuring
    •   Physician Credentialing
    •   Negotiation of Managed Care Contracts
    •   Interim Management
                                         . . . Organization Description
 What need does the organization fulfill?
      Regulatory environment
           Ever-changing coding and compliance industry
      Shortage on coders
           Costs providers allowable reimbursement due to coding delays
            and inaccuracies
      Backlog problems
           Causes increased accounts receivables
      Healthcare fraud and abuse laws
           Steep punishments (high fines and/or incarceration) for
            miscoding (e.g., up-coding)
      Improvement of cash flow due to a decrease in lost
      HIPPA requirements
           Confidentiality compliance
                                               . . . Organization Description
Current Infrastructure
 Equipment
      Computers
         Laptops

              Gateway 2000
              Compaq
              Dell
           Desktops
              Compaq Pescario (Main Computer)
              Packard Bell
          Palm Pilot – Tungsten-T (by Palm)
      Printers
         (2) HP Desk Jet 672-C

         HP Color Laser Jet 2500-L

         HP 6110 Office Jet (Printer, FAX, Copier, Scanner)
 Internet
    Wireless (Terminal Server)
       Linksys 2.4 gigahertz wireless (b)

       Allows to connect wireless from any computer in the house

       Wireless cards for laptops

    DSL Cable Modem (Common Carrier: Charter)
       Cable modem to the main computer

       Hooks into the Linksys wireless system (like a router)

 Scanner
    Card Scan (connects to the palm pilot)
       Mini Scanner

       Enables business cards to be scanned into Outlook

        (contact list)
       Allows you to build a database from your contact list

                                            . . . Current Infrastructure
The Huntleigh – Upper Level
2,450 Square Feet

               I                                Packard


                              Desktop    I

                                . . . Current Infrastructure
The Huntleigh – Basement
2,450 Square Feet

                                           (Small bedroom)

                                       I     Dell Laptop

               Storage Area
           Open Ceiling & Cool
         (Great for a Server if Ever

                                                 Gateway 2000
                                           . . . Current Infrastructure
 Software Utilized
      XP Operating System
      Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access,
      ACT 2000
           Sales management tool
           Populated with all hospitals in the nation & key
           Enter notes, sales opportunities, follow-up
      Contract Templates: In Word and Excel - downloads
       from the YPRO Terminal Server

                                             . . . Current Infrastructure
 Security
      A firewall exists through the YPRO terminal server
      McAfee Security Center is utilized on all computers
      Access is password protected on all computers
 Employee Backup System
      Dynamo 1300-SF
           Employees are required to run weekly backups and
            send to the YPRO Corporate IS Office in Florida
             Meets HIPPA Requirements
 Disaster and Recovery
      A disaster and recovery system is set up by YPRO for
       all computers and data
      The system is backed up on a daily basis
                                          . . . Current Infrastructure
Desired Infrastructure
 Network all devices
 Printers
     (2) HP Desk Jet 672-C
          Would like to dispose of            cartridges are
     HP Color Laser Jet 2500-L
          Would like all devices connected to this
     HP 6110 Office Jet (Printer, FAX, Copier, Scanner)
          Would like all devices connected to this
 Configure peer-to-peer network through existing
  Linksys wireless system
      Set up TCP/IP connection on all computers
           Enter appropriate IP addresses
           Enter appropriate subnet mask
           Enter appropriate default gateway
      Set desired printers up as shared devices
      Install preferred printers on other computers
      Set up shared folders and give access to users
   Set up user accounts on computers with shared
    printers for all required users
   Set up user accounts on all computers for users
    that will be utilizing shared printers
   Set up unique user IDs and passwords for
    authentication and security purposes

                                       . . . Recommendations
 Desired Timeframe
      July 2004
 Configuration
      Approximately 1-2 hours (without problems)
 Test Plan
      Check to see if all computers are in the workgroup
      Print test pages from all computers to appropriate printers
      Make sure users can reach shared folders from all computers
 Training
      Users: Mr. Bob Moore (YPRO Regional VP) and family members
      Experience: Very experienced users
      Training: Train-the-trainer – 1 hour to train Mr. Moore who will train
       users if he deems appropriate
 YPRO: A national healthcare management consulting firm

 Desire to network existing devices

 Recommended that network connection be made through
  current wireless system
 $0 costs and minimal training necessary

 Future:
      If the need every arises, there is ideal storage
       space in the lower level (with an open ceiling
       and proper temperature) that can be secured for
       a server.

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