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Who we are
ICPAK stands for the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya, the umbrella
body that coordinates activities of qualified and registered Certified Public Accountants
(CPAs) in Kenya. Its mandate includes:
    Setting and enforcing standards of professional practice including accounting,
       auditing and ethical standards.
    Enforcing a programme of quality assurance for the audit profession.
    Monitoring ethical behavior and adjudicating over cases involving indiscipline
       through a Statutory Disciplinary Committee.
    Providing for the maintenance of competence by updating members' knowledge
       through publications and the conduct of Continuing Professional Education.
    Providing solutions through which training of accountants can be improved. For
       this purpose, ICPAK established the Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA), which
       is a leading trainer in accountancy in Kenya.

We also act as the profession's mouthpiece in Kenya and in this respect hold
membership in international accountancy organizations including:
    International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)
    Eastern, Central and Southern African Federation of Accountants (ECSAFA)

ICPAK is run through a Council of 11 members, of whom 10 are elected and 1 is
appointed by the Minister for Finance.

Our Vision
To be the leading accountancy institute in Africa providing world-class professional

Our Mission
To develop sustainable institutional capacity to support the competence and integrity of
our members to enhance the contribution of the accountancy profession globally.

Our Values
We value:
    Our People
    Integrity
    Professionalism
    Quality service delivery
    Continuous learning.

Our Objects
We are guided by the following objectives:
    The advancement of accountancy as the pre-eminent language of business.
    Maintain professional competence of our members through relevant training.
    Maintaining high standards of practice and professional conduct.
    Setting high standards for entry into and retention of membership.
    Promoting high standards for pre-qualification training and education.
    Extending knowledge and application of accountancy through research.
    Enforcement of discipline among our members.
      Promoting the public understanding and appreciation of accountancy.
      Effectively participating in the formulation of policies by the government and
       regulatory agencies.
      Enhancing the international reputation of the Kenyan CPA qualification.
      Helping to create environments in which our members achieve their professional
       and business ambitions.
      Building a strong resource base capable of supporting planned programmes.

Our national contribution
ICPAK contributes to roles in national objectives in the following ways:
    Public Finance Management- making recommendations to the Government and
      Parliament on public finance matters including taxation measures and
      improvement in expenditure management.
    Regulatory linkages – working closely with regulators to promote good corporate
      governance with particular reference to the integrity of the audit process. As part
      of this, ICPAK is represented in decision-making organs of various regulatory
    Financial reporting and disclosure – ensuring that financial disclosure standards
      in Kenya meet internationally recognized benchmarks. Among other things,
      ICPAK established the Financial Reporting (FiRe) Award for Excellence, an
      annual competition that showcases best practice disclosures among Kenyan
      companies. The FiRe Award competition is presently promoted jointly with the
      Capital Markets Authority and the Nairobi Stock Exchange. It is now the leading
      competition in Kenya in this regard

How to join us
Membership is open to those who have completed the prescribed CPA examinations.

To register as a member you are required to do the following:
     Apply for registration by submitting the required details and fee
     Pay the required membership fees after the approval of your application.
     Upon completion of these steps, you will be issued with a membership certificate

Benefits of membership

The benefits of membership include;
    Right to use of the CPA (K) designation.
    Linkages with other professionals in Kenya and elsewhere.
    Free copies of the Institute's journal 'The Accountant' and the electronic bulletin
       the E-connect
    Access to technical support on professional matters e. g tax, audit issues,
       financial reporting standards etc.
    Access to professional tools including the model audit file and manual, updated
       lists of audit firms, updated director’s directory, IFRSs, ISAs, Insurance and
       Banking templates for financial reporting.
    Access to leading edge knowledge in your field of specialization through our
       Continuing Professional Education programmes.
    Affiliation through ICPAK to international bodies such as the International
       Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the International Accounting Standards Board
       (IASB), and the Eastern Central and Southern African Federation of Accountants
      Access to our library resources in both electronic and conventional form. The
       latter includes books, journals and videotape material.
      Discounted rates at the CPA Centre, our conference and hostel facility, situated
       within an environment conducive for both business and relaxation.
      Eligibility to join the profession’s savings and investment arm, the Mhasibu
       Savings & Credit Society limited and its wholly owned company, Mhasibu
       Investment Company Limited.
      Access to value-adding services that include career helpline and discounted rates
       with selected service providers.

Some common questions answered
     Q) Does one need to have worked to apply for membership?
  A) One doesn’t need to have any work experience to register as a non-practicing
     member. You only need to have passed the CPA exams. However, to register as a
     practicing member, you need not less than 2 years experience in independent

   Q) After registration with RAB, is there another registration process to
      get ICPAK membership?

   A) Once one has been registered by RAB and issued with a registration number,
      he/she is considered a member of ICPAK. To update membership, one needs to
      pay the joining and annual subscription fees to get into good standing.

   Q) Is it mandatory for all CPA finalists to register as members of ICPAK?
   A) It is not mandatory to register. However to be able to use the CPA(K) designation
      and to acquire a practicing certificate, one has to be a registered member of the
      Institute. Its illegal under the Accountants Act to use the CPA(K) designation if
      not registered.

   Q) Where is RAB located?
   A) RAB are located on Treasury Building, 5th Floor. However, an applicant need not
      necessarily take their applications to the Board themselves. Through the
      Marketing Department of the Institute, one can get the application forms made
      available to them, advice on how to fill them and what documents to provide and
      once completed, facilitate the submission of applications to the Board. Follow-up
      is made up to the point of confirmation.

   Q) Can one apply without their final certificate?
   A) Yes. One can use a certified copy of their congratulatory letter in place of their
      final certificate. However, certified copies of all other certificates and/or
      exemption letters where applicable must be provided.

   Q) How long does it take before one is registered?
   A) Normally, it takes about 1 ½ to 2 months for an application to be approved. This
      is because once received, a confirmation from KASNEB is sought on the
      applicant’s certificates before they are presented to the Board for approval. Board
      meetings are held once every month except in December. Once approved, the
      applicant will receive a notification of registration through his/her postal
        address. Shortly, ICPAK will communicate to the applicant on payment of the
        joining and annual subscription fees.

Q)      What are the consequences of one not having paid their annual
     A) Our calendar year runs from January to December. In the event that one hasn’t
        paid their subscriptions by mid-year, they are struck off the active list of
        membership and do not enjoy our services like the journal and the e-connect
        bulletin. Reminders are sent to those who have not paid to do so within the given
        time. Where one hasn’t paid for a maximum of 2 years, the Institute will forward
        their names to RAB for de-registration. Failure to pay annual subscriptions
        amounts to one not being in good standing membership

     Q) Can one be re-registered once de-registered?
     A) Yes. To do so, you have to clear the outstanding balance as at the point of de-
        registration and a re-registration fee of Kshs. 12,000

   Q) How long does one need to wait before applying for a practicing
        This can be immediately after acquiring ICPAK membership where one has the
qualifications. For one to practice, they must be ICPAK members in good standing, who
have not less than two years experience in independent audit.

       Q) What does CPE mean?
       This is Continuous Programmes of Education and comprise of structured
       (seminars, workshops and conferences), and unstructured (research,       private
reading, and personal development videos watched). The International Education
Standards of which ICPAK subscribes to require    each member to attain a total of 40
hours per year, 25 of structured and 15   of unstructured.

For more details or registration documents please contact us through:

Marketing Department
CPA Centre, Thika Road, Nairobi
Tel: 8562011
Fax: 8562206

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