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					            IT Needs Analysis – Proposal for WEAVE
           Online Assessment Management System
                 Submitted by: Joy Hamilton
                  Date: November 28, 2005
                                Name                                 Phone Number                   Email

Business Owner                  Joan Exline                          601-266-6525         

Proposal Point of Contact       Joy Hamilton                         601-266-6782         

Proposal Team

ITP Coordinator                 Valerie Craig                        601-261-9555         

           I.          Description of the Needs/Problems
                       Identify the need that exists or problems to be addressed. Include length of time
                       need/problem has existed. Identify who is impacted and how many are impacted.

                       Institutional Effectiveness (IE) coordinates the submission of academic and administrative
                       assessment plans. Currently, there is no centralized work space for those who submit or
                       collect documents. IE wants to provide a way to allow departments to review the status
                       of their submissions and see what documents are still required. Not only is the work space
                       necessary, but the solution must also establish a process for the assessment cycle at The
                       University of Southern Mississippi. The process should include a way to identify completed
                       or outstanding plans, a way to provide feedback to those creating the plans, and reports
                       identifying many of the planning elements.

           II.         Goals/Objectives
                       What are you trying to accomplish?

                            The university must manage assessment plans for both academic and administrative
                            units on campus. We need a centralized way to coordinate the submission of
                            assessment plans, simplify future updates to plans, and provide a web-based tool for
                            accreditation review. IE wants to streamline the process of document gathering and

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     III.        Scope of Work
                 Please document your expectations and what needs to be included or excluded.

                 Web-based workspace where assessment plans, outcome measurables, action plans,
                 and improvement plans can be organized. The software application must offer security
                 features so that documents are updated by appropriate personnel.

                 The original transfer of documents to the centralized work space will be accomplished by
                 IE. Campus constituents will be trained in the future to keep the documents up to date in
                 the web based system.

     IV. Recommendations/Solutions
              If an assessment has been completed, please list vendors contacted, products
              reviewed, and possible solutions.

              WEAVE Online created by Virginia Commonwealth University is an Assessment
              Management System that will:
                 Centralize data management
                 Provide web-based access
                 Streamline planning, assessment, and improvement processes
                 Establish a work space that is available during accreditation, program
                    reviews, and reporting

     V. Timetable
                 Provide information on the expected timetable for the project. Include expected start
                 and finish dates. If the project should be done in separate phases, please include.
                 Otherwise, the project start date and end date are captured in Phase One.

                 The transfer of data will begin in early Spring with an anticipated April 2006 review.

                       Description of Work                            Start and End Dates

Phase One              Subscribe to WEAVE online hosted product       Spring 2006

Phase Two

Phase Three

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VI. Budget
            Include anticipated cost of hardware, software, maintenance agreements, and other
            factors necessary for success of the project. Ongoing support and maintenance should
            be considered for long-term programs.
            FUNDING SOURCE IDENTIFIED AS: Quality Enhancement Plan Leadership Team

            TOTAL COST = First year estimate $24,000 (based on IPEDS data)

            Subsequent years = $8,000

VII. Key Personnel
            List the key personnel or title/role of a position that will be responsible for completion of
            the project.

  Name                            Description of Role or Skill Set        Man Hours Required
                                  IE personnel to transfer assessment
  Person One                                                              Estimate: 160 hours
  Person Two

  Person Three

  Person Four

VIII. Appendix
            Attach supporting material for your proposal. Attached document titles can be listed

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