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Best brands, best prices                                        BaSEl
                                                 ValId UNTIl jUNE 30Th 2009
 azzaro pour homme                l’Oréal                   l’Oréal

 € 46.85                          € 33.65                   € 20.80
 € 58.60                          € 42.10                   € 26.00

100ml.                           Set Day, Eyes & Night     Glam Bronze Sun Set Brunettes

                     YOU SA

                                                                                    YOU SA

                                YOU SA

                                                                                    pERFUMERY 3
18 YEARs MALt WHiskY 1L                       12 YEARs MALt WHiskY 1L                     iRisH WHiskY 1L                                12 YEARs MALt WHiskY
The Glenlivet 18 year old is the perfect      Considered the defintive Speyside malt,     A pot still style Irish whisky, blended from   tWinPAck 2 x1L WitH fREE PiLOt BAg
expression of age and elegance,               the 12 year old is the benchmark against    a combination of pure pot still and grain
balancing the archetypal ripe fruit notes     which other malts are judged. Perfectly     Irish whiskeys. Triple distilled for           Our original single malt has matured for at
of The Glenlivet with a drier evocative oak   balanced, The Glenlivet 12 year old         exceptional smoothness.                        least 12 years in American and European
influence.                                    exhibits the delicacy and softness that                                                    oak casks. The quality of these casks is
                                              typify the region’s whiskies.                                                              exceptional as all are individually tended by
                                                                                                                                         our experienced team of coopers, ensuring
                                                                                                                                         our whisky develops complex, elegantly
                                                                                                                                         rounded flavours with notes of fresh pear
                                        VE                                           VE
                                  YOU SA                                       YOU SA                                                    and subtle oak.
                                    20%                                          20%

                                                                                                                         YOU SA

 The Glenlivet                                 The Glenlivet                               jameson                                       Glenfiddich
 18 YEARs MALt WHiskY 1L                       12 YEARs MALt WHiskY 1L                     iRisH WHiskY 1L                               12 YEARs MALt WHiskY

 € 42.00                                       € 28.80                                     € 14.00                                       € 72.00
 € 52.50                                       € 36.00                                     € 17.50
                                                                                                                                                                            SpIRITS 5
                                                                                                    -20                       %
VODkA 1L                                   gin 1L
Based on the original 1894 recipe for      The world’s leading premium gin. Since
vodka established by Dimitri Mendeleev,    1820, Beefeater has used only the finest
founder of the Periodic Table, Russian     quality botanicals gathered from around
Standard is a benchmark in the land that   the world to produce a distinctively dry
invented vodka. Finest winter wheat and    and aromatic gin.
multiple distillations create vodka of
unmatched smoothness.

                                                                                                    cOgnAc 1L
                               V    E                                        V    E
                         YOU SA                                        YOU SA                       The only 100 % Grande Champagne
                            20%                                           20%                       Cognac internationally known. This
                                                                                                    superb Cognac comes exclusively from
                                                                                                    the most important single vineyard
                                                                                                    located in the heart of the »Premier Cru
                                                                                                    du Cognac ». This exceptional VSOP is
                                                                                                    aged with the multicentenial FRAPIN
                                                                                                    FAMILY’s know-how.

 Russian Standard                           Beefeater                                 Frapin VSOp
 VODkA 1L                                   gin 1L                                    cOgnAc 1L

 € 12.40                                    € 10.80                                   € 26.80
 €15.50                                     € 13.50                                   € 33.50
                                                                                                                                     SpIRITS 7
                               -20                            %
                                                                  cOgnAc 0.7 L
                                                                  FRAPIN’s 100% Grande Champagne
                                                                  CIGAR BLEND has a mahogany colour
                                                                  with coppery tints. This very old brandy                    YOU SA
                                                                  shows perfectly balanced, concentrated                          20%
                                                                  aromas and has the extremely soft,
                                                                  complex, subtle bouquet of old port
                                                                  combined with the scent of cigar box,
                                                                  both of which are so characteristic of
                                                                  Grande Champagne Premier Grand Cru
cOgnAc 0.7 L
                                                                  Cognac. The flavours mingle in subtle,
An extra old quality with very old Cognacs,
                                                                  complex harmony on its exceptionally
coming from the family reserve, combines
                                                                  long aftertaste.
age, roundness, bouquet and finesse and
very long lasting flavours. Presented in an
elegant glass decanter. A reproduction of
a shape used in the 16th century and
decorated with a golden frize. The stopper
is 24 carate gold plated.

                                              Frapin VIp XO                                                  Frapin Cigar Blend
                                              cOgnAc 0.7 L                                                   cOgnAc 0.7 L

                                              € 73.60                                                        € 38.80
                                              € 92.00                                                        € 48.50
                                                                                                                                  SpIRITS 9
 lindt                                         lindt                                        lindt                            lindt

 € 14.80                                       € 15.20                                      € 12.80                          € 22.40
 € 18.50                                       € 19.00                                      € 16.00                          € 28.00

AssORtED PRALinÉs BALLOtin                    BLAck RiBBOn BALLOtin                                   AssORtED nAPOLitAins BOx
The Blue Ribbon Gift Assortment, for          For moments when only the best will do...               500 gr & 1000 gr
example, is a masterpiece in flavour and      Enjoy the intense, full-bodied flavours                 Enjoy six premium varieties of exquisite
as a visual treat. This luxurious Ballotin,   of this exquisite dark chocolate pralinés               napolitains presented in this easy-to-
enhanced with a blue, hand-tied ribbon,       selection from Lindt. The elegant, black                carry gift box. Spoil yourself and all
represent a selection of praline creations    Ballotin with a hand-tied golden ribbon                 chocolate lovers you know with the finest
(all non-alcoholic) with intense and fine     makes it perfect gift for lovers of premium             Swiss milk, hazelnut, dark, white-crisp         YOU SA
balanced flavours.                            chocolate! (Pralinés contain traces of                  chocolate, Lindor milk and milk-crisp             20%
                                              alcohol)                                                flavours. All napolitains are individually

                                 VE                                        VE
                           YOU SA                                    YOU SA
                              20%                                       20%                                 YOU SA


                                                                                                                                                   CONFECTIONERY 11
 lindt                        Goldkenn                       Chocolat Frey                      Toblerone

 € 20.80                      € 8.60                         € 7.10                             € 14.10
 € 26.00                      €10.80          Each           € 8.90           Each              € 17.70

AssORtED PRALinÉs BOx        LE cHEf sWiss                  cHOcOBLOc Mini AssORtED &          tOBLEROnE tinY PARtY BAg
                             LE cHEf fREncH                 cHOcOBLOc Mini ORAngE              “Discover the tiniest Toblerone in the
                                                                                               world! 125 pieces of delicious Toblerone
                                                                                               Milk, White and Dark Chocolate with
                                                                                               honey and almond nougat in miniature
                                                 YOU SA
                                                                                               6g size - great for sharing with family and

                                                     20%                                       friends. The individually wrapped Tinies
                                                                                               are presented in a shiny golden bag,
                                                                                 YOU SA        which is easy to carry when travelling
                                                                                   20%         and a great gift to bring home. Made in

                        YOU SA
                         20%                                                        YOU SA


                                                                                                                   CONFECTIONERY 13
 Nestlé Swiss            Nestlé Swiss                      Nestlé Swiss            Mars

 € 7.90                  € 12.00                           € 16.00                 € 4.15
                  Each                    Each                                     €5.20               Each

sqUAREs MiLk OR DARk     giAnt PRALinÉs                   nAPOLitAins 90 PiEcEs   fUnsiZE BAg 400 gr
                                                                                  Milky Way
                                                          BUY AN
                                                               T 20%                                         VE
                                                         AND GE                                        YOU SA
                                                             OFF                                        20%
       T 20%

                                            BUY AN
                                                 T 20%
                                           AND GE

                                                                                                   CONFECTIONERY 15
BUY aNY 2                                                                                                                                Nestlé Swiss

aNd GET 20% OFF                                                                                                                          € 6.20

nEstLE DARk BAR 400 gr.                      nEstLE ALMOnD & HOnEY BAR 400 gr.             nEstLE MiLk BAR 400 gr.                      nEstLE WHitE BAR 400 gr.
Containing 46% cocoa solids, this            A unique recipe combining crunchy             In 1875 Henri Nestle created the first       Love white chocolate? Then you’ll love
chocolate is strictly for dark devotees!     almonds with wonderfully sweet honey.         Swiss milk chocolate in Vevey, on the        the deliciously sweet and creamy taste of
Dark chocolate is proven to be good for      One taste and you’ll be hooked! And with      shores of Lake Geneva. You can still enjoy   Nestle’s traditional white Swiss chocolate
you, so you can doubly enjoy this giant,     this exlusive 400g bar, there are plenty of   the classic, creamy taste of the finest      - and this travel retail exclusive 400g bar
travel retail exclusive bar!                 tastes for you to enjoy.                      Swiss chocolate today - in a giant sized     means there’s more for you and your
                                                                                           bar, exclusive to travel retail!             friends to enjoy!
nEstLE fRUits & nUts BAR 400 gr.
A declicious mix of raisins, almonds and                                                   nEstLE MiLk & HAZELnUt BAR 400 gr.
hazelnuts in traditional creamySwiss milk                               BUY AN             Whole hazelnuts add the perfect crunch
                                                                             T 20%
chocolate. For yourself, your friends or                               AND GE              to this classic Swiss chocolate.Crunch
                                                                                                                                                       BUY AN
your family - this giant bar, exclusive to                                 OFF             your way through this giant bar, exclusive
                                                                                                                                                            T 20%
travel retail, is the perfect treat.                                                       to travel retail.                                          AND GE

                                                                                                          BUY AN
                                                                                                               T 20%
                                                                                                         AND GE

                                                                                                                                                             CONFECTIONERY 17
 Kinder                                       Milka                                                              Milka

 € 4.70                                       € 5.80                                                             € 4.90
 € 5.90                                       € 7.30                                                                               Each

kinDER BUEnO MAxi                           LAnD PEnciL cAsE                         tABLEt WHOLE HAZELnUts 300 gr.             tABLEt tOffEE WHOLE nUt 300 gr.
A delicious crisp wafer snack filled with   Kid’s just adore the lilac cow. The      It’s irresistible! Enjoy the most tender   tABLEt cHOcO cRisPY 300 gr.
milk and hazelnut cream, covered with       pencil case is filled with 3x60g M-Joy   Alpine milk chocolate with whole
milk chocolate.                             Milka tablets and delivers fun and joy   hazelnuts.
                                            to your loved ones.                      tABLEt MiLk 300 gr.
                                                                                     It’s irresistible! Enjoy the most tender
                                                                                     Alpine milk chocolate.

                                                                                     It’s irresistible! Taste this fantastic
                                                                                     combination of dark, Alpine milk and
                                                                                     white chocolate.

                                                                       YOU SA


                                                                                                                                                CONFECTIONERY 19
 Mentos                                      Mentos                                 Ricola                 Ricola

 € 2.95                                      € 2.95                                 € 4.80                 € 4.80
 € 3.70                 Each                 € 3.70                                 € 6.00                 € 6.00

MEntOs jUMBO                                Mini PEnciLcAsE AssORtED               fREsH LOZEngEs PEARLs    sWiss HERBs LOZEngEs sUgARfREE
Enjoy the world famous round shaped         Let the kids enjoy the famous round    sUgARfREE MULtiPAck      MULti PAck
chewable candy in this Jumboroll which      shaped chewable candy in 4 different   4 x 25 gr                3 x 45 gr
consists of 6 single rolls of Mentos!       fruity flavours; Strawberry, Orange,   Spear Mint               LemonMint
Available in 5 delicious flavours: Fruit,   Lemon and Apple. Packed in a           Lemon Mint               Elderflower
Mint, Strawberry, Berry Mix and             goodlooking re-usable pencil case.     Strawberry               Original Herb
Liquorice.                                                                         Black Currant

                                                                                              YOU SA
                                              YOU SA

             VE                                                                                                              VE
       YOU SA                                                                                                          YOU SA
          20%                                                                                                           20%

                                                                                                                        CONFECTIONERY 21
 Ricola                         Ricola                             Ricola                        Ricola

 € 1.35                         € 5.90                             € 3.75                        € 5.60
 € 1.70                         € 7.40                             € 4.70                        € 7.00

sWiss HERB cAnDY BAg 70 gr     DUtY fREE ExcLUsiVE BAg 200 gr     sWiss HERB cAnDY tin 250 gr   sWiss HERB cAnDY tin 400 gr
                               AssORtED sWiss HERB cAnDiEs
                               Original Herb
                                                       YOU SA
                                                             VE                                                        YOU SA
                                                         20%                                                             20%
                    YOU SA
                                                                                    YOU SA

                                                                                                                 CONFECTIONERY 23
World of Dufry

REGION 1 / EUROpE                      REGION 3 / EURaSIa                   México City, Monterrey, Progreso,
itALY: Bergamo, Brescia, Genova,       sERBiA: Belgrade
                                                                            Puerto Vallarta, Reynosa
                                                                            ncL cRUisE LinE
Milan-Malpensa, Milan-Linate,          BELARUs: Minsk
                                                                            nicARAgUA: El Espino, Guasaule,
Central Train Station Milan, Naples,   cAMBODiA: Phnom Penh, Siem
Rome, Central Train Station Turin,     Reap                                 Las Manos, Managua, Sapoa,
Verona                                 RUssiAn fEDERAtiOn:
                                                                            Peñas Blancas
                                                                            PUERtO RicO: San Juan
On BOARD: Neos, Blue Panorama          Moscow-Domodedovo, Moscow-
                                                                            sAint kitts
gREEcE: Superfast Ferries,             Sheremetyevo
                                                                            sAint LUciA: Castries
Blue Star Ferries                      singAPORE: Changi
                                                                            sAint MARtin
fRAncE: Basel-Mulhouse, Nice,          UnitED ARAB EMiRAtEs: Sharjah,
                                                                            sAint tHOMAs
Pointe-à-Pitre                         on-board Air Arabia
                                                                            tRiniDAD: Port of Spain
nEtHERLAnDs: Amsterdam                 cHinA: Hong Kong
cZEcH REPUBLic: Prague
sWitZERLAnD: Samnaun                   REGION 4 /                           REGION 5 / SOUTh aMERICa
sPAin: Tenerife, Bilbao, Mallorca      MEXICO & ThE CaRIBBEaN               BRAZiL: São Pablo, Río de Janeiro,

                                       ARUBA: Oranjestad
                                                                            Confins, Salvador, Florianópolis,
REGION 2 / aFRICa                      BAHAMAs: Freeport
                                                                            Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre,
gHAnA: Accra                           BARBADOs: Bridgetown
                                                                            Campinas, Recife, Brasilia,
iVORY cOAst: Abidjan                   BOnAiRE
                                                                            Fortaleza, Minas
                                                                            BOLiViA: La Paz, Santa Cruz, Potosí
MOROccO: Marrakech, Agadir,            cAYMAn isLAnDs: George Town
Casablanca, Tangiers, Rabat            DOMinicAn REPUBLic:
tUnisiA: Djerba, Monastir, Sfax,       Santo Domingo, Samana,               REGION 6 / NORTh aMERICa,
Tabarka, Tozeur, Tunis-Carthage        La Romana, Puerta Plata, Santiago,   hUdSON
ALgERiA: Algiers                       Castries, Santa Lucia                tHE UnitED stAtEs Of AMERicA:
EgYPt: Sharm el Sheikh                 gRAnADA: Saint Georges               New York, Newark, Houston,
                                       MExicO: Cancún, Cozumel (Puerta      other 70 airports
                                       Maya and Punta Langosta),            cAnADA: Calgary, Halifax,
                                       Guadalajara, Laredo, Los Cabos,      Vancouver
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