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									VetroEnergo AS

     Wind Power
     at the Kola Peninsula

     Presentation at Bellona Conference 1-2. April 2008
     Lars Helge Helvig, Norsk Vind Energi AS
Windpower at the Kola Peninsula
            Large potential
            in Coastal Areas

                        Positive local and
                        regional administration

                               Funding dependant on
                               Risk Management
Norsk Vind Energi AS
   Norwegian projects
    –   80 MW at Høg-Jæren, construction start 2008
    –   4 other projects with filed application
    –   2 other projects at earlier stage
    –   Total around 500 MW if all installed, producing around
        1,5 bln kWh
 VetroEnergo: Wind Power in Russia
 Gevt (Global Environmental Technologies)
    – CDM / JI project development
Høg-Jæren Wind Farm, 80MW
Egersund Wind Farm, 110MW
Kola Peninsula
 Excellent wind resources
 Infrastructure ok (roads / high voltage grid)
 Large land-areas available
 National RES scheme not yet in place
 Local and regional authorities positive
 Risk Management essential to enable
  project financing
Business idea
 VetroEnergo is a wind power producer
 Our business idea is to identify, develop
  and to participate in the building and
  operation of wind farms
 VetroEnergo will seek close contact
  /alliances with local utility companies, local
  authorities and others
 VetroEnergo will team up with an industrial
  partner before construction start
Early History
   Previous work by Kola Science Center, Gaia and Norwegian
    Society for Preservation of Nature (NGO)
   Request from Russian Border Forces about wind energy
   March 9-11, 1998. Meetings with Norwegian and Russian
   VetroEnergo: Letter of intent dated March 10th 98
   April 98: VetroEnergo AS formerly funded with Russian and
    Norwegian owners
   May 1998: Official agreement about a pilot project
   Summer 98: Agreement between VetroEnergo as and County
    Governor of Finnmark (wind measurements)
Demonstration Plant
   Norwegian Foreign Ministry gave grant to a demonstration plant
    project to test in a small scale the challenges that also large
    wind farms would experience.
     –   Establishment of a Russian company
     –   Experience related to Russian accounting, auditing, tax, etc.
     –   Getting necessary licenses to produce power to the grid
     –   Land lease agreement
     –   Necessary permits to construct and operate the turbine
     –   Grid connection agreement
     –   Power purchase agreement
     –   Transportation challenges
     –   Erection challenges
     –   Operation and maintenance routines
     –   Monitoring arrangement
Demonstration Plant cont.
   In order to stay within budget, a used overhauled turbine were
    purchased from Denmark
   Russian personnel were trained in Denmark
   A Finnish company were used to transport the turbine by trucks
   Local company were used to prepare the foundation and to drill
    holes for the rock anchors together with personnel from Finnmark
   Local company were used to erect the turbine together with
    supervisor from Wincon in Denmark
   Local personnel are used to maintain and operate the turbine
   The turbine was erected Sep/Oct 2001
   Workable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) still a challenge
Rock Anchoring the turbine
Prestressed Anchors
Cleaning the blades
Turning the towers for painting
Inst. the tower, bundling cables
Erection of demo turbine
Power cables to the turbine
High voltage and control box
Demo turbine erected
                   Wincon 200 kW
                   Erected autumn 01
                   Some minor technical
                   Main challenge is
                    workable PPA
                   Useful to illustrate
                    challenges in Russia
Close to Hotel Ogny Murmanska
And close to city of Murmansk
Status today
 Basic conditions still valid
 Increased focus on energy shortage
 Cooperation agreement between
    – Government of Murmansk Oblast
    – Kolenergo
    – Kola Science Center
    – VetroEnergo
   Agreement give active role to VetroEnergo
Status today cont.
 Proposed new law for Renewable Energy
  Sources in validation process in the Duma
 If accepted, the realization of new projects
  move closer
 Major wind power development also
  depends on acceptable land-lease
  agreements, access to the grid and grid
  capacity, increase in regional consumption,
  CNP, etc
VetroEnergo is proud to present:
   That we have started project development work
    on 3 different sites with a planned total capacity of
    – Teriberka 1         100 MW
    – Teriberka 2          50 MW
    – Tumanni              50 MW
   That VetroEnergo now initiate a major Wind
    Assessment Program to optimize the lay-out of
    our coming wind farms at Kola
Main areas of interest

        4               Conventional marks:
                1            - hydropower stations

                             -   electric substations

                             -   - sites for windparks
                             -   power lines

                             -   nuclear power station
Wind measurement at Teriberka
Challenges ahead
 More wind measurements
 Land-lease agreements
 Physical access to the best sites
 Building and other permits
 Grid connection agreements
 Power purchase agreements
 Risk assessment, back to back agreement
 Project financing
Involvement of European Union
 Very high renewable target in the EU
 In addition to on-shore wind farms, off-
  shore wind farms in needed to meet the
 Why not look at the Barents region as
  yet another area that can supply Europe
  with renewable
 EU already import many TWh from
  Russia that could be from renewable
Barents – a green energy lounge
   It is a win-win situation
   Russia will soon need more power
   Europe are looking for renewable
   Project implementation at Kola needs western
    involvement/guarantees/off-take to reduce
    investment risks
   Brings economic growth to the Barents region
   New strong transmission lines from North to
    South is cheaper than large offshore cables
Let’s all pull in the right direction

     Thank you for your attention

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